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Chapter 10

Dramatis Personæ

Charlie tugged on her thick, wide, leather wrist-cuffs, causing the chain linking the joined cuffs to the back of her shock-collar to slide against her spine.  She shuffled her leather-cuffed feet, but all this did was cause the eight-inch chain hobbling her steps to clink and clatter.  Her bonds were inescapable, and thanks to the taut, vertical chain linking the back of her collar to the ceiling, she wasn't going anywhere.  Also, with her lips sealed with tape and the shock-collar padlocked around her neck and ready to deliver electrical punishment if she even tried to speak, Charlie could neither protest her friend's treatment nor beg for mercy.

Thus far, all Dr. B had done to Adele was inject her with some sort of paralytic drug.  Charlie hadn't witnessed the event, but the result was obvious.  Adele was naked—like Charlie—and peacefully reclined on a steel autopsy table, her unmoving, beautiful body bathed in the bright light of the array of spotlights overhead.

Dr. B, clad in her usual lab coat—with little, if anything, underneath—was on the side of the table opposite Charlie, smiling down at Adele.

Suki, dressed in her usual all-black, Goth street-wear, had left Charlie's side and strolled into the shadows.

Charlie could see the dark forms of the same steel cabinets found in most of the other chambers of Dr. B's lair, as well as steel shelves containing various cardboard boxes, some large and some small.  Charlie couldn't make out any details, but she could see every detail of what was on the steel tray on the steel cart the evil pixie was wheeling back into the light and to Dr. B's side.

On the tray was a black rubber plug with a blunt tip, a flared shaft that tapered to a thin base, and a thick flange with a thin length of tubing and a rubber bulb protruding from the base.  It was an inflatable anal plug!  Charlie had no personal experience with such things, but she knew what it was.  Also on the tray were a steel speculum and a clear plastic bag containing a coiled length of plastic tubing.  Charlie could easily read the label printed on the bag: "Urinary Catheter."  There were also a small plastic jar, a vial containing cotton swabs, and a pair of small, white cardboard boxes.  The boxes were unlabeled, as far as Charlie could tell.

Suki stepped to the foot of the table, grabbed Adele's ankles, and spread her legs as far apart as the width of the table would allow.

"Thank you, Nurse Suki," Dr. B said.

"You're welcome, Doctor," Suki purred, smiling at Charlie.

Charlie watched as Dr. B opened the jar and used a cotton swab to give the business end of the butt-plug a thorough coating of what appeared to be clear lubricant.  Both Dr. B and Suki were wearing latex gloves.  Dr. B nodded and Suki took hold of Adele's right ankle, again, and this time lifted her leg into the air and towards the center of the table, rotating Adele's hips and lifting her butt slightly off the table.

"That will do," Dr. B said with a nod as she stepped around Suki and ducked under Adele's elevated leg.  She leaned close and deftly inserted the plug into Adele's anus, then pumped the bulb three times, inflating the plug.

"Only three?" Suki inquired as Dr. B unscrewed and removed the rubber tubing and its attached bulb.

"Three is adequate," Dr. B purred, then ripped open the catheter bag, pulled out the coiled tubing, and painted lubricant on the tip.  When all was ready, Suki propped Adele's leg against her shoulder, settling Adele's butt back onto the table and splaying her legs.  Suki then deftly spread Adele's labia with her latex-clad fingers and Dr. B inserted the catheter into Adele's urethra.

Dr. B then charged a syringe with some clear fluid—water, oil, whatever; Charlie didn't have a clue—and injected the syringe in one of two branching ends of the long, clear tube.  Dr. B smiled at Charlie.  "That inflates the balloon just behind the tip," she explained, "anchoring the catheter in her bladder."

"And we're ready for phase two," Suki added as she returned Adele's leg to the table.

Charlie watched as Suki wheeled the cart back into the shadows.  There was enough light for her to see the little Goth lift the tray from the table and place it on an empty shelf, then collect a pair of cardboard boxes, each about two feet square and eighteen inches tall, place them on the cart, and wheel it back to the table.

Dr. B opened the already slit top of one of the boxes and produced what appeared to be a roll of some sort of white tape.  "Slightly elastic, self-adhesive, yet hypoallergenic.  Perfect for our purposes," Dr. B purred as she smiled at Charlie.

What purposes? Charlie wondered.  What is she going to do?  Then, as Charlie watched in growing horror, Suki lifted Adele's right hand and Dr. B began wrapping it in layer after tight, overlapping layer of the gauze-like tape!  No!  Dr. B continued wrapping until Adele's entire hand, fingers included, was neatly shrouded.  She then continued wrapping, working her way from Adele's hand to her wrist, and on to her forearm.

Suki winked at Charlie.  "And Big Mouth knows exactly what's happening to her," she giggled.  "Ain't that fun?"

Nooo!  Charlie squirmed in her bonds and watched as Dr. B continued wrapping, carefully stretching the tape and overlapping each layer.  Suki handed her fresh rolls of tape, as needed.

Chapter 10

All too soon, Adele's right hand and arm were tightly wrapped from fingertips to armpit, followed by her left hand and arm.  Next came Adele's torso, leaving her swaddled in skin-tight white bandage-tape from the neck down.  Only her head, crotch, and breasts were exposed.  The process took several minutes, but the practiced team of Dr. B and "Nurse" Suki worked quickly and carefully and time seemed to fly.  And all Charlie could do was watch in helpless horror.

Next, Dr. B opened one of the small cardboard boxes on the cart and pulled out a pill-shaped object with an attached wire.  It was four or five inches in length, perhaps an inch and a half in diameter, rounded at each end, and milky white in color.  She held it for Charlie's inspection.

"If you haven't guessed," Dr. B purred, "this is a vibrator."  She picked up a swab and began painting the vibrator in question with lubricant, then slid it between Adele's labia and into her vagina.  "It's computer controlled, of course," Dr. B lectured, "but not particularly powerful."

"Which can be very frustrating," Suki said with a grin.  "You know all about frustration, don't ya, Twinkle-toes?"

Charlie ignored Suki's jibe and watched as Dr. B used more bandage-tape to swaddle Adele's crotch.  From the chest down, Adele was now wrapped in white.  The vibrator's wire protruded  from the symmetrical bands, but it was quite clear that the pill was in to stay.

Dr. B opened the second box and produced a plastic—

Charlie frowned.  Flower?

The object did, indeed, resemble a flower, a daisy with translucent petals surrounding a stubby, cylindrical center-piece.  Like the pill, it had a long, thin, dangling wire.

"Another vibrator," Dr. B explained, "with a plastic clamp surrounded by rows of vibrating cilia."

"Tiny little fingers," Suki amplified, wiggling her fingers to illustrate.  "They tickle the sides of the nipple.  It's a wicked sensation.  Big Mouth will love it."

Charlie very much doubted that Adele would "love" the vibrating nipple-clamp/flower in any way.  The function of the petals became apparent as she watched Dr. B, with Suki's assistance, settle the base of the central cylinder over Adele's right nipple, then peeled paper-backings from the petals, one by one, and pressed them against the firm flesh of Adele's breast.

"The clip is more of an anchor than a clamp," Dr. B reassured Charlie.  "It makes its presence known, but it's not what I would call punishing."

"It's when it starts vibrating that ya wish the whole thing would go away," Suki added.  "It's like a bunch of buzzing bees are visiting the flower."

A second flower-vibrator was clamped and adhered to Adele's left nipple and breast, then Suki handed Dr. B another roll of tape-bandage.  Soon, the breasts and their attachments disappeared under tight, symmetrical bands of tape.  Suki lifted and turned Adele's upper body, as required, so Dr. B could wrap additional layers around her entire upper upper torso.

Now Adele was completely covered with tight, white bandages from the neck down.

"Note that there's no skin-on-skin contact," Dr. B lectured.  "It enhances the sense of isolation."

"Yeah," Suki agreed, then placed a thick cotton pad between Adele's ankles, cushioning the bones.  She then lifted Adele's feet off the table a few inches so Dr. B could use yet another roll of tape to wrap her feet and ankles together.  She then continued wrapping Adele's already wrapped legs together, all the way up to her hips.  She did this twice, once with the horizontal technique she'd used for the first layer, then with a complex, diagonal basket-weave involving the use of two rolls of bandage-tape at once.  The same two-step process was used to bind Adele's arms to her sides and further cover her upper body.

Next, Suki went to the shadows and returned with another cardboard box.  It contained what appeared to be a roll of white cord... netting?  Charlie watched as Suki unrolled a roughly five-foot length and snipped it free with a pair of bandage scissors.  The netting was a tube, which was revealed when Suki handed it to Dr. B, lifted Adele's head and upper body, and Dr. B slid the mass over Adele's head and stretched it down her body.

Dr. B then took a length of thin elastic cord of the same gauge as the net and wove it through the top margin, forming a loose collar around Adele's neck.  She tied a tight, elegant, flat knot, then, with Suki lifting Adele's tightly wrapped form as required, stretched the net down and over Adele's body and past her feet.  She then secured it with a steel clamp.

The kidnappers then went back over the net, stretching it tighter and tighter, until it formed a uniform sheath of half-inch diamonds, following every bandage-wrapped curve of Adele's physique.  The elastic cord ring around Adele's neck was now about the size of a t-shirt collar, and Dr. B tested its tightness, demonstrating to her satisfaction that it couldn't possibly restrict Adele's breathing.  Down at the captive's feet, Suki pulled the end of the net to full stretch and and Dr. B used more elastic cord to weave the end closed.  Then, Suki used bandage scissors to snip off the remaining net.

"The bandages are self-adhesive," she lectured, for Charlie's benefit, "as I told you earlier, and that's true for each layer and between layers.  Once she's able, Ms. Dazeem will be able to squirm to her heart's content and the sheath will remain intact."

"The net is just overkill," Suki added, "and we do love our overkill."

"Cheeky monkey," Dr. B chuckled, then pointed at Adele's mummified, unmoving form.  "Hair."

A smug smile dimpling her cheeks, Suki used a comb to straighten Adele's hair, then arrange it into a loose bun.  Once Adele's long tresses were under control, she shifted her smile to Dr. B.  "Will that do?"

Smiling her own smug (infuriating) smile, Dr. B nodded, then picked up a roll of bandage-tape and, with Suki's assistance, began wrapping Adele's head.  Suki was careful to insure Adele's new coiled coif remained intact.  Soon, only Adele's face, from just above her eyebrows to the point of her chin was exposed.  Her hair was now compressed and completely covered and the rest of her cranium as tightly wrapped as her body.

Suki made another trip to the shadows and returned with a rubber... something.  It turned out to be a double-sided mouthpiece of medium-density foam, pierced by a black rubber breathing tube.  Dr. B used a dental retractor to prop open Adele's jaws, Suki inserted the plug, then Dr. B removed the retractor.  Next, a wide strip of Elastoplast tape with a hole cut in the center was used to seal Adele's lips and anchor the mouth-filling plug in place.  Then, more bandage-tape was used first to reinforce the gag, encircling and covering Adele's face.  Now, only a narrow slit over her eyes, a tented opening over her nostrils, and the tip of the breathing-tube relieved the smooth, skintight wrappings.

Suki smiled at Charlie, strolled into the shadows, and returned with what was unmistakably a gas mask.  It had a full-sized face-shield of clear glass, a mouthpiece with an attached length of hose, and a web of rubber straps.

To Charlie's horror, Dr. B and Suki placed the mask over Adele's semi-mummified face, making sure the mouthpiece was properly aligned, then stretched and secured the straps, compressing the gasket around the edge of the mask and insuring a good seal.

Dr. B and Suki stepped back and smiled down at their handiwork.  Adele was a tightly wrapped bundle, with feminine curves.  The flower-vibrators had given her what might be called bandage pokies, but otherwise she was a white mummy, not counting the gas mask, of course.

Dr. B strolled to Charlie's side and draped an arm over her shoulders.  "Beautiful, isn't she?  I wonder what she's thinking, don't you?  I imagine she's considering all sorts of things that might happen next.  Entombment of some sort, perhaps?  A stone sarcophagus?  A wooden coffin?"

Charlie's heart was hammering, and her tears welled in her eyes.

"Don't worry about air," Dr. B continued.  "The hose is wide and non-collapsible.  She's having no difficulty breathing.  The mask is well tested.  Isn't that right Suki?"

Suki favored her boss with a petulant pout.  "I don't want to talk about it," she huffed, then stomped from the chamber.  "I'll go get the you-know-what!" her voice echoed back from the corridor.

Dr. B laughed.  "I thoroughly test every piece of apparatus," she explained to Charlie, "and Suki is my favorite guinea pig.  She once breathed through a mask just like that for forty-eight hours without any difficulty."

Charlie stared at Adele's mummified form in horror.  Two days?

Chapter 10

Charlie heard the sound of wheels in need of oil squealing from somewhere behind her, turned her head, and watched Suki push a loading cart into the chamber.  On the cart were two large, clear plastic bags full of packing peanuts—the thumb-sized Styrofoam lumps used to cushion objects in transit—and a wooden box, a coffin-sized wooden box!

Charlie's eyes popped wide.  They're going to do it! she realized.  They're going to entomb her in that thing!  She turned back to Dr. B and begged for mercy, as best she could.  "Urrk!"  The attempt earned Charlie a mild electric shock from her collar, but she didn't care.

"Oh, the heart melts," Dr. B chuckled, then directed her smug, gloating smile to Adele, leaning close to peer into the gas mask's faceplate.  "You have a very good friend in Charlie, Ms. Dazeem.  You should be grateful."

Meanwhile, Suki had wheeled the cart to the space between Charlie and the table, placed the bags of packing peanuts to one side, and removed the box's lid.

Charlie looked down and beheld what appeared to be a long, narrow cargo net of bungee cords stretched across the interior of the box and clipped to eye-bolts screwed into the sides.  Under the net were a translucent plastic box about the size of a shoe box and a slightly larger black metal box, clamped into brackets screwed into the bottom of the box.

Suki pointed to the translucent box.  "That's a void for hanging the piss-bag," she explained.

"Urinary collection bag, please," Dr. B, chuckled.  "Don't be crude."

"Whatever," Suki giggled.  "Anyhoo, it's so Big Mouth can take leaks without worrying about having to somehow inflate the bag.  Get it?  An air space so gravity alone can do the job?"

Charlie stared in horror.  She understood, but the horror of the situation overrode her appreciation of the engineering arrangements.

Suki pointed at the black metal box.  "And that's the cover for the computer and battery pack for the vibrators."  She opened one of the bags of packing peanuts and scattered most of its contents into the box.  The white foam peanuts fell through the net, covered the two boxes, and almost reached the level of the net itself.  Suki smiled at her boss as she tossed away the empty bag.  "Ready?"

"Ready," Dr. B confirmed, and together they lifted Adele's mummified, unmoving form, and gently placed her in the box.  The net sagged as it took her weight and the peanuts crunched as she came to rest.

Both kidnappers were leaning over the box and more or less blocking Charlie's view, but they provided a helpful commentary of what was happening.

"Urinary catheter connected to collection bag," Suki said.

"Check," Dr. B confirmed.

"Pussy buzzer connected."


"Left and right tit buzzers."

"Check... and check."

"Breathing hoses screwed into right and left airports."

"Check... and check."

"Checklist complete," Suki giggled as she stood erect.

Dr. B reached to the side and produced what turned out to be a second cargo net of bungee cord.  She stretched it over Adele, effectively sandwiching her between two layers of stretched, fabric-covered elastic cords, and engaged the net's clips.  She then stood erect.

Both kidnappers smiled down at the wrapped and net-encased mummy resting on the bed of Styrofoam peanuts.  Charlie stared in absolute horror.

"Well, this is goodbye, Ms. Dazeem," Dr. B said, then nodded to Suki.

Still smiling, Suki emptied the remainder of the first bag of peanuts into the box, then opened the second bag and began emptying it into the box as well.  She started at Adele's feet, reaching down to give the bungee cord nets a shake now and then to let the peanuts settle.  Soon, only Adele's bandage wrapped and gas mask covered head remained.

"G'bye, Big Mouth," Suki giggled, then continued emptying the bag.  The faceplate of the mask disappeared—and now all of Adele was covered.

Tears streaming down her face, Charlie watched Suki shake the bag, adding the last of the peanuts to the box.  The white lumps formed a slightly rounded, elongated mound, rising an inch or two above the top surface of the box.  Suki settled the wooden lid in place, compacting the peanuts, then stepped into the shadows and returned with an electric drill and a box of long, thin wood screws.

Charlie continued weeping as Suki fitted screws into pre-drilled holes all around the lid, then used the drill to screw them in place, one by one.  The drill whirred, the screws sank into the wood, and Adele was sealed into her box.

Finally, the deed was done and Suki returned the drill and remaining screws to the shelves.

Charlie stared at the nondescript, wooden shipping crate.  It had labels with the word "FRAGILE" and others with arrows and "THIS END UP," but the only feature in any way unusual was a two-inch circle of wire mesh screen in the center of a metal fitting flush-mounted on the side of the box.  It was the end of the breathing tube, Charlie realized, and she assumed there was a matching opening on the other side.

"You might as well take Ms. Dazeem to the loading dock," Dr. B said.

"Sure thing," Suki acknowledged, then began wheeling the loading cart  and its mummified and encased contents towards the door.  "Don't do anything fun to Twinkle-toes 'til I get back," she said as she crossed the threshold.

"Cheeky Monkey!" Dr. B called after her, and Suki's giggled echoed back from the corridor.  Then, Dr. B turned to Charlie... and smiled.

Chapter 10

"The drug I gave Ms. Dazeem will wear off in about three hours," Dr. B said.  "She'll find she has an inch or less of wiggle room in any given direction, but between the bandages, the nets, the Styrofoam peanuts, and that very solid wooden crate, she won't be going anywhere."

Charlie watched in horror as Dr. B walked to a cabinet, opened its door, and returned to the brightly lit table with a small stainless steel tray containing a small glass vial and a single hypodermic syringe.  Charlie's heart started beating like crazy, and she realized she was panting through her nose and her breasts were heaving.  No!

Dr. B charged the syringe, tapped the cylinder and plunged the needle, ever so slightly, to remove all air, then capped the needle and put the syringe in her lab coat pocket.

Meanwhile, Suki had suddenly appeared at Charlie's side and embraced her from the side.  Charlie flinched in surprise, then squirmed in Suki's grip.  Obviously, the Goth pixie's errand of wheeling Adele to the loading dock was complete.

"Easy there, Twinkle-toes," Suki giggled.  She had one arm around Charlie's right arm and torso, and was using the other to cup and gently squeeze her left breast.  "It'll be better if you don't fight.  Safer, anyway.  But don't worry, we won't let you fall, regardless."  She let go of Charlie's breast, released the chain linking Charlie to the ceiling and keeping her in place, then dragged her towards the table.

Charlie continued struggling, but with her ankles hobbled and her wrists padlocked in leather cuffs behind her back, she was no match for Suki.  All too soon, Suki had her bent over the edge of table.  Then, Suki and Dr. B lifted her onto the table.  She continued kicking, squirming, and fighting, but now Suki had a firm grip on her head.  There was a sharp sting on the right side of her neck, followed by a burning sensation, and then Charlie stopped struggling.  That wasn't by choice, she realized, but because Dr. B had injected her with the paralytic drug!

Unmoving, Charlie lay on the table as Suki unlocked and removed her ankle-cuffs, wrist-cuffs, shock-collar, and then gently, carefully, peeled the strip of tape from her lips.

Soon, Charlie was exactly as she'd seen Adele upon entering the chamber: on her back with her arms at her sides, legs together, and the back of her head supported by a padded block.  She was a corpse ready for autopsy, only she wasn't dead.  She couldn't move.  She couldn't even twitch.  Her eyes were open and still wet with tears, and she could see Dr. B and Suki smiling down at her.

"How much time we got?" Suki asked.

"Only about one hour," Dr. B replied.

Suki frowned.  "Why so little?  You gave Big Mouth four hours of no-can-move juice."

"One hour is the minimum predictable and reliable dose," Dr. B continued.  "In any case, I intend to give Ms. Simms the antagonist before the final phase."

Suki's smile broadened.  "So I'll get to watch her struggle.  You really are too good to me."

"It's not just for you, Greedy Monkey," Dr. B chuckled, then planted a kiss on Suki's smiling lips.  "I also like to watch.  Now, let's gather our supplies."

With that, Dr. B and Suki stepped away from the table.  The spotlights overhead were shining directly in Charlie's unblinking eyes; but then Dr. B returned, briefly, and gently closed her eyelids.  She could hear her kidnappers moving around, but couldn't tell what they were doing.  They were doing something, obviously, making preparations of some sort, and it was ominous.

Charlie knew they were going to do something horrible to her!  And she couldn't move!  Charlie was completely free for the first time since the kidnapping in Gail's office.  Completely free!  And she couldn't move!

All Charlie could do was lie on the hard steel table... and wait... and worry.


Chapter 10

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