Rope! Fit 2B Tied

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It was a luxurious mansion, or had been a couple of decades ago.  The grounds were modestly overgrown with native vegetation and the exterior could use a fresh coat of paint, but the roof was in good repair.  There were no leaks.  It was a solid structure, but nondescript.  Not that there was anyone close enough to notice.  The nearest paved roads were separated from the mansion's elevated plateau by rocky ravines and steep cliffs, and the nearest towns and ranches were miles away.  There were dirt roads and trails in the area, but not a lot of traffic, meaning almost zero traffic.

In other words, the mansion was perfect for Dr. B and Suki's purposes.  They were on the lam, laying low, and keeping their heads down, like any pair of wanted criminals sorting through numerous lucrative proposals for their next kidnapping gig and monitoring the reaction of law enforcement to their latest "adventure", the invasion of the Harper-Ricci Day-Spa & Tearoom.

The mansion had other features Dr. B and Suki found useful in the form of numerous rooms suitable as "recreational venues".  They included:
No burglars were going to get into those particular rooms or outbuildings, and no damsels (or villains role-playing as damsels) were going to escape.

And speaking of role-playing shenanigans, Suki was still savoring her recent successful operation and well-earned promotion from minion to partner, and Beebe was indulging her exuberant celebration.

Specifically, Beebe was naked, seated in a straight wooden chair, and several yards of conditioned hemp rope were making very sure she stayed there.

The room was a small bedroom on the second floor.  It had one window (barred) with a semi-spectacular view of a grove of pines, the edge of a rocky cliff, and the mountains beyond.  The chair was the room's only furnishing, and it was solidly built, with all joints reinforced by wood screws and steel brackets, and was bolted to the floor, facing the bedroom's locked door and away from the barred window.  Why away from the window?  A damsel-in-distress shouldn't be distracted by pretty scenery.  A damsel-in-distress should be positioned in a manner that kept her full focus on the reappearance of her captor/kidnapper/playmate.  Duh!

As for Beebe Bonde's bondage, her new partner had outdone herself... the little snit.

It was conventional, straight-stick, Western Bondage.  The only whiff of Kinbaku was the gloating Goth's use of natural fiber rope.  Beebe was sitting upright, her armpits resting on the top of the chair's back, her butt on the chair's hard, cushion-free seat, and her bare feet on the hardwood floor.  Her wrists were bound together with her hands palm-to-palm, and strands of rope bound her thumbs and pressed her hands together, reinforcing and enforcing the palm-to-palm pose.  Rope crisscrossed her arms from hands to shoulders and pressed her elbows together until they nearly touched.  A similar pattern of rope crisscrossed her legs from thighs to ankles, as well as lashing her knees together and binding her feet and big-toes.  More crisscrossed ropes encircled her upper body and arms, yoked her shoulders, and lashed her to the chair.

And therein lay the Genius of Suki's Art (in her own not so humble opinion).

Most chair-bound damsels are first tied up and only then tied to their chairs, making it two separate operations.  Not so with Beebe's current predicament.  Despite their manifest complexity, Beebe's rope bonds were a unified whole, even though more than one coil of rope was involved.  In fact, several coils had been required to craft Suki's Beebe in the Chair installation.  However, while Beebe had been rendered helpless almost immediately, some coils were expended down the full length of her body while others restrained specific areas, but in a manner that built on the growing pattern.  The full effect of Suki's masterpiece blossomed as an Artistic Triumph only after the smiling Goth took the final hitches and cinches and tied the final knots.

Without a doubt, Beebe was helpless.  She was not going to exploit some subtle flaw in her bondage and wiggle free.  She might as well be sitting in a block of cement with only her head exposed, cement that had long since dried and cured.

And speaking of her head, Beebe's hair was plaited in a single braid that draped behind the chair.  The blond, three-part braid wasn't tied to anything, but it kept her hair out of her face.  Also, something (a pair of panties) was stuffed in her mouth and a single broad strip of Elastoplast was making sure it stayed there.

So...  Beebe languished.  Languishing was her only option.  Beebe had a lot of experience languishing.  It wasn't her favorite activity, but if Suki was going to have a chance to hone her bondage skills between jobs (and have fun), what choice did she have?  You can't make omelettes without breaking eggs and you can't let sadistic little snits like her Suki play their sadistic bondage games without languishing in ropes... or tape... or leather binders and sheaths... or steel chains... or mummifying bandages... or ridiculously over-the-top plaster casts... etc., etc., etc.

Beebe had been in the chair something like two hours, possibly two and a half.  If past was prologue, Beebe's best guess was the bedroom door in front of her would open... any second now.

Any.  Second.

A half hour later...

Beebe heard the key turn the door's deadbolt lock—followed by the click, clatter, and snick of the padlock of the heavy throw-bolt being unlocked and bolt thrown back—followed by the click of the key as the doorknob lock was unlocked.  Finally, the door opened and Suki made her Grand Entrance.

"I've got a surprise," Suki gushed as, hands on hips, she stood before her prisoner and partner.

The sadistic Goth monster was dressed in knee-boots (instead of her usual Doc Martin clunkers), black, skintight designer jeans with a wide, studded leather belt, a black sports bra, and a deep blue tank-top.  Her long, dark brown hair (with blue streaks) was loose about her shoulders, her eyes were smoky (meaning ringed with arguably too much mascara), and a cruel smile curled her lips.  Oh-by-the-way, a wicked riding crop dangled by its safety strap from her right wrist.

Beebe favored her partner with an even stare.  It was her only possible response.

Suki looked back over her shoulder.  "Don't be shy.  Get yourself on in here and say hello to your cousin," she ordered, and quite obviously she wasn't talking to Beebe.

There was a brief pause... and a blond, female youngster entered the bedroom.

"She finally arrived!" Suki announced (unnecessarily), then indicated the petite newcomer as if the little blonde's appearance was the finale of a magic trick.  "Tah-dah!"

Beebe blinked in mild surprise.  The blonde in question was her eighteen year old cousin, Penelope "Penny" Parr.

Sabrina Carpenter

Sabrina Carpenter
Sabrina is fit to do some tying!

Penelope Parr

Dr. B's distant cousin

  18, going on 30
  5' 0" (1.52m)
  blond hair
  blue eyes

It wasn't the appearance at the mansion of her young cousin that Beebe found surprising.  She already knew Penny was coming.  That had been very carefully planned in complete detail, as carefully as any Dr. Bondage kidnapping caper, and today was within Penny's expected window of arrival.

Penny, a potential new recruit, had been instructed to follow a circuitous route to the mansion (hideout) and to take as much time as she deemed necessary to confirm that she wasn't being followed.  The final leg of the journey had been a two day backpack along little used mountain trails.  GPS had eliminated the chance of her getting lost, but the exact date and time of her arrival had been difficult to predict with any degree of precision.

In point of fact, Penny's arduous journey was her first training exercise, her first chance to prove that she was worthy of joining The Beebe & Suki Kidnapping Company.  Beebe already knew there was zero chance that anyone knew or cared Penny was making the trip, and that included law enforcement.  At the appropriate time, Beebe had no doubt she would receive a thorough and very entertaining briefing with all the juicy details of the youngster's adventure.

So, what was surprising?  The surprise wasn't the fact of Penny's appearance... it was the nature of her appearance.  The petite blonde was naked, as naked as Beebe!

Penny's hands were behind her back and a strip of Elastoplast more-or-less identical to Beebe's tape-gag sealed her lips.  Either Penny Parr was a naked prisoner, like her older cousin, or it was an act.  Granted, Penny wasn't nearly as stringently bound as Beebe, but she appeared to be a prisoner, a naked prisoner.

"Turn around and let her get a good look at you," Suki said, addressing the new arrival.

Penny heaved an irritated sigh, blushed, then preformed a slow, deliberate pirouette.  This afforded Beebe an excellent view of her young cousin's entire body, and allowed her to confirm that Penny's wrists were crossed and bound behind her back.  Oh-by-the-way, the decidedly tiny captive was absolutely adorable (in Beebe's opinion), the very picture of a blond, fairy tale princess, although a flowing gown and a retinue of twittering bluebirds and adoring forest creatures would have sealed the deal.

"Well," Suki said.  "Why don't you guys say hello while I unpack Penny's backpack, put her stuff away in her room, and see it there's anything I want to steal."  She kissed Penny's forehead, waved at her senior partner, and left, pulling the door closed behind her.

Beebe and Penny stared at the back of the solid wooden door as they heard the metallic chorus of the various keys being turned, the bolt being thrown, and the padlock snapping closed... then turned to face each other.  Beebe smiled, mostly with her eyes, as her lips were taped.  Penny blushed, mostly with the tops of her cheeks, as her lips were taped.

Seconds passed... then, Penny sat on the floor, flopped onto her back, and executed the classic maneuver of passing her arms past her hips and her pointing feet and folded legs through her arms.  This brought her bound wrists to the front.

Well done, Beebe thought as she watched Penny gracefully stand, reach up, and slowly, carefully peel the tape from her lower face.  The reluctantly surrendering Elastoplast stretched her lips in the process.  Penny then folded the tape and tossed it away, plucked a pair of panties from her mouth and tossed them away as well, then attacked the key knot of her wrist bonds with her pearly white teeth.  Finally—smiling, blushing, and rubbing her wrists—the petite youngster stood before Beebe, naked but free.

Beebe was naked, sitting, and not free.

Penny stepped around Beebe and her chair, strolled to the window, and admired the view through the bars.

Beebe didn't bother turning her head to watch.  She'd already seen Penny's back, tight little dimpled rump, and strong, smooth legs.  She waited patiently for the little blonde to tire of the magnificent mountain scenery and return.

It wasn't long before Penny strolled back into view.  She was still smiling (and her blue eyes sparkling), but her blush was gone.  She swung a leg over Beebe's knees and sat on her lap.

"Hi," Penny purred.

Beebe stared back with as close to an even stare as she could manage.  She was finding it difficult not to smile.  Penny's angelic smile had dimples, and the little scamp was as cute as the proverbial button.

"I really appreciate your offering me this apprenticeship," Penny said, then carefully peeled the tape from Beebe's lips and lower face.

Once the tape was gone, Beebe turned her head to the side and spat out the panties Suki had stuffed in her mouth.

Penny stared down at the slimy underwear.  "Yours?" she inquired.

Beebe smiled and shook her head.  "Suki's.  She told me she wore them for two days, including two daily workouts, and that she masturbated in them last night."

"That's disgusting," Penny giggled, then placed her hands on Beebe's shoulders.  "Seriously?" she asked gravely.

Beebe shrugged as best she could.  "They weren't clean.  That's all I know for sure."  Penny should have every opportunity to map the boundaries of Suki's perverse sense of humor on her own.  Beebe turned her head and stared at the panties that had formerly plugged Penny's mouth, then redirected her gaze to the smiling little blonde on her lap.

"Mine," Penny answered the unasked question, "after an eighteen hour bus ride and a two day backpack.  I stepped out of the shower and Aunt Suki stuffed them in my mouth, tied me up, and taped my lips."

"She was probably pissed off you called her 'Aunt Suki'," Beebe chuckled.

"I didn't," Penny purred.  "I just think she's a pervert."

"You have no idea," Beebe chuckled, then cleared her throat.  "Ahem.  Now that you're here, remember our deal.  I'm letting Suki take you on as her apprentice, although I will help with your training from time to time.  You'll attend college in the fall, as planned, you'll make good grades and keep your nose clean—no kidnapping your classmates—and you don't go on any operations until both of us decide you're ready.  You'll train and study and learn and follow orders, understand?"

Penny nodded, then cupped Beebe's breasts and gave them a squeeze.

"What do you think you're doing?" Beebe inquired.

"I've never felt an old lady's boobs before," Penny answered.  "You mind?"

"Yes, I mind," Beebe said evenly, then sucked in her breath when Penny leaned forward and teased her right nipple with her tongue.  "Stop that."

"In the first place..."  Penny flicked Beebe's left nipple with her tongue.  "I'm Suki's apprentice, like you just said."  She teased both saliva-dampened nipples with her fingers.  "And in the second place, until Aunt Suki unties you, you're not in charge of anything, least of all me."

"Now listen to me, young lady" Beebe said evenly.  "You're a probational junior minion.  If you work really hard and follow orders, you might make provisional junior minion in a year to eighteen months.  But if you don't stop playing with my tits, when I do get free, your first lesson will be on how to get a spanking while trussed up like a turkey.  Understand?"

Penny continued smiling... and kneading Beebe's breasts... and teasing her now erect nipples with her tongue.  "You want me to stop this?"  She kissed Beebe's right nipple.  "Really?"  She kissed Beebe's left nipple, then gently tugged on the flushed pink nubbin with her teeth.

"Stop," Beebe hissed, but her lips were smiling, as were her blue eyes.

"I wish I could," Penny sighed, "but like I said, until Aunt Suki unties you, how can I follow your orders?  Also, Mistress ordered me to get to know you better."  She planted a kiss on Beebe's lips.  "So... let's get acquainted."

The kiss resumed, and Beebe returned it.  She might as well.  After all, it was an opportunity to get to know the mischievous little scamp better.

This is just great, Beebe mused as she explored Penny's mouth with her tongue and Penny returned the favor.  Now I have two little miscreants to keep in line, as well as kidnapping operations to plan and execute, and law enforcement officials to monitor—like Special Agent Jordan Shaw.  And when Suki finally decides we've been locked in here long enough, I'll have to think up a pair of quick, creative, artistic punishments.

The problem was, she knew Suki's limits and expectations, but not Penny's.

The kiss continued.

Well, Beebe decided, no need to get elaborate.  I'll do something erotic and nasty to Suki and make Penny watch, which will be an opportunity to see how she reacts.  Suki will help, both by suffering through whatever I come up with and by debriefing me on Penny's response after I abandon them to their fates.

Penny broke the kiss and returned to playing with Beebe's breasts.  "Old lady's boobs are just like my classmate's boobs, more or less."  She squeezed the boobs in question, yet again.  "But then, this is just a sample size of two."  She frowned.  "Or is it one?  Most people have two, so is the logical sample unit 'each'... or 'pair'?  I mean, it's two boobs, but is that one sample?"

"You want me to punish you," Beebe purred.  "Admit it."

"Don't be silly," Penny said evenly (but her blush had returned).  Her smile broadened.  "I'm so glad to be here," she gushed, then resumed the kiss.

Little scamp, Beebe thought as their tongues slid and lips smacked.

Now the Dr. Bondage Gang had a third member, or would once Penny's training and education progressed to the point that the gains outweighed the risks.

What could possibly go wrong?
Fit 2B Tied 

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