Hermione Granger

Hermione Granger & the Wrappity Wrope

by Van © 2015

Chapter 6

Dramatis Personæ

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Ffion encountered neither students nor staff as she stomped down the corridor towards the site of the disturbance.  This was hardly surprising on a Saturday, in the dungeons, and not anywhere near the entrances to the Slytherin or Hufflepuff dormitories, but it was just as well the corridor was empty.  Ffion's face was set in an expression of towering rage.  Her exercise period having been interrupted by what was probably another false alarm!  The very idea!

Okay, Ffion was ticked off, not actually enraged, but still...  The very idea!  If it turned out there was any degree of illegitimacy, rule-flaunting, or just plain naughtiness on the part of whoever had triggered the alarm, Ffion resolved to bring the full weight of her authority down on the perpetrator or perpetrators.

"Detention," she muttered under her breath as her sneakers slapped the stone floor.  Maybe polishing the winged keys in my office, she mused.  The keys didn't like being touched, much less handled, so they certainly wouldn't like being polished.  Chasing down each and every key and polishing them while they struggled to escape would be an arduous task and completely pointless.  It would be the perfect detention punishment.

As she approached her destination, Ffion noted a flickering green light shining from under the closed door ahead.  She readied her wand, triggered a spell t
o open the door, and prepared to cast a shield spell.  She wasn't expecting anything truly Dark or dangerous, but a trained Auror is always prepared.

The door flew open and—four things happened very quickly.  (1) Ffion's determined scowl instantly morphed to a look of wide-eyed surprise.  "Bloody hell?"  (2) She cast her shield spell and a convex lens of violet energy formed between herself and the room beyond.  (3) The violet shield and Ffion were enveloped by a flickering sphere of green light and Ffion was jerked from her feet and pulled into the chamber.  (4) The door closed behind her.

In the center of the room, Hermione, Ginny, and Luna were naked, elaborately bound together in contorted positions, and suspended in an ever-changing web of rope!  Further inside the chamber, the three students' wands had come together into the form of a "Y"-shape or triad and were floating and spinning in midair.  Rope and cord was flying from the spinning wands and adding itself to the students' predicament.  Those portions of the girls' skin that weren't covered by bands of rope or cord glistened with sweat and the captives continually struggled and fought against their constantly moving and changing bondage.

Ffion's shield was holding, for the moment, but it was something of a standoff.  She planted her sneaker-clad feet and was no longer being dragged forward, but the forces at play were powerful and fully focused and sweat began beading on her forehead.  Her hair flashed between purple, lavender, and pink as she fought to maintain the shield spell.

Ffion's options were limited.  She had no apparent opponent.  No witch or wizard that she could see was tormenting the girls and trying to overwhelm her defenses.  Ffion was trained to parry off an engaged shield and follow through with any one of several offensive spells, but where should she direct her strike?  All she could do was hold the shield spell for as long as she could.

Something had to give.  Ffion knew that to be true.  She didn't have infinite strength and something was blocking her ability to tap into the school's vast reservoir of defensive power.  Best to act while she was still relatively fresh, and the only target available was the spinning triad of wands spewing rope and cord.

With a twist of the wrist, Ffion refocused her shield into a narrow cone of violet energy and sent it speeding forward.  The cone pierced the green sphere and sped like a spear towards the three wands, shedding green sparks as it parted the stream of energy sustaining the sphere.  It then flew through the point where the wands met and continued on to die in a splash of violet fire against the far wall.

The three wands spiraled apart, the green sphere disintegrated in a shower of green sparks, and Ffion reveled at her success.  Her triumph, however, was very short-lived.

There was a blinding green flash, Ffion's wand jerked from her hand and flew towards the other three wands.  At the same time, with traces of green light, the outline of a door began forming on the wall where Ffion's shield spell had dissipated.  Meanwhile, the butts of the four wands came together and their tips formed a regular tetrahedron.  Slowly, then with ever-increasing speed, the tetrahedron began to tumble and spin, each of its four faces began flashing with tendrils of green, pink, blue, or silver energy, and the rope and cord resumed wiggling and spiraling from the center of the new figure.

All of which was fascinating, but Ffion wasn't free to observe.  Serpent-like strands of the ropes and cords already in existence and not busy binding, tickling, and caressing Hermione, Ginny, and/or Luna had whipped through the air, grabbed Ffion by her wrists, ankles, and torso, and were inexorably dragging her towards the struggling and squirming naked students.

"No, dammit!  Let me g—M'mmpfh!"  Ffion's outraged complaints were muffled by a rope ball-gag and head-harness.  Also, her exercise togs began to disintegrate, shredding apart, flying from her squirming body, and their component fibers reintegrating to become part of the Incarcerous-generated rope!  Screaming through her rope gag, struggling for all she was worth, and her increasingly naked skin shining with sweat, Ffion was dragged to the ongoing involuntary three-way—and it became an involuntary four-way!

The decidedly X-rated, bondage-themed puppet show orgy continued, the three students got to know their Sentinel Magus very well, and vice versa.

Meanwhile, the glowing green outline of a doorway had become an actual doorway, and by Hogwarts standards it was an entirely typical portal: two panels banded with decorative iron, set between stone pilasters, and a lintel carved with the Hogwarts coat-of-arms.

The doors opened, revealing a vast space lit by flickering torchlight.  It was larger than the Great Hall and was cluttered with heaps and piles of old furniture, books, rolled carpets, bottles and jars, pots and pans, quills and scrolls, and just about anything else one could think of, including a kitchen sink with a dripping faucet.  Many of the items were blackened and scorched, as if from a great conflagration, and a few were visibly charred; however, for most of the items the fire-damage was superficial.

Ash and soot began lifting into the air, drifting to a point several feet above the floor and just inside the chamber, and forming itself into a dark, swirling cloud.  Green lightning began crackling in the heart of the cloud and tendrils of green energy arced towards the open doors.  Slowly, the tendrils strengthened into a flickering beam of green light that linked the spinning ash-cloud and the spinning tetrahedron of wands.

Neither Hermione, Ginny, Luna, nor Ffion realized it at the time—they were too busy participating in an involuntary orgy—but the Room of Requirement had finally found its way back to Hogwarts.

Hermione Granger & the Wrappity Wrope
Chapter 6

Cassie came back from Hogsmeade early.  She had lesson plans to review and a symposium to prepare.

She'd shopped in several shops in the village, then enjoyed a pint of Guiness at The Three Broomsticks, all the while carefully ignoring the shy and devoted attention of several tables of male students (years three through seven) who gazed at her over their butterbeers from across the tavern.  It was very flattering, of course, but also slightly awkward.

Thankfully, Effie Kirkcaldy came to her aid.  The inn's red-haired, green-eyed, very pretty barmaid visited the tables of the worst offenders and told them to put their eyes back in their heads (giving them a good look at her ample, freckled cleavage in the process).   "She's a teacher, you lot.  Stop starin' like a pack o' lovesick bampots."  It worked.  Cassie finished the rest of her beer, left Effie a warm smile and a generous tip, then hiked back to the school.

As soon as Cassie passed through the Main Entrance Gate she could sense that something had changed.  Headmistress was ultimately responsible for the safety of the school and its students, but as Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Cassie was second.  Headmistress could and had delegated powers to the Sentinel Magus, but Ffion was staff, and the castle's spell matrix maintained its traditional relationship with the faculty.  Individual D.A.D.A. teachers came and went, some quite messily, but the magical alignment remained.  The ancient stones whispered in Cassie's ear:

Something has changed

Cassie entered her office, conjured the door that led to her faculty apartment, and hung up her coat.  She considered changing out of the riding boots, skirt, and sweater she'd worn into Hogsmeade, but decided against it.  She went back into the office and sat at her desk, rested her hands on the blotter with her palms up and fingers gracefully relaxed, then closed her eyes and cleared her mind.

The change was subtle.  The change was very subtle.  If anything, it was... an improvement?  But it wasn't like a fresh coat of paint or a couple of new flowerboxes, it was as if everything having to do with the castle and its grounds was suddenly tighter, better joined, more of a cohesive whole... maybe.

Cassie opened her eyes.  The spell matrix binding the school's protective spells was now virtually restored.  She had no idea how it had happened, but sometime between her departure for Hogsmeade and her return, everything had... snapped back into place.  That was as good an analogy as any.  She decided to discuss the matter with Headmistress.  Assuming Minerva was responsible, she would congratulate her.  If not, they should try and ascertain what had happened.

Cassie made her way to the stone eagle guarding the hidden spiral staircase to the Headmistress' office, but before she could say the password the eagle spoke.

"Be off with ye.  Headmistress ha' gone ta Hogsmeade," the massive statue explained in its screeching, Scottish accent.  (It was a local sea-eagle, and was notoriously cranky.)

"I just came from Hogsmeade," Cassie mused aloud.  "I guess we missed each other."

"Aye, and imagine the depth of my disinterest," the eagle replied dryly.

Cassie smiled.  "Thank you."  She turned and headed for the Sentinel Magus office.  Perhaps Ffion had noticed something out of the ordinary.

As soon as Cassie entered Sentinel Magus' office she noticed the map of Hogwarts unrolled on Ffion's desk.  Two quills were bouncing, tip down, on a certain spot on the scroll.  It was a dungeon location, an oddly shaped chamber without a name or designated purpose.  One of the quills was bouncing much slower than the other.  Cassie could tell the poor thing was fatigued.  She plucked the tired quill from midair, used it to write a quick note to Headmistress on a scrap pf parchment, then placed the quill back in the holder with the other, non-bouncing quills.

"Thank you," she said to the quill.  "You can rest now."  She then smiled at the second, still vigorously bouncing quill.  "Thank you as well, and please, at ease."  The quill stopped bouncing, but remained balanced on its point, still marking the curiously shaped dungeon chamber.  "Feel free to bounce again if anyone else should appear."

With a graceful gesture of Cassie's right hand, the note she'd written to Headmistress levitated into the air, folded itself into an origami bird, tentatively flapped its wings, then flew out the door, headed for Headmistress' office.  (It knew the secret service route and wouldn't have to argue its way past the stone sea-eagle.)

Cassie took one last look at the map on the desk, then headed for the location indicated.  She didn't know the full details of the spells Ffion had piggybacked on the castle alarms, but she suspected two bouncing quills meant two distinct instances of strong and possibly illicit magic. Two students practicing their dueling skills?  That was a distinct possibility.  Cassie's boots tapped the ancient stones as she gracefully strolled down the corridor towards the closest staircase leading to the dungeons.

Hermione Granger & the Wrappity Wrope
Chapter 6

Ffion was very much afraid that she was losing her mind.

The elaborate and ever-changing rope and cord bondage kept forcing her into different positions... slowly... inexorably... no matter how hard she fought back.  And her intimate contact with Hermione, Ginny, and Luna was constant, albeit also ever-changing.  Tongues trapped between rope or cord bits licked nipples.  Fingers bound in cord caressed thighs.  Feet, armpits, ribs, necks, and tummies were also being licked by captive tongues, or kissed by cleaved lips, or tickled by tendril-like loops of rope and cord.  Flushed, sweat-glistening skin slid against flushed, sweat-glistening skin.  Gagged, pitiful moans and shrieks echoed through the chamber.

All of this was happening to Ffion Tonks, trained Auror, and worse yet, she was also doing it!  Involuntary?  Yes.  She was a living marionette being manipulated by an unseen puppet-master and so were the girls, but still!  It was humiliating!  It was horrible!  And she was going to cum and couldn't stop it from happening!

"Mrrrrpfh!"  Ffion screamed her anger, frustration, humiliation, and pleasure through whichever student breast was lashed to her half-open, rope-gagged mouth.  Periodically, other muffled screams of pleasure sounded, evidence that Ffion wasn't alone in being forced to orgasm.

And the ordeal continued.

Yes, Ffion was losing her mind.

From the corner of her eyes, when the constantly changing bondage and body positions allowed, Ffion could see that the dark, spiraling cloud inside the Room of Requirement was still being fed by ash and soot.  Dark, powdery trails were slithering across the stone floor from the depths of the chamber until they reached the vicinity of the cloud, then lifted into the air and joined the vortex.  The nearest parts of the chamber were now soot free.  Some evidence of fire-damage remained in the nearest stack of chairs, but all the other objects near the door were now in their original condition, more or less.

The spell, whatever and however it had come into being, was cleansing the Room of Requirement of ash by converting it into rope and cord!  And the beam of green light linking the cloud and the spinning tetrahedron of wands was growing brighter.  And unless it was her imagination, they were being slowly drawn towards the open doors!  Yes, the ropes suspending the quartet of writhing captives were definitely showing strain.  As Ffion watched, one of the ropes released its grip on a torch-holder set in the wall, whipped to a new lashing point closer to the Room of Requirement, retied itself, and went taut.  They were definitely being drawn into the Room!  And what would happen then?

Suddenly, the door to the dungeon corridor flew open and Cassie Nightingale appeared!

Cassie's short hair fluttered, as if lifted by an invisible wind.  Her beautiful face set in determination, she struck a graceful pose with her arms raised and fingers curled like the claws of a fearsome predator, then cast a spell with a powerful forward thrust of her arms.

With an audible hum, the ropes suspending Ffion and the girls shook like a vibrating spider's web.  At the same time, the green beam linking the wands and ash cloud writhed like a wounded snake and shed green sparks.  Also, rope and cord stopped pouring from the spinning wands.  Simultaneously, the spinning of the ash cloud slowed and soot began dropping from the center of the cloud and forming a conical heap on the floor.  The ropes binding Ffion and the students slacked, just a little.  Ffion continued struggling and soon she was close to extricating her right wrist from its bindings.

Cassie was gaining control of the situation!  Soon, the nexus of forces feeding the out-of-control Incarcerous-like spell would collapse!

At that very moment, with a crescendo of fluttering wings, a veritable cloud of Cornish Pixies poured from the depths of the Room of Requirement, streamed through the doors, swerved around the suspended, naked captives, sped past Cassie, and through the door into the dungeon corridor beyond!  A few paused to giggle in their high-pitched voices, hover in midair, and tickle the prisoners, then followed the flock out the door and were gone.

Needless to say, this broke Cassie's concentration.  The delicate unraveling of the magical elements at play came to an immediate stop and the spell rebounded with a vengeance.

"Mrrrrf!"  Ffion and her fellow captives squealed as the ropes and cords tightened and restored their grip.

At the same time, ropes and cords flew through the air and wrapped around Cassie's body.  "Nrrrpfh!"  Cassie's wrists and ankles were captured in multiple loops of rope, her fingers trapped by tightening cords, and her mouth plugged and head caged by a rope-ball and head-harness.  As with the others before, the seams of her clothing unraveled.  Her sweater, skirt, bra, and panties flew apart and their fibers disintegrated and became fodder for more rope and cord.  And as had happened to Ffion, she was being inexorably pulled towards the other prisoners.

Last of all, the threads stitching Cassie's boots together defected to the witch-binding faction, and the boots' leather parts began dropping to the floor.  And where the leather was trapped under Cassie's ankle-bonds, the loops of rope loosened, cords tugged the leather remnants free, and then the ankle-bonds re-tightened.  This was the first clear evidence that at least a component of the spell was actually interested in stripping the witches completely naked, that the clothing disintegration wasn't just a "convenient" byproduct.

Soon—all too soon—Cassie was naked and suspended in a full spreadeagle.  The others changed position, or more accurately, the ropes changed their positions for them, no matter how they struggled, and...

Hermione's mouth was forced against Cassie's and their gags merged into a complex harness enforcing an involuntary kiss!

Luna's involuntarily open mouth was lashed to Cassie's left Breast!

Ginny's mouth was lashed to Cassie's right breast!

Finally, Ffion's mouth was forced into contact with Cassie's pussy and also lashed in place!

All five captives struggled and squirmed and the rope and cord continued binding and tightening itself around any and all available limbs and torsos.  Cassie was the central element of the tableau with the others a contorted tangle with ankles tied to wrists, wrists to wrists, ankles to thighs, wrists to upper arms, and complex, asymmetrical webs of rope linking everything together.

Cassie's attack dealt with, the green light-beam regained its full, stable strength, ash resumed feeding the cloud, and the ropes suspending the now five witches began straining towards the Room of Requirement in earnest.  The ropes creaked as they were stretched to capacity... individual strands released their hold, found new lashing points... and slowly the distance between the captives and the open double doors decreased.

At periodic intervals, the entire web of rope would vibrate and shine with green energy, as if it was a harp being strummed by unseen fingers.  The reaction of the naked, sweating, squirming witches was... orgasmic.  They moaned and screamed through their gags and fellow-prisoner's body parts and shivered in climax.

The first rope suspending the shivering, wiggling captives released its hold in the star-shaped outer chamber, flailed around seeking a new lashing point, and found one inside the Room of Requirement.  The web rippled with viridiscent fire and vibrated, again, the witches quaked in orgasm, again, and a second rope released and secured itself somewhere inside the Room.  Progress continued, if one could call it progress.

Eventually, the captives would be entirely inside the Room, and its doors would be able to close.

Hermione Granger & the Wrappity Wrope
Chapter 6

So... this is madness, Hermione mused.

Hermione and the others had been the spell's puppets for... she didn't know how long.  Hours.  Hours of involuntary caressing and being caressed.  Hours of kisses, gagged kisses.  Hours of sweating skin sliding against sweating skin.  Hours of bands of rope tightening into complex patterns, dimpling her flesh, and/or pressing her flesh against a fellow prisoner's.  Hours.

Hermione was exhausted.  Her struggles against the ropes had grown weaker and weaker.  Her efforts to prevent the spell from making her make love were less and less strenuous.  She knew she needed to sleep.  Maybe I am sleeping, she thought.  Maybe all of this is a dream.

And then there were the orgasms... the endless orgasms.  Some were caused by the actions of Hermione's fellow captives, just as she knew she was causing orgasms in others.  And some were caused by the periodic vibrations that shook the binding web.  When the ropes hummed, they sent waves of titillating pleasure through her body, and the waves were unstoppable.  Some of her orgasms were strong, and some pathetically weak, like poor, exhausted little doves trying to flutter their wings and fly to freedom.  And it went on and on and would not stop.

More and more rope and cord was proliferating, flying from the spinning tetrahedron of wands and adding itself to the elaborate layers of bondage.  Also, the old rope, the rope that had been squeezing and sliding against, between, and around their bodies for the longest time, didn't seem to be disintegrating, and Incarcerous-generated rope always disintegrated.  It's the Room of Requirement, Hermione surmised.

In storeroom mode, the Room of Requirement kept illicit magical items hidden and safe.  The Room itself was a matrix of protective spells, isolating its contents from the school and thereby saving the student or students responsible for the items from discovery and punishment.  If one tried casting a questionable spell and as a result turned an innocent houseplant into some kind of botanical monster, the Room of Requirement (Storeroom Mode) was the way to cover it up.  It was also a convenient place to dump things like obsolete furniture that couldn't be resold.  Hence the clutter.  Also, the Room had been used by generations of Hogwarts students.  Hence the great clutter.

Nothing really changed in the Room of Requirement.  Humans could visit it now and then with impunity, but anything placed within—any living being or object charmed by a self-perpetuating spell—entered into a form of stasis.  It was neither living nor dead.  Bags of Infinite Wealth stopped spewing bogus galleons.  Bottomless cups stopped pouring forth butterbeer.  Cornish pixies incarcerated in the Room flew around and made nests in the piles of discarded objects, but they didn't need to eat or drink, and they couldn't breed.  In a very real way, the Room of Requirement was Limbo.

So, what would happen to five naked witches bound together by tens if not hundreds of feet of animated rope and cord?  What would happen to them when the wiggling, writhing, intimate ball of bondage of which they were a part was completely inside the Room?

Would they ever get free?  How?

Would the involuntary orgy stop and endless bondage in a single contorted pose of interlocked limbs and twisted torsos begin?  Possibly.  Probably.

Would they die?  Would they starve or die of thirst?  No.

Would they go mad?  Yes.  Of that, Hermione was sure... if we haven't gone mad already.

Five ropes had shifted their lashing points to somewhere inside the Room of Requirement.  Then six.  Seven.  The writhing, suspended ball of captives was already crossing the threshold and the Room's doors were straining to close against the ropes still attached to points in the outer chamber.


Hermione Granger & the Wrappity Wrope
Chapter 6

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