Hermione Granger

Hermione Granger & the Wrappity Wrope

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Chapter 8

Dramatis Personæ

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Hermione, Ginny, and Luna trooped behind Ffion and into Hogsmeade.  All three students were confused, although an outside observer probably might have characterized Luna's expression as "dazed."  Ffion had announced that the girls' detention—their richly deserved punishment for attempting to craft an original magical object without official sanction—would be served outside the confines of Hogswarts.  That was the source of their confusion.

In days of old, detention at Hogswarts had more in common with criminal punishment than academic discipline.  In more enlightened, modern times, detention was used to accomplish minor neglected tasks about the castle and grounds, the more irksome and mind-numbingly repetitive the better.  But then and now, it always happened inside the confines of the school or its immediate grounds (like the Forbidden Forest).  Detention in the village of Hogsmeade?  This was a first.

Hermione was sure Ffion was angry.  Her hair wasn't flashing different colors, as it had in the immediate aftermath of You-Know-What, but she was angry.  Or possibly peeved.  In any case, she wasn't happy.

And speaking of You-Know-What...  they didn't talk about it.  The intimate, naked captivity and forced fondling that had happened in the star-shaped chamber was NOT to be a topic of discussion.  Ffion had made that abundantly clear, but her mandate that the girls should keep their yaps shut was totally unnecessary.  None of them felt any inclination whatsoever to gossip about whose breast had been squeezed by whom, whose face had been squashed into the crotch of whom, etc.  After all, it was all the fault of the magical rope and cord invoked by the spell, not anything any of the "innocent victims" had wanted to happen.  Even Luna was keeping her thoughts to herself.

Anyway, Ffion was dressed in gray from head to toe, which was hardly a surprise, and that included her coat and scarf.  The detainees were also in civilian clothes, with coats, scarves, and knit caps, and nothing was in Gryffindor or Ravenclaw colors.  Going into Hogsmeade in school uniform or sporting House accessories was very uncool, especially for sixth- and seventh- year students.

They entered the village and made their way past Schrivenshaft's, Gladrags, Zonko's, and Honeydukes', then made the right turn onto Goblin Alley.

"Why are we going here?" Hermione whispered to Ginny.  "There's nothing down Goblin Alley.  The place is... dreadful."

Ginny shrugged in response.

"There's a repulsion charm on the entire street," Ffion explained, "tuned to Hogswarts students."  Obviously, she'd overheard.  "It's letting you pass because you're with me."

"Oh," Hermione said quietly.

"Today it doesn't smell at all like old cabbage," Luna observed.  "That must be why.  The spell, I mean."

Meanwhile, they'd arrived at a shop much like any of the others in the village.  The shop's hanging sign read "Karina's Kinky Kit & Kaboodle, est. 1473," and in the display window—

"Oh my!" Hermione gasped.

"Wow," Ginny agreed in a whisper.

"How unusual," Luna said with a serene smile.

There were mannikins, mostly torsos and bust-like heads, and all displaying corsets, ball-gags, blindfolds, etc., and one full-length mannikin was restrained from head to toe in a skintight hood (with gag), a tight sleeve that trapped its arms and hands behind its back, a corset, a body harness of horizontal, vertical, and diagonal straps, and thigh-boots with ridiculously high heels, all in black leather!

Dr. Lucy Worsley
Guest starring as Karina Spankebottom:
Dr. Lucy Worsley, Chief Curator,
Historic Royal Palaces, UK.
ust then the door to the shop opened, accompanied by the jangling of a bell mounted over the threshold, and a woman with short blond hair and a friendly smile appeared.  She was dressed in boots, coat, and gloves, all in purple, and with a very pretty scarf in shades of lavender, umber, and sage around her neck.  "Hello, Ffion," she said, then kissed the Auror's cheek and smiled at the students.  "And these would be my new shop girls."

Hermione and Ginny exchanged a confused look.  New shop girls?

"Just so," Ffion said with her first real smile of the day.  "Hermione, Ginny, Luna... meet Karina Spankebottom, your Mistress for the next four Saturdays."

"M-mistress?" Hermione gasped.

"Your detention will be to work in her shop," Ffion explained.  "I—I mean the school—owes Mistress Spankebottom certain, uh, favors."  She focused on Karina.  "You're going out?"

"Just popping down the street."  She pointed to a nearby bookshop.  "The new John Willie has finally arrived."

Ffion's smile broadened.  "Sweet Gwendoline and the Air Pirates of the Bongo Islands?"

"None other," Karina confirmed.  "It takes up where The Golden Idol, Volume III leaves off.  I can't wait to read it."

"Yes, and it stars Gwendoline and Polly," Ffion nodded.  "I have it on pre-order."

Hermione and Ginny were as confused as ever.

"Mr. Willie once visited my father at our home," Luna said.  "He's a very nice man.  Did you know his muggle name is Coutts, and he's listed as deceased on all muggle records?  He never explained why, on either matter."

"I can't wait to hear all about it, my dear," Karina said, then winked at Ffion.  "I won't be a moment.  The shop elves will help you dress the girls in their uniforms."  And with that announcement, Karina crossed the street and entered the bookshop.

Hermione turned to Ffion.  "Uniforms?"

Ffion's only response was a rather wicked smile.  She opened the shop door, the bell rang, again, and she gestured for the girls to enter.

Hermione Granger & the Wrappity Wrope
Chapter 8

All naturalists specializing in magical creatures agree that house elves and shop elves are the same species; however, there are significant cultural differences.  House elves characterize their employment as enslavement, and that designation can be more-or-less true, depending upon which family or establishment they serve.  Shop elves, on the other hand, are commercial servants and artisans with a long tradition of Guilds and Trade Unions, and they protect their rights and privileges with fierce, almost goblin-like pride.  House elves dress in rags, while shop elves wear actual clothing, the particulars of which are often related to their profession.

Karina's shop elves were all female, and all wore surprisingly stylish saddle-shoes, skirts, blouses, and bonnets, mostly in purple, like their Mistress.  Shop elves know how to dress.  House elves do not.

"Welcome to Mistress Karina's," one of the elves said with a curtsey, then hurried to Hermione.  She was short enough to only come up to Hermione's waist.  "Are you The Hermione?" she inquired with a shy smile.

"She's the only Hermione we've got," Ginny chuckled, "so I suppose you can say she's The Hermione."

"Shut it," Hermione warned Ginny, then smiled at the elf.  "I'm Hermione Granger, and I'm pleased to meet you."

Several shop elves crowded around her, all jumping up and down with enthusiasm and all chanting, "The Hermione!  The Hermione!"

"We've heard about your work to help the lowly house elves at Hogwarts," the first shop elf said, "and we like you.  You get to go first."

"Excuse me?" Hermione inquired, then—"Eeek!"—suddenly froze in place when the shop elf snapped her fingers.  Hermione couldn't move!  Ginny and Luna also weren't moving, or speaking.  The elf had cast a spell!

Ffion was unaffected.  She unwound her scarf and handed it to a shop elf, then removed her coat and handed it off as well.  Half-buried under a pile of gray, the shop elf staggered away to hang the coat and scarf from the nearby coat rack.

Meanwhile, the other shop elves had deployed a pair of rolling ladders to either side of Hermione and were removing her clothing—all of her clothing!  Scarf, knit cap, coat, jeans, jumper, blouse—all of her clothing!  Finally, they unclasped her bra and tugged her knickers down her legs.  And all Hermione could do was roll her eyes in embarrassment and stand there.  She even helped, moving her arms of lifted her legs as directed, like an increasingly naked and now totally naked marionette.

Her friends, including the gloating Ffion, watched as the elves outfitted Hermione with a combination of mitten-cuffs—a body-harness that yoked her shoulders and pinned her arms to her sides and passed between her legs to cover her crotch—thigh cuffs that secured her mitten-encased hands to her thighs—thigh boots that laced up the front—an open-faced hood that included a ball-gag and an opening at the crown for her brown ponytail—and finally, a wide, almost corset-like collar.

There were also what could only be called stainless steel daisies, metal flowers with foil-thin petals.  One went over each of Hermione's nipples and the petals adhered to the skin of her breasts.  A third daisy, somewhat larger than the first two, went between her legs and hugged her labia under the narrow crotch-strap of the body-harness.

Everything was black leather or stainless steel, but not for long.

One of the shop elves held up Hermione's bra.  Like her knickers, it was a shade of dusky rose.  "Pretty?" it inquired.

"Pretty!" the others agreed.  The first shop elf to speak (apparently, she was the Shop Stewardess) snapped her fingers, and the leather of Hermione's "uniform" changed to the same dark-pink color as her underwear, and the hardware changed from steel to gold, including the daisies.  The elf snapped her fingers again and Hermione found she could move—not that it did her much good.

Hermione stutter-stepped in the high-heeled boots and twisted her torso, fighting the straps of the harness.  "M'mmmpfh!"

"Oh, settle down," Ffion chuckled.  "You're not supposed to like it.  It's detention."

Ginny was next.  The elves undressed her and redressed her in an outfit matching Hermione's, only the final color was a very pretty shade of moss-green, with copper hardware and daisies.  It matched her freckled complexion and ginger hair.

Luna's outfit was powder blue with silver hardware and flowers, complimenting her fair complexion and pale-blond hair.

Having plain merchandise transfigured into an enhanced final form was not at all new to the girls.  Magic boutiques, whether they specialize in clothing, shoes, or kinky accessories, are different from muggle establishments.  They carry only a few examples of the items in their inventory as templates, magically duplicating them as required.  Simple spells adjust the size and fit of the items in question, and the ability to magically craft different colors and textures is generally what distinguishes one shop from another.  Once the customer is satisfied, the items are "finalized."  A spell is cast and they become exactly what they appear to be in all respects.  In the world of wizards and witches, custom tailoring is the norm.

"Well," Ffion said with a grin.  "Put them to work."

Luna was given a push-broom that was magically altered to allow her mitten-clad hands to grasp the handle and ordered to sweep the showroom and storeroom floors.  And yes, magic push-brooms work on carpets.  She was halfway through her task when Karina returned from the bookstore and ordered the elves to remove Luna's hood and gag, brewed a pot of tea, and invited the Ravenclaw detainee to sit with her and tell her all about Mr. Willie's visit to her home.

Ginny was also given a broom, but a flying broom, rather than a push-broom.  The elves clipped her to the handle, snapped a feather duster into a socket in the front of the gag panel of her hood, and instructed her to dust the rafters.  Quidditch star that she was, Ginny had little trouble flitting among the trestles and timbers overhead, but the dust was reluctant to leave the wood and adhere to the duster.  It was taking her a very long time to accomplish what should have been a simple task.  Ginny was not invited to tea by Mistress Spankebottom.

As for Hermione, the elves led her to a stainless steel armature, clamped her in place at the ankles, waist, and collar—removed the full-body mannikin from the shop window—and replaced it with Hermione!  "Mrrrrf!"  Unbeknownst to the virtually naked, harnessed, and helpless witch, the elves also cast a spell that made her appear to be an animated mannikin, not a living young human.

Hermione squirmed and struggled, and many passersby on the street paused to gaze at her humiliation, some stepping close to the glass and discussing various elements of her costume.  It was humiliating, mortifying, shameful... toe-curling... cringe-making.  Eventually, Hermione's heart stopped hammering and she managed to calm herself, but not for long.

When the bell above the door signaled Karina's return, and every time the door opened thereafter, Hermione learned to her horror that the jangling sound caused a tingling sensation in the areas under the flowers, in her nipples and crotch!  That is, a shivering, barely noticeable wave of pleasure rippled across the anatomy in question whenever anyone entered or left the shop.  And as each additional customer came and went—with each ringing of the bell—the tingling intensified!  And Karina's shop was very popular.  Several times in the course of the very long day it was actually crowded, with a gaggle of Karina's friends chatting and sipping tea as well as examining the latest in bondage merchandise and/or making purchases.

Hermione writhed in orgasm several times.  She couldn't help herself.  She could only watch from the corner of one eye when she turned her head as far as the collar would allow, but Ginny seemed to be having similar problems.  She was still on the broom, whizzing around the shop well above the customer's smiling and laughing heads, but her flying was somewhat erratic.  Her copper flowers were entertaining her as well!  As for Luna, Hermione couldn't see.  At one point she thought she heard Luna's voice rise in a girlish squeal, followed by a round of laughter from several customers, but she couldn't be sure.

As sunset approached, Hermione realized she was no longer embarrassed.  Actually, she was still embarrassed, but she didn't care.  Departing customers looked back at the shop window and watched her wiggle and writhe (and cum), but she didn't really care.  There was no point.  She felt brazen and naughty, and later, when she learned her identity had been protected by the shop elves' magic, she was actually disappointed—relieved, but disappointed.

Just before close of business, Ffion stepped across the street to the bookstore and returned with her copy of John Willie's new book.  When she reentered the shop, the girls were released and allowed to dress themselves.  They rested and were revived by a pot of Karina's excellent tea, then Ffion treated them to a late dinner at The Three Broomsticks, and Mistress Spankebottom tagged along.  It was a delicious meal, the butterbeer flowed, and a good time was had by all.  The girls got to know their new Detention Mistress, and Ffion didn't gloat at all.  Okay, Ffion totally gloated, but the girls could see the humor in their situation.

They returned to Hogwarts well past curfew and would have been in trouble, but with Ffion as their escort all was well.

That night, Hermione and Ginny had vivid, erotic dreams, sometimes involving tickling shop elves and a leather-clad Mistress Spankebottom wielding a wicked paddle and giggling gleefully as she spanked various bottoms.

As for Luna... she dreamed of bunny-rabbits drawing chariots ridden by tiny, elegant, beautiful elf-like beings in polished armor and flowing robes.  No eroticism was involved, but there was a great deal of romantic allegory.  It was very stimulating.

Three more Saturdays followed, three more days of detention at Mistress Katrina's shop.  All of the girls had turns drinking tea with their Mistress and serving mannikin duty in the shop window.  They survived, and Katrina became their good friend.  Karina's customers also became their friends, and when it was Hermione's turn to serve and drink tea and she was no longer disguised by elven magic, Hermione was surprised to find she didn't care.  In a way, it was her first fully adult social situation, the first time she felt like an adult, anyway, and it was the same for Ginny and Luna.  Hermione had always been polite and poised, but sitting and chatting in her outrageous dusky-pink "uniform," she felt accepted as a peer by Karina and her friends.  As detention went, it was much better than hunting unicorn slayers in the Forbidden Forest or polishing trophies in the castle.  And as an added bonus, Karina let them keep their uniforms when their sentences were complete.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~{ ʬ }~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

All things come to an end.  The girls took and passed their N.E.W.T. examinations, with Hermione setting or matching the school record in several subjects.  And then... they graduated and took the Hogwarts Express back to London for the last time.

In the future, Hermione, Ginny, and Luna would only return to the school as alumni—and as the parents of students.

Hermione Granger & the Wrappity Wrope
Chapter 8


But wait!  There's more!

Hermione Granger & the Wrappity Wrope

ʬ  Hermione, Ginny, and Luna left Hogwarts with clippings from the wrope vine.  The original plant still grows in its pot and wraps around the rafters of Hermione and Ginny's old dorm room, tended by the house elves.  That particular room came to be called "The Dream Dorm" by future generations of students.  It was very popular, the most sought-after booking on the girl's side of Gryffindor Tower.  Professor Sprout also took clippings and grew them in the school greenhouses.  Many years later, when Neville Longbottom took over the Herbology chair at Hogswarts, the vine and its descendants were still thriving.  Also, there are rumors that clippings of the "oneiric wrope vine" found their way to the Forbidden Forest, where they are cultivated by the centaurs.

ʬ  Cassie returned the Incarcerous Booster Bracelet to Ginny before graduation, so she was able to gift it to Harry, as planned.  The bracelet worked exactly as Ginny, Hermione, and Luna hoped, and they knew this because before handing it over, Cassie staged a demonstration in her office.  She conjured rope and bound all three students to chairs in front of her desk, rope-gags included, then delivered a lecture on the importance of not relying on magical gimmicks in combat situations.  Using the Socratic method, she poised several fascinating questions.  Gagged and with her arms bound to her body and the chair, Hermione was unable to raise her hand and answer any of the questions or pose questions of her own.  It was torture!  (And from her mischievous and gorgeous smile, that may very well have been Cassie's intent.)

ʬ  Harry was impressed by his gift.  The bracelet allowed improved, highly nuanced control of the magic rope streaming from his wand, and the attacking rope was now exceedingly difficult to deflect.  Harry's control only improved with practice, and practice he did, with Ginny's help... a lot.  Okay, truth be told, they both had a lot of fun with Harry capturing the giggling, fleeing "Wicked Witch Ginny," binding her from shoulders to toes in a tight, inescapable web of rope, and chastising her for her "Dark and Seductive Ways" with extended bouts of punitive snogging.

ʬ  Hermione told Ron the story of the Incarcerous Booster Bracelet (censored, of course), he told the tale to George, and together the brothers arranged to "liberate" a clipping of the wrope vine from Hogwarts.  They also talked Ginny into redoing her Muldoon diagram.  To make a long story short, they developed a less powerful but decidedly more playful version of the bracelet, and it became a bestseller in the back section of Weasley's Wizard Wheezes (where their other adult merchandise is sold).

ʬ  Ffion Tonks completed her tour as Sentinel Magus.  She remained good friends with Hermione, Ginny, and Luna, and worked with Harry at the Auror's office.

ʬ  Cassandra Nightingale survived her year as Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher and returned to America.  Before she left the UK, however, she put her twin sister in California, Cassiopia, in touch with Karina Spankebottom.  They were both shopkeepers with very similar inventories.  Reciprocal visits ensued, and professional interests became lifelong friendships.

ʬ  Eventually, Hermione and Ron were married and had two children: Rose and Hugo.  Ginny and Harry also married and had three children: James, Albus, and Lily.  In the fullness of time, the Weasley and Potter children attended Hogwarts, where they had many thrilling adventures—but that's another story.


Hermione Granger & the Wrappity Wrope
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