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Chapter 5

Dramatis Personæ


There's languishing... and there's languishing!  Elke was languishing!

Abby had tied her up—which had seemed "reasonable" at the time.  It was all part of Abby's plan to teach her how to better tie up her BFF, which was clearly a laudable goal.  Specifically, the gorgeous, 40-something redhead had provided Elke's first "box-tie" experience by folding her arms behind her back and using hemp rope to pin her arms to her torso, yoke her shoulders, and bind her wrists.  Then, Abby had introduced the "ladder-tie" by repeatedly looping and cinching her legs together.  Finally, she'd buckled a ball-gag around Elke's neck but had not crammed it into her mouth.  This was so Elke could "appreciate" that Abby could gag her any time she wanted to.  Apparently, the psychology of being a tied-up damsel was as important as being a tied up damsel.  And then, Abby had abandoned her to writhe, roll, squirm, and struggle (see also wiggle and wriggle) on the canvas-cover of the outdoor bed next to Abby's fabulous swimming pool.  And Elke was clad only in a skimpy, snow-white string-bikini!

That was languishing.

And then, Lilly showed up and enhanced Elke's condition by cramming the ball-gag into her mouth and buckling it tight, thereby transforming it from a gag teaching aid to an actual gag!  And then, she'd augmented the gag's efficacy by stretching and adhering a wide strip of medical tape to cover the ball-gag and most of Elke's lower face!  Next, Lilly stripped off Elke's bikini (!!!), tied her big toes together, braided and bundled her hair with a second cord, then stretched her full-length on the canvas-covered bed and lashed her in place!  Lilly then re-abandoned her!

was languishing!

Enough with going along with the game!  Enough with learning naughty things she could do to her ginger-haired BFF!  "MRRRF!"  I DON'T WANT TO PLAY ANYMORE!

Unfortunately, Elke's double gag (tape and ball-gag) was more than enough to muffle her attempted scream, rendering it unintelligible and reducing the volume from "scream" to an "enthusiastic mumbling noise."  There was also the issue of nobody being there to hear her no matter what the volume!

And squirming didn't help.  Elke knew she wasn't going to free herself, and her big toes and scalp were emphatically encouraging her to knock it the hell off!

So... all she could do was languish!  That and feel sorry for herself.  But she wasn't going to cry.  Not even a little.  Also, much to her surprise, Elke found she wasn't terrified.  She wasn't even scared, not really.  Would she rather not be naked and stringently tied up at poolside?  YES!!  (Duh.)  Was she terrified?  No.  (Go figure.)  Did she have a serious beef with Lilly?  YES!!  (Ya think?)  Was she angry with Abby?  Uh... no.  Abby still enjoyed "nice" status, probably from the thoughtful and friendly way she'd conducted herself during her part of the lesson.  Of course, that had made Elke easy pickings for The Evil Lilly, so...  Things were complicated.

"Oh.  My.  Word!"

Elke turned her head (Ow!) to find Abby striding towards the bed and staring down at her with a shocked expression.  Somehow, the nice redhead had more-or-less sneaked up on her while she was busy feeling sorry for herself and/or pondering her feelings.  Abby had changed out of her jade-green string-bikini, as she'd said she would, and was now wearing a white cotton short-sleeve blouse and a decidedly skimpy pair of faded, denim-blue cut-offs, what are commonly referred to as "Daisy Dukes."  Her feet were bare, which explained her ability to pitter-patter around the pool area and sneak-up on poor, innocent languishing bound and gagged damsels like Elke.

Also, by all appearances, Abby was not happy to find Elke in her current state.  However, rather than untying Poor Elke immediately, her shocked dismay turned into a grim scowl.  She reached into her hip pocket, pulled out an iPhone, and snapped a photo of Elke's condition.


"Hold that thought," Abby said as her thumbs tapped out a text message.

Expert in the ways of Social Media, Elke surmised Abby was sharing the photo she'd just taken with somebody.  The naked, bound, and gagged captive desperately hoped it wasn't her Instagram and/or Facebook followers (assuming Abby had Instagram and/or Facebook followers).

Text sent, Abby was now holding the phone to her right ear and speaking.  She still wasn't happy.  "Did you do this?" Abby demanded (asking whoever she was calling), then spun on her bare feet and padded several steps away, still talking and not releasing Poor Elke.  "Of course!" Abby continued.  "Who else could it be?"  There was a pause while she listened.  "Exactly." she continued, still walking.  "What I want you to do is..."

The distance was now great enough that Elke could no longer make out what her "nice" captor (and should-be rescuer) was saying.  She watched as Abby continued her conversation, now and then gesticulating in an irritated manner.

"Mrrrk?" Elke tried again, but Abby was still busy with her call.  Elke had no choice but to wait... patiently.

Finally, Abby pocketed her phone and stomped (padded) back to the bed.  She stooped and retrieved the scissors from the Green Shopping Bag of Villainous Supplies still resting on the flagstones next to the bed, sat down, leaned close, and severed the cord binding Elke's braided and bundled hair and pinning her to the bed.  "I'm sorry about this, darling," Abby sighed.  "This is Lilly's doing, isn't it."

It was a question in the form of a statement, and as soon as the severing of the cord allowed, Elke nodded and provided gagged verbal confirmation.  "Mrrr."

Granted, Elke's syntax was less than precise, but Abby understood.  She heaved another sigh, then shifted position and severed the cord binding Elke's big toes.  As Elke's braided hair was no longer pinning her head to the mattress, she could lift said tape-and-ball-gagged head and watch as Abby completed freeing her toes, put down the scissors, and set to work untying her rope ankle bonds and ladder-tied legs.  This took a while, as during the binding process Abby had done her due diligence and cinched each and every "rung" of the leg-ladder-tie.  There were a lot of things to untie... but Abby was making steady progress.

Not that it was either here nor there, but Elke noted that the several inches of cord maintaining her braid were still intact.  She had no idea what her current coif actually looked like, but suspected it was a braided topknot ponytail, and a sloppy, uneven one at that.  Not her best look.

Abby continued unraveling the ladder-tie... and eventually, she was finished.  "There," Abby said.   "Now, come with me."

And with that, Abby lifted Poor Elke from the poolside bed, made sure her bare feet were safely planted on the poolside flagstones (next to Abby's bare feet), draped a friendly and/or maternal arm over Elke's rope-yoked shoulders, and led her towards the stairs to the mansion.

"Mrrrf?" Elke inquired.

"Yes, I know, dear," Abby commiserated.  "Lilly shouldn't have been so mean.  Don't worry.  Donna's on the case."

Actually, Elke had been concerned about relief from her combination tape and ball-gag, as well as the box-tie, not raising the issue of Donna's Evil Little Sister.  Clearly, additional rescue was required, but Abby wasn't in a hurry to deal with Elke's rope, tape, rubber, and leather strap issues.  Either Abby had misunderstood or... something.

So... the game continues.  Elke heaved a petulant sigh.

Now that they were out from under the canopy and climbing the steps towards the Magnificent Modern Mountainside Mansion, the sun was hot on Elke's bare skin.  The day was turning into something of a minor scorcher.  It was a good thing the interior of the mansion would be air-conditioned and cool.

Legacy   Chapter 5

Mikki was much happier languishing in her current location, the nice soft bed of her luxurious guest bedroom, as opposed to the tiny dark cell down below.

Also, the black leather muzzle-ball-gag was no longer plugging her mouth, pressing against her lips, cupping her chin, and buckled at the nape of her neck.  It had been removed, as had the cute little black leather binder that had previously bound her big-toes and ankles together.  And the same went for the pair of the black leather straps that had been buckled around her legs above and below her knees.  All of those former restraints were resting on the bed with her.  However, the super-tight, super-inescapable canvas (with leather trim) straitjacket was still embracing Mikki's naked and string-bikini-less body.

In summary, Mikki might be naked, straitjacketed, resting on her comfortable guest-bed, and waiting for somebody to show up and complete the rescue Donna had started, but at least she wasn't locked in a tiny, dark, subterranean cell, toe-ankle-leg-bound, gagged, and straitjacketed.

And then, Mikki heard the welcome sound of the bedroom door being unlocked.  Click!  It swung open and Abby and Elke entered.  To be more precise, Elke stumbled into the bedroom, having just received gentle encouragement in the form of a shove from Abby, who was smiling from just across the threshold.

"You girls wait here," Abby beamed, then stepped back into the hallway, closed, and re-locked the door.  Click!

So, naked, lying on her side on the bed, and strapped in the straitjacket, Mikki stared at Elke.

Naked, box-tied, tape-ball-gagged, and her eyes wide and blinking, Elke stared back.
Well... this is new, Mikki noted as she visually inventoried her BFF's condition.  Then she remembered she wasn't gagged.  "Uh... hey."

"Mrrrf!"  Elke frowned, wiggled her upper body, and stamped her right foot for emphasis.

Mikki sat up, stood, and shrugged apologetically (in a canvas-encased sort of way).  "Well, yeah, but what do you expect me to do about it?"

Elke continued staring at Mikki through her glasses (which, by some minor miracle, were still firmly in place, in spite all she'd been through this morning).  She has a point.  Elke stepped forward, did a twisting, stooping half-turn that brought the groping fingers of her box-tied right hand within range of the key buckles of Mikki's straitjacket, meaning the buckles enforcing Mikki's arms-folded-across-her-tummy-self-hug.  Frowning in gagged concentration, she set to work.

"Oh... good idea," Mikki muttered (stating the obvious), and stood perfectly still to expedite Elke's fumbling, awkward efforts.

Elke rolled her eyes and continued fumbling.  No, ya think?  Eventually, she made progress.  In fact, as the fumbling seconds passed, she got better and better at the art of releasing friction-buckles with only one hand.  In less than two minutes she'd unbuckled enough of the stupid things that Mikki could shrug her shoulders out of the jacket, extricate her arms, and deal with the rest.  Elke watched as her BFF released the last buckle, tossed the jacket on the bed, then executed a back-arching, reach-for-the-sky, full-body stretch.

"Eyaah!"  Next, Mikki executed a series of torso twists.  "It's good to be out of that thing.  It was tight.  Look, I'm all sweaty."

Mikki's arms and torso were, indeed, a little sweaty, but Elke didn't care.  She waited patiently (for about two seconds) for Mikki to start untying her, then stamped her bare foot, again.  "Mrrrf!"

Mikki frowned.  "What the hell did you do to your hair?" she inquired, then stepped behind her naked, box-tied and tape-ball-gagged BFF and started messing with her unsightly, sloppy, uneven, cord-enforced braid.

Elke rolled her eyes, yet again.  Mikki was not this stupid.  In fact, for a non-math major, Mikki was pretty damn smart.  Unfortunately, she also had a wicked sense of humor and an irritating habit of messing with her BFF whenever she got half a chance.  And obviously, Elke's current box-tied and gagged condition was giving the colossal dweeb a full chance.

"Mrrrk!" Elke complained as her naked BFF stopped messing with her hair, tossed the twenty to thirty inches of cord that had been enforcing the sloppy braid onto the bed, then led Elke's naked box-tied, and gagged self to a chest of drawers off to their left.  A brush and comb set rested in a small tray atop the chest of drawers and a mirror hung on the wall directly above.

Elke watched in the mirror (sullenly) as Mikki used the brush and comb to straighten and restore her hair to its usual face-framing drape.  Her hairstyling task accomplished, Mikki smiled and focused on their reflections in the mirror.  Mikki was proud of her efforts.  Elke was gagged.


"I quite agree," Mikki nodded.  "That's a magnificent gag.  The ball.  The way the tape clings to your face.  I can see the shape of your lips and the bulge of the ball.  Magnificent."  Her smile brightened.  "Oh, I know!  Let's compare!"

Elke watched (in naked, box-tied, and gagged disbelief) as Mikki scampered to the bed and returned with the muzzle-ball-gag.  She also watched (still disbelieving) as Mikki popped the ball into her own mouth, nestled her chin in the muzzle's cup, pressed the front panel tight against her lower-face, threaded the buckle behind her head, freed her long ginger curls from under the strap, then tightened and secured the buckle.  She then grabbed the brush and quickly straightened the long, ginger curls in question.

Now the BFFs could properly compare gags.  Mikki smiled (with her eyes) and used her right index finger to sketch the outline of her underlying gagged lips... then tapped the bulging surface of the underlying ball.  "Mrrrf?" she inquired.

Yes, Elke silently fumed, I see the shape of your stupid lips and the stupid ball plugging your stupid mouth.  Dweeb!

Just then—Click!—the door unlocked, swung open, and Donna entered the bedroom.  She was still wearing the sneakers, jeans, and white cotton blouse with the sleeves rolled up Mikki had seen earlier when she was rescued from the Tiny Dark Cell of Subterranean Doom.  Elke was admiring the ensemble for the first time.

"Not ready to receive visitors?" Donna chuckled, took a side trip to the bed, and snatched up the length of cord that had enforced Elke's former braid.

"Mrrr?" Mikki inquired (objected) as Donna spun her around, pulled her arms behind her back, and quickly, deftly, looped and cinched the cord and tied her crossed wrists together!

Serves you right! Elke silently huffed and watched as Donna gave the cord a final tight cinch, tied a tight bow, then tucked the ends of the bow through the cords between Mikki's wrists where they would be completely out of the reach of her BFF's fluttering fingers.  I hope you're happy, Elke fumed, glaring at Mikki, you total and complete dweeb!  Now we're both naked, bound, and gagged!

Donna spun Mikki around once again, leaned in close, and kissed the ball-bulge of her muzzle-ball-gag.  "I was sure you two would be untied and dressed by this time, but if you want to continue playing, who am I to say no?  Anyway..."  She spun on her sneaker-clad heel and strolled to the bedroom door.  "I have something important to show you down below, and I suppose we can do it come-as-you-are."  Smiling broadly, she opened the door and made a graceful, sweeping gesture.  "Let's go, ladies."

Mikki stared at Elke.  Elke glowered back.  Then, both BFFs turned and padded towards the door.  To Elke, it seemed like the polite thing to do.

Legacy   Chapter 5

Eventually, Mikki realized they were headed for the infamous wood-on-the-outside/steel-on-the-inside door leading to the basement(s).  She would have warned Elke what to expect, but the whole gag issue was getting in the way.

With Donna in the lead and Mikki and Elke following, they started down the spiral staircase.  Donna set a careful, deliberate pace, making sure her naked, bound, and gagged charges were in no danger of stumbling and/or falling.

Although she was last in line, Elke never even considered "making a run for it."  Where would she go?  Also, Donna was nice, although Elke was starting to entertain the distinct possibility that nobody in (or now under) the Magnificent Modern Mountainside Mansion truly deserved to be sorted into the "nice" category.  Also, Donna had said she had something important to show them, and Elke and her BFF were house guests, so fleeing in naked, bound, and gagged terror would be both futile and discourteous.  Elke didn't want to be a rude guest.

Why am I so nonchalant about all this? Elke wondered, then heaved a quiet, disgruntled (gagged) sigh as they continued carefully padding down the steel stairs.  I'm nonchalant 'cause I'm not scared.  And it was true.  Objectively, Elke knew she had ample reason to be frightened, as well as outraged, but she wasn't.  None of what had happened so far (or was happening now) had a truly sinister vibe.  Theatrical?  Maybe, but Elke still had no clear idea why she felt that way.

Also, while none of this rope-happy nonsense was Elke's proverbial cup of tea, so far it had all been innocent, albeit adult, "fun," and Elke was used to Mikki indulging in innocent adult nonsense.  That meant extending the same attitude to Abby, Donna, and Lilly wasn't much of a stretch.  Did Elke want to be roped into their stupid games (pun intended).  No, but eventually things would return to "normal."  They had to.  Right?

They reached a landing, Donna opened a door, then ushered the girls into the corridor beyond.

At the moment, Mikki was busy hoping the "important something" Donna wanted to show them wasn't the tiny cell where she'd been incarcerated by Lilly.

Elke was busy absorbing the poured concrete, dim industrial lighting, gray steel doors, and generally forbidding institutional ambiance.  Obviously, Abby's decorator hadn't made it to the basement.

Reaching their destination required more padding, as well as two left turns, one right turn, and the passing of a large number of closed steel doors.  Finally, Donna called a halt in front of one such door (apparently chosen at random), produced a key-ring, unlocked said door—Click!—drew back a heavy-duty steel bolt—Thunk!—and swung open the heavy steel portal.

"You girls have fun," Donna wished Mikki and Elke as she ushered them into the 20-foot by 20-foot space beyond.... then closed, bolted, and locked the door behind them!  Thunk!  Click!

Mikki and Elke's eyes popped wide at the sight of what was before them.  Clearly, they were looking at the "important thing" Donna had insisted they should see!

Illuminated by a bank of about twenty compact spotlights set in the ceiling was a waist-high, semi-horizontal, X-shaped frame of heavy wooden timbers.  The center of the frame was mounted on a vertical post and a mechanism of large, formidable, nested gears of blued steel (including a hand-wheel) strongly hinted at the ability to vary the angle of the frame.

Additionally—and both Mikki and Elke considered it very important—spreadeagled on the frame was a very naked and exceedingly well-gagged Lilly Orlando!

Mikki and Elke padded forward, still staring in... wonder?  Mikki decided to go with "wonder."  Elke went with "stupification."

To amplify, Lilly was naked and sweaty with her wrists and ankles strapped and padlocked in thick, wide, leather suspension-cuffs (even though Lilly wasn't suspended), her gag was a muzzle-ball-gag-bridle-harness (also padlocked) that tightly caged her head.  Also, Lilly's spreadeagled predicament was stringent enough to emphasize her excellent muscle tone and make her tummy appear even more "ripped" than usual.  Her breasts were semi-flattened.  The "semi-" qualifier was appropriate because the boobs in question enjoyed somewhat generous volume.  Lilly wasn't Donna, but they were sisters.  Lilly was number two in the ranking on the mansion's breast volume roster.

Elke continued staring in shocked disbelief (see also "consternation").

Mikki also stared... then sat on the floor, passed her crossed and cord-bound wrists past her butt, passed her feet and legs through her arms, then scrambled back to her bare feet.  The maneuver put her cord-bound wrists in front, of course, so Mikki was able to reach behind her head and release the buckle of her muzzle-gag.  She then eased the spherical plug from her mouth, tossed the gag aside, and attacked her wrist-cord with her teeth and full lips.

Elke divided her attention between the literal floor show of her BFF freeing herself and the spectacle of Naked-Lilly-on-the-X-frame.

Finally free (and naked), Mikki reached for the ceiling in another full-length, back-arching, boob-flattening stretch... and heaved another sigh.  "Arrrrrgh!"  She then smiled at her still box-tied, tape-ball-gagged, naked, and staring BFF.  "Isn't this weird?" Mikki observed brightly.  "I'm the one that likes to play at being tied up..."  Her smile broadened.  "And you're the one that's tied up..."  She pointed at Lilly.  "And she's the one that's tied up!  Weird!"

If Elke hadn't been distracted by Lilly's naked helplessness, she might have given Mikki's observations the response they so richly deserved: a swift kick between her stupid legs.  As it was, Elke settled for a Haughty Glower of Profound Disdain... then resumed staring at Lilly.

The head end of the X-frame was raised above the horizontal about ten degrees and incorporated a modest timber block that allowed Lilly to rest her slightly elevated, super-gagged head.  Truth be told, the "X" was more accurately described as a human stick-figure.  And upon closer examination, the wrist and ankle suspension cuffs were secured to short, heavy-duty steel cables that wound onto compact, adjustable steel drums.  Unfortunately for Lilly and anyone who might feel inclined to lessen the tension of Lilly's stretched body, the drums were locked in place by steel bolts secured by deadbolt locks.  So... Lilly's restraints, gag, and the frame itself were all locked, and no keys were anywhere in sight.

Therefore, at the moment, rescuing the tautly stretched, naked, and sweaty villainess wasn't an option, even if her potential rescuers felt mercifully inclined.

Lilly gazed up at Mikki and Elke.  She didn't seem especially perturbed by her situation.  Sweaty and stretched?  Yes.  Perturbed?  No.

Mikki, on the other hand, was clearly amused, and her smile carried an unmistakable undertone of gloating.  Arms crossed under her naked breasts, she savored the moment.

Elke was... confused... and trying her best to focus on the big picture.  Abby and Donna were playing a game.  Lilly as well.  Elke already knew that, of course, but the rules and parameters of the game remained elusive.  There was always the possibility the denizens of the Magnificent Modern Mountainside Mansion were making it all up as they went along... but she didn't think so.  Abby had a plan, and it was Abby's game... or maybe Abby and Donna's game.

And even if they were playing some bizarre form of three-dimensional chess, Elke was a naked, box-tied, and gagged pawn.  It was time to change that, or at least some of it.

Elke padded a step closer to her BFF's side.  "Mrrrf!"

Mikki turned her head to focus her infuriating smile on Elke.  "What?"

Staring daggers, Elke squirmed and twisted at the waist, then stamped her bare right foot for emphasis.  "Mrrrf!"

Mikki spun Elke around—parted her blond tresses, unbuckled her ball-gag, re-buckled the strap on its first hole—spun her back around so they were face-to-face—then teased back a corner of the tape-gag.  "Hold still," she ordered.  Then, her full lips pursed in concentration, she slowly, carefully peeled the tape from Elke's lower face.  The strip stretched her BFF's skin as the adhesive surrendered its grip; however, the process had the side-effect of aiding Elke in her efforts to expel the rubber ball from her mouth.

Finally, Elke's face was tape-free and the ball-gag left her mouth, bounced once against her upper chest, and became a truly ugly necklace.

"Finally," Elke huffed as she licked her lips, swallowed, tossed her head to get her tousled hair out of her face, then glowered at Mikki.  "What is the matter with you?" she demanded, then realized she'd lost her audience.  Mikki had returned to ogling Lilly.

Lilly continued being completely unfazed by her audience and the situation.  In Lilly's place, Elke probably would have been tugging on her bonds, squirming, struggling, and begging for release with big, blue, pathetic eyes welling with tears.  Lilly's eyes were brown, but she could have easily carried off the rest of it.  As it was, all Lilly did was lie there... naked, helpless, sweaty, and slightly amused.

"Untie me," Elke demanded.

"It is hot in here," Mikki noted, still staring at Lilly's nude, stretched, glistening body.  "Before too long we'll probably be sweating too."

Elke stomped her right bare foot, again.  "Un.  Tie.  Me!"

Instead of answering (or complying with her BFF's ultimatum), Mikki pointed to the wooden table up against the wall off to their right.  "Look," she said, then padded in that direction.

"Arrrrr!" Elke growled in frustration, then padded after her supposed BFF.  She'd already noticed the table, of course, but it hadn't really registered.  Lilly-on-the-frame was very distracting.

It was a simple, solidly built, waist-high worktable with a two-foot-wide top.  There were things resting on it, but at the moment they were bumps and mounds under a dust cloth of natural linen.  Mikki rectified the situation by lifting the edge of the cloth and flipping it back.  The cloth fluttered to the ground and revealed the table's contents.

"Oh my," Mikki gasped.

The contents in question were:
●  Four liter-size plastic bottles of spring water.

●  A can of "Pure Silk® Raspberry Mist Spa Therapy Shave Cream."

●  A lavender-colored feminine razor with two five-blade replacement heads resting on a folded terrycloth hand-towel.

●  A pump-bottle of "Avalon Organics® Lavender Hand & Body Lotion."

●  A plastic tube of "Deep Heating® Pain Relieving Rub" that claimed to be "ultra-strength" and "fast-acting."

●  A glass jar containing several camelhair brushes of various sizes.

●  A much smaller jar containing several Q-tip type cotton swabs.

●  A box of facial tissues.

●  A box of alcohol wet-wipes.

●  A box of latex gloves.

●  A glass jar containing a dozen long, stiff, white quills, possibly goose or swan flight-feathers.

●  An array of a dozen or more stainless steel forceps, some of the clamping variety.

●  A blunt-tip steel probe.

●  A fork-like steel probe with its tines bent to form a tiny rake.

●  A pinwheel of needle-sharp points spinning on a steel handle.

●  A glass bowl of fifty or more spring-loaded wooden clothespins of various sizes.

●  A smaller glass bowl of a hundred or more rubber bands.

●  A wand-style vibrator plugged into a recharging stand that was in turn plugged into a wall socket!
"Oh my," Elke agreed.

The BFFs stared at the items on the table for several long seconds... then Elke turned to Mikki.  "Untie me," she demanded.

Mikki smiled, then shook her head.  "Think about it.  If you're all tied up and helpless, Abby and Donna won't be able to blame you for any of the horrible things I'm about to do to Lilly."

Elke swallowed nervously.  So, her ginger-haired freak of a BFF dweeb was also playing the game, and not as a pawn.  She has a point.  "Untie me," Elke reiterated, upping the ante with her best wounded pout, followed by another (and this time rather pathetic) bare footed stomp.

Again, Mikki shook her head.  She picked up one of the bottles of spring water, cracked and removed the cap, took a deep drink... then held the bottle to Elke's lips so she could do the same.  Mikki then restored the cap, placed the bottle back on the table, and once again smiled at her still pouting BFF.  "Don't ask to be untied again, Sweetie, or I'll give you your gag back."

Elke stared daggers at her BFF.  "You wouldn't dare," she huffed.  Actually, Elke knew her BFF would restore the ball-gag still dangling around her neck in the proverbial heartbeat, but that didn't mean she had to be happy about it.  Elke stole a glance at Lilly, who must have heard everything Mikki just said, but, by all appearances, remained totally unfazed.  She turned back to find Mikki once again contemplating the table and its contents.

Mikki selected one of the rubber bands, pulled her ginger curls back and used it to enforce a loose ponytail, then returned to contemplating the treasures of the table.

"So," Mikki sighed, "where to begin."

In Elke's naked and box-tied opinion, Mikki's smile had never been more menacing.

Legacy   Chapter 5


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