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Chapter 7

Dramatis Personæ


Obedient (and a little nervous), Elke padded down the subterranean corridor at Abby's side.  She was naked, box-tied with conditioned hemp rope, and a ball-gag hung loosely around her neck, ready for instant deployment.  Obedience seemed like a prudent strategy.  Also of concern, Elke's normally straight, long, beautiful blond hair was a tousled mess, and there was nothing she could do about it.  At least her glasses were still firmly in place.

Abby was dressed in abbreviated denim cutoffs and a white cotton blouse.  Her glorious ginger hair was also tousled, although most people would probably characterize the longish coif as Casual Disarray.  Very chic.  Her feet were bare, like Elke's, so she was also padding.

"Abby?" Elke asked quietly.

"Yes, dear?" Abby responded.

"Uh, please don't hurt her, okay?"  She was referring to Mikki, of course, her ginger-haired dweeb of a BFF, who had just been caught in the act of tickling Donna's little sister's feet.  Granted, Lilly, the little sister in question, had deserved every stroke of the feather, but Elke could understand how Abby and Donna might be upset—even though they had set the whole thing up as part of the ongoing kinky game they'd roped Elke into (pun intended).

Abby smiled, draped an arm over Elke's rope-yoked shoulders, and planted a quick kiss on her closest cheek.  "There's hurt... and there's hurt," she stated.  "Donna will punish Mikki only as much as she deserves, and no more."

Elke pouted.  "She's a dweeb, but not all the time.  Please?"

"Delightful," Abby chuckled.  "Mikki will survive her punishment entirely intact.  I promise.  Try not to worry."

Elke continued pouting.

They padded up the spiral stairs to the main mansion, then padded past sitting rooms, reading rooms, music rooms, and whatever rooms... and arrived at what appeared to be... a yoga studio?

It was a large but not huge space, with two window-walls that met in one corner and provided scenic views of the surrounding slopes, the valley below, and the mountains beyond.  The two walls that weren't window-walls were paneled with bamboo.  Underfoot was soft, thick, plush wall-to-wall carpet in a subtle, soothing, swirling pattern in shades of blue-green.  Through an open doorway off to the right was a space lined with glass tiles in shades compatible with the studio's ambiance.  Elke assumed it was some sort of powder room.

Abby led her across the studio, into the tiled space, and Elke's assessment was confirmed.  Off to the left was a commode, washbasin, and mirror and to the right was a row of wooden gym lockers.  Directly ahead was an open shower stall and a cedar door with a small window set at head height.

"Is that a sauna?" Elke asked, staring at the door.

"It is," Abby confirmed as she led Elke to a locker.  She opened the door and began unbuttoning her blouse.

Elke watched (and tried not to stare) as Abby undressed.  The gorgeous, athletic, 40-something redhead hadn't been wearing a bra (which Elke had already suspected).  Abby unbuttoned, unzipped, and removed her Daisy Dukes, stripped off her panties... and was naked, as in nude, as in beauteously nude.  Elke was as impressed as she'd been by Abby wearing a string bikini.

Elke swallowed, blushed, and nodded towards the sauna.  "Uh, you're gonna..."

Abby removed and folded Elke's glasses, then set them on the locker's top shelf and closed the door.  "No, we're gonna," she chuckled, led Elke into the shower stall, reached up and grabbed a handle dangling from a chain attached to the large showerhead overhead, and gave it a tug.  There was a brief gurgling noise... then Abby and Elke were drenched by a torrent of cold water.

"Eek!" Elke gasped.  The water took her by surprise, even though she knew getting wet before entering a sauna was proper etiquette and she'd watched Abby pull the handle.  It was embarrassing.

Abby released the handle, the water stopped, and she led Elke to the sauna door.  Next to the door was a small control panel and displayed on its tiny LCD screen was the message: "150°F / 66°C."

Abby pulled open the door, they crossed the threshold, and were instantly engulfed by a flood of very hot air.

The sauna was lined entirely with cedar, and in the center was the usual stainless steel heater with a pile of "lava rocks" on top and surrounded by a waist-high protective fence of cedar slats.  Two tiers of cedar benches with sloping backrests wrapped around the walls, and directly to the left was a faucet with a wooden handle.  Resting on the floor under the faucet was a cedar bucket with a wooden ladle.  Elke had zero experience basking in dry saunas.  The Lewis & Clark University Campus Fitness Center had had gender-specific steam rooms, not dry saunas.  To Elke, the setup looked typical, as well as luxurious and large.  There was easily enough room for Abby to host a sauna party with a dozen guests.  Even more if they were all very friendly.

"It's hot in here," Elke noted.  She could feel her pores opening.

Abby's smile broadened.  "I believe this is where I dub you Captain Obvious," she chuckled.  "Don't worry, I won't."  She then spun Elke around and started doing something to what Elke diagnosed as the knots securing her box-tie.

"Oh!" Elke gasped.  This was followed by "Oh!" when she realized Abby was untying the box-tie in question.  It's about time, she silently groused, but genuinely appreciated finally being set free.  Abby was the author of her intricate bondage, of course, so Elke was unsurprised when the conditioned hemp melted away in a fraction of the time it had taken for Abby to rig her rope masterpiece.  She watched as Abby neatly coiled her former rope bonds and secured the bundle with a tight retaining-hitch, removed the ball-gag from around her neck—and she was totally bondage free at last!

Abby then opened the door, just far enough to toss the coil and ball-gag outside, and quickly pulled it closed again.  She then smiled, placed her hands on Elke's shoulders, and slowly spun her around in a full circle, gazing at her naked form.  By this time both of them were starting to sweat.

Elke let this happen.  Abby was examining the hideous rope-marks crisscrossing her glistening upper-body.  It was necessary.

"Not bad at all," Abby purred, "if I do say so myself.  These will fade quickly.  That's a telltale sign of a good rigging job, Elke.  No rope-burns or bruises on your bottom's skin."

Elke blinked but said nothing.  Apparently, her rigging education was continuing, but as long as the rope remained on the other side of the door, she didn't really mind.

Elke watched as Abby turned the faucet and filled the cedar bucket, then used the bucket and ladle to wet-down the upper tier of benches and backrests on the side opposite the door (the door with the sinister coil of conditioned hemp and evil ball-gag lurking just beyond).  She noted that her hostess' skin was now definitely flushed and glistening with sweat.  Elke's skin was also definitely flushed and glistening, but Abby looked like... a pretty pink goddess emerging from the sea?  A ginger 'Venus on the Half-shell' by Botticelli?  No, that's silly.  Get a grip, she chided herself.

Abby climbed onto the damp bench, smiled, and patted the water-darkened cedar at her side.  "Up here, dear," she suggested (ordered).

Elke padded to the position indicated, stepped onto the lower bench, then sat on the upper bench and settled her back against the backrest.  She was glad Abby had wet everything down.  Otherwise it would have been waaay too hot to be comfortable.

"What now?" Elke mumbled.

Abby's smile widened.  "Now... we sweat."  Then, still smiling sweetly, she closed her eyes.

"Oh," Elke sighed.  And I'm Captain Obvious?  Abby had nice breasts, by the way... and a flat tummy... and firm thighs... and everything.  Elke felt comfortable making a detailed visual survey of her hostess' beautiful body as Abby's eyes were closed.  There was no doubt about it, Abby Clarke was hot, and the sauna had nothing to do with it.

Elke bit her lower lip and decided she owed it to her BFF to make one last try.  "She is gonna be okay, isn't she?"

Abby smiled and opened one eye.  "Delightful," she purred.  "She'll be just fine, Elke.  Believe me."

"Okay," Elke sighed, then closed her eyes.  I guess being 'delightful' is better than being 'adorable,' she thought.  I hate being 'adorable.'

Legacy   Chapter 7

Mikki had dreamed about being strapped into a tight leather bondage ensemble, but she was finding the reality wasn't quite living up to her expectations.  The experience was being complicated by several factors, some positive and some negative.
1.  The ensemble in question was a custom-made armbinder and body harness of expensively tanned leather in a very pretty shade of tawny-brown with bronze-toned hardware, both of which had been specifically chosen to complement the beautiful red hair and fair skin of a gorgeous redhead (like Mikki).  That was positive.

2.  Except for her nose, eyes, and forehead, her head was encased in a genuine Gwen hood with a chin-cupping-mouth-panel-strap and an across-the-mouth-strap, and in the same tawny-brown leather with bronze hardware.  Positive?  Hell yes!

3.  Everything was a perfect fit.  Tight?  Yes, but a perfect fit.  Also positive.

4.  Each and every bronze-tone buckle of the armbinder and body harness (with the exception of the harness' crotch strap) was secured by a tiny little bronze-tone padlock embossed with a Celtic knot!  That was unnecessary overkill, and therefore a psychological enhancement of her helplessness and also positive.

5.  Except for the restrictive ensemble and hood, Mikki was stark naked—but that was de rigueur for this sort of melodrama.  That made her nudity positive but hardly worth mentioning.

6.  However... Donna was leading her somewhere to be punished for the supposed crime of punishing Lilly for being a total meanie.  This was scary (she supposed), and therefore negative!
So... that was five positives and only one negative, but the uncertainty of her fate was coming close to ruining Mikki's entire fantasy-made-real.  Total bummer.

Luckily (she supposed), Mikki was entirely helpless, so the waking dream/nightmare would continue whether she wanted it or not.

At one point Mikki briefly considered turning and fleeing for the spiral spiral staircase leading back to the mansion overhead, but how would she open the door to the stairs or the door at the top of the stairs?  And if she somehow did manage to open the door(s) before Donna caught up with her, would that make things better or worse?  And thanks to the ball of foam crammed in her mouth and the Gwen hood padlocked on her head, she couldn't even negotiate!  Also, even if she managed to get upstairs, find Abby, and grovel at her feet, it wouldn't do her any good.  Abby was on Donna's side.  And as far as she knew, Elke was still naked and box-tied, so she wouldn't be any help either.

No, it was best to pad along behind Donna (who had a magnificent ass squeezed into those skintight, faded designer jeans, by the way) and accept her fate.  After all, it was the brave, noble thing to do, and Mikki had always tried her best to be a brave and noble damsel.

Their destination was another steel door with a meaningless label stenciled on its gray-painted outer surface.  (Meaningless to Mikki, anyway).  Donna threw back the bolt—Thunk!—pulled out a key-ring and unlocked the lock—Click!—then opened the door.

The space beyond was typical (concrete floor, walls, and ceiling) but on the small side, only about 8' x 10'.  Resting on the floor was a large, possibly queen-size mattress covered with a fitted satin sheet dyed in a pretty shade of dark blue-gray, and a pile of large pillows with matching slipcovers.  Mounted on the wall opposite the pillows was a very large flat-screen TV.  Otherwise, the room was empty.

Or not quite.  Also resting on the mattress were two pieces of "hobby" hardware Mikki recognized immediately from her internet browsing/research:
Cable collar!Cage Cuffs!
1.  A  "cable-collar," a pair of curved, vertical stainless steel panels that met in the front, were secured by means of a flush-mounted brass padlock, and anchored six horizontal loops of braided steel cable around a hypothetical wearer's neck.  There were also three vertical steel spacer-bars positioned to maintain an even spread.  Mikki had always considered such devices to be nasty and/or wicked (and therefore intriguing).  And oh-by-the-way, this particular cable-collar included a steel ring just above the padlock in front that was attached to a long, hefty steel chain that in turn was attached to a steel ring set in the concrete wall.

2.  A "cage-cuff," four half-circles of stainless steel set 90° apart, attached to a common, cross-shaped hinge, and secured by a hasp opposite the hinge that secured with another brass padlock.  Once closed around a damsel's crossed wrists, they ensured that the dainty wrists in question would remain crossed.

Mikki was a little surprised (or maybe confused) by the presence of the cage-cuff.  Did it mean Donna was going to unbuckle her pretty harness and armbinder so she could lock the cage-cuff around her wrists?  That seemed like a waste of a really wicked leather fashion statement.  Also, the cage-cuff in question looked too big for her wrists.  In fact, she figured she might very well be able to wiggle out of the thing once it was in padlocked place, given a decent opportunity.

Donna led her to the mattress and provided incentive for Mikki to sit on its soft, smooth surface in the form of a firm hand on her shoulder and a knee nudging the backs of her knees.  How rude!  The sheet under Mikki's strap-cleaved rump was very smooth indeed.  Mikki estimated the thread-count to be on the high side of 200.

Not unexpectedly, Donna then pulled out her key-ring, unlocked the cable-collar, fit the shining device with its dangling chain around Mikki's neck, and clicked the padlock closed.

Mikki found the collar to be surprisingly light.  It was definitely there, but it wasn't all that heavy.  Also, it wasn't as much of a posture-collar as she assumed it would be.  The collar was restrictive, but not rigid and horribly uncomfortable.  Who knew?

While Mikki was busy reacting to the indignity of being plunked down on the mattress and cable-collared, Donna sat on the bed, pulled Mikki's ankles together—"Mrrrk?"—and clamped them together with the cage-cuff!  This left Mikki's ankles permanently crossed, of course, and therefore imposed a cross-legged sitting pose on Mikki's bare legs and leather harnessed body.

Oh, of course, the ankles, Mikki mused, gazing at the cage-cuffed ankles in question.  This left her not only unable to close her legs, but placed her strap-cleaved pussy on prominent, permanent display.  She lifted her Gwen-hooded face to Donna and complained, as would any helpless and naked damsel in her situation.  "Mrrr!"

Donna smiled and gracefully climbed to her feet.  "Adorable," she purred, then spun on her sneaker-clad feet and exited the chamber.

Mikki watched in horror as the steel door closed, the bolt slid home—Thud!—and the key turned in the lock.  Click!

So... Mikki thought, time to languish.  She did her best to get comfortable, but was finding it rather difficult.  She wasn't exactly uncomfortable, but would have liked to be able to arrange the pillows to her satisfaction.  That was impossible, of course.  Also...  Is this my punishment?  Probably not, Mikki decided.  This is the obligatory Period of Exquisite Dread and Sublime Suspense, the interval before the actual punishment.  Abby and Donna are doing things by the book... although they certainly deserve points for creativity.  Custom leather harness and armbinder?  Cage-collar tethering me to the wall of my inescapable dungeon?  Crossed and cage-cuffed ankles so I can't shield my crotch?  Full points!

Mikki focused on the huge TV mounted on the far wall.  But what is that thing for?  Watching reruns of Xena: Warrior Princess?  The TV remained dark and unresponsive.

Legacy   Chapter 7

Elke continued basking in the heat of Abby's luxurious and very hot sauna.  She was flushed and dripping with sweat, as was Abby.  Periodically (twice, actually), Abby took Elke by the hand and lead her outside to the relatively arctic conditions of the powder room and pulled the chain of the shower, drenching them both in cold water.  It was quite refreshing... in a heart-stopping sort of way.  The first time the icy deluge evoked a verbal response—"Eeek!"—but the second time Elke endured the thermal shock like a seasoned veteran.

Also, when they reentered the sauna for the second time, Abby opened a hidden panel and revealed the thick, insulated door of a small refrigerator, something Elke suspected was not a standard feature of most saunas.  She pulled out a pair of clear plastic bottles and tossed one to Elke.  They both cracked the caps and hydrated themselves with cautious sips of the cold, very refreshing spring water.

Elke wasn't sure exactly how many minutes had elapsed since they'd started roasting in the dry heat, but it had to have been... a long time.  She suspected they were nearing the time for either a third trip outside to cool off under the shower, or maybe even for Abby to call an end to the entire session.

Suddenly, the sauna door opened and admitted a wave of cold air and Donna—who was appropriately dressed for the occasion.  That is, she was totally and completely nude.

Elke had already seen Donna in a skimpy string bikini, of course, so objectively she was prepared for the sight of Donna's toned, curvaceous body.  Nonetheless, the 40-something brunette's large breasts, narrow waist, cute little bellybutton, firm thighs, etc., warranted Elke's full attention.

Abby was a Celtic queen, whereas Donna was a Frankish Princess.  All they lacked were the appropriate costumes... but Elke would just as soon they didn't go to the trouble.  Nude was just fine as far as she was concerned.

"Is everything proceeding according to plan?" Abby inquired.

Donna directed her smile to Elke.  "Of course," she answered as she used the bucket and ladle to wet down the top bench next to Elke... then sat down on the dark, dripping cedar.  Elke was now the filling in an Abby/Donna sandwich.  Their naked, glistening hips weren't quite touching, but it was a near thing.  If Elke hadn't been dripping with sweat and flushed from head to toe, she knew she would probably be blushing.

"How are you doing, Elke?" Donna purred.

That's my cue! Elke realized.  "What have you done to Mikki?" she demanded.

Donna grinned and planted a kiss on Elke's nearest cheek.  "What goes around comes around, Elke," she stated.

Elke heaved a sad sigh.  "That's what I told her," she muttered.  She then favored Donna with her best Concerned Pout.  "She's not really bad."

"We know that," Donna chuckled, patted Elke's knee, and smiled at her partner.  "Isn't that right, Red?"

Abby (who was also smiling), kissed Elke's other cheek.  "Of course, Blue Eyes," she chuckled, then took hold of Elke's right hand.  "Come," she suggested (ordered), hopped down from the bench, and led Elke towards the sauna door.  She paused before pushing open the door and focused on her spouse.  "That means everybody," she clarified.

Donna frowned.  "I just got here," she complained.

"Boo-hoo," Abby chuckled, opened the door, and led Elke out into the frigid air.  The thermal shock was bad, and it got worse when Abby pulled the shower handle and gave them both an icy cold rinse.

Luckily, as this was Elke's third experience with emerging from the sauna and being doused with what felt like glacial runoff, she took it like a pro; meaning she shivered, pouted, then heaved a much put upon sigh.  Shower over, she allowed Abby to lead her to the first in the row of lockers.

Abby opened the locker door, revealing it to be a linen closet, then handed a soft, fluffy white towel to Elke.  She took one for herself and they both started drying themselves.  While this happened, Donna emerged from the sauna, glowered at Abby, then pulled the handle and enjoyed her own cold shower.

"Don't be like that, Honey Bunch," Abby chuckled.  "You can bask in the sauna anytime.  I need you to help me with Elke."

Elke's eyes popped wide and her heart started pounding.  She stared at Abby, trying to decide how to respond (and possibly where to flee).

"Don't worry, darling," Abby chuckled, smiling at the flustered youngster, then began drying her hair.  "I'm just going to continue your rigging instruction."

Elke's eyes remained wide.  "You're going to tie me up again?" she demanded (whined).

"No, dear," Abby purred.  She tossed her towel aside, lifted a "detangler" hairbrush with stiff, widely separated bristles from the top shelf of the towel locker, and began brushing her damp hair with deliberate, gentle strokes.  "You've experienced a box-tie, of course, so now you need to observe one being tied.  That will be your next lesson."

Donna paused in the act of toweling her body.  "And I suppose you expect me to help?"

Abby smiled and handed the brush to Elke.  "Yes, I thought I might..."  She winked at Elke.  "...rope you into it."

Elke couldn't help but laugh.  Unfortunately, it came out as a nervous (some might say pathetic) and slightly hysterical little yelp.  That said, Elke's smile made it clear she was, in fact, amused—nervous but amused.  She accepted the brush from Abby and began untangling her long, damp, blond locks.

Donna, however, remained un-amused.  She glared at Abby, finished drying her body, and started toweling her hair.

Abby opened her clothing locker, retrieved Elke's glasses, smiled, and slid them into position on Elke's face.

"Thank you," Elke said quietly.

"You're welcome," Abby replied with a bright smile, then picked up the coil of hemp that had comprised Elke's former box-tie, as well as the discarded ball-gag, and padded from the powder room and into the yoga studio.

Elke considered wrapping her now damp towel around her torso for modesty's sake, but at this point modesty was superfluous.  So, as naked as Abby and Donna, she padded in Abby's wake.

In the studio, Abby had released the hitch retaining the coil and was examining the loose mass of rope.

"This is still a tad damp," Abby announced, then tossed the tangle into a corner, followed by the ball-gag.

Elke watched (with interest) as Abby opened a wall-panel, revealing a cabinet (one might say a secret cabinet) with bundles of conditioned hemp rope neatly stacked on wooden shelves.  Abby selected a bundle, closed the panel, then padded to the center of the studio.  She released the retaining hitch, let the coil fall open, then doubled it and found the center.

Donna joined them in the studio, naked, dry, her lips upturned in a marginal smile, and her long, dark hair pulled back and cascading down her back.

Elke stared at Donna's breasts... and the rest of her.  There was no doubt about it, Abby's spouse (and soon to be teaching aid) was very easy on the eyes.

Abby pointed to the area immediately in front of her smiling, naked self.  "You know the drill," she purred, then smiled at Elke.  "Come closer so you can see, darling."

Donna padded to the position indicated, turned her back on Abby, smiled at Elke and rolled her eyes, then dropped to her knees, down onto her rump, and crossed her legs in front in a half-lotus.

Elke padded closer (as ordered) and watched as Abby settled the first doubled loop of rope over Donna's head and shoulders and tightened it around her arms and torso, above her breasts.  Abby carefully positioned the hitch in the rope over Donna's spine, pulled out the slack, reversed direction, and passed a second pair of strands around Donna's arms and torso, directly above the first pair.  Next, second and third pairs of strands passed around Donna's arms and torso, this time below her breasts.

Each time Abby had dealt with Donna's gleaming brown hair, moving it aside to prevent it from becoming trapped under the neat bands of rope.  She also had to deal with Donna's boobs, reaching around Donna's body from behind and lifting a breast with one hand so she could properly position the ropes with the other.  Also...

"Fingers," Elke stated in a near whisper.

Abby and Donna smiled at Elke.

"Excuse me?" Abby inquired.

Elke blushed.  "Uh, you're doing the thing with your fingers," she responded, "sliding them under the ropes and against her skin... testing the tightness."

Abby smiled and nodded.  "Indeed."

"An apt pupil," Donna purred, smiling and glancing back over her shoulder at her lover and rigger.

"Indeed," Abby reiterated, still smiling.

Elke continued blushing... and pouting.  They were teasing her.  Not in a mean way, but they were teasing her.  She decided to ignore that aspect of the game and concentrate on absorbing the lesson. 

There was more to the box-tie than she'd thought—meaning felt—when Abby's ropes had been tightening around her body.  She watched as Abby passed a doubled strand under Donna's right arm, looped it around the lower horizontal bands in the front, then up and behind Donna's neck, down to the left lower horizontal bands in front, repeated the cinch, then passed the ropes back under Donna's left arm to the nexus of ropes over her spine.

Elke could see how the shoulder-yoking ropes and pair of cinches around the horizontal bands tightened and anchored the entire tie.  And when Abby passed the ropes up and under the doubled strands at the nape of Donna's neck, then back down to the nexus, the entire harness tightened even further.

Abby folded Donna's arms behind her back so that her forearms were pressed together and her hands cupped their opposite elbows.  "This is more or less how I tied you, Elke," Abby lectured, "but my preferred variant of the box-tie is this."  She grasped Donna's hands and lifted them higher until her wrists were crossed across the rope-nexus itself.  "Some call it the sadistic version."

"Myself among them," Donna purred with a smile.

Abby's smile turned wicked.  "Actually, the truly sadistic version is this..."  She lifted Donna's arms even higher, until her hands were palm-to-palm with her fingertips just below the ropes at the nape of her neck.  "...the reverse prayer."

Elke noted that Donna had winced as her arms were wrenched upwards, and she looked back over her shoulder to glare at her rigger.  But when Abby returned Donna's hands to the less stringent, wrists-crossed-above-the-rope-nexus position, she turned her pretty, blue-eyed gaze back to Elke, smiled, and winked.

Elke blushed (if she'd ever stopped blushing).  Abby and Donna had their own little game going, separate from the Let's Mess With the Youngsters game... or maybe it was all part of one big giant game.  Whatever it was, Elke was mildly surprised to find that the unfolding lesson was... interesting.

Abby wrapped rope around Donna's crossed wrists vertically, horizontally, and between her wrists, then tied a final knot through the base of the nexus ropes.  Donna's wrists were now locked together at 90° and pinned against her back, and her fingers were on the far side of the knot, making it utterly impossible for her to reach.  If Abby had tied a pretty bow Donna would still be totally helpless.

Abby smiled at Elke.  "Any questions?"

Elke blinked several times behind her glasses and stared at Donna and the box-tie (and Donna's breasts) like the proverbial deer in the proverbial headlights before answering.  "Uh, no.  I don't think so.  Not at this time."  She swallowed and crossed her arms under her breasts.  "No."

"Oh, Elke," Abby chuckled, "you're so delightful when you get all flustered like that."

Elke continued blushing, frowned (pouted), and for want of something better to do, stomped her right foot to signal her displeasure.  Everybody ignored it when she did that, but it made her feel better.

"Stop teasing the poor thing," Donna said, smiling at Elke.

Abby also smiled at Elke.  "You mean stop teasing the delightful little flustered blonde?" she purred.  "This one right here?"

"Abby!" Donna snapped.  "Enough."

Abby winked at Elke.  "Sorry, darling."  She settled to the carpet behind Donna, splayed her legs to either side, and pulled Donna into an embrace from behind.  She reached over Donna's right shoulder and pointed to the carpet in front of Donna.  "Sit, darling," she suggested.

Not having anything better to do at the moment, Elke settled to the floor and crossed her legs, mirroring Donna's half-lotus.  This left her dark-blond bush and pussy on open display, but Donna's dark, curly bush and delicate pink labia were also right there in front of her, and Abby was also naked, directly behind Donna, ginger bush and all, so what difference did it make?

"Now, as you can see," Abby lectured, reaching across Donna's right shoulder and indicating Donna's boobs with a graceful gesture, "the ropes frame her breasts, above and below.  This is the simple box-tie.  The basic box-tie.  Box-tie one-point-oh, if you will."

Elke nodded (and failed miserably to not stare at the breasts in question).

"But a box-tie can be much more elaborate," Abby continued.  "I, myself, usually add an over-the-shoulder hitch that pinches the breasts together... like this."  She pinched Donna's arm-pinning, horizontal ropes together by hooking her thumb around the upper ropes and her forefinger around the lower, then tightened her grip.  This
squeezed Donna's boobs between the ropes, of course, and when Abby jiggled her hand, Donna's breasts jiggled as well.

In her place, Elke would have objected with a roar of righteous indignation.  (Either that or would have whined in mortified distress.)  Donna, on the other hand, favored her blond, blushing audience-of-one with a saucy grin.

For somebody who's so concerned about my being teased, Elke thought, she certainly enjoys watching me squirm.

Abby released her hand, then leaned even closer, smiled and rested her smiling head on Donna's right shoulder.  "Now, I already told you one of the signal virtues of the box-tie," she said to Elke.  "Do you remember?"

Elke blinked and swallowed before answering.  "Uh, long term c-comfort?"

Abby's smile widened.  "You are an apt student.  Now," she continued, "another virtue of the box-tie is that it can serve as the starting element for a variety of other ties.  I'll be right back."  She then stood, padded to the secret panel hiding all the rope... and returned with another neatly coiled bundle.

Elke willed herself to stop blinking.  She had a sneaking suspicion that her lesson was far from being over.

Legacy   Chapter 7


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