Ex Machina
Taken by the Machine

by Van © 2023

Chapter 5

Dramatis Personæ


Alice tugged on the shackle-clamps binding her wrists and ankles and therefore all of her stretched and naked body to the X-shaped frame in the hi-tech-robot-arm-equipped chamber to which somehow she'd been kidnapped, transported, and incarcerated.  The robo-appendages were currently lurking behind the vertical steel panels lining the walls and had remained unseen and inert for some time—but they could reappear at any moment and do who knows what to her, and she'd be helpless to resist!

Several long minutes passed with Alice bound to the 45°-canted-from-the-vertical armature.  By her best estimate she'd been undisturbed for something approaching a full hour.  Her initial terror upon awakening to find herself abducted, naked, bound, and gagged had faded and become... something else.  Of course, she remained stressed and afraid, but now she was in full control of her emotions... sort of... maybe... just barely.

Alice tugged on her bonds again.  The thick, rigid, shining steel clamps fit the anatomy of her wrists and ankles to perfection, just like the dips and hollows in the shiny steel frame "comfortably" supported the rest of her anatomy.   "Mrrrmpfh."  And then there was issue of the strip of stretched tape tightly adhered to her lips, mouth, and most of her lower face.  It continued preventing her from filing grievances, demanding release, and/or raising other entirely reasonable inquiries, such as: WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE??  Granted, there was no one in the room to hear hypothetical vocalizations, other than herself, but it was a safe bet the place was wired.  The glare from the many mini-LED-spotlights on the ceiling made it difficult to be absolutely certain, but she was pretty sure she could also see mini-cameras and microphones clamped to the lighting grid.

Alice continued testing her bonds.  The clamps and X-frame were enforcing a significant stretch on her limbs and torso, but granted enough slack for her muscles to flex, hips and shoulders to roll, and boobs to wobble and bounce, just a little.  Alice was not body-shy.  After all, she was a professional actor.  That said, nude captivity was humiliating, and she resented being on full display before an unknown audience.  She wasn't even getting paid!

Suddenly—Finally!—the door whisked open and two actual flesh and blood human beings entered the chamber (as opposed to one or more fully functional but in no way anthropomorphic robots).

In the lead was a brunette in a smart business suit, and she was—Lydia Aelios!  Alice's eyes popped wide and her heart began pounding in her chest.  Suddenly, everything made sense... although "sense" was probably not the best term for what was probably happening.

Years earlier—a little more than a decade?—Alice had survived an excruciatingly awkward and ill-considered "relationship" with the brunette in question.  In the beginning, Alice thought it was all an "innocent" fling, a night of passion with a hot nerd; maybe two nights, and nothing more, but Lydia had decided she'd found the love of her life and wasn't about to let her go.  And by "love of her life" Lydia meant that Alice now and forevermore belonged to her and would spend the rest of her life scratching whatever itch Lydia decided needed attention.  It had been touch and go for a while, emotionally, but finally... Lydia fell asleep and Alice managed to wiggle out of her hostess' ropes and make her escape.

As far as Alice was concerned, it was an unfortunate and regrettable mistake.  In the days immediately following, Lydia had made several pathetic attempts to reconcile with her "newfound love," all of which Alice had rebuffed.  Finally, Lydia went silent, Alice was able to put the entire debacle out of her mind, returned to her acting career, and that was that.

Or not.

As for the other arrival, she was also a brunette, but was a complete stranger, a completely naked stranger with her arms behind her back and tightly encased in some sort of black leather binder!  A pair of tight horizontal straps pinned her encased arms against her torso.  The upper strap framed her boobs like an open-cup-bra while the lower strap was a corset-strap that encircled her waist and had a peek-a-boo opening exposing her bellybutton.  In addition, a fancy/modernistic steel collar was around her neck and a strip of tape tightly plastered to her lips, mouth, and lower face, more or less the twin of Alice's own tape-gag.  The naked captive's brown hair was plaited in a tight single braid that dangled down her back.

Alice noted the arm-binder-bound brunette was fit, curvaceous, and quite attractive... in a slender, semi-girlish sort of way.  However, as Alice shifted her gagged stare from Lydia... to her fellow prisoner... then back to Lydia, her thoughts were mainly: "ARE YOU KIDDING ME??"

A leather leash in Lydia's hand was clipped to a D-ring dangling between the brunette's bra-strap, so she had no choice but to patter in Lydia's wake as she strolled towards Alice and the X-frame.

"Alice, darling," Lydia purred as she approached, "I told you we were destined to spend the rest of our lives together... and here we are!"

"MRRRRRPFH!!" Alice complained, squirming against the frame and tugging on her bonds with renewed enthusiasm.  Her blue eyes were wide and angry!

Lydia's blue eyes focused on Alice's breasts as they bobbled and oscillated... as well as the well-defined abdominal muscles and smooth, tan skin of Alice's tummy.  Her smile had become rather... vacant... as if she was mesmerized by the sight of her captured obsession.

Alice and the naked, leather-bound, brunette stranger exchanged tape-gagged expressions of carefully controlled alarm and dread.

This seemed to rouse Lydia from her fascinated fixation.  "Oh, where are my manners?"  She gave the leash tethering the bound brunette a firm jerk and the naked, leather-bound, steel-collared, and tape-gagged prisoner stumbled forward until she was side-by-side with her smug, smiling, smartly-dressed handler.

"Alice Lindgren," Lydia purred, "allow me to introduce Dr. Edwina Bliss."  She then half-turned, reached out and cupped Edwina's left breast, and gently tugged on her nipple.  "Edwina, this is Alice."  Lydia maintained her teasing pinch on Edwina's nipple but shifted her smile back to Alice.  "You may not be seeing much of Dr. Bliss in the next few days and months, darling, but she'll be playing a critically important role in your future."

Lydia had shifted her gloating gaze to Edwina, but it was clear she was still addressing her blond prisoner.  "You see, Alice my love, I have an extensive list of... shall we say... entertainments that will be occupying your days and nights from this point forward.  All are designed to express my dissatisfaction with the way you toyed with my affections.  Many of them are quite elaborate, incorporate significant technological innovations, and I've been developing and revising them for years.  None should cause any permanent harm, of course, but it would be unethical for me to implement even the simplest and most 'innocent' items on my list without thoroughly testing each and every element on a volunteer."  She released Edwina's nipple, gave her breast another squeeze, then turned back to Alice.

"Fortunately, Dr. Bliss was gracious enough to offer herself as that volunteer," Lydia added.

Alice tugged on her wrist and ankle bonds and stared daggers at Lydia.  She very much doubted her fellow naked captive had volunteered for anything, graciously or otherwise.  The tape-gagged blonde and brunette locked blue and brown eyes, respectively, in silent commiseration.  Alice and "Dr. Bliss" might have just met, but it was crystal clear that they shared a common enemy, a beautiful but quite possibly unbalanced enemy who had them in her complete and robot-mediated power.

"Locus unit one, extend," Lydia said in a commanding voice.

Alice and Edwina watched as the vertical wall-panel immediately to the right of the chamber door snapped open and the robotic arm within extended into the room.

Oh, she was giving a command, Alice realized.

Meanwhile, Lydia slid her wrist out of the retaining loop of Edwina's leash and held it up in mid air.  "Hold Dr. Bliss near the wall," she ordered.

Servomotors hummed and the arm swiftly and deftly clamped the leash's retaining loop with its padded pincers, then retracted back into its alcove.  Edwina had no choice but to quickly pad close to the wall.  She then turned and glared back at her colleague/captor.

"Poor Dr. Bliss," Lydia chuckled, then strolled closer to Alice—the nude, tape-gagged, prisoner stretched on the X-frame—and gently rested her right hand on the captive blonde's tan, toned abdomen.

"Mrrrpfh!" Alice glared at Lydia and tried to squirm away from her hand, but it was a futile gesture.  She was helpless.  Lydia could do whatever she wanted to her... and she was doing it!

Edwina sighed through her tape-gag (silently, so as not to disturb the ever-vigilant obedience-collar still clamped around her neck.  Lydia was being a total blackguard.  It was... unconscionable.

Clearly enjoying herself no end, Lydia began stroking and massaging Alice's tummy... from just below her ribs to the bushy top margin of her dark-blond pubic bush.  "Yes, Alice darling, Edwina will be quite busy testing the restraints and entertainments that will eventually occupy your daily and nightly routines... but that doesn't mean you can't have some fun in the meantime."  She then used both hands to take Alice's arguably magnificent breasts and began slowly, gently squeezing and kneading the tan, smooth, firm but pliant globes.

Alice continued fighting her inescapable bonds and glowering at her captor.

"It's wonderful that we're together again, Alice," Lydia purred.  "Don't you agree?"  She continued toying with Alice's breasts and nipples and smiling her wicked, disturbing smile.

Alice continued squirming, wiggling, shuddering in disgust, and glaring at Lydia.

Edwina continued watching the unfolding drama with sad brown eyes, squirming her upper body and weakly testing her leather bonds.

The robotic arm remained "stoically" immobile.

Finally... after something like a full minute... Lydia released Alice's breasts, turned, strolled to Edwina's side, and took hold of her fellow scientist's leash.  The robot arm released it immediately, withdrew into its alcove, and the cover snapped shut.

"Initiate locus tasking.  Routine alpha," Lydia announced/ordered as, taking Edwina with her, she took two steps closer to the closed chamber door.   "Five second delay.  Execute."

The specified five seconds later... vertical panels snapped open and a dozen or more robotic arms extended into the space and towards Alice!  Two of the arms had the sort of padded manipulators that other arms in other chambers had used to manhandle Edwina.  They closed around Alice's upper thighs and virtually eliminated her ability to move her hips and legs.  Another arm terminated in what was unmistakably a phallus!  It made a beeline for Alice's private parts and paused, poised to slide between her labia.  The remaining arms all had "hands" with long, delicate "fingers" that terminated in delicate, brush-like tufts of stiff "hair."  They were poised with the brush-tips near Alice's breasts, armpits, ribs, outer thighs, and bare feet!

Alice was decidedly unenthusiastic with respect to these developments.  "Mrrrpfh!"  She doubled her efforts to squirm out of her wrist and ankle bonds, but two times zero is still zero.  She was helpless.

Suddenly, visibly and audibly, the "brush-fingers came to life.  Bzzzzz...  The tufts blurred into indistinct, vibrating clouds as the fingers slowly extended towards Alice's skin, and that included one hand that was poised directly above the helpless blonde's mons venus and clitoris!  The phallus was also buzzing and was also on the move!

None of the appendages had very far to go, so Alice didn't have long to wait before they made contact with her anatomy!  "MRRRMF!!"  She froze in her bonds as the pulsating, quivering brushes probed her smooth, tan skin.  At the same time, the vibrating phallus was nudging her labia and threatening penetration!  "NRRRRR!!"

"Beautiful, isn't she?" Lydia sighed, apparently for Edwina's benefit.  "Is it any wonder I've decided to keep her?"

It was really only an impression—she had no way to gather the required data—but as far as Edwina could tell, the brushes were providing tactile stimulation only.  Poor Alice (to whom Edwina had only have been just introduced but already felt an empathetic closeness approaching sisterhood) was being teased and tickled, but if any electrical zapping was involved it was very low key.  Also not only were the terminal tufts vibrating and touching Alice's flesh, but the "fingers" or "spider-legs" to which they were attached were sliding and gliding, dragging the stimulating tips along with them in intricate patterns across Alice's skin.  The phallus also appeared to be tactile/mechanical and not electric.

Unfortunately, Alice was tape-gagged, as well as somewhat distracted, so could neither confirm nor contradict Edwina's casual observations/impressions.  She continued wiggling, shivering, shuddering, and fighting her bonds as best she could—"Mrrrmpf!"—as well as forcing expressions of her distress past her tape-gag.  "Nrrrrrrm!"

Lydia leaned closer to Edwina and whispered in her ear.  "My 'alpha routine' starts out low and slow, but gradually builds in amplitude and complexity.  There's a significant probability Alice will experience an orgasm before the first scheduled rest period, but without data, accurate prediction is difficult at best.  In any case, I'm afraid things will be quite frustrating for poor Alice.  There will be random intervals of inactivity interspersed with mostly low-level stimulation.  Quite frustrating, to be sure."  She leaned even closer, until Edwina could feel her warm breath with every word.  "I should be testing this routine on you first, before letting Alice play with it, but this is the exception that makes the rule.  Eventually, thanks to the many hours of stimulation testing that lie in your immediate future, the system should be able to reliably generate multiple orgasms on demand, but I wanted to welcome Alice to her new home with something more than simple bondage.  Hence..."  She gestured towards the writhing, thrashing, mewling and now visibly sweating Alice.

Edwina blinked and stared at her fellow prisoner in horror.  Obviously, Alice was in a bad way.  The phallus was, uh, having its way with her while the robotic finger-spiders were tickling her silly!  And this was Edwina's future as well?  This was what Lydia intended to have the diabolical system do to her??  Edwina's heart was pounding and her breath coming in pants.  She took an involuntary step back and bumped against the closed door.

"Poor thing," Lydia purred, her pale blue eyes focused on Alice.  She turned her smile back to Edwina.  "All of this is being recorded, of course, so I'll be able to replay it at my leisure.  There's no need to waste more of the workday.  So...  Open door."

The door whisked open and Lydia strode across the threshold, taking the naked, leather-bound, collared, and tape-gagged Edwina with her, of course.

The door whisked closed, and Alice and her robotic ravishers had lost their audience (although, as Lydia had noted, the show was being recorded).


Edwina's heart was still hammering as she padded behind her—their—captor.  Edwina was no longer the sole actor in the unfolding melodrama.  Now there was an actual professional actor involved.  Also, Edwina had been demoted to the role of bit player, not that she cared what twisted plot was playing out in Lydia's head.  And not to her complete surprise, Edwina found she now felt responsible for the blonde thespian who was the focus of Lydia's obsession.  It was a matter of character.  Alice Lindgren might be a complete stranger—Edwina couldn't recall ever having seen her in a single role on the telly or the big screen—and they hadn't been allowed to exchange even a single word—but Alice was Edwina's sister in captivity.  Their fates were inexorably intertwined.  Somehow, someway, Edwina would free them from Lydia's tyranny—and it would be both of them.

The helpless captive padding one long barefoot step behind the brilliant but unbalanced villainess knew she had no cards hidden up her single-sleeve arm-binder, but she did have fresh information to process.  She now knew the true object of Lydia's perverted obsession: Alice.  She also knew more about what lay ahead if things didn't change for the better.  Edwina's mind went into overdrive, as was its habit when presented with a seemingly insolvable conundrum.

It occurred to Edwina that she actually did have a card up her metaphorical sleeve, if not her actual, physical, leather single-sleeve.  It was the worm program she'd written just before her capture by Lydia's robots.  Assuming she hadn't made any mistakes in the coding (which was unlikely) and assuming Lydia (or her server maintenance system) hadn't somehow discovered the program and deleted it, the worm was poised to alter Edwuna's high-level access and grant her total freedom to open and alter any file in the system.  At the time, Edwina had been concerned with preserving and protecting her intellectual property, meaning her personal contributions to the ongoing research projects, but the access the worm would provide should be more than sufficient to override the portions of Lydia's family of administrative control programs in charge of manhandling and toying with naked captives... like Edwina and Alice.

However—and it was a big however—Edwina was in no position to actually play her "worm card."  Lydia was unlikely to grant her access to a keyboard anytime soon.  Also, given the obedience collar locked around her neck and the redundant tape-gag currently sealing her lips, she was unable to even make such a request.  That said, she now had a plan, the first step of which would be to somehow regain the ability to type, talk, and/or broker access to Lydia's system and/or trigger the worm she desperately hoped was still in the system and poised to give her control.  Then—Bob's your uncle—she'd capture Lydia and strip her of her access (and her clothes), rescue Alice Lindgren (before she succumbed to tickle-torture and multi-orgasmic insanity—the same fate looming over Edwina herself), then escape the mansion, return to their normal lives, and let the authorities deal with Lydia Aelios.  All she had to do was work out a few minor details.

Piece of cake.

Just then they arrived at what Lydia had decided was their immediate destination, which was—big surprise—yet another featureless chamber with vertical steel panel/doors concealing the required ultra-sophisticated robot arms poised to do who-knows-what to whatever damsel Lydia decided to entertain.  That would mean Edwina herself, of course, as Alice Lindgren was occupied elsewhere). 

Another robotic torture chamber?

It was getting ridiculous.  Had Lydia designed her lair to hold a thousand similar chambers, each one to execute a single perverted idea?  Absurd!  What possible set of design constraints could result in such a configuration.  Obviously, Edwina was missing relevant data... but she already knew that.

Anyway, Lydia led Edwina into the center of the room in question.  Edwina noted the floor was padded more-or-less in the manner of an exercise or yoga studio using some sort of off-white and probably synthetic leather-like material.  Lydia released the clip of the leash, then spun on her heels and returned to the doorway, coiling the leash as she went.  Edwina might have tried to follow or done something else, but before she could decide on a course of action the wall-panels snapped open and the not unexpected robotic arms extended into the room and her direction.

And it happened again!  Edwina was lifted off her bare feet and "comfortably" held in midair and manipulated by several of the robot arms while others did something to her.  And this time, with the usual deft, elegant coordination and economy of motion, the something in question was to complete Edwina's leather costume.  She remembered Lydia mentioning that that was going to happen at some point, and apparently the time was now.

When the program ran its course and Edwina was gently deposited on the padded floor, her legs were pressed together down their entire length and encased on a skintight leather sheath, from her ankles to her upper-thighs.  It had the same black color and supple, pebbled texture as her arm-binder, breast-strap, and navel-exposing waist-corset-strap.  It, also had what were obviously redundant and superfluous straps encircling and reinforcing the leg-sheath at her mid-thighs, above and below her knees, calves-and shins, and ankles---like the redundant straps encircling the arm-binder at her wrists and elbows.

There were three final details to the leg-sheath:  (1) A thin, Y-shaped strap passed to either side of Edwina's exposed lady-bits, cleaved her exposed butt-cheeks, and somehow connected to the top of the waist-corset-strap of the arm-binder,  (2) The D-ring at the tip if the arm-binder was somehow secured to the top of the leg-sheath, virtually eliminating all possible motion of her tape-bound and leather-encased fingers and hands.  (3) Another thin strap encircled and bound together her big toes and bare-feet, then attached to the base of the leg-sheath.

It was clear the arm-binder and upper-body straps and the leg-sheath and its ancillary straps were one fully-integrated system, one design statement... not that that really mattered.

Edwina could barely move.  Rolling around and flexing her legs was marginally possible—even less so at her knees—but she was now reduced to a truly pathetic wiggle-worm.  She continued testing her new ensemble... then noticed Lydia was standing about halfway to the door and watching her pathetic efforts, arms crossed under her breasts and a predatory smile curling her lips.  Edwina stopped struggling and returned her captor's gaze with a decidedly furious gaze.

Suddenly, the vertical panels snapped open and the robot arms returned!

This time, when they were finished with their new task and had returned to their alcoves, Edwina's tape-gag had been removed and replaced with a head-harness-panel-gag that matched the rest of her restraints.  It had a steel ring to accommodate her ponytail braid, as well as thin straps than passed to either side of her nose, encircled her forehead, and passed under her chin, compelling her to bite down on the black silicon-rubber plug/bite-protector that more-or-less filled her mouth to capacity.  Finally, the panel pressed against her lips as tightly as a kidnapper's gloved hand.  It was an undeniably effective gag, but Edwina had so far managed not to give it a test, and therefore had not been punished for the futile attempt by the steel shock-collar still locked around her neck.

Edwina returned to glowering at Lydia... who had never stopped smiling and gloating.

"Well, enjoy your pretty new skirt and blouse," Lydia said after several seconds.  "I have things to do... to Alice."

With that, the mad scientist turned and strolled to the door.  It opened as she approached... closed once she crossed the threshold... and Edwina, the elaborately leather-bound and gagged captive but not mad scientist, remained behind and alone... not counting the artificially intelligent systems monitoring her captivity and poised to inflict who-knows-what further outrages on her helpless body.


Alice opened her pale blue eyes... blinked... and found herself staring up at a featureless white ceiling.  She didn't recall closing her eyes.  The last thing she did remember was being tickled any eight or nine robotic hands bristling with countless vibrating bristles while a robotic dick thrust in and out of her pussy.  It was also vibrating, meaning the dick, as well as slowly rotating and pulsing.  All of that she remembered, as well as cumming repeatedly and writhing in distress as Lydia's robots brought her to orgasm after orgasm, often not allowing her to rest and recover between climaxes.  The continued stimulation of her hyper-sensitive and over-stimulated person had been torture!  Finally... she couldn't take it anymore and had passed out.

And now she was awake.

Her pussy was throbbing and her skin tingling... but it was the aftereffects of her ordeal.  She was no longer in distress... the robo-dick was no longer probing her after she'd already cum... nor were the wicked brush-fingers tickling her nipples and breasts and thighs and ribs and everything—even her ears—and not allowing her to rest!  No, the generalized tingling was her nerve endings cooling down... so to speak.

Oh-by-the-way, Alice was still naked, bound, and gagged—and it wasn't the simple but stringent spread-eagle and tape-gag that had restrained and silenced her during her... automated ravishment?  Robo-rape?  Mechanized erotic torture?  She wasn't sure how to characterize what had happened to her and didn't much care.  Anyway...

Alice was bound from head to toe (literally) by what appeared to be a slightly stretched, intricate, symmetrical web of milky-amber rubber tubing.  Her arms were folded behind her back and encased in what felt like a closed sheath of closely interwoven tubing from elbow-to-elbow, including her hands and fingers.  Single stretched strands of tubing yoked her shoulders and continued down her body, pinning her upper-arms against her torso and her legs together in a hitched pattern of four to six-inch diamonds, with the net/sheath/cocoon even restraining her feet and big toes.  In addition, tubing passed to either side of her pussy, as well as cleaving her labia and butt-cheeks!  Her breasts were captured in separate diamonds of tubing, tight enough to impart a slight bulge to each boob.  Finally—"Mrrrrrf!"—she was gagged by what felt like a braided bit of more tubing, about six-inches in length and one-and-a-half inches in diameter, with single strands of stretched tubing securing the bit at the nape of her neck, under her tousled hair, as well as passing under her chin, to either side of her nose, and across her forehead.  It was a head-harness-bit-gag of tubing!

The gag didn't seem to be attached to the rest of her bonds in any way, so Alice was "free" to toss her head and try to expel the bit from her mouth.  This caused her tousled blond locks to flutter and flop, of course, and she noted they seemed to have been evenly distributed between the elements of the rubber head-cage.  As for the rest of her body, as she fought her rubber bonds, they fought back.  She twisted and squirmed and kicked, but the rubber web would tighten and go slack in response, enough to allow only minor and insignificant movement.

Panting through her flaring nostrils, drooling past her rubber bit-gag, and her boobs continuing to bulge, she rolled on the bed.

Yes... bed... Alice was on an actual bed.

Now that Alice had established that she was awake, was no longer being simultaneously ravished and tickled by Lydia's evil robots, but was still naked, bound, and gagged, she lifted her head and belatedly examined her immediate surroundings.

The bed was a slightly rumpled California-king platform bed in a large, sparsely decorated, ultramodern bedroom.  A window-wall afforded a spectacular panoramic view of the sun setting behind a row of rolling hills and into a placid, semi-distant ocean.  California, Alice decided, gazing at what she could see of the chaparral-style vegetation blanketing the closest terrain.  She could be wrong, but her best guess was she was in California, on the central coast.  Anyway, the bedroom was on par with a penthouse in a five-star hotel, or a multi-million dollar apartment in a Manhattan residential skyscraper overlooking Central Park.  Alice was impressed... and terrified (not by the decor but by her captive situation).

Alice returned her attention to her tubular rubber bonds, gazing down her body, renewing her struggles, and gathering additional visual and tactile impressions.  And speaking of impressions, her tan, toned, flesh was dimpled into four to six-inch diamond and lozenge-shaped segments defined by stretched tubing, everywhere she could see... and as she squirmed and flexed her muscles, there was a uniformity to the sheath's response.  Nothing pinched or bit into her skin. Her bonds responded as a system, pushing back across entire areas of her body.  Arguably, the sheath/cocoon was comfortable, or at least not punishing, even when she struggled with all her strength.  Also, she could see no knots or clamps or anything joining sections of tubing together.  Maybe there were joined sections behind her back, but none that she could see or feel.

The prisoner-of-the-bed heaved a rubber-bit-gagged sigh and returned to staring up at the featureless ceiling.  So... she was naked, bound, gagged, and incarcerated in a luxurious ultramodern bedroom.  It beat being naked, bound, gagged, and incarcerated in what amounted to a coffin... and it certainly beat being naked, gagged, and spreadeagled on an X-shaped steel frame and being tickled and boinked by industrial robots!  But she was still a prisoner, and still the naked, bound, and gagged prisoner of Lydia Aelios!

Just then, somewhere in the bedroom a door whisked open, Alice lifted her bit-gagged head, shook most of her blond curls from her face, and watched her brunette captor stroll into view.

Lydia was wearing the same super-expensive, custom-tailored business ensemble she'd been wearing earlier, when she introduced...  What was her name?  Dr. Edwina Bliss, that's it.  Alice shook the remaining wisps of hair from her face with another shake of her bit-gagged/rubber-caged head, and glared at her captor.  "Mrrrmpfh!"

"Good evening to you too, darling," Lydia chuckled, then removed her jacket and dropped in to the floor.  To the accompaniment of the quiet whirrr of treads, a small robot rolled into view, extended an arm and picked up the jacket, then retrieved her skirt, followed by the rest of Lydia's clothing as the items were removed and dropped, one by one.  Soon, Lydia was nude—completely nude, as opposed to nude under a tight cocoon/web of stretched rubber tubing, like Alice—and was padding across the bedroom towards an open doorway.  The treads whirred again and the valet-robot rolled away, presumably to hang up its mistress' clothing and/or drop them in a hamper.

Alice watched Lydia disappear into what she now realized was a tiled space (what she could see of it).  Bathroom, she assumed.  Several seconds passed... then Alice heard splashing noises, more evidence that Lydia was in an attached bath.  Alice returned to staring at the ceiling as the intermittent watery noises continued.  Giving the devil her due, Alice had to admit Lydia Aelios was in excellent condition.  Her figure was trim and well-proportioned... as before... when Alice made the mistake of entering into what she had thought was a casual dalliance but Lydia decided was more, orders of magnitude more.

Lydia padded back into the bedroom and towards the bed.  She was still totally nude (no robe, no nightie, and no pajamas) and with a wicked smile curling her lips.

Alice met her captor's smile with a stony, bit-gagged/head-caged stare.  Her heart was beating rapidly (again), her rubber-framed and slightly squeezed boobs rising and falling as she took deep, somewhat rapid breaths, and saliva oozed past the margins of her gag (copiously and continuously).

Lydia pulled the covers from under Alices squirming, rubber-bound, helpless body, climbed onto the bed, slid against her prisoner's ("lover's") body, and pulled her into a tight embrace.

"Mrrrf!"  Alice's squirming efforts doubled and Lydia chuckled and tightened her grip, threw her right leg over Alice's rubber-bound legs, and squeezed her right breast.  "Nrrrrr!"

"Settle down, darling," Lydia whispered in Alice's ear, then kissed her rubber-caged cheeks... and licked saliva from her rubber-cleaved lips.

"Mrrpfh!  Nrrrmfh!"  Alice did not settle down.

"I said settle down!" Lydia growled, released Alice's breast, then gave her right butt-cheek a business-like smack!  "Settle down or I'll summon a half dozen of my roving general purpose robots and let them tickle you until you decide to behave like a good girl."

Alice did not not want any more tickling, robotic or otherwise.  She jerked in her bonds in response to Lydia's chastising whack, but did settle down (technically).  She continued squirming (a little), but her struggles were more an involuntary reaction to Lydia's close proximity that a genuine effort to escape.  She already knew escape was impossible.

"You're like a firm, sexy fish-out-of-water, wiggling in my arms," Lydia sighed.  "We're going to have so much fun, you and I.  I've been planning ways to restrain and entertain your exquisite body for years, ever since you ran away and broke my heart... and I'm going to show you each and every one."  She kissed Alice's cheeks, again, followed by her right nipple.  "After testing them on Dr. Bliss, of course."  She then returned to squeezing, kissing, licking, and gently biting various parts of Alice's upper anatomy.

Alice shivered in her bonds and endured.  At the moment, enduring was her only choice.



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