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Chapter 3



For Charlotte, Amondi, and Anne, their arrival at Isla Pluma was an unmitigated disaster.

Back in the Cave of the Cleaner Fish, Anne had eventually lost her struggle to keep her feet above the water.  Her stomach and leg muscles threatening to cramp, she finally surrendered to the inevitable and allowed her legs to straighten and her feet to submerge.  Hanging from suspension cuffs with arms over her head and suffering the added drag of the cannonball weight attached to her ankle chains, Anne's predicament was bad enough, but then... the fish returned!  She squirmed and wiggled in her bonds and mewled and giggled through her ball-gag, her ab muscles quaking with exhaustion as the fish pecked and nibbled on her toes and feet.

And while this happened, all Sadista did was relax in her lounge chair and smile.  Obviously, for the decadent, unspeakably cruel billionaire, watching beautiful, naked, helpless damsels writhe in ticklish torment was the height of entertainment.  Anne's stamina might be waning, but her hatred of Sadista was growing.

Finally, nearly unconscious from fatigue and distress, Anne realized Toni had returned, bearing an icy drink (with a fruit garnish and a little umbrella) for her mistress, and now she was turning the crank of the winch holding Anne suspended over the pool.  Ratcheting click followed ratcheting click... and Anne's feet emerged from the water.  The cannonball-weight was still underwater, but her pink, dripping feet were not.

Toni smiled and left, but Sadista remained in her chair, sipping her drink.  Apparently, she found the sight of a naked, ball-gagged, exhausted redhead dangling from her wrists nearly as entertaining as watching her be tickled by nibbling fish.

Anne closed her eyes.  Time passed... then she was roused by the sound of the iron gate in the cave opening and closing.  She opened her eyes and found that she was alone, still naked, still suspended over the pool, and still ball-gagged.  She closed her eyes again, and tried to go to sleep.

Amondi had fared somewhat better, but was far from happy.  Toni had spreadeagled her on the sand of the beach, the same beach on which they'd arrived.  After tethering Charlotte and Maddy to a palm tree, she'd dragged Amondi to four stakes already pounded into the sand, removed her steel cuffs, plunked her down on the sand, and lashed her in place with quarter-inch nylon rope.

Amondi had not been passive.  She'd fought and struggled, but once again Toni demonstrated her overwhelming strength, expertise as a handler of reluctant damsels, and skill as a rigger of rope bondage.  Despite her best efforts, the African beauty found herself flat on her back with her arms and legs flung wide and rope binding her wrists and ankles.  She only had about an inch of slack for each limb, the rope bands around her wrists and ankles tight and plentiful, and the knots unreachable by her groping fingers.

The prisoner on the sands lifted her ball-gagged head and watched Toni lead Maddy and Charlotte up the stairs to the structure above, and then she was alone.  The sun was filtered by the camouflage net far overhead, but it was still the tropics.  All too soon, her ebony skin glistened with sweat.

Meanwhile, Toni led her remaining charges to The Box.  She removed Maddy's leash but left her collar, armbinder, body-harness, hobbling ankle-cuffs, and muzzle-gag intact.  Charlotte's steel cuffs, belly-chain, fetters, and ball-gag were untouched.  The door clanged shut, the lock engaged, there was a short pause... and the floor beneath the captive's bare feet began to move.  The treadmill accelerated until it was setting a brisk pace.

Maddy knew not to allow herself to even brush against the walls, but unfortunately was unable to communicate a warning to Charlotte.  The naked, chained Brit squealed through her ball-gag when she failed to keep pace and allowed the rolling floor to carry her butt and cuffed hands against the closed and locked door—Mrrrk!—then hurried to keep pace with Maddy in the middle of the floor.

The Box was lit by glowing panels set in the ceiling, more than enough for the captives to see each others bonds and bodies, but their continuous walking made trying to free each other problematic at best.  Charlotte's steel bonds were all locked and would require the use of a key or some sort of specialized tool to remove.  As for Maddy's leather restraints, upon inspection Charlotte discovered the buckles weren't simple affairs, but would require the use of both hands to remove, one to press and hold a pair of spring-loaded flanges and the other to actually release the leather strap.

The prisoners of The Box had no choice but to walk... and to continue walking.

 Chapter 3

For Maddy, the arrival of the three young actors was what might be called a mitigated disaster.

Sadista now had four damsels to play with.  That was the good news, as Maddy now had rivals for Sadista's "affection."  However, Maddy seemed to be receiving more than a quarter of the billionaire's sadistic attention.  That was the bad news.

As hot, humid, tropical day followed hot, humid, tropical day, Maddy was kept busy, nearly as busy as Toni.  Running sessions on the island's beaches and sandy jungle trails continued, but now with Toni leading at least two naked, bound, and gagged runners, as opposed to just Maddy—and Maddy ran every day.  The others did not.  The senior damsel suspected the junior damsel or damsels not on the run were being "entertained" in some other manner, meaning they were off somewhere being tickle-tortured by Sadista, but as the captives continued being fed one-by-one and mealtime were the only time their gags were removed, they were unable to compare notes and Maddy couldn't be sure of anything that was happening outside her presence.

There was one other way in which Maddy's routine changed after Charlotte, Amondi, and Anne's arrival:

On even-numbered nights Maddy slept in her tiny cell, as usual.  But on odd-numbered nights, Toni dragged her to what was quite obviously Mistress Sadista's master bedroom, planted her on a piece of furniture in the middle of the room, facing the bed, and lashed her in place.

The first time it happened Maddy was naked (as always) and bound to a straight-back wooden chair with her arms behind the back.  Her ankles were linked to her wrists, making it a sitting hogtie, and neat bands of rope yoked her shoulders and bound her arms and torso, waist, thighs, and lower-legs together and to the chair.  The chair itself seemed to be bolted or somehow clamped to the floor.  Whatever the arrangement, it didn't move when Maddy struggled and tried to resist.  She was gagged with a two-inch rubber ball that Toni popped in her mouth, as well as a wide strip of medical tape that sealed her lips and covered most of her lower face.  Also (ominously) Toni buckled and padlocked a shock-collar around her neck.

With that, Toni gave Maddy a condescending pat on the head, atop her tousled hair, spun on her heel, left the bedroom, and the waiting began.

The window-wall of Sadista's bedroom faced west, so Maddy could turn her head and look across a generous balcony to the magnificent sunset beyond.  And she had time to enjoy the entire sunset.  Golden clouds and blue sky turned to orange and purple... which turned to red and indigo.  The stars appeared... and it was night.

Maddy had long since given up trying to free herself.  Toni knew her knots, and especially where to place them, and she knew how to intertwine or hitch or whatever the proper term for what she did to make sure none of Maddy's many bonds loosened, tightened, and especially shifted, no matter how she wiggled and squirmed.  And as for the gag, like the ropes, it was a lost cause.

Maddy heaved a sad sigh and settled in to take a nap...  ...zzzzzzz...  ...then snapped awake when a bikini and sarong-clad Sadista dragged a naked, bound, gagged, and shock-collared Charlotte James into the bedroom and tossed her on the bed.  The comely Brit was naked (of course, as always) and bound with hemp rope.  Her arms were folded behind her back and a neat, elaborate web of interlaced strands yoked her shoulders, pinned her upper arms to her sides, and framed her modest breasts.  Maddy had seen the technique before—had endured the technique before—and remembered Toni referring to the arrangement as a "box-tie."

Remarkably, Charlotte wasn't gagged.  "Please," the naked Brit whined as Sadista crossed her ankles and used a length of rope to bind them together.  "Let me go."  She glanced at Maddy, bound and gagged in her chair.  "Let us go."

Maddy had already noticed that Charlotte was wearing a shock-collar identical to her own, but obviously, it wasn't active.  Come to think of it, Maddy didn't know if her own collar was active.  But being tape-gagged with a rubber ball in her mouth, there was little point in making mewling noises and finding out.

"Oh, Lottie, darling," Sadista purred.  "What would be the fun in that?"  The prisoners watched as she picked up a tablet computer and tapped and slid her way through various menus.  "Have you ever made love to a woman, Lottie?" Sadista asked.

"Excuse me?" Charlotte inquired (and blushed).  "No!"

"I see," Sadista chuckled, then heaved a theatrical sigh.  "I suppose I'll have to go first."

"No!" Charlotte gasped, twisting and struggling in her bonds.  Her hair was plaited in a single braid that dangled behind her horrified head.

"Don't be tiresome, Lottie," Sadista purred.

"Don't touch me!" Charlotte demanded.

Sadista's reply was to tap the tablet's screen one last time, then return the device to the bedside table.  She then removed her sarong... followed by her bikini.  Now as naked as her captives (but unbound), the smiling brunette (with mauve highlights) climbed onto the bed and next to the horrified Charlotte.

"Don't you d—!"  Charlotte would have said more, but as soon as she'd started speaking—Maddy's eyes popped wide and the chair-bound captive screamed through her gag!


Charlotte blinked uncertainly at her fellow prisoner, then shifted her gaze to Sadista.

"That's right," Sadista chuckled.  "I turned on both collars, but now, the sensors in your collar are slaved to Maddy's collar, and the discipline function of your collar is disabled.  So, when you make tiresome noises, Maddy gets punished.  Isn't WiFi fabulous?"

Charlotte returned to staring in horror at Maddy.  Their sad eyes locked across the intervening distance.  Both were bound and helpless, and now Charlotte was "responsible" for Maddy's punishment.  The situation was both perverted and cruel, and they could do nothing about it.

"All right then," Sadista purred as she produced a mauve feather, "let me show you my favorite kind of foreplay."

Charlotte's eyes popped wide and she bit her lower lip to keep quiet as Sadista began tickling her breasts and nipples with the feather, as well as her neck, ears, throat, stomach, and thighs.  Charlotte wiggled, squirmed, and tried her best to roll away, but Sadista controlled her captive bedmate's pathetic efforts to evade the gliding feather.

Now and then, Maddy's collar would deliver a very low-powered electrical shock.  Apparently, Charlotte's collar was sensitive enough to detect and transmit even her strangled subvocalizations and stifled giggles.  Thankfully, the unpleasant but not painful sensations were brief and few.

Sadista's cruel "foreplay" continued for some time, then she added her lips and tongue to the mix, licking Charlotte's neck... and breasts... and teasing her nipples by gently tugging on them with her teeth.  Finally, Sadista climbed atop Charlotte's squirming, bound body, used her hands to hold Charlotte's thighs apart, and began licking and probing her private parts.

Maddy could no longer see Charlotte's face, but she had an excellent view of Sadista's bobbing head as she teased and "entertained" Charlotte's pussy.  She knew Sadista's pussy had to be hovering mere inches above Charlotte's no doubt horrified face, but Sadista's back and buttocks were in the way.  All Maddy could do was sit in her chair, watch Sadista work her evil magic, and hope that when the inevitable happened—when Sadista succeeded in forcing an orgasm from the helpless Brit—Charlotte would be able to control herself and remain silent.

As luck would have it, Charlotte's English Reserve held and she managed to survive being licked to orgasm without screaming, yodeling, or doing anything else that triggered more than an unpleasant buzz from Maddy's shock-collar.

"There now," Sadista said after she rolled off Charlotte's weakly squirming, panting body, "I hope you were paying close attention, 'cause now it's your turn."

Still panting, her face shining with sweat, Charlotte stared at Sadista in wide-eyed horror, then shook her head.

Sadista's evil smile never wavered.  "You're going to be difficult?  How unfortunate."  She lifted the tablet from the nightstand and began tapping the screen.  "There, she said finally.  Ms, Rynsburger's collar is no longer slaved to yours, Lottie darling; however, your collar is active.  Try speaking if you don't believe me.  And finally..."  She tapped the screen one last time.

"MRRRF!"  Maddy's collar had given her a serious shock!

"One pulse every thirty seconds until you do as you're told," Sadista announced.

Maddy and Charlotte locked eyes in horror.  Maddy wasn't about to try and beg.  It was too much to ask for Charlotte to debase herself to spare Maddy from Sadista's inevitable cruelty.

Charlotte shifted her gaze to Sadista and silently begged with her sad, doe eyes.

"MRF!"  The second shock had been delivered.  Maddy had tried to suppress her reaction, but found it impossible.

Charlotte flinched at Maddy's distress, then turned her face to Sadista and nodded.

"You'll be a good girl and suck my pussy 'til I tell you to stop?" Sadista purred.

Charlotte shivered in her bonds, and nodded again.

"Well then..."  Sadista tapped the tablet, returned it to the nightstand, then reclinded on the pillows piled against the headboard and indicated her crotch with a languid gesture.  "Wiggle on down there and get to work, Lottie," she ordered.

Charlotte heaved a sigh, then proceeded to do just that.  Soon, her face was in Sadista's crotch, framed by their captor's splayed thighs, and her head began to bob.

"With enthusiasm," Sadista purred, and Charlotte's head bobbed faster.

Maddy stared daggers at their tormentor.  She couldn't help herself.  She estimated that more than thirty seconds had passed since the second pulse, so she supposed that for now she was "safe" from punishment, but it had come at a terrible price for poor Charlotte.  She stared at Sadista with cold hatred.  If it's the last thing I do, she silently vowed, I'll...  What could she do?  She was helpless.  Charlotte, Amondi, and Anne were helpless.  Sadista and Toni were not helpless, and they were in charge.

 Chapter 3

That first night as an involuntary observer of Sadista's perfidy, Maddy managed to get a little sleep.  The chair was uncomfortable and the spectacle of poor little Charlotte being forced to service Sadista was both appalling and compelling... but finally, Maddy closed her eyes and drifted off.

The next day dawned clear and bright and it was business as usual.  Toni led/dragged poor, exhausted Charlotte from the bedroom, Sadista strolled into her no doubt huge, luxurious master bath, took a shower, changed into a different mauve bikini and whisper-thin sarong, then abandoned Maddy and (apparently) started her day.  Toni returned (eventually) and Maddy was finally untied and her day began.  That night, she slept in her tiny cell... very soundly.

Near sunset of the day that followed, Toni led Maddy back to the master bedroom.  This time, the straight chair facing the bed was gone.  In its place was an overstuffed loveseat upholstered with mauve leather.  Personally, Maddy thought it was a truly hideous shade—a mauve loveseat?—but somehow, it fit the bedroom decor.  Also, it was soft and comfortable.  Ominously, several coils of rope lay on the floor next to the loveseat.  Toni plunked Maddy down and set to work.

Several minutes later, Maddy's legs were splayed, her ankles lashed to the loveseat's short and stubby front legs, and her knees to the back legs.  The knee ropes were tight enough to dimple the soft padding of the armrests.  Toni then tied Maddy's wrists together in front, raised then over her head, and secured them to the back of the loveseat.  Additional (and largely unnecessary) ropes yoked Maddy's shoulders, framed her breasts, encircled her waist, dove between her legs to cleave her crotch, and severely limited her ability to squirm and/or lift herself off the cushions.  Her gag was a hollow rubber sphere pierced by a dozen or so breathing holes with its strap buckled and padlocked at the nape of her neck.

Toni had changed Maddy's bonds in series, never allowing her any real chance to resist, much less wiggle free and run away.  Toni smiled down at the naked, helpless prisoner-of-the-loveseat.  Maddy glared up at her handler/rigger.  Toni buckled and padlocked a shock-collar around Maddy's neck, spun on her heel, and left the bedroom, leaving Maddy to "enjoy" the sunset.

So... Maddy wondered.  Who will it be tonight?  It was probable, if not inevitable, that some time after full dark Sadista would drag either Amondi or Anne to the bed and (to put it delicately) take liberties with her while Maddy watched.  At least the loveseat is more comfortable than that damned straight chair.  Spending the night tied to the hard, unpadded, wooden chair had been unpleasant.  The loveseat was better, if anything about her current situation could be characterized as such.

Darkness fell... Maddy continued to sit in naked, gagged, bound helplessness... and finally, the question was resolved.  Sadista dragged Amondi into the bedroom.

Sadista was in her usual mauve bikini and sarong.  Amondi was naked (big surprise) except for the hemp ropes binding her folded arms behind her back and pinning her arms to her sides in another box-tie.  The African beauty was gagged with a wide strip of white medical tape that covered most of her lower face.  A shock-collar was around her neck, and it was clear that she was not happy.  Sadista and her prisoner stood before Maddy and the loveseat and smiled and stared sadly (respectively).

"She's beautiful," Sadista said, apparently to Amondi, "and her tan is coming along nicely, don't you think?"

Maddy continued her ball-gagged stare.  While it was objectively true that she was developing an allover tan, Maddy could care less whether or not Sadista thought she was beautiful.

Amondi's eyes communicated solidarity with the senior captive... not that either of them could do anything about whatever Sadista had in mind.  Maddy had a good idea, of course, but Amondi didn't.

Finally, Sadista dragged Amondi to the bed and tossed her on its neatly made surface.  The dark-skinned beauty bounced, then tucked her legs and stared daggers at Sadista.

"Don't worry, darling," Sadista chuckled, her smile focused on Amondi, "you're also beautiful."  She removed her sarong and bikini, then climbed on the bed.  "The progress of your tan is rather a moot issue, of course."

"Mrrrk!" Amondi complained as Sadista pulled her into a tight embrace and began caressing her breasts and nuzzling her neck.  "MRRR!"  She kicked and squirmed, doing her best to escape Sadista's attentions.

Sadista laughed, apparently enjoying Amondi's resistance (as well as her dark, firm, very feminine body).  The decidedly uneven wrestling match continued for about a minute, then Sadista released her embrace.  "Enough is enough," the naked villainess purred, then reached for the tablet computer on her nightstand.

Maddy watched with dread as Sadista tapped and slid her finger across the screen.  Amondi frowned above her gag, not knowing what Sadista's use of the device might portend; however, she could tell from Maddy's ball-gagged expression that it wouldn't be good.

"Now," Sadista purred, her finger poised above the tablet, "watch this."  She tapped the screen, and—


Maddy had received a serious jolt from her collar!  She shivered in her bonds and glared at Sadista.

Amondi, who obviously had not been shocked, gazed at Maddy in horror, then shifted her brown eyes to Sadista.

"That's right," Sadista purred, smiling at Amondi.  "You'll be a good girl, or Ms. Rynsburger will have a most unpleasant evening.  Understand?"  She shifted her sinister smile to Maddy.  "Don't worry, darling," she said.  "I've decided that tonight I won't link Amondi's collar sensors to your collar.  Tonight you can sit back in your nice, comfortable sofa and enjoy the action, undisturbed."  She shifted back to Amondi.  "But of course, that will depend on how many demonstrations Ms. Obiero requires before she decides to be cooperative."

Amondi heaved a tape-gagged sigh, then lowered her eyes in submission.

"Excellent!" Sadista gushed, then set the tablet back on the nightstand.  "Now, being a generous hostess, I'll go first.  Then, I'll unseal your lips and let you return the favor.  Spread your legs, darling."

Amondi shared a few seconds of gagged commiseration with Maddy... then rolled onto her back and spread her legs, as ordered.

Sadista crawled between Amondi's legs, flopped down onto her stomach, and began licking the squirming, shivering beauty's pussy.

Maddy heaved a gagged sigh of her own.  Amondi was a good person, like Charlotte, and had no choice but to comply with Sadista's depraved demands.  And all Maddy could do was watch, like the first time she was an involuntary observer in Sadista's bedroom.

Oddly (in Maddy's experience) little if any tickling happened that evening.  Apparently, Sadista was in an exclusively cunnilingual mood.

 Chapter 3

Maddy's next day was another "day off."  There was the usual naked languishing and involuntary exercise followed by a night alone in her cell.  For Maddy, this more or less solidified the new pattern that on alternate nights she would be an involuntary, outraged, and helpless witness in Sadista's bedroom.  If forced to guess, Maddy would have predicted that her next session would find her tied to some piece of furniture in Sadista's bedroom and watching the ravishment and/or tickle-torture of Anne Knoll.  As fate (meaning Sadista's whim) would have it, Maddy was wrong, or mostly wrong, but also largely right.

Evening rolled around and Toni changed Maddy's bondage from the wrist-cuffs, belly-chain, and hobbling ankle-cuffs she'd been wearing all day to a leather harness and armbinder.  This particular model was a U-shaped tube of black leather that trapped Maddy's folded arms behind her back and against her spine.  It encased her arms and hands from armpit to armpit and laced tight along its entire length.  The harness was a combination cup-less bra and corset-belt with five narrow straps and a flap of leather that reinforced the binder by buckling tight across her forearms, and the bra-straps buckled to the binder's upper-arms, yoked her shoulders and framed her breasts, tight enough to impart a slight bulge.  Toni left Maddy's ankle-cuffs and hobbling chain intact.

It was stringent bondage, but more or less comfortable, or as comfortable as any of the diverse restraints Toni had inflicted on Maddy thus far.

Unfortunately, the same couldn't be said for the gag Toni forced into Maddy's mouth and buckled tight at the nape of her neck, under her tousled hair.  It was a padded steel ring that locked behind her teeth and propped her mouth wide open.


It was a dreadful invention.  Maddy could wiggle her tongue... but couldn't move her jaws at all.

And then, Toni left.  Once again Maddy was left to languish on one of the estate's lower balconies, her hobble-chain tethered to the stone wall by means of a ten-foot chain and a padlock.  This particular balcony was under the camouflage netting that shaded Hidden Eye Cove, the sinkhole-like feature with sea-cave access to the ocean and a private, crescent-shaped beach.  Maddy heard a distant mewling sound, dragged her chain to the edge of the balcony, looked down at said beach, and found a sinister drama unfolding below.

Amondi and Charlotte were present.  Specifically, they were buried in the sand with only their ball-gagged heads and bare feet exposed to the tropical air.  Maddy assumed they were bound in some manner.  The weight of the sand might have been enough to render them helpless, but it was a safe bet Toni had simplified the task of burying them by tying them up first.

Sadista was also present, wearing her usual mauve bikini and sarong and sitting in a semi-lotus in front of Charlotte and Amondi's feet, which she appeared to be tickling.  The distance was great enough that Maddy couldn't be absolutely sure what Sadista was using, but it might have been another of her mauve feathers (which was hardly surprising).  However, the distance was nowhere near great enough to hide Charlotte and Amondi's reactions.  Maddy could hear the gagged giggling and muffled screams of the helpless actresses as Sadista tormented their wiggling toes and pale soles.

We have to get out of here, Maddy thought as she watched Sadista tickle-torture the two actresses.  We have to escape from this horrible place... somehow.

Night was falling.  The sun had long since dropped below the clifftop of the circular cove, and the sky filtering through the netting was beginning to fade.  Sadista continued ticking Charlotte and Amondi's feet... then, Sadista stopped.  She said something to her very distressed captives, leaned forwards on her hands and knees and kissed their glistening foreheads... first Amondi's, and then Charlotte's... then gracefully climbed to her feet and strolled towards the stairs leading up to the estate.

Night continued to fall.  It was funny that way.  The beach below got darker and darker, to the point that Maddy could barely see Charlotte and Amondi.  More precisely, she could barely see Charlotte and Amondi's ball-gagged heads and feet.  Surely they aren't gonna just leave them there all night... are they?  As if to answer Maddy's mental question, Toni appeared down below and strolled across the sand in the mostly buried actress' direction.  The bikini-clad blond amazon had a shovel of some sort over one shoulder.

Suddenly, before Maddy could witness the disinterment of her fellow captives, Sadista appeared on Maddy's balcony.  "Bedtime, Maddy," the smiling villainess announced as she knelt and unlocked the chain linking Maddy's hobbling chain to the stone wall, then stood, grabbed a handful of Maddy's hair, and led (dragged) her towards the doorway.

Maddy minced alongside Sadista (having no choice) as they made their way down the hallway, crossed the threshold, and entered the bedroom.  Then, Maddy's eyes popped wide and she froze in place.  "Mrrrf?"

Anne Knoll was present, and the redhead was not a happy camper.  She was facing the bed and sitting on what might be described as some sort of furniture, but it was neither a straight chair nor a loveseat.  Maddy wasn't sure what to call the thing.  A hassock-stool?  A saddle-stand?  Basically, it was a padded surface with a solid wooden base and a post-like wooden back.  That was a simple description, but the devil was very much in the details.

Anne was nude, with her knees bent and legs folded back and splayed, her back against the post, and her hands tied behind her back and the post.  A multitude of tight, interlaced strands of hemp rope lashed her in place, visibly dimpling her flesh from shoulders to waist and rendering her barely able to squirm—and Maddy suspected that Anne had every reason to want to squirm.

A wheeled cart next to the stand held some sort of electronic console, and wires trailed from the console to small pads glued to Anne's breasts, one on either side of each nipple, and more pairs of pads plastered to either side of her labia, her thighs, upper arms, and the soles of her feet.  In addition, clear cylinders of glass or acrylic plastic covered Anne's nipples and clear vinyl tubing trailed from the tubes to the console.  Maddy strongly suspected suction was involved.  She visually reexamined the pads and trailing wires and amended her assessment to sucking and shocking.

Anne's freckled skin was flushed pink and shining with sweat, and she was panting through flaring nostrils above her tape-gagged mouth.  She locked eyes with Maddy.  Anne's green eyes were still angry, but Maddy saw something that hadn't been there before: desperation.

"Take a closer look at the saddle," Sadista ordered, then, still gripping Maddy's hair, forced her to bend at the waist.  "In fact, I insist."

Below her ginger pubic bush, Maddy could see Anne was seated on a pad of mauve rubber or latex bristles, and something, possibly a latex shaft, was inside her vagina!

"She's been sitting on her throne since just before Toni changed your costume," she told Maddy as she dragged her to the bed and tossed her on its neatly made surface.

Maddy bounced, rolled onto her side, and watched as Sadista lifted the tablet computer from the nightstand, and tapped the screen.

A humming noise emanated from Anne's stand and she began blinking her green eyes, shivering her sweaty, shining body, tugging weakly on her bonds, and whimpering through her tape-gag—and if Maddy wasn't mistaken, the mauve shaft was moving!

"It took a great deal of sophisticated experimentation to perfect my 'Tikulating Orgasmatron'," Sadista purred.  "I commissioned a team of engineers, computer scientists, and medical specialists to perfect the concept.  You see, the, shall we say, stimulus provided by the shock pads is always below the pain threshold, but delivered with carefully programmed modulation of the timing and intensity.  They tell me its like having a thousand ants crawling on your skin.  Add to that the pneumatic nipple suckers, vibrating pad, and mechanical dildo, and...  Well, I'm sure it's quite a wild ride, especially when you factor in random session profiles that cascade up and down over several hours.  Quite a wild ride."

Maddy stared at Anne in horror.  The clear cylinders were indeed, sucking on her nipples.  She could see the pink nubbins elongate, then shorten, then elongate, again.  And from the way Anne was struggling, her seat was, indeed, vibrating and thrusting.  And yet, there was still anger in her eyes.  Anne was a remarkable young women.  In her place—meaning bound and gagged atop Sadista's cruel device for who knew how many hours—Maddy wasn't at all sure she'd be holding up nearly as well.

"Don't worry about our feisty little ginger," Sadista purred.  "This is only a brief demonstration."  She glanced at the the tablet.  "Three... two... one."

Anne shivered one last time, then sighed and let her head drop.  The humming sounds had stopped, as had the nipple sucking, the vibrating pad, and the thrusting shaft.

Sadista reclined against the pillows piled against the headboard.  "And now," she said, smiling at Maddy, "here's what you're going to do for me."  She lifted her right foot.  "You're going to use that cute little pink tongue of yours to give me a thorough toe-bath.  And yes, you can do that with a ring-gag in your mouth.  Believe me," she purred, "you won't be the first."

Maddy stared at Sadista's wiggling toes in horror.  She remembered her two previous "visits" to the bedroom, when she'd been punished or threatened with a shock collar to coerce cooperation out of Charlotte and Amondi.  The prospect of licking Sadista's feet was disgusting, but she couldn't let Sadista torture Anne, and obviously, that was the implied threat.  Maddy heaved a ring-gagged sigh. then started squirming on the bed, positioning herself to follow their captor's despicable order.

 Chapter 3


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