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Ahhhhh... pretty
          collar, Dana!
My friend Torquemaster pointed out that I totally blew off what happened to that collar Bondarella locked around Scully's neck, so...




Dana was seated in what was more or less a dentist chair.  It was comfortable... in a chilly, antiseptic, clinical sort of way... but the associations with dental ordeals past—not to mention the time the maniac with the icepick had almost given her a trans-orbital lobotomy—were ominous.  The glaring spotlight on its articulated arm didn't help.  Yes, FBI Special Agent and veteran of the X-Files Dana Scully was nervous.  At least Gracie and Veronica are here for moral support, she thought, which definitely helps.

Pauley Perrette
          as Abby SciutoA female forensic scientist was off to one side, pulling tools and equipment from various cabinets.  Her name was Abby Sciuto, and she was actually from NCIS headquarters, rather than the Crime Lab.  She'd been visiting the Hoover Building for a technical symposium and had agreed to give them a hand.

Gracie was dubious.  With her tattooed neck, leather collar, and "schoolgirl uniform" attire, Abby was eccentric, to say the least; however, the obvious respect with which she was treated by the Crime Lab's scientists and technicians spoke volumes.

"Seriously," Gracie whispered, "she's a forensic scientist?"

Dana smiled and nodded.  "I know her by reputation, and you're the last person who should be complaining about people being unconventional."

Veronica giggled, and Gracie favored the rookie with a fierce stare—then cleared her throat and took a step back

Abby was carrying over a tray laden with a mix of medical instruments and standard hardware tools.  "Are you sure you want it removed?" she asked Scully.  "I think it's cute."  She set the tray on a nearby rolling table.  "And it was locked around your neck by a beautiful, female, international criminal in a black leather catsuit and mask?  That's sooo cool!"

"You're kidding, right?" Gracie muttered, and Veronica giggled, again.

"I've got a friend, an NCIS Agent who writes crime novels," Abby continued, still focused on Dana's amused (but worried) face.  "I should get you two together and—"

Gracie cleared her throat, again, this time quite a bit louder.

Veronica giggled, again, and this time Abby joined her.

"I'm just saying," Abby said, composing herself, "it's cute."  She snapped on a pair of latex gloves, settled the headband of a high-powered magnifier over her head, then selected a blunt probe from the tray.  "And it's indestructible?"  She lowered the lenses over her eyes and leaned close.  "Sooo cool!"

"She said it's a titanium alloy," Dana huffed, "and that the locking pin can't be removed."

"Try and hold your head perfectly still," Abby said softly, then reached up and pulled the light closer.

Veronica bit her lower lip.  "Don't be scared," she whispered, and took Dana's hand.

Dana and Gracie locked eyes—and smiled.

"She's cute when she gets all protective like that," Gracie purred, "isn't she?"

"Shuddup," Veronica muttered, blushing furiously, but she didn't let go of Dana's hand.

There was a click... and Abby removed the collar.

"That's it?" Dana gasped, blinking in surprise.

"That's it," Abby answered.  "The pin was spring-loaded.  All I had to do was depress the end and it sprung right out."

"That absolute bitch!" Gracie growled.

"More of Bondarella's misdirection," Dana sighed.

"Here ya go," Abby said, handing the collar and pin to Dana.

"Well... that was a disappointment," Veronica said, a coy smile curling her lips.

Dana focused on the grinning little blonde... and smiled.  "Grab her and hold her still," she told Gracie.  "Let's see how she likes wearing this thing."

Veronica edged towards the door.  "Uh... gotta go!" she said, and lunged for the safety of the bustling corridor.

Gracie made a half-hearted attempt to block her exit, but let her escape.

Abby giggled, then pointed at the pin.  "See that flange on the side?" she told Scully.  "That's what makes it seem to lock.  Just use firm pressure and push something into the end, like a small Allen wrench, until you feel it click.  Then, let it go and the pin'll pop out far enough for you to grab the end."

"Thanks," Dana said.  "Let me know how I can return the favor."

"Ooo!" Abby gasped, "will ya let me read the file on all this?"

"Okay," Dana grinned.  "I'll send a copy to NCIS, attention Abby Sciuto—but don't show it to your novelist friend, okay?"

"Mum's the word," Abby agreed, then grew thoughtful.  "I will show it to Ziva—I know she'll be interested."  Her smile returned.  "But don't worry.  She can keep a secret."

"Who the hell is 'Ziva"?" Gracie asked.

"You guys would love Ziva," Abby gushed.  "She's a beautiful, Mossad amazon-warrior-princess!"

"Uh... okay," Gracie said, then glanced at her watch and gave Dana a significant look.

"Thanks again," Dana said, shaking Abby's hand.

"A pleasure," Abby responded, then carried the tray of tools back to the cabinets and began putting them away.  "Sooo cool," she whispered under her breath.

Scully turned and headed for the door with Gracie in tow.

"It is kinda pretty," Gracie purred, nodding at the collar in Dana's hand, "in an ethnic statement sorta way."

"Shuddup," Dana chuckled... but she had to admit the choker was a pretty piece of jewelry.  Maybe she'd keep it for a while, rather than add it to the evidence inventory... for further study, of course.


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