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Chapter 8

Dramatis Personæ


A light breakfast was more than an hour in the past.

Eleanor had roused Jodi from bed and together they'd performed their morning toilette in the master bath.  Eleanor had assisted her still naked and box-tied house guest, of course, using a washcloth to give her a sponge bath.  Eleanor herself enjoyed a quick shower, with Jodi sitting on the toilet and waiting patiently.  The bathroom door was closed and locked, so the prisoner had little choice.

Eleanor dressed in her usual panties, bra, sandals, jeans, and cotton blouse, then led Jodi to the kitchen where they enjoyed coffee and toast with butter and a fruit preserve of some sort.  Jodi didn't ask, and whatever it was, it was delicious.

Jodi was now back in the living room or lounge or whatever Eleanor called it, the very room where her "adventure" had begun, where Eleanor had tricked (meaning seduced) her into bondage.  She was sitting in an easy chair with her ankles crossed, tied, and tethered to the thick, stubby, left front leg of the chair by a foot or so of rope.  Jodi was in the chair to stay.

Eleanor, of course, was not, and after a kiss on Jodi's pouting lips, left the room.  "Eleanor!" Jodi complained, but her pathetic, plaintive cry had fallen on callously deaf ears.  Apparently, Mistress Eleanor had things to do.  Jodi squirmed in her bonds and settled in to wait.  O, the drama!

At one point, Jodi heard what was probably Eleanor's phone warbling... then it stopped... and more time passed.

Finally, Eleanor returned, and dangling from her right hand was a ball-gag, and it looked like a big one.  She walked to Jodi's chair and smiled.  "You look bored," she chuckled.

"That's because I am bored," Jodi admitted.

"Well, not for long," Eleanor purred.  "Open."

"Eleanor, no," Jodi whined, but opened her mouth, as ordered.  "M'mmpfh!"  The gag's spherical mouth-plug was big, more than two inches, but it was soft rubber foam over a much smaller hard core, so it was no worse than a regular cruel, jaw-stretching and mouth-filling ball-gag.  Whatever she has planned had better be worth it, Jodi fumed silently as Eleanor tightened and secured the gag-strap's buckle.  If it's more exercise on one of her fancy machines, I'll be pissed.  Of course, she knew she might be in for a continuation of the dungeon tour.  So far, they'd only visited a few of the subterranean chambers.  There was bound to be more stuff down below that would qualify as cures for boredom.

Eleanor lifted Jodi's chin and began combing her bangs with her fingers... again.

Oh, that's right, Jodi thought, favoring her kidnapper (and lover) with a disgruntled stare, she likes playing with my hair.

"You know, Little Nymph," Eleanor purred, "I could get something to muffle you even further—maybe pad your mouth with two or three pair of the used panties in my hamper, then mummify your lower face with a nice, tight roll of vet-wrap—but I'm going to trust you to control yourself."

Again with the panties.  Jodi continued staring at her Mistress.

"I know we agreed that trust would lessen the scope of our game," Eleanor said, "but I want you to control yourself... as a favor to me.  But don't worry, if you fail I probably won't fetch a riding crop or flogger and lash your butt; nor will I drag you down below to ride the horse."

Jodi's flinched and her eyes popped wide, just a little.  Her mask of Brave Defiance had slipped.  Okay, self control it is!  No horse!

Eleanor's smile widened.  "You don't like my horse, do you, Little Nymph?"

Yes, I'm sane, Jodi silently agreed, I don't like your horse.

"It's going to be very difficult, Jodi," Eleanor said, "but when I return, I want you to be perfectly quiet.  Not a sound.  Will you do that for me, Little Nymph?"

Jodi nodded.  She didn't really believe Eleanor would make her ride the horse if she disobeyed, but why take the chance?  Talk was cheap, and not talking was even cheaper.

"Good girl," Eleanor chuckled, leaned close and kissed Jodi's forehead, then turned and left the room.

Jodi squirmed in her bonds, sighed through her gag, and settled in to wait... again.

Fortunately, it was only a few minutes later that she heard what was probably door-chimes ringing, followed by voices.  The voices grew nearer—and Jodi very nearly failed to keep her promise to control herself.  In fact, she came within a hair's breadth of screaming through her gag!

 Chapter 8

Libby had arrived!  And with an obviously leather-bound Candy in tow!  In fact, Libby was leading her kid sister on a leash!  The initial shock of the situation passed, but now Jodi was getting angry.  She was just about to start making several well-muffled demands when Eleanor caught her eye.  The incredibly hot Mistress of the house winked, and held her right index finger to her lips.  Jodi glared at her hostess, but kept silent.

"I'm so pleased you and your little friend could drop by, Libby," Eleanor purred, then leaned close and planted a light kiss on Candy's right cheek.  "Welcome to my home, Candy."

Candy's reaction was slightly flustered.  "Uh, thanks."

Jodi watched her kid sister fidget and tug on the leather corset and mitts binding her folded arms behind her back.  She was wearing a pair of wraparound shades, for some inexplicable reason, a pair of shades Jodi had never seen before.

"Jodi has told me so much about you," Eleanor continued.

I have? Jodi thought.

"She has?" Candy asked.  "None of it's true."

Eleanor and Libby exchanged a smile, then Eleanor led Candy to the easy chair next to Jodi and eased her onto the seat.

Bondage aside, Jodi noticed that Candy was acting strangely, as if she was blind.  Also, she hadn't acknowledged her naked, bound, and gagged big sister in any way.  Nor had she demanded Jodi's immediate release, which, of course, would be Candy's first priority.  It's a blindfold, Jodi realized.  The wraparounds are a blindfold.  She glared at Libby, who smiled back.  Obviously, as Jodi had speculated, the proprietress of Leatherocity was a full participant in the kidnap-the-Hodges-sisters conspiracy.

"Where is Jodi?" Candy asked.

Eleanor smiled at Jodi and winked, again.  "She's around here somewhere."

Libby leaned close to Jodi and very quietly whispered in her right ear, so only she could hear.  "She's tied up at the moment."

Jodi swiveled her head and stared daggers at the smiling Libby.  Hilarious!  She turned back to watch Eleanor walk to a cabinet, open a drawer, and return with a pair of padded cuffs joined by an eight-inch leather strap.  She knelt and began buckling a cuff around Candy's right ankle.

"Oh!  Hey!" Candy objected, but not too forcefully, nor did she try and kick.  She seemed more startled than upset.  "Uh, is she gonna join us?"

"Jodi?" Eleanor asked.  She'd looped the hobbling strap around the chair's left leg and was now buckling the remaining cuff around Candy's left ankle.

"Yes, Jodi," Candy confirmed.

The Hodges sisters' bondage was now largely identical—the exceptions, of course, being that Jodi's bonds were flax rope and Candy's were leather, Jodi was ball-gagged and Candy was blindfolded, and Jodi was naked and Candy was fully clothed.

"She's closer than you think," Eleanor chuckled.  She made eye contact with Libby and pointed at Candy, stepped behind Jodi's chair, released the buckle of Jodi's gag, then buckled it closed on the strap's first hole.  Meanwhile, Libby was behind Candy's chair and had removed her blindfold-glasses.  She left them dangling from the lanyard still around Candy's neck.

Eleanor and Libby walked to the front of the chairs and stood side by side, arms crossed under their breasts and smiling down at the Hodges sisters.

Candy blinked as her eyes adjusted to the light.  Meanwhile, Jodi had managed to expel the ball from her mouth.  It bounced to her chest and she was now wearing a ball-gag necklace.

"Libby and I will brew some coffee and give you two a chance to catch up," Eleanor said.

Jodi and Candy watched the Dastardly Kidnapper and her Sinister Accomplice turn and saunter from the room, then turned and stared at each other for several seconds.

"She's hot for an old lady," Candy said finally.

"Never mind Eleanor," Jodi huffed.  "You let Libby kidnap you?"

Candy shrugged.  "She tricked me."

Jodi shook her head.  "Idiot!  You realize we're both screwed, don't you?"

"I don't think Libby is gonna let this Eleanor lady keep us," Candy replied, then frowned.  "Wait!  How did you get naked and tied up?"

Jodi had the decency to blush before answering.  "Eleanor tricked me."

Candy favored her big sister with her best Moue of Disdain.  "So... we're both idiots."

Jodi sighed.  "Yeah.  But don't worry, she's nice."

Candy smiled.  There was something about her captive sister's manner that didn't quite jibe with being a helpless kidnap victim.  "How nice?  In what way nice?"

Jodi continued blushing.  "Never mind."  She squirmed in her inescapable flax bonds.  "I'll tell you later."

Candy wasn't about to let her big sister off the hook that easily.  "What else have we got to talk about?"

"Well, for starters," Jodi replied, "there's Eleanor's secret dungeons."

Candy's eyes popped wide.  "Secret dungeons?  Cool!"

"Yeah," Jodi huffed, "we'll see how cool you think it is after she stretches you on her rack or puts you in her iron maiden."

Candy's eyes were still wide.  "Super cool!  She did that to you?"

"No," Jodi admitted, then glared at her kid sister.  "And don't be so enthusiastic about me being tortured."

Candy's eyes remained wide, but the humor was gone from her expression.  "She tortured you?"

Jodi squirmed in her ropes.  "No," she admitted.  What Eleanor had done to her, especially in bed, didn't qualify as torture.

Candy rolled her eyes.  "Then don't be such a drama queen."

"Candy," Jodi said seriously, "we're kidnapped."

Candy smiled and squirmed in her leather bonds.  "Yeah, isn't it great?"

Now it was Jodi's turn to execute an eye roll.  "Idiot."

"I told you," Candy chuckled.  "Libby won't let anything happen.  Now, tell me everything."

Jodi sighed and prepared to tell the Tragic Tale of her descent into naked captivity, but she decided to heavily edit the stuff that had happened in Eleanor's bed.  No, she decided, Candy's too smart for that.  She decided to lie, to excise the parts about making love with her Dastardly Kidnapper completely out of the narrative.

 Chapter 8

"What aren't you telling me?" Candy demanded.  Jodi had reached the end of her story, the part where Candy appeared and she really, really wanted to rescue her kid sister more than anything in the whole wide world, but couldn't because she was so very, very bound and gagged.

"I had to make it quick," Jodi huffed.  "How long does it take to brew some coffee?  Eleanor could be back at any second."

Candy was unconvinced.  "No, you're definitely leaving something out.  I can tell."

"I'm not," Jodi said (lied).  "Anyway, we have to get out of here.  Don't agree to anything other than me getting my clothes back and us going home."

"That is so like you," Candy huffed.  "I just got here, and now we have to go home?"

"Yes!"  Jodi squirmed and fought her bonds.  "Hello!  Helpless!  Been tied up for days!  We have to go home."

"But I just got here!" Candy pouted.

"I heard you the first time."  She heaved a huge sigh before continuing.  "Candy, listen to me.  We've been kidnapped.  This isn't a game."

Candy smiled.  "But you just told me it is.  You said Eleanor and you two were playing a higher game."

"That's what she said," Jodi responded.  She rolled her rope-yoked shoulders and tried kicking her bound feet.  "Anyway, these ropes are real.  That leather Libby tricked you into is real."

Candy executed a courtesy struggle.  "Yeah, isn't it great?"

"Arrrr!"  Jodi tried one last struggle, then heaved another sigh.  "You little idiot.  We have to get out of here."

"I just got here!" Candy said, for the third time.  "Don't be so selfish."

Jodi opened her mouth to try again, then they heard their hostess approaching and she settled for yet another sigh.

"Here's our coffee," Eleanor announced, entering the living room.  Libby was right behind her, carrying a tray with a complete service: thermal carafe, cream and sugar, cups and saucers, and spoons and napkins.  Eleanor settled into a chair while Libby placed the tray on a convenient side table.

"Libby, darling," Eleanor said, and motioned for Libby to come to her side.  The proprietress of Leatherocity leaned close and listened as Eleanor whispered in her ear.  Jodi and Candy watched in silence as the Mistress of the house delivered what was probably a series of instructions of some sort.

Her expression inscrutable, Libby bowed and whispered something, then left the room, heading away from the kitchen and deeper into the house.

Jodi was no lipreader, but she was pretty sure Libby had said "Yes, Mistress," before departing.  Curiouser and curiouser, she mused.

"Now, ladies," Eleanor addressed her bound guests, "I know how Jodi takes her coffee, but what about you, Candy?"

"Uh, cream and sugar," Candy answered, "ma'am."

"Please," Eleanor chuckled as she prepared a cup of coffee to Candy's specifications, "don't call me 'ma'am.'  It makes me sound so very old."  She stirred the cup, carried it to Candy, and held it so she could drink.  "Careful, dear.  It's hot."

Candy took a cautious sip.  "Thank you.  It's delicious, uh...  Eleanor."

"You're welcome, dear."  Eleanor smiled at Jodi.

"None for me, thanks," Jodi muttered.  It was shameless the way her kid sister was flirting with Eleanor.  Or was it the other way around?  Anyway, it was shameless.

Eleanor sat back down and continued smiling.  "Now, there's something very important we need to discuss, and I want you both to pay close attention and take my words to heart."

The Hodges exchanged a look, then nodded.

"Jodi tells me that on occasion you both indulge in self-bondage." Eleanor stated.

Candy favored her big sister with a disapproving frown.  "Blab much?" she huffed.

Jodi shrugged.  "It came up in the course of normal conversation."

Candy rolled her eyes.

"Ladies?" Eleanor chuckled, and the Hodges sisters gave her their full attention.  "I know you're very careful and take all the proper precautions, but no automated release mechanism is foolproof.  I have a phone app I'm going to give you.  After it's activated and a preset interval expires, it automatically dials a preselected number off your contacts list and sends a coded text message suggesting that you might require assistance.  If a coded reply isn't received within five minutes, the app dials the second preselected number, and so on, until it reaches the end of your 'special' contacts.  Then, and only then, it dials 911."

"I don't know," Candy mumbled.  "Being rescued by the cops would be kinda embarrassing."

Eleanor nodded.  "Which is why the authorities are the last on your list.  I want you both to solemnly swear that from now on you won't play any bondage games without using the safety app.  And that includes the games you play together."

Jodi and Candy exchanged another look, then focused on their hostess/kidnapper.  "Huh?" they said in unison.

"Think of yourselves as each other's self-bondage release mechanism," Eleanor purred.  "What if one of you met with an unfortunate accident with the other bound and gagged at home?"

"There is that," Candy agreed.

Jodi nodded, also conceding the point.

"Adorable," Eleanor chuckled.  "We don't have to settle this now.  I just wanted to plant the seed.  Now..."  She climbed to her feet, stepped behind Jodi's chair, leaned close, and popped the ball-gag back into Jodi's very surprised mouth.  "I have something to arrange down below, so I'm afraid that's all the time we have to chat."

"Mrrrf!" Jodi complained as Eleanor tightened the gag's strap and secured the buckle.  She squirmed in her bonds and watched Eleanor walk to a cabinet, open its door, then return.  It was the same cabinet from which she gotten her "kidnapping supplies" when she tricked, seduced, and/or maneuvered Jodi into bondage two days before.  In her hands was another ball-gag.

Candy noticed the gag as well, and started squirming in her bonds.  "Uh, you aren't gonna use that thing, are you?"

"Don't bat those pretty blue eyes at me, young lady," Eleanor chuckled.  "Jodi and I are playing a very special game and you've waltzed right into the middle of it."  She held the ball-gag before Candy's pouting lips.  "That means that at the very least, you get to watch, but I won't let you spoil things."

Candy frowned, angrily.  "I won't spoil anyth—Mrrpfh!"  Eleanor had deftly thrust the ball into her mouth and was tightening the strap.

"You hair is very pretty," Eleanor said as she secured the buckle, "but it gets in the way of gags."  She pulled Candy's long locks free of the strap, then tightened and secured the buckle, again.  "Have you considered getting a pixie-cut or a Lulu bob?"

"Nrrrf!"  Candy squirmed in her bonds.  Her heart was hammering and her modest breasts heaved above the tight constraint of the corset.  This game was indeed different, like big sister had said.

Eleanor lifted Candy's chin and smiled into her gagged, anxious face.  "You sister and I discussed how trust wouldn't be allowed to intrude on our game, but you've added an additional dimension, Candy, the dimension of family."  She smiled at Jodi.  "I give you my sacred oath that I will not harm your sister, Little Nymph."  She refocused on Candy.  "And the same goes for you, little sister.  You're both perfectly safe, and I want you to know that."  She pulled a remote control from the back pocket of her jeans and pressed a button.  "You're also my helpless prisoners."

Jodi sighed as the cable Eleanor had used during her capture lowered from the ceiling.

Meanwhile, Eleanor had unbuckled Candy's left ankle cuff, unwound the connecting strap from around the leg of the chair, and was now buckling the cuff, again.  She lifted Candy to her hobbled feet, led her to the center of the room, and snapped the clip on the end of the cable to one of the D-rings in the back of Candy's corset.  Another tap of the remote, the cable shortened, and Candy was tethered in place, more or less like Jodi had been after her arrival at Chateau de Vries.

Eleanor smiled at Jodi.  "Remember how I told you that I could have handled the situation even if you hadn't conveniently removed your wet clothes before I locked you in all that steel?"  She placed her right hand on Candy's shoulder.  "Allow me to demonstrate."

Jodi stared double-sided, curvy-bladed, ultra-sharp daggers at Eleanor.

Candy looked up at Eleanor in wide-eyed alarm, then her sister, then Eleanor.  "Mrrk?"

Eleanor loosened the front straps of Candy's corset, which loosened the corset itself.  She then tugged on Candy's tank-top and pulled it free of the corset, then lifted the heather-gray garment over her head.

"Nrrrm!"  Candy stomped a hobbled foot in embarrassed frustration as Eleanor tightened the corset straps, again.  This caused her now exposed breasts to wobble and shake.  Small they might be, but the corset was giving her some slight degree of support and they did indeed wobble.

Eleanor stepped behind Candy and began releasing and re-securing the corset's box-tie straps in sequence, each time making a little more progress in the process of removing the tank-top from Candy's body and the corset.  Finally, the top was gone and once again the corset was squeezing Candy's waist and her folded arms and leather-encased hands were completely immobilized.

There was one significant change, of course: Candy was now topless!

The younger Hodges sister was trying to decide whether it would be polite for her to start crying.  She wasn't scared, not really, just... emotional.  Then, she noticed Jodi glowering at her from the bound and gagged comfort of her chair.  Oh my god.  She's jealous!  Candy could read her big sister like an open book, even with a ball-gag crammed in her big mouth.  This was a very interesting development, but—  "Urrk!?" —Eleanor was unbuttoning and unzipping her jeans!  This was logical and expected, of course, but it took priority over Jodi's possible love-life.

All too soon, Candy's jeans and panties were a tangled mass around her hobbled ankles.  Eleanor unbuckled Candy's right ankle cuff, pulled the jeans and panties free from the empty cuff and hobbling strap, then re-buckled the right cuff.  Candy's left cuff was unbuckled and pulled free of the clothes as well, and also re-buckled.  Finally, Candy's sneakers were unlaced and pulled from her feet, her anklet-socks removed, and but for her corset, mitt-restraints, collar, and ball-gag, Candy was as nude as her rope-bound and ball-gagged sister.

Eleanor folded Candy's tank-top and panties, placed them atop the jeans, added the sneakers and anklets, then rolled everything up into a bundle and placed it on a chair.  She then returned to stand before the naked and captive Candy, and smiled.

Tiny little 5' 2" Candy—naked, bound, and gagged—looked up at the towering, 5' 8" Mistress Eleanor.

"Such a pretty little thing," Eleanor purred as she reached out and cupped Candy's breasts.

Candy flinched, but continued staring into Eleanor's smiling face.  It wasn't exactly brave defiance, but at least she wasn't crying.

Jodi watched this spectacle with alarm... and arousal.  It wasn't Candy's naked captivity that was getting her a little wet between the legs, because—you know—Yuk!  Candy was her sister!  The cause of her pussy's sudden squishiness was Mistress Eleanor, large and in charge.  Eleanor had never looked more beautiful.

"I'm so pleased you've joined us, Candy," Eleanor purred.  Her fingers gently caressed Candy's nipples, which had grown hard under her captor's lambent touch.  "Now, if you'll excuse me..."  She strolled towards the door through which Libby had earlier made her exit.  She paused in the doorway to smile at her house guests.  "I'll be back," she announced.  And then she was gone.

The Hodges sisters remained, of course.  They locked eyes and heaved a simultaneous gagged sigh.


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