Janet (le Fey)
Sam has a new

There are fairies at the bottom of our
              astrophysics lab!


Chapter 9




Hammond, O'Neill, and Hailey stood off to one side, watching Doctor Keller, two nurses, and the Janet-fairy tend to Daniel Jackson.  Teal'c was also present, but had positioned himself several yards to the side, his hand "casually" resting on his holstered zat as he watched the tiny prisoner.  A pair of zat-armed SFs were also on guard.

"And she claims to be Janet Fraiser?" Hammond asked O'Neill.  "The Janet Fraiser."

Jack shrugged.  "The fairy screen over the air duct was undamaged by the explosion and the door to the corridor was closed.  While we waited for the medical team to arrive, the Lieutenant used the T.E.R. to scan the entire lab.  The pale, black-haired version of Janet has vanished."

Hammond nodded.  "Do we have any idea what actually happened?"

O'Neill nodded to Hailey.

The Lieutenant cleared her voice.  "It's just a hypothesis, General, but I think Dr. Jackson's tactic of reinforcing the fairies' memories of Janet Fraiser somehow eroded the difference between the Darkling and Lightling, and they... merged.  Exactly how sub-space physics made this possible..."

"Given that your team's experimental prototype machine created the fairies," the General asked, "what caused the differences between the two varieties of fairy in the first place?"

Hailey blushed.  "Uh, this is even more of a hypothesis, General," she responded, "but we believe the fairy life-forms, uh, design specs came from Anise's database, and the last thing scanned into that database was, uh..."  Her blush deepened.

"A series of colorful comic books entitled Bondage Fairies," O'Neill said.

"Comic books," Hailey nodded, "with good fairies and bad fairies, and they're all somewhat obsessed with... bondage."

Hammond's eyebrows rose in surprise.  "Bondage?"

This did nothing to alleviate Hailey's embarrassment.  "Uh, the sexual practice, General, in which—"

"I'm with you, Lieutenant," Hammond muttered.

O'Neill cleared his throat.  "I don't think the Tok'ra had her 'safe search' filter turned on, so to speak.  I'm sure she ordered the material without realizing what it was."

Hammond nodded.

"In any case," Hailey continued, "the comics were the last thing scanned into the database, so they might have had a disproportionate influence.  Like I said, General, it's just a hypothesis."

"Hypothesis is all we have at the moment," O'Neill sighed.

Across the room, the medical team seemed to be in the cleanup phase of Daniel's treatment.

"Thank you, Doctor," the Janet-fairy said to Dr. Keller.

"Thank you, Doctor," Keller responded.  "Amazing suture-work."

The Janet-fairy grinned.  "Sometimes size does matter," she purred.  She fluttered into the air and hovered above Daniel's chest.  "How does that feel?" she inquired.

"Uh... great," Daniel responded.  "Thank you."

"You're welcome," the Janet-fairy smiled.  "When the local wears off, let the nurse know if the wound hurts.  I don't want to give you anything right away.  There's still a slight chance of a minor concussion."

"I understand," Daniel said.

"Ahem," Keller coughed.

Janet looked up at her colleague, and her smile became a sheepish grin.  "Of course, I'm sorry."  She focused on Daniel.  "Dr. Keller is your physician.  I'm just here to... assist.  Excuse me."  She spun in midair and flew towards Hammond, O'Neill, and Hailey.

Teal'c and the SFs followed her progress with their full attention.

"Lieutenant, may I borrow your shoulder?" the Janet-fairy inquired.

"Uh..." Hailey waited for O'Neill to nod.  "Be my guest," she responded.

The fey gracefully settled to Hailey's right shoulder.  She then sat, crossed her legs, folded her arms across her breasts, and focused on Hammond.  "General, I realize the situation is... complicated."

"To say the least," Hammond agreed.

"I know I'm not Janet Fraiser," the fairy said, "but at the same time... I am Janet Fraiser.  I remember my entire life.  All of this—"  She wiggled her wings and her pointed ears.  "—must be a side effect of Anise's za'tarc detection device."

"Za'tarc detection device!" Hailey gasped.  "That's something like three years ago!"

"Before your time, Lieutenant," O'Neill noted, "while you were still at the Academy."

"I read the report, sir," Hailey explained.  "Anyway, that's when the engram reading we used for the prototype machine was taken, when Anise was testing the za'tarc detector."

"As far as I'm concerned," the Janet-fairy said, "that was... today."  She focused on Jack.  "Three years?"

O'Neill nodded.

Janet sighed, then focused on the General, again.  "I realize the real Janet Fraiser was killed in action, but—"

"How?" O'Neill demanded.  "How do you know?"

The fairy shifted her attention to Jack, and shrugged.  "I... just know.  I know Hailey is Hailey, Felger is Felger, Anise is... 'The Snake-Lady'."  She looked from face to face.  "I know everyone I knew as Janet, and at least something about everyone who worked on the machine in Sam's lab.  I know my DNA was used, because... I was dead.  And the Queen—"  She gasped in alarm.  "Sam!  We've gotta go after Sam!"

"Major Carter is in danger?" Hammond demanded.

"Yes!" Janet nodded, then blinked.  "No!  I mean..."  She sighed.  "The Great Hunt will continue, and it's not fair!"  Her eyes brimmed with tears.  "Sam will be a prisoner, forever, and it's because I love her!  And it's not fair!"

There are fairies at the bottom of our astrophysics lab
Chapter 9


Sam was still bound at the wrists and ankles and reclined on her back on the large, flat, fairy bed-sized cushion near the pool in the Temple's vast central chamber; however, the four Janet-fairies who were her current handlers had made her situation considerably more stringent.  They had untied the free ends of her bonds from around their waists, removed most of the slack, and tied them off in some manner.  She still had enough "freedom" to wiggle around and get comfortable, but was now bound in what was very much a full spread-eagle.

Adding insult to injury—or, more correctly, coddling to cuddling—Sam was at the center of an amorous pile of Hailey-fairies.  There were at least thirty of them, and more continued hatching from eggs.  They were wiped clean beside the pool by the Janet-fairies, and then make their wobbly way to join the group surrounding Sam.  All smiled and cooed and giggled and managed to squirm close enough to kiss some part of Sam's naked, helpless anatomy... some repeatedly... and then fell asleep.

The oldest Hailey-fey were continually being roused from their naps by the Janet-fairies and put to work.  Many of the diminutive blondes were now carrying green leaves laden with food to the lounging Janets.  The promised feast had arrived, at last, and it consisted of chopped nuts, berries, and chunks of some sort of roasted meat.

Sam's stomach grumbled, again, but before she could complain, several Janet-fairies lifted her head and shoulders and propped her in a comfortably reclined position with several pillows.  A Hailey-fairy carried over a leaf laden with delicacies—at this point anything edible would have qualified as a "delicacy" to Sam—and began to feed her.  Flower goblets were also being circulated, and all brimmed with sweet, nectar-flavored water.  "Thank you," Sam said, as the Haileys continued feeding her.

The Haileys seemed to be different from the Janets, not just in appearance, but in temperament and maturity.  The Janet-fairies, Dark and Light, were all fully adult (very adult), but the Haileys seemed to hatch as toddlers with one word vocabularies: "Sam".  They were maturing rapidly, however, and the oldest (still less than an hour from the shell) now seemed fully aware of their surroundings, and with a better command of language.  However, they were not Jennifer Hailey.  They didn't seem to have any of the memories of their template, of the Bigling whose DNA must have been used to make them... somehow.  Sam's attempts to engage them in conversation were met, for the most part, with vacant stares and shy giggles.  Mentally, the blond fey seemed to be blank slates and they were somewhat subservient, following the Janet-fairies' orders and performing assigned tasks without objection.

A pair of Janet-fairies carried a new egg to the pool and carefully deposited it on the tiles, and it was new.  The Haileys had hatched from ivory eggs mottled with sepia, but this egg was brown, with streaks of rust.

Several Hailey-fairies were busy clearing away their own shells, gathering the fragments and fluttering away to deposit them somewhere down a side corridor.

The Janets returned with a second brown egg... and a few minutes later with a third.  Time passed and the brown eggs continued to accumulate.

Sam continued to eat and drink, fed by the worshipful Hailey-fey.  The meat was delicious, whatever it was (and she wasn't sure she wanted to know).  A flower was held to her lips and she drank, then shifted her attention back to the brown eggs.

The first of the ever-growing clutch was rocking back and forth.  As Sam and the fairies watched, a crack appeared on its surface and began to grow.  Several Janet-fairies, the mixed Darkling and Lightling cleaning squad, gathered around the egg with damp cloths.  Finally, the egg fell open and the fairies descended on its occupant.  Sam couldn't see much of what had hatched.  The Janets were blocking her view.  She could see that it was covered with wet, long, brown fur.  The hatchling gibbered and cooed in the manner of any newborn as the Janets scrubbed it down and wiped its face.

Finally, the damp, brown, furry whatever-it-was was led towards Sam.  She still couldn't make out much detail.  It seemed to weigh as much as any of them, but it had powerful muscles, evident despite its covering of damp fur.  Face lowered, it sort of shambled on all fours at its Janet-fairy handler's side.  Its hands and feet were human, and it had pointed ears, like the fairies; however, it lacked wings, and its thick, brown pelt covered nearly its entire body, including its arms and legs.

"Easy, easy," the Janet-fairy cooed, reassuring the furry hatchling.  At the same time, she motioned for the few Hailey-fey still snuggled close to Sam to move aside.  Eyes wide, the Haileys crawled away, and watched, like Sam, as the furry newcomer crawled to Sam's right foot... and gave its sole a slow, delicate lick.

"S-stop it!" Sam giggled, "that tickles!"  Then, her eyes popped wide!  The fur-covered being had lifted its head to gaze at Sam with worshipful eyes, and its face was that of—

"Felger!" Sam gasped.  The newly-hatched beast was the spitting (licking) image of Jay Felger!  Janet, Hailey, and now Jay Felger have been made into magical creatures??  "W-what—Stop!—Mrrfh!"  The Felger-beast was licking her foot, again, and the Janet-fairy cradling her head had silenced her with a tight hand-gag.

"Now, now, Zam," the Janet-fairy purred, smiling down at Sam's wide-eyed, desperate face.  "Don't frighten the hatchlings, my Queen."

There are fairies at the bottom of our astrophysics lab
Chapter 9


"As you were," General Hammond said as he entered the conference room.

O'Neill, Daniel, Teal'c, and Hailey resumed their seats.  The Janet-fairy was also present, and she resumed her seat atop an upturned water glass in the center of the table.

"How's the head, Doctor?" Hammond asked Daniel.

"Fine, General," Daniel responded, and nodded to Janet.  "Thanks to Dr. Fraiser's skill."

The tiny fey grinned.  "And a couple of pills," she purred.  "Let Dr. Keller know if you need more."

"I'm just glad you didn't have to shave any hair," Daniel muttered.

"As I said earlier," Janet smiled, "size does matter."  She held up her hands and wiggled her fingers.  "Tiny hands.  I could clean the wound and suture it closed without having to worry about trapping hair strands.  Antibiotics and time will finish the job."

Hammond cleared his throat.  "Yes, well... to the topics at hand."  He focused on the Janet-fairy.  "To be frank, I don't know what to do with you."

"I understand, General," the Janet-fairy sighed.  She paused to stretch and recross her legs.  She'd scrounged some narrow strips of white cotton bandage from the clinic and tied strips across her breasts and through her crotch as a bandeau and loincloth, so her actions weren't quite as distracting as they might have been, otherwise.  "I don't intend to complicate matters by insisting on reinstatement of my rank and privileges."

"What about back pay?" Jack muttered.

Janet favored him with a rueful expression, then her eyes popped wide.  "Oh, good idea!"  She turned back to Hammond.  "Could I have it transferred to Cassandra?"

Hammond smiled, despite himself.  "Cassandra Fraiser is quite comfortable.  She's attending the University of Colorado on a full scholarship with a generous stipend."

Janet nodded.  "Thank you.  Now... I'm Janet Fraiser.  Regardless of the opinion of the Air Force, the U.S. Government, or the I.O.C., I'm Janet Fraiser.  I need to know if you believe me."

"I do believe you," Hammond responded, "but belief isn't the issue.  I have duties and responsibilities, and among them is guarding this facility against alien incursion."

"You don't trust me," Janet muttered, then shook her head.  "No, you can't trust me.  It's not allowed."

"That is not true," Teal'c intoned.

"He's right," O'Neill agreed.  "It took time to accept the big guy."  He nodded at the towering Jaffa, who nodded in return.  "And it will take time to accept you... Janet."

Janet smiled.  "So, there's hope?"

Hammond nodded.  "Cautious hope.  Do not attempt to leave the mountain.  Of course, we'll be taking precautions to insure that you don't leave, regardless."

"I understand, General," Janet nodded.

"I still have a bone to pick with your 'Dark' side," Hailey mumbled.

Janet blushed and turned to the Lieutenant.  "Uh... sorry about that," she said (suppressing a giggle).  "I assure you, I have my baser instincts firmly under control. The, uh, 'programming' of the Machine of Life no longer holds sway."

Daniel leaned forward.  "Machine of Life?" he demanded.

Janet's head swiveled to face him.  "I still have the knowledge from before I was joined.  The 'Machine of Life' is on the Fey World.  It is powerful and wise, and it inhabits something called 'The Great Temple'."

Now, Jack leaned forward.  "Why did you, by which I mean you guys, the other you guys, before you became you...?"  He shook his head.  "Anyway... why did they take Sam?"

Janet blushed, again.  "Uh... I love Sam, so the Machine made her the object of The Great Hunt."  She turned to the General.  "Sam knows nothing of how I feel about her... I mean felt about her, and neither of us ever did anything to violate regulations.  We were just... friends."

Hammond sighed.  "I may be a Major General in the United States Air Force, but I'm also a husband, a father, and a grandfather.  I've lived long enough to learn something of the human heart.  Major Carter has a lot of love to share, enough for the entire planet."

"Galaxy, General," O'Neill mumbled.  "Galaxies, plural, if you include Pegasus."

The group laughed, including Janet.

"I stand corrected, Colonel," Hammond chuckled, then turned to Janet.  "My point is this: don't be too sure about how Major Carter feels about anything, until you ask her."

"And 'don't-ask-don't-tell' doesn't apply to fairies," O'Neill noted.

"Anyway," Hammond continued (rolling his eyes).  "I want you, collectively, to develop a plan of action for rescuing Major Carter."  He focused on O'Neill.  "For the time being, this is no longer an interrogation, but a debriefing and tactical working group."  He shifted his gaze to Janet.  "And as for you, Dr. Fraiser, I expect you to follow Colonel O'Neill's orders and to fully cooperate with my Security personnel."

"Yes, General," Janet intoned, then hopped off the glass and stood at attention as the General rose from his chair.  The others stood, as well.  "Carry on," Hammond ordered, and headed for his office.

"Alright, then," O'Neill said, as the group resumed their seats.  He focused on Janet.  "I need you to tell us everything you know, or feel, or... suspect about this 'Fey World', the place the others have taken Sam."

"Okay," Janet nodded.  "First of all, you need to realize the other, uh, Janets are still under the influence of the Machine of Life.  I can tell you something of how they'll probably react to anything we try, but I think the Lieutenant's confinement field and the joining more-or-less 'deprogrammed' me.  I'll tell you everything I know, but... well... grain of salt."

O'Neill nodded, then turned to Hailey.  "Lieutenant, please call down to the mess hall for some sandwiches."

"Yes, sir," Hailey answered, and went for the phone mounted beside the observation window overlooking the stargate.

"And cupcakes!" Janet added.  "With sprinkles?"

Hailey grinned and nodded as she dialed the phone.

There are fairies at the bottom of our astrophysics lab
Chapter 9


"Mrrrfh!"  Sam screamed and tugged on her bonds.  Her Janet-fairy handlers had restored her gag, apparently not wanting to let her vocalizations disturb the remainder of the feast.  More than a dozen "Felger-trolls", as the Janet-fairies called them, were licking her body—her entire body—her hands, feet, arms, legs, breasts, nipples, tummy, hips, thighs, ribs, armpits, neck, ears, and face—and between her legs!  And more were arriving all the time as the brown eggs continued to hatch.  The grinning, slobbering trolls grunted "Love you, Sam!" and "Me your slave, Sam!" and similar sentiments as they dragged their slightly raspy, decidedly warm tongues across her tan, shining, shivering skin.

The Janet-fairies watched with dimpled smiles, continuing to eat and drink.  The Hailey-fairies also watched, pausing in their serving duties to stare with wide, innocent eyes.

A handful of Janets, Dark and Light, seemed to have accepted the role of troll handlers, for they began pulling the oldest Felgers, the ones with the driest fur, away from Sam.  This did little to alleviate Sam's distress, as it gave the remaining, still very numerous Felger-furries better access to her body.  Sam was very distracted by the trolls' slurping and licking tongues; but she did manage to notice that the Janets were whispering in the Felger's ears as they led them away.  It must have been some sort of instructions, for the brown beasties shambled away down various side corridors and up various staircases.  They mounted the Bigling-sized steps with ease, leaping and grabbing the top of each step, planting their feet, and leaping for the next.  They moved like no animal Sam had ever seen; or, more correctly, like many different animals she had seen.  Felger-trolls were part bear, part dog, part chimpanzee—and all tongue—at least the ones still showing their devotion by licking her body were all tongue!

"Is she cumming?" one of the Janet-fairies still enjoying the feast asked.

"It's hard to tell," another answered.

"We promised her she would cum."

"The Queen shall cum after every meal," a Darkling intoned.  "It is the law."

"It is the Law!" the Janets chanted in unison.

"Let the Felger-trolls continue to worship the Queen," a Lightling decreed.

"If they do not make her cum," a Darkling added, "we shall hold a contest and the winner shall make sure she cums."

The Janet-fairies cheered and clapped.  This seemed to frighten the Haileys, and the Janets, Light and Dark, quickly soothed the shivering little blond fey with gentle caresses and reassuring whispers.

Sam continued to squirm and mewl through her gag.  She was covered head to toe with Felger-troll spit, and their tongues continued to explore every curve and crevice of her glistening body.

"It is disgusting," one of the Lightlings sighed, but the smile dimpling her beautiful face belied her words.

"It is wonderful," a grinning Darkling purred, nodding her head as if agreeing with her Light Sister.

"The Queen is always wonderful... and beautiful," a Lightling said.

"The Queen is beautiful!" all the fairies (including the Haileys) chanted.

"Beautiful!" the Felger-trolls agreed, between slurps.

"Mrrrpfh!" Sam complained, continuing to struggle and squirm.

"Now is she cumming?" a Janet-fairy on the edge of the crowd asked.

"Perhaps," a Darkling answered.

"Perhaps," a Lightling agreed.

"We must be sure," a Darkling said.

"We must be very sure," a Lightling intoned.  "It is the law."

"Not to worry," another Darkling said.  "There are still many, many Felger-trolls to hatch."

"Nrrrrf!"  Sam continued to struggle, but the trolls' tongues were relentless, and her bonds were as tight and inescapable as ever.  "Mrrrpfh!"

There are fairies at the bottom of our astrophysics lab
Chapter 9

The slobbering tongue-bath lasted for more than an hour.  Sam did not manage to cum, despite the persistent licking of her pussy by an endless succession of Felger-trolls.  The other three or four dozen tongues sliding across her entire anatomy had been too distracting.  It hadn't exactly been tickle-torture, but it had been disgustingly unpleasant—in a slimy, wet, rasping sort of way.  Sam had pulled on her bonds, struggled, squirmed, and mewled through her gag to the point of exhaustion—and finally, it seemed to be over.

Sam lay in her bonds... panting through her gag... her glistening breasts heaving.  Apparently, the Janet-fairy handlers had decided the remaining Felger-trolls had matured enough to be put to work.  She watched the furry beasts being led away, then closed her eyes and let herself rest.

Suddenly, a crowd of Dark and Light Janet-fairies lifted her body and carried her towards the pool.  Obviously, the ends of her bonds had been untied, but they were still tied around her wrists and ankles and the ropes snapped taut when she tried to struggle.  At the water's edge her feet were planted on the wet tiles, she was stood upright, and cool, wet cloths began bathing her body, washing away the troll spit.  Her gag was untied and removed, and damp cloths gently scrubbed her face and hair.

"Let me rest," Sam sighed.  She was very tired, and wanted nothing more than to be allowed to collapse on something soft... and to sleep.

"Not yet, Zam," one of the fairies said.

"You did not fool us, Zam," a Darkling said, a sinister smile.  "We know you did not cum."

"We can always tell when you cum, Zam," a Lightling said.

"The Queen must cum after every meal," another Lightling sighed, "even when she is tired."

"It is the law," a Darkling added.

"It is the law," all the Janet-fairies chanted in unison.

"No, leave me alone!"  Sam struggled as she was carried back to the cushions.  "Please, leave me alone."  Her eyes were welling.  "I'm tired," she sobbed.

"Poor Zam," a Lightling cooed.

"Pretty Zam," a Darkling said.

"No!  Please!"  Sam was on her back, and her bonds had either been retied to the same lashing points or were being held tight by multiple fairies.  She wasn't so much back on the cushion as spread-eagled on a host of Janet-fairy bodies.  Her fey captors were kneeling all around her, supporting her body, splayed limbs, and head with their firm, warm thighs.  Fairy hands caressed her body... all of her body.  The fairy cradling her head kissed her face, licking away her tears as she weakly struggled.  "No—m'mpfh."  The fairy's tongue had invaded her mouth.  It swirled around and explored her teeth and tongue as their lips were pressed together—then the kiss ended.  "Please," Sam whined.

"The Queen is sad," a fairy sighed.

"Make the Queen happy," another fairy intoned.

"It is the law!" the fairies chanted.

"M'mmmmrf!"  Sam writhed and pulled on her bonds with her remaining strength.  Countless Janet-fairy tongues, lips, and hands were licking, kissing, and caressing her naked, helpless body—teasing her nipples, armpits, thighs, neck—every sensitive part of her anatomy—exploring her mouth—nibbling and probing her ears—and sucking her fingers and toes.  "Mmmpfh!"  And now her pussy was receiving attention, as well!  It wasn't at all like the tongue-bath the Felger-trolls had given her.  The Janet-fairies knew exactly what they were doing—and they were very good!

Sam continued to struggle—as the Janets worked their magic—as the unendurable, impossibly pleasurable sensations rippled through her body.  And then—she came!

"Nrrfh—Oh, Janeeeeet!!" Sam screamed as she went rigid—and her body quaked—and time stood still.

And then... Sam collapsed.

"She loves us," a voice said.

"She loves us," another agreed.

"Sleep, Zam."

"Sleep, my Queen."

Other voices... other Janets whispered, as well... and countless light, delicate kisses rained down on her skin in countless places... but Sam was beyond caring.  Her eyes were closed... and she slept.

There are fairies at the bottom of our astrophysics lab
Chapter 9

Sam opened her eyes.  She could tell some time had passed since...  since the Hailey-fairies hatched... and the Felger-trolls hatched, and used their tongues... and the Janet-fairies used their educated tongues...

Anyway, the shafts of sunlight that had been streaming through the windows and cupolas of the dome of the Great Temple were gone.  There was still light, but it was a gentle glow coming from the crystalline tiles of the mosaics covering the floor and the bottom third of the dome.  The ceiling of the dome, itself, glowed with imitation stars.  Sam recognized none of the constellations, which suggested the Fey World was far from earth, possibly not even in the same spiral arm of the Milky Way galaxy.

Beautiful, Sam thought, and stretched her still naked body against the soft cushion.  Her wrists and ankles were still bound, but she had significant slack in all of her bonds.  While technically still in a spread-eagle, she had enough freedom to roll on her side and do almost anything she wanted... except escape.

A dozen Janet-fairies and a score of Hailey-fairies were clustered around her.  Some were curled up and apparently asleep, and some were sitting and watching the others... and Sam.  She noticed a pair of Darkling Janets sitting in a sisterly embrace, smiling, whispering together, and watching something on the far side of the group.  Sam lifted her head to see what the pair found so engrossing—and blushed.  A Lightling Janet-fairy was lying on her back with one Hailey-fairy cradling her head in her lap and a second Hailey with her head between the Janet's splayed legs.  The Janet-fairy seemed to be asleep.  Her eyes were closed, and her body slowly writhed as the head of the Hailey between her legs bobbed and the Hailey cradling her head combed her auburn hair with her fingers.

The watching Darklings noticed that Sam was awake and crawled towards her.  They lay on their sides and combed Sam's short, blond locks with their fingers.

"The Hailey-slaves are growing very quickly," one whispered.

"Not in stature, of course," the other added, and both pale Janets giggled.

"They're maturing?" Sam whispered.

"Exactly, my Queen," the Darklings said, in unison, then giggled, again.

All three watched as the entertainment of the slumbering Lightling continued.  Most of the other Janets and Haileys were now awake and watching the show, as well.  The Janets all had dimpled, knowing smiles, and the Haileys' eyes were wide with awe.

"Already they are learning to give and receive pleasure," one of the Darklings combing Sam's hair whispered.

"Soon we shall teach them the pleasures of the Dark," the other purred.

"The bittersweet kiss of the whip."

"The tight grip and sliding caress of rope."

Sam shivered and watched the naked Haileys lick and groom the naked Janet.  She turned her head and focused on the grinning Darklings.  "You're cruel," she accused.

"Thank you, my Queen," one Darkling said, leaned forward, and kissed Sam's hair.

"Thank you, Zam," the other said, and kissed Sam's hair, as well.

The Lightling was finally awake.  She gasped, sat up, and shivered her rainbow-glistening wings, but she did not close her legs.  The Hailey that had been cradling her head embraced her and kissed her lips, and the Janet returned the kiss—then gasped, again, as the Hailey between her legs redoubled her efforts.

Sam noticed that several of the watching fairies, Lightlings, Darklings, and mixed pairs, were embracing, kissing, and caressing one another, as well.

"When we win the Great Hunt," one of the Darklings whispered in Sam's ear, "we will show you all the Dark pleasures, Zam."

"It will be like nothing you have ever known, my Queen," the other added, and continued straightening Sam's bangs with her pale fingers.

Sam considered trying to push the fair-skinned, raven-haired Janets away—her slack bonds would have allowed it—but what was the point?  She couldn't fight them all.  She lay on her back and gazed into the Darklings' beautiful, violet eyes.  She shivered as they both gently stroked her hair.  The smiles curling their incredibly beautiful, pale faces were cruel... frightening and cruel.  Sam shivered, again, and this time—to her infinite surprise—so did her pussy.

Suddenly, a pair of Janet-fairies, one Dark and One Light, zoomed across the pool from the far side of the Dome.

"Awake!  Awake!" they cried, and the Janets and Haileys all climbed to their feet.

Sam remained on her back until her four handlers, the ends of her wrist and ankle bonds once again tied around their waists, gently hauled her to her feet.

"The Machine of Life has made the first of the Snake-Lady eggs!" the Lightling announced.

"And it is huge!" the Darkling added.

"Huge?" Several fairies demanded.

"Huge!" the Lightling confirmed.

The Darkling nodded.  "It is nearly the size of a Bigling!  And it is still growing!"

There are fairies at the bottom of our astrophysics lab
Chapter 9


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