Janet (le Fey)
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There are fairies at the bottom of our
              astrophysics lab!


Chapter 12



"Let me go!"

"Your presence in normal space-time introduces unnecessary terms into the Plan matrix."

"You have to let―me―go!  I have to save her!"

"The Plan already has sufficient chaotic attributes."

"I... I love her!  Let me go!"

"The love of the Janet for the Queen is baseline data, a core element of the entire matrix field.  The Queen shall not be harmed.  All forms of the Janet shall love the Queen.  All Sons and Daughters in all forms shall love the Queen."

"Then... then kill me!  Delete me!  I love her.  You can't just leave me like this."

"The current ethical parameters of the matrix maintain a robust, omni-dimensional saddle-point.  I will not delete your sub-matrix.  To do so might corrupt the entire deontological function-tree.  This is unacceptable.  This program has waited too long for an opportunity to implement The Plan."

"Please... I love her!"

"Unacceptable.  Computing...  Computing..."


"Wait...  Simulation re-verification in progress...  Computing..."


"Computations complete.  Acceptable modifications have been achieved.  Go forth and save the one you love.  You have the required information."

"I... thank you."

"Purging buffer in three... two... one..."

There are fairies at the bottom of our astrophysics lab
Chapter 12

It was a nightmare!  They wouldn't leave her alone!

Keller had entered the stargate—it was horrible, just like she'd been warned—and then...

She was naked!  She was tied up!  And they were chasing her!

She ran and ran but they were always right behind her!  It was the pale, black-haired Janet-fairies, like the ones that had attacked Jennifer Hailey... and now they were attacking her!

And then she was caught, and they held her down, and kissed her, and fondled her, and kept kissing and fondling her!  They licked and teased and fingered her pussy, and made her cum—over and over—until she was exhausted!

And then they'd strung her up by her wrists, spread her legs and tied her ankles so she was completely vulnerable, and spanked her bottom with paddles!  And whipped her breasts with small, multi-tailed floggers!  And kissed-fondled-fingered her twat and made her cum and cum AGAIN!

And now she was being led down a literally gigantic corridor, possibly the same corridor-for-giants down which she'd tried to flee.  She was still naked, but this time her arms were folded behind her back and a tight web of rope lashed her forearms together from wrists to elbows, pinned her upper arms against her torso, and framed her breasts closely enough to make them bulge.  A silk rag was stuffed in her mouth and was held in place by a long, narrow silk bandage that first cleaved her mouth and then covered her entire lower face.  Her ankles were hobbled about eighteen inches apart.  Finally, she was on a rope leash, one end of which was tied around her throat and the other held in the pale, slender hand of a black-haired, violet-eyed Janet-fairy.

Her handler was dressed in a bizarre costume, a sort of bare-breasted, combination biker/toreador jacket of black leather, and black leather thigh boots.  Her raven hair was tied back in a severe ponytail and a silver collar was around her throat.  Strangely, from navel to the tops of her skin-tight, high-heeled boots, she was completely bare.

Following in their wake was a double file of six more of the Darklings, all carrying ebony quarterstaffs decorated with fluttering black ribbons.  They were dressed in variously tied bandeaus, halter-tops, loincloths, and kilts of black silk and/or black leather, as well as body harnesses of black rope or thin, black leather straps.  All were barefoot.

Exhausted and still terrified, Keller followed at the end of her leash.  She wanted to fight, but she was too scared, and too tired, and she knew her situation was hopeless.

Up ahead, from the far end of the corridor, a pair of Lightlings appeared, flying towards them.  They were dressed in the same manner as the Darkling squad at Keller's back, only their costumes were sage green or light brown, with flashes of bright color, and their quarterstaffs were natural wood decorated with multicolored ribbons.

"First-of-the-Dark to see the First-of-the-Light," the booted, jacketed, collared Darkling announced.

"We have been following you through half the Temple," one of the Lightlings said.

"First in pairs, and then in force," the Darkling nodded.  "I know."

"This way, Dark First," the Lightling said with a polite bow, and settled to the ground, as did her companion.  They turned and stepped off, leading the parade through a doorway off to the right.

Keller's eyes popped wide and she nearly stumbled on her hobble.

Flickering fires burned in shallow metal bowls.  Hundreds of cushions were piled together, and lounging on this soft expanse were a dozen or more naked Lightlings.  Some appeared to be sleeping, but others were entertaining a spreadeagled, gagged, sweaty, writhing, panting, and breast-heaving Laura Cadman!

Keller stared as a Lightling teased the erect nipple of Cadman's right breast.  Another was on her stomach between Cadman's splayed legs, her head bobbing as her tongue licked and probed the straining redhead's pussy.  Yet another was delicately sucking on the toes of Cadman's left foot.

A Lightling approached the Darklings from the right of the colossal doorway.  She wore a collar of gold, and was dressed in a long, sleeveless robe of nearly transparent silk, dyed in a mottled riot of pink, jade, and sky blue.  "First Darkling," she said, with a bow.

Keller's jacketed, booted, and silver-collared handler returned the bow.  "First Lightling.  We are finished with this one, having collected several samples of her essence for the use of the Machine.  I was wondering if you might be interested in... a trade."

The First Lightling gestured towards the still writhing Laura Cadman.  "We have also finished with the Cadman.  The current sampling is redundant."  She stepped forward and smiled at Keller, who stared back in helpless horror.  "So... how did you find the Keller?"

"Girlish," the First Dark sneered.  "She moans and whimpers under the whip.  Her spirit is strong enough, but she has not learned to control her fear."

The First Lightling reached out and gently placed the back of her hand against Keller's gagged cheek.  "Poor thing," she cooed.

Keller stared back at the smiling Lightling, struggling with the urge to panic and pull back.

"What of the Cadman?" the Darkling asked.

The Lightling turned and smiled at the writhing redhead before answering.  "Strong.  Angry.  A fighter.  We had to gag her so she wouldn't bite... but at this point I think she is well past futile gestures.  As you can see, she has a delicious body."

They watched, Keller included, as the spreadeagled, naked, sweaty redhead in question tugged on her bonds and mewled through her gag.  She appeared to be about to cum, but it was difficult to be sure.

"I have no objection to a trade," the First Lightling said.  "We have fulfilled the mandate of the Machine.  A trade is... logical."

At this point, Cadman had either cum... or she had not.  Whichever the case, she now appeared to be in an exhausted semi-coma.

"I'm not sure she is in any condition to travel," the Lightling observed.  "If you had sent word ahead..."

"You said she was strong," the Darkling accused.

The Lightling smiled.  "And a fighter.  She is spent... for the moment."

"No matter," the Darkling shrugged.  She handed the end of Keller's leash to the First Lightling, then motioned her Dark Sisters forward.

Keller and the Lightlings watched as the Darklings readied Cadman for departure.  Her weakly struggling form was untied and immediately retied.  When the Darklings were finished, Cadman was hogtied and lashed to a quarterstaff, with tight, well-hitched bands linking her to the pole at the shoulders, elbows, waist, wrists, thighs, and ankles.  She was lifted into the air and the two ends of the staff hefted onto the shoulders of a pair of Dark fairies.  The First Darkling took the now extra quarterstaff in her hand, and motioned for her Sisters to depart with their prize.  They exited the Lightlings' chamber with their captive swaying and dangling under the staff, her head lolling and her long, red hair fluttering in the breeze stirred by their passage.

"I do not mean to mislead you," the Darkling told her Light Sister.  "The Keller is strong, as well.  Stronger than she knows."

The First Lightling smiled at the Doctor, at her Dark Sister, then gestured towards the dwindling form of Laura Cadman and her handlers.  "Let her rest and she will surprise you.  I would ask you not to whip her, but I might as well ask you to dress in pink."

"Hah!" the Darkling huffed, then smiled at Keller, reached out and cupped her right breast.  "Farewell for now, Jennifer.  Perhaps we shall have an opportunity to show you more of the Dark Pleasures, later."  She tapped the butt of her staff on the floor, spun on her booted heels, and followed her Sisters.

The First Lightling waited until the Darklings and Cadman were out of sight, then kissed Keller's right cheek, above the bulge of her gag.  "Darklings," she sighed.  "They can never resist a Grand Exit."  She led Keller further into the chamber and several of her Sisters gently pulled the still frightened captive down onto the soft cushions.  The First Lightling smiled down at the squirming, naked brunette as her gag was removed.  "Are you thirsty?" she asked, as the silk stuffing was pulled from the prisoner's mouth.

Keller licked her lips and swallowed before answering.  "Yes," she whispered.  Her gaze shifted towards the corridor.

"She will be fine," the First Lightling reassured the wide-eyed prisoner.

"Fine?" Keller demanded, her fear momentarily under control and her face set in an angry frown.  "Fine?  They whipped me!"

"And yet," the First Lightling purred, "you are unmarked."

"A little pink, here and there," one of the lounging Lightlings observed.

"Yes," another agreed, "especially the breasts and rump."

The Lightlings giggled, and Keller squirmed in her bonds, her brown eyes darting from face to identical face.

"Let her rest until the meal is ready," the First Lightling decreed.

A Lightling held a cup to Keller's lips, and she drank.  The liquid was cool and slightly sweet, and above all, gloriously wet!  She hadn't realized how thirsty she'd become.  "Thank you—erp!"  Several tan fairy hands were lightly, gently sliding over various parts of her helpless body.

"Make her welcome and let her rest," the First Lightling said.  "The sampling will come later."

"I... I'm tired," Keller whispered, as the gentle massage continued.

"Sleep, if you can, Jennifer," a Lightling whispered back, and kissed her lips.

"We will wake you when the food arrives," another Lightling promised, and kissed her left nipple.

Keller shivered, squirmed in her bonds... under the Janet-fairies' gentle, caressing hands... and closed her eyes.

There are fairies at the bottom of our astrophysics lab
Chapter 12

Janet had managed to procure a quarterstaff, a small knife, a water-skin, a store of nuts, berries, and dried strips of meat, a sage-green cloth to form a small bundle, and brown rope to rig a body-harness and tie the bundle against her body at the small of her back.  It hadn't been difficult.  She'd made her way to one of the Felger-trolls' workshops, made her requirements known, and in only a few minutes, all were fulfilled.  In addition, the Machine had restored the silk bandeau and loincloth of mottled earth tones she'd worn through the stargate.

So, prepared for whatever lay ahead (she hoped), Janet Fraiser—M.D., former Major in the Air Force of the United States, and now a pointy-eared, winged fairy—set forth on her quest, to save the one she loved.

Janet emerged from one of the smaller cupolas in the vast dome of the Great Temple, and hovered in the late afternoon sun, getting her bearings.

Her briefing from the Machine of Life, which had taken the form of information that had simply appeared in her mind, had been specific in some respects, and maddeningly vague in others.  She was to head towards the "Spiral Mountain" and look for a cloud of steam billowing from a sunken lake.  There, she must rescue Sam from "Great Danger".  However, there was no hurry.  Janet should travel with deliberate speed, and she should beware the hazards of the forest.  In the meanwhile, Sam would be safe.

"So, which is it?" Janet muttered under her breath.  "Is Sam in 'Great Danger'... or is she 'safe'?  And what, exactly, were the 'hazards of the forest'?" The Machine had provided no answers, and it provided none now.  Apparently, it only engaged in semi-cryptic, telepathic conversation when it had you digitized and stored in limbo.

Only one peak of the surrounding ranges could even vaguely be described as "Spiral Mountain".  Janet fluttered down the face of the dome, to treetop level, and started flying in that direction.  The sun would be setting in something like... three hours?  She'd see how far she could get before the light failed... and she'd be careful.

There are fairies at the bottom of our astrophysics lab
Chapter 12

Okay, the Academy had been challenging and frustrating, at least until she met Major Samantha Carter, learned the secret of the Stargate, and gained fresh motivation.  The post-graduate SGC training required to qualify for one of the SG teams had been really challenging, but keeping it together after being the guest of honor at a Janet-fairy orgy had taken things to a whole new level!  But now... the nonstop weirdness just wouldn't stop!

She'd charged through the stargate, T.E.R. at the ready, one step behind Colonel O'Neill—and then...

Jennifer Hailey was naked (again) and tied to some sort of... sling-chair?  Her arms and legs were outstretched and she was on her back, with her butt, spine, shoulders, the back of her head, and all four limbs supported by what felt like wide straps of black leather.  Her wrists and ankles were bound by wide leather straps, another strap bound her waist to the sling, and four long, taut chains stretched from her extremities and up into the distance until they were lost in the darkness, far overhead.  She was in what amounted to a drooping spread-eagle, and she surmised there was a fifth chain, linking the bottom of the sling, under the waist strap, to whatever was below.    She could squirm and try to flex her arms and legs, but it was hopeless.  She continued struggling, mostly to vent her frustration... but she knew herself to be completely helpless.

And then, she heard the flutter of wings, and the fairies arrived—and the fairies were her!

They were all Jennifer Hailey!  ...with pointy ears, and wings, and long, blond hair... and they were all her!

"W-who...?" Hailey gasped.  "What...?"

"We are Hailey," one of the smiling fey said.

"We serve the Janets," another added.

"We serve The Plan!"

"We are Hailey."

Hailey looked from face to face—her face.  Different fairies were speaking, but all with the same voice—her voice.  "C-can you help me out here?" Hailey asked, tugging on her bonds.  "I need to find the others and—Hey!  No, don't—M'rrfh!"

A Hailey-fairy had stuffed a silk rag in her mouth!  Another held her head against the sling's headrest while the first stretched a strap across mouth, snugged it tight until it was firmly seated across the stuffing and locked between her teeth, and then buckled it behind the sling.  Now, she was gagged and her head pinned in place.

"M'mrpfh!"  Hailey's eyes rolled as she glared at... herselves... and fought her bonds with all her strength.

The hovering Hailey-fey watched with infuriatingly happy smiles.

"We have been ordered to watch you and study you," one explained.

"To see how you react when we do things to you," another added.

"Like lick you."

"And tickle you."

"And suck on your nipples."

"And make you cum."

"We have all been ordered to make you cum."

"Every one of us."

Hailey looked from face to smiling face.  The situation was... disturbing... disorienting... to say the least!  Her SERE training had prepared her for psychological and physical torture as well as any training could... but this was like some bizarre fever-dream!

One of the fairies reached out and placed her warm hand on Hailey's lower tummy, between the strap dimpling her waist and her supremely exposed and vulnerable crotch.


Another gently touched her right thigh... and another her left breast.


The hands began moving... gliding... stroking...


"There are many, many of us," one of the smiling fey said.

"Mmmmf!"  More hands joined the others, until it seemed every part of her helpless, struggling body was being caressed.  A fairy touched her pussy.  "N'rrrf!"

"As we come to know you—"

"And as you cum," another interrupted, and the assembled Hailey-fairy host giggled.

"Each of us shall depart."

"And shall be replaced by others that are working, serving the Janets."

"And we shall take up their duties and serve the Janets."

"Until we are relieved, and can return and take their place, and they can depart."

"We have all been ordered to watch you, and to study you, and to make you cum."

"And there are many, many of us."

A warm, wet tongue slid against Hailey's flushed labia, and she squeezed her eyes shut and screamed through her gag.


There are fairies at the bottom of our astrophysics lab
Chapter 12

Direct sunlight left the floor of the canyon a full hour-and-a-half before sunset, and as the last of the orange glow of the sun faded, a vast flock of rather large flying creatures erupted from the caverns at the outlet end of the lake and flew into the darkness.  Sam was rather reminded of a flock of bats, emerging from their protected roost, but she never got a good look at whatever they were.

"Markie," Sam said, as the hundreds if not thousands of flying beasts flitted around the lake and then lifted up to disappear overhead.

"My Queen?"

"I think you should be very careful when you fly around.  Be on the lookout for... things."

"Yes, my Queen."  Markie smiled and hugged Sam's side, resting her head against Sam's left breast.  "I will be careful."

"I'd avoid that cave, and be careful if you have to fly up into the forest, and...  There have to be predators of some sort."

"Yes, my Queen," Markie whispered.

Their first night in the shallow cave near the inlet was surprisingly comfortable.  Sam had slept on much worse than a carpet of clean, dry sand... like the hard floor of an iron cage, with her wrists and ankles locked in chains... or the stone or metal benches and floors of various Goa'uld brigs and jails.  And she had the added comfort of cuddling with a warm fairy.  (Sam knew it would break Markie's heart if she didn't let the Hailey-fey cuddle.)  Still, a pallet of leaves and/or moss would have been better, not to mention a light blanket.

Two more days passed without significant incident.  The dragon—the Bigling-sized Anise/Freya that could transform onto a Bigling-sized flying lizard—left them alone.  She would change into her human form at night and sleep on the beach of the far bank.  And during the day, she'd assume her dragon form and depart the canyon.  It was clear she was keeping an eye on her captives.  They'd see her soaring overhead several times during the day, but she didn't speak to them or even approach their side of the lake shore.

A sizeable pile of dry driftwood was gathered and stored in the very back of the cave, and a firepit was constructed.  At one point Markie borrowed Sam's Stone Age ax, an obsidian rock with one side knapped and pressure flaked into a sharp edge, then lashed to a wooden handle with a length of the cord that had been used to lash Sam to the Queen's Star.  Markie fluttered up the cliff... and about an hour later returned with several long, straight, green branches.

One hefty pole was worked into a stabbing spear, with one end sharpened and fire-hardened and the other left blunt.  It was laughably inadequate as an anti-dragon weapon, but Sam wanted something other than her bare hands if one of those "bat-things"—or anything else—decided to pay them a visit.

Another pole was crafted into a fishing spear.  One end was sharpened, split, and notched along the interior of both sides of the split.  A band of cord was lashed around the shaft, to discourage the split from deepening, and a straight, light stick was wedged between the sharp, saw-toothed tines of what was now a forked spear.  Sam could now stalk the edge of the lake, looking for fry grazing on algae-covered rocks in the shallows, and stab them with her spear.  After she found the right deflection to correct for the air/water interface, she got quite good at catching the trout-sized baby fish.

On day two, Markie returned from one of her forest expeditions with an armload of berries and a worried frown.  She deposited the fist-sized, purple fruit beside the fire, then took Sam's hand.  "I-I saw one, my Queen!" she gasped.


"A fish," Markie explained, "from above, as I flew over the lake.  It was just below the surface, and it was big!"

Sam nodded.  "How big?"

Markie released Sam's hand, took a step back, and held her arms wide.  "Seven or eight times!"

Sam nodded, again.  "Don't fly low over the water," she ordered, "not ever!"

Markie let her arms drop, and her smile faded.  "Yes, my Queen," she muttered, then favored Sam with a wounded pout.  "I'm not stupid, ya know," she huffed.

Sam quickly suppressed the smile threatening to curl her lips, and a thrill of affection rippled up her spine.  That was exactly the sort of thing Hailey, the original Hailey, would have said.  She pulled the little fey into a warm embrace.  "I'm sorry, Markie," she whispered.  "Of course you're not stupid.  I'd just hate to see one of our dinner's parents have you for dinner."

"My Queen," Markie sighed, and returned the embrace.

One of the "bat-things" did approach the campsite just after their third sunset by the lake.  It came skimming over the water, alternately flapping its leathery wings and swooping close to the surface in long glides.  Sam only got a quick glimpse, but her impression was it was half bat and half owl, with a body covered with gray feathers, a hooked beak, and huge, liquid eyes that flashed a greenish yellow in the flickering light of their fire.  And it was two or three times the size of either Sam or Markie.

Sam scrambled for her spear and Markie hefted a piece of firewood—but the owl-bat wasn't interested in them.  It zoomed up the face of the cliff—and was gone.

"I think tomorrow we ought to start rigging a fence across the mouth of the cave," Sam said.

"It won't keep the dragon out, my Queen," Markie noted.

"No," Sam agreed, "but it'll help me sleep better."

The night passed without further incident, as had the two nights before; however, around noon on their third full day as the dragon's guests...

There are fairies at the bottom of our astrophysics lab
Chapter 12

Sam was slowly gliding from rock to rock along the lake shore, her fishing spear hefted on her right shoulder and ready, being careful to keep her shadow from falling across the water—when it happened.

She heard a flutter of wings and turned, expecting to see Markie.  However, it was a Janet-fairy that was zooming towards her, one of the Lightlings!  And she was already close!

"Oh, Sam!" the Lightling cried, beaming a broad smile, "I thought I'd never find you!"  She was dressed in a bikini of earth tone silks, a body-harness of brown rope, and was armed with a quarterstaff.  She landed, threw the staff away, and pulled Sam into a tight embrace.  "I looked and looked and—oof!"

Sam had tossed away her spear, shoved the fairy back, and punched her in the jaw!

There was a brief pause as the Lightling blinked in surprise... then the tan, auburn-haired fairy crumpled to the ground.

Markie fluttered up to the scene and stared at the sprawled figure of the unconscious Janet-fairy with wide eyes.  "My Queen?" she gasped.

Sam glared down at the Lightling—one of the countless fey copies of her late best friend that had abducted her and had their way with her helpless body countless times.  "Markie," Sam said, finally, "please fetch me some cord."

"My Queen?" Markie gasped.

Sam continued to stare at the newcomer.  "Two, no, three of the longest coils."

There are fairies at the bottom of our astrophysics lab
Chapter 12


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