Janet (le Fey)
Sam has a new

There are fairies at the bottom of our
              astrophysics lab!


Chapter 15



Markie insisted that she be tied up much more stringently than the simple bondage she'd "suffered" during the meal.  Having her wrists and ankles tied together with a tethering leash around her throat just wouldn't do.  She'd already tried the quarterstaff-through-the-knees-ball-tie, so that was out.  Sam vetoed anything really punishing, which further limited their options.  They had a plentiful supply of the cord the Darklings had used to lash Sam to the wooden frame, the "Queen's Star" that was still leaning against the canyon wall, but they only had one length of real rope, Janet's former body-harness.

Janet came to the "rescue".  Kneeling over the compliant Markie, she used the rope to bind her fellow fey with a single-strand harness that pinned her arms to her sides, yoked her shoulders, and framed her breasts.  She then folded Markie's arms behind her back and under her folded wings, and lashed her wrists together and to the back of the harness with cord.  Next, she took one of their longest lengths of cord, looped it over the middle of Markie's wings, tied a non-compacting knot, then tied one free end to the strand of rope at the nape of the prisoner's neck and the other around her big toes.  The result was a no-nonsense hogtie, with the heels of Markie's feet resting against her dimpled buttocks and between the tips of her wings.

Markie squirmed, testing her bonds.  "Oh, Janet," she gushed.  "This is wonderful!  I'm really, really helpless.  Thank you!"

"You're welcome," Janet chuckled.

"And it's not hurting your wings?" Sam demanded.

Markie vibrated the wings in question.  They were trapped by the loop of cord, rendering them useless for flight and grounding their owner, but there was no stress on the wing roots.  "It doesn't hurt at all, my Queen," Markie said, continuing to wiggle her body and twist her bound wrists.

"Well," Sam sighed, "lay there in the sand and relax while Jan and I—"

"No!" Markie gasped.  "You have to gag me!"

"There's no need," Sam responded.

"But you promised," Markie pouted.  "You were gonna tie me up real good and gag me, with a real gag.  You promised."

"Well, I didn't actually promise anything," Sam pointed out.

Now Markie was pouting in earnest.

"Here," Janet said, as she reached behind her back and untied her bandeau..  Her breasts bobbed, slightly, as the cloth fell away.

Sam watched Janet tie a loose figure-eight knot in the middle of the silk band—but very carefully did not watch her friend's smooth, firm breasts or her pert, perfect nipples.  It was silly, of course, as she's seen countless tan and pale Janet-boobs since all this fairy nonsense began, all of them round and luscious and... kissable?  Sam felt a blush touch her cheeks.  Kissable?  Where the hell did that come from?

Meanwhile, Janet had thrust the knot into Markie's mouth and was knotting the ends of the silk together at the nape of her neck, under her long, blond hair.

"There," Janet said, then stood and took a step to the side to stand next to Sam.  "I just wish I had one more length of cloth."

Sam nodded, then reached behind her back, untied her bandeau, and handed it to Janet.

Janet's eyes widened, slightly, then she smiled.  "Thanks," she mumbled, then knelt beside Markie, again.

Now why the hell did I do that? Sam asked herself.  She could still feel the blush coloring her cheeks.

Janet had slipped Sam's bandeau over Markie's eyes and was knotting it tight behind her head.


Janet gave Markie's flank a gentle slap.  "There," she purred, "bound and gagged and blindfolded.  Happy?"

"Ess!"  The little fey was squirming in her bonds and smiling through her gag, as well as wiggling her fingers and toes and shivering her wings.  Obviously, she was in the helpless, mute, and blind version of Markie heaven.

Janet chuckled as she stood erect, smiled at Sam, then stretched, reaching for the sky and arching her back.

Sam watched—that is, didn't watch—as Janet's breasts flattened and then bobbed back into shape when she lowered her arms.  She pointed at the blindfold and directed a questioning frown in the direction of the petite, incredibly cute—That will be enough of that! she scolded herself—Janet.

Janet silently mouthed a one word explanation: "Privacy."

"Okay then, Markie," Sam said, her eyes still on Janet's smiling face, "we'll be back."

"M'rrmfh!" the hogtied fairy "answered".

Side by side, Sam and Janet walked to the lake and began carefully picking their way along the shore.

There are fairies at the bottom of our astrophysics lab
Chapter 15

The direct sun had long since deserted the canyon and the lake, but full darkness was still something like an hour away.  The clouds overhead were a purplish gray, laced with vermilion blending into a golden orange.  The sky in between was dark blue, deepening towards indigo as they watched, and the first stars were beginning to appear.  The cave was some distance behind them, already fading into the gloom.

"I don't know how to talk to you," Sam said, breaking the silence.

"You seem to be doing a pretty good job," Janet said, lightly (but not too lightly).

"No," Sam sighed, "I mean... you're Janet, but you're not Janet.  Janet was killed in action.  We buried her.  I gave the eulogy at her memorial service.  I..."  Tears were streaming down Sam's face.  "Dammit!" she muttered, and wiped her cheeks.

Janet embraced her friend, wrapping her arms around Sam's torso and hugging her close.  "It's okay," she whispered.

Sam flinched at the contact, then relaxed... then sobbed and returned the embrace.

The friends hugged each other in silence for several seconds.  Sam continued crying, and Janet simply held her close.

Finally, Sam gently pushed Janet away.  "Uh... thanks," she muttered, wiping her face.

"No problem," Janet answered, then smiled a shy (breathtakingly cute) smile.  "I guess the only thing to do is to start over."


Janet grinned and stuck out her right hand.  "Hi, Janet Fraiser—medical doctor, ex-Major in the Air Force, fairy."

Sam managed a teary grin.  "Pleased to meet you," she said, shaking Janet's hand.  "Samantha Carter, astrophysicist, still a Major in the Air Force, and Queen of the fairies."

"Pleased, Your Majesty," Janet smiled.  "Come here often?"

"Only during dragon season," Sam chuckled.  "You know, for the Annual Kidnap-the-Queen Festival?"

"Oh, you mean as a break from The Great Hunt," Janet laughed.  "I come for the all-you-can-eat fish buffet."

Sam laughed, then her smile faded.  "Uh... lets get a few things out of the way."

"Such as?"

"What exactly is 'The Great Hunt'?  And while you're at it, what is 'The Plan', and is the Machine of Life still whispering in your head?"

"Oh..."  Janet's smile turned into a dimpled grin.  "The Great Hunt.  Once a year, the Darklings and Lightlings engage in a series of contests to determine which version of... well, me... gets to be in charge, set the priorities, etc.  The winning side also gets custody of Her Majesty until the next Hunt."

"It's the World Cup of Let's-Frakk-With-Sam, in other words."

"Something like that," Janet grinned.  "And as for 'The Plan', none of us know the details, but I think the Machine intends to populate the entire planet with fairies.  That's a big part of it, anyway, but for most of the fairies, saying 'The Plan' is sort of like saying 'God's Plan'.  It's something vague and benign."

Sam nodded.

"And as for the Machine of Life," Janet continued, "I've had conversations with the Machine—"

"Same here."

"But I don't think he, she, or it has what you could call control of my actions."  Janet shrugged.  "Although if the Machine did have control..."

"How would you know?" Sam asked with a smile.

"Exactly," Janet confirmed, smiling back.

"No real details."

Janet shook her head.  "The Darklings and Lightlings revere The Machine of Life and are committed to The Plan, whatever it is, and that's about it."

"Okay," Sam sighed.  "So, you came through the stargate with SGs One and Three, the machine trapped you in, uh, digitized limbo, then it set you free and told you to find me.  Why?"

Janet blushed.  "Uh, so I could save you," she whispered.


"So I could save you, okay?" Janet huffed.  "It didn't tell me exactly how I was supposed to accomplish anything.  It just told me how to find you and let me go."

"So you could save me," Sam repeated.  By this time, it was getting quite dark, but nowhere near dark enough to hide the blush still coloring Janet's cheeks.

"Yeah," Janet admitted, her eyes on her feet... and Sam's incredibly attractive, strong, tan feet.

"Well," Sam said, "I suppose our first order of business is to get out of here, make our way back to the Great Temple, rescue the others, and figure out how to activate the stargate."  She grinned.  "And then I'll let you 'save' me."

Janet grinned back.  "My Queen," she giggled.

Just then, Goldeneye dropped out of the sky and plunged into the lake.  Sam and Janet watched a wave roll towards the shore.  It splashed their feet.  Other waves followed, each weaker than the last.  Meanwhile, the giantess Freya had emerged from the depths and was swimming towards the beach on the opposite shore.

"What the hell?" Janet gasped.  "I take it the dragon is also a woman?"

"You didn't know?" Sam chuckled.

"I thought it was just... a dragon."

"It's Anise and Freya," Sam explained, "and has the ability to change between dragon to human forms."

"You mean the dragon is the Tok'ra symbiont and the human is the host?"  Janet focused on Sam.  "How much of their personalities are intact?"

Sam smiled.  Janet the fairy was just as quick as Janet the human had been.  She shrugged.  "You've met the dragon.  The giant human calls herself 'Freya', by the way, confirming your hypothesis.  Anyway, she seems friendly enough."  Sam blushed.  "Maybe a little too friendly.  We, Markie and I, haven't interacted with either of them all that much."

Janet nodded.  "Well, I think I have an idea."  She grinned at Sam.  "Do you trust me?"

Sam's smile faded.  This was something of a moment of truth.  Seconds passed... and finally, she nodded.  "Yes, I trust you," she said, quietly, and with conviction.

Janet's dimpled grin never wavered (but her blush returned).  "Thank you," she said, and began fumbling with her loincloth.

"Janet?" Sam gasped.  "What the hell?"

Janet had removed her loincloth, folded it lengthwise, and was tying an overhand knot in the center.  She put her hands through the loop, used her teeth and fingers to snug the knot as tight as she could, then presented her loosely bound hands to Sam.  "Cinch it tight, take another loop or two, cinch it between my wrists, then tie a square-knot, okay?"

"Why?" Sam demanded.

Janet batted her eyes and smiled.  "Because you trust me?"

Sam shook her head, but did as her fey friend asked.

"Good, that's nice and tight," Janet confirmed, then grinned at her captor.  "Go take care of Markie," she said, went up on her toes and kissed Sam's lips, then launched herself into the air and fluttered back towards camp.

"Janet!" Sam called after her.  "Wait for me!"  She didn't receive an answer.  She watched the wrist-bound fairy fly to the cave and retrieve the two packets of cooked fish they'd left by the fire, then lift back into the air and start across the lake... winging towards Freya.

Sam hurried back to camp, her face set in a worried frown.  What are you up to, Jan?

By the time she reached the camp, Janet had reached the far shore.  Between the distance and the gathering night, Sam couldn't see much of anything.  She could tell Freya was sitting cross-legged on the beach with her right hand extended, and Janet may have landed on the giantess' upturned palm, but she couldn't be sure.

"Janet!" Sam whispered under her breath.  This is stupid... brave, but stupid.

Suddenly, the distant giantess lifted her head and shook back her long, wet hair.  A second later, the sound of giant, alto laughter echoed across the water.

I hope you know what you're doing," Sam thought.  And I wished you'd bothered to let me in on your plan.

There are fairies at the bottom of our astrophysics lab
Chapter 15

Sam sat on the flat rock near the shore and stared across the lake into the darkness.  The far shore was nothing but shadow and gloom.  She thought she could still make out the shape of Freya the giantess, sitting with her legs crossed and her back against the canyon wall, but she couldn't be sure.  The moon had yet to rise and the billions of stars wheeling overhead weren't shedding enough light.

"Dammit, Jan," she whispered under her breath.

"What was that, my Queen?" Markie asked.

Upon returning to camp, Sam had removed Markie's gag and blindfold and released her from the hogtie.  However (at the naked, giggling fey's insistence), she had left the rope body harness intact, as well as the cords loosely binding her wings and lashing her wrists to the back of the harness.  "Nothing," Sam answered.  She'd already explained what had happened, that Janet had crossed the lake, apparently to negotiate with their giant captor.

Markie wiggled for comfort and smiled up into Sam's worried face.  Her head and shoulders were on Sam's lap, and her Queen's strong fingers were alternately combing through her tousled hair and gently caressing her shoulder.  "She's very brave, isn't she, my Queen?" the fairy captive said.  "I'm not brave enough to try and charm the dragon—that's for sure."

"Yeah, brave," Sam agreed.  Charm the dragon, she thought, continuing to slide her hand down Markie's smooth arm and across the single bands of rope dimpling her bicep.  Brave... stupid... courageous.  She smiled at Markie, leaned down, and kissed her lips.  "Don't sell yourself short.  You're plenty brave."

"My Queen," Markie sighed.

Sam's thoughts returned to the far shore, and what might or might not be happening over there... to Janet.

She loves me, Sam thought.  I could do worse... in fact, I'm not sure I could do better... if you ignore the gender question.  Her hand continued to caress Markie's smooth skin.  And does that really matter?  We aren't even the same species... kinda.  And it wasn't like intimacy with a Janet-fairy is even remotely hypothetical.  In terms of sheer quantity, getting boinked by amorous Janet-fairies constitutes the majority of my intimate experience.  She'd had exactly one crush which led to her first (and very forgettable) sexual liaison in high school, another while on leave from the Academy, a couple of others since, as well as some solo-action while dreaming about what it would be like to be Mrs. Jack O'Neill.  And then... Janet-fairies... lots and lots of Janet-fairies.  Not to mention Hailey-fairies and Felger-troll tongues.

"Oh... my Queen," Hailey sighed, continuing to squirm against Sam's lap.

"What?"  Sam had been caressing one of Markie's breasts—without realizing it!  "Oh, sorry, Markie," Sam gasped.  She pulled her hand back and blushed, furiously.

"Sorry, my Queen?"

"I-I-I didn't mean to do that," Sam stammered.

Markie frowned.  "Why not, my Queen?"

"I... I just didn't mean to," Sam answered, still blushing.

"Why not?" Markie repeated.  Her eyes were wet.  "Why?"


"You haven't touched my boobies or anything since the dragon took us," Markie complained.  She gazed into Sam's embarrassed face and batted her eyes.  "Don't you love me, my Queen?"

"I..."  Sam could see that Markie's eyes were still welling, but there was something else in her manner.  Sam's cheeks were still burning, but a smile crept to her lips.  "Markie," she said, finally, "are you trying to seduce me?"

"Uh huh," Markie admitted.  "Is it working?"

Sam grinned.  "Markie, you've got to understand.  We're less casual with stuff like this where I come from."

"Really?" Markie sighed.  "How sad."


"It's silly not to want to be happy," Markie muttered, "isn't it?  Just... silly."

Sam's smile faded and her gaze returned to the far side of the lake.  "I suppose it is, Markie," she said quietly.  Smiling again, she eased the captive off her lap.  "I'll be right back," she said, and headed for the back of the cave.

Markie watched her Queen gather a handful of kindling and a modest armload of wood and carry them to the fire pit.  She blew on the banked coals 'til the kindling flared, then arranged the remaining wood in a small pyramid.  By the time she returned to the flat rock, flickering, red-orange light was dancing off the canyon walls.

Sam resumed her former seat and eased the smiling fairy back onto her lap.  "Now, Jan can find her way back to camp," she explained.

"Good idea, my Queen," Markie said.

Sam resumed combing her fingers through Markie's hair.  "We'll just sit here and wait for her to return, okay?"

Markie sighed.  "Yes, my Queen."

Sam felt like a heel for not making Markie "happy", which was kinda weird.  It was strange to feel guilty about not taking advantage of a helpless, naked fairy... a helpless, naked fairy who wanted to be taken advantage of... but she just... couldn't... not right now.  Sam focused on the now barely discernible far shore.  C'mon, Janet... get your ass back here!

There are fairies at the bottom of our astrophysics lab
Chapter 15

Sam snapped awake at the distant sound of fluttering fairy wings.  Markie had been asleep, her head still on her lap, but Sam could tell she was awake, as well.  "Janet?" Sam called.

"I'm here!" Janet's voice answered—and then, she was.  Naked, her wrists still bound together in front with her former loincloth, she landed in front of the rock, a beaming smile on her face.  "It worked!" she gushed.

"What?" Sam huffed.

"Freya has agreed to fly us back to the stargate!" Janet announced.

"Just like that?"

"Yes!" Janet responded, nodding and smiling, "just like that!"

Sam was skeptical.  "The dragon-lady grabs Markie and me, flies us to this godforsaken canyon, and now—just because you ask her nicely—she's flying us back?"

"Well, yeah," Janet shrugged.  "I told her the Machine suspended the Hunt and asked her to kidnap you so the Darklings and Lightlings would have an interlude to develop their bases of operation.  And now... its time for you to go back."

"I thought you didn't know what the machine is thinking," Sam muttered.

"I don't," Janet said, smiling sweetly, "but it seems plausible, doesn't it?"

"She did charm the dragon," Markie said.  "How clever!"

Janet laughed.  "A couple of roast fish appetizers to break the ice, and I had her eating out of my hand."

"Literally," Sam huffed.  "Two roasted fry are just a taste for a giant like Freya."

"Well," Janet said, "she appreciated the gesture."  She turned and looked back the way she'd come.  "You know, I think she's kinda lonely."

"Yeah, lonely," Sam muttered, "when she isn't kidnapping people and running her giant fingers all over their body."

"She only did that once, my Queen," Markie noted.

"It was enough," Sam replied.  "So, she's flying us out?"

Janet turned back and her smile returned.  "First thing in the morning."  She held up her bound hands.

"Oooh, no!" Sam growled, grabbed Janet's arm, and marched her to the sandy ground in the middle of the cave.  "Sit," she ordered.

"Sam!" Janet complained, but followed instructions.  She watched as Sam grabbed a length of cord, crossed her ankles, and bound them together.  "What are you doing?" Janet demanded.

"Making sure you don't decide to fly off where something else big and nasty might eat you," Sam replied.

Janet favored her friend with a wounded pout.  "And I suppose if I'd asked for your permission to fly over and ask Freya to get us the hell out of here, you'd have just let me go?"

Sam took another length of cord and lashed Janet's bound wrists to her waist.  "No, I wouldn't have let you go," she admitted.  "And now it's a moot point, isn't it.  Stay!"

"Your wish is my command, O Queen," Janet chuckled. She watched as Sam untied Markie's bonds—all of them.  "One would think you'd be at least a little grateful," she said, reasserting her theatrical pout.

Sam led Markie over and pointed to Janet's left side.  "Time to sleep!"  She knelt at Janet's right side, tied one end of the rope around Janet's throat, and the other end around her own right wrist.  "I said, time to sleep," she muttered, and lay on her side with her back to the fairies.

"I love it when you take charge like this," Janet chuckled.

"Sleep!" Sam growled.

Still smiling, Janet lay on her side and snuggled close to Sam's back.

Markie lay flat, as well, and squirmed against Janet's back.  "I'm grateful," she whispered, and nuzzled her fellow fey's neck.

"Thank you. Markie," Janet whispered.  "Oh!" she added, in a strangled gasp.

Sam could feel Janet starting to squirm... to slowly squirm... and her breathing was becoming increasingly labored.  She realized what was happening: Markie was showing her gratitude by making Janet "happy".  Sam started to say something, but bit her lip, instead.  None of my business, she decided, and willed herself to lie still.  Oh course... I could make it my business.  I could roll over and 'punish' Jan for worrying the fool out of me by flying off the way she did...  I could...  What's to stop me?

Sam could tell Janet was doing her best to conceal and/or control the sensations caused by whatever Markie was doing to her—which was probably the little blond scamp using her fingers to massage Janet's pussy from behind—but Janet was only human, or, more precisely, fairy.  She continued with the heavy breathing and wiggling... and Sam continued to pointedly ignore what was happening, quite literally behind her back.

It wouldn't be right, Sam decided, or fair.  Janet's warm breath caressed her back as the bound fairy quietly whined through clenched teeth  Oh, screw 'right' and 'fair'!

Sam rolled over, embraced Janet's helpless body, and planted a savage kiss on her startled lips!  Their tongues probed and lips smacked, and their breasts pressed together as Sam hugged Janet with all her might.

Markie continued to caress Janet's labia.  "Kiss her, my Queen," she whispered, as unnecessary a suggestion as ever there was.  "Kiss her."

Sam continued to do just that, and Janet returned the kiss with equal fervor.  Then, Sam's eyes popped wide.

Markie was on her knees, straddling Sam and Janet's legs as they lay face to face.  The little blond fey had loosened Sam's loincloth and was reaching between both sets of legs from behind and was caressing both pussies!  Sam slid one of her legs between Janet's bound legs, which had the effect of spreading both of their thighs slightly further apart, facilitating Markie's efforts.

"Cum for me, my Queen," Markie whispered.  "Cum for me, Janet."

And, eventually, they did.

There are fairies at the bottom of our astrophysics lab
Chapter 15

Sam and Janet lay on the sand, their breasts heaving and their skin shining with sweat.  A nearly full moon, joined by a smaller, more distant second moon, had finally risen, and they bathed the canyon walls and shimmering lake in pale, blue-white light.

Markie was curled up at their feet, her face cradled in her hands as she smiled at her Queen and Janet.  "Are you happy, my Queen? she sighed.

"Look at her," Sam said to Janet.

"Have you ever seen such a smug, self-satisfied smile?" Janet grinned.

Sam grinned back as she reached down and untied the cord lashing Janet's silk-bound wrists to her waist.  "You know the old saying, of course," she whispered in Janet's ear.

"Which one?" Janet whispered back, and took the opportunity to plant a kiss and nibble Sam's ear.

"'No good deed goes unpunished'?"

"Oh, that old saying," Janet chuckled.  Her eyes locked with Sam's, she used her gleaming white teeth to attack the knot in the silk cloth binding her wrists.  The knot finally surrendered, and she pulled her wrists free.  "I suppose one of us fairies still needs to be tied up, as per the dragon's orders, don't you think?"

"Oh, certainly," Sam agreed, nodding gravely.  She then untied the rope from around Janet's neck and her own wrist.

Janet tucked her legs and untied her ankles, then stretched her arms and legs, full-length.

Sam and Janet exchanged one more knowing (and loving) smile.

Markie knew what was coming, of course, and was "innocently" curled up and "asleep".  A saucy smile curled her lips and her folded wings quivered in the moonlight.  And then, the "attack" came!  "Eeeee!" she squealed, as Sam and Janet grabbed her and pinned her stomach down on the sand.  Sam held Markie's hands behind her back and under her wings as Janet used the silk cloth to bind her wrists.  "Forgive me, my Queen," the little blond fey whined.

"Oh, I forgive you," Sam said, sweetly.  "But turnabout is fair play."

"Another fine old saying," Janet chuckled.  She reached for the loincloth still loosely—very loosely—wrapped around Sam's waist and through her crotch.  "May I?"

"Oh, be my guest," Sam chuckled.

The cloth slithered free and Janet tied an overhand knot in its center.  She leaned close to Hailey's grinning face and gently pulled the captive's long, blond locks to one side.  "You're a naughty little fairy," she whispered, "and need to be taught a lesson."  She thrust the knot into Markie's mouth, cinched the cloth tight, and tied a knot at the nape of her neck, under her hair.  "This way she won't disturb Freya's sleep," she explained to Sam.

Sam grinned.  "Wouldn't want to disturb Freya."  She helped Janet lift Markie and settle her onto her back and folded wings, then reclined on her left.  Janet reclined on the prisoner's right.

Markie looked from face to grinning face, sandwiched between her Queen and her favorite fellow fey.  She grinned back, through her gag, then gasped as two hands began caressing her sex.  Her thighs tensed and she tried to close her legs, but this was made impossible as her captors each wrapped a leg around one of her legs and pried them apart.  She shivered and writhed as the hands continued to slide up and down—then squeezed her eyes closed and whined through her gag as fluttering fingers penetrated her nether-lips and started teasing her clitoris.

Sam withdrew her hand.  "You can go first, if you like."

"Thank you, my Queen," Janet chuckled, and continued frigging Markie's pussy.  "She does have two nipples," the grinning fairy noted, "two pretty little nipples poking from two pretty little breasts."

"Good point," Sam purred.  "Points, plural," she corrected herself, then extended her tongue and delicately licked the closest of the points in question.

Markie whined and shivered, again.

Janet continued teasing Markie with her hand, and joined Sam in licking, gently nibbling, and suckling the captive's nipples and breasts.  Eventually, after several long, endless minutes, Markie managed to cum, and it was glorious!  Her Queen and Janet were making her very happy.

There are fairies at the bottom of our astrophysics lab
Chapter 15

That only left Sam, and later that night, the Queen was made happy, as well.

Sam was on her back with Janet straddling her waist.  The brunette fairy's hands were palm-to-palm with Sam's, their fingers interlaced as she leaned forward, holding Sam's arms to either side of her head.  Their nipples brushed as Janet nuzzled and kissed Sam's neck, face, and lips.

Meanwhile, her gag loose and around her neck but her wrists still bound behind her back, Markie was on her tummy and between Sam's splayed legs.  Her wings quivered as she nuzzled her Queen's crotch and licked the Royal Pussy.

Unseen by the fairies or their Queen, Freya the giantess floated in the lake with only the top half of her colossal head, her eyes, and her nose above the surface.  Her yellow, dragon eyes pierced the darkness like night-vision goggles, and she had the visual acuity of an aerial predator.  She could make out every detail of the sweaty, sandy, glistening bodies and shivering, rainbow wings as Markie and Janet entertained Sam.

Goldeneye/Anise/Freya was a daughter of the Machine of Life, like all the different varieties of fairies and trolls, and she loved the Queen just as fervently... but she could do nothing but watch.  She was too big.  If she tried to participate or if she even make her presence known, she knew it would ruin the glorious spectacle unfolding on the sandy floor of the shallow cave.

Tomorrow, she would change into dragon form and fly the Queen and the others back to the Temple, and then... she'd return to her sunken, protected lake.  It was the right thing to do.  She'd realized that as soon as the Janet-fairy—the brave little Janet-fairy—began making her arguments.  The Queen belonged with the fairies, and the Darklings and Lightlings had had time enough to sort things out.  During the previous days, between hunting the beasts on the plains and in the forest, she'd soared high and watched the fairies flutter in and out of their stony mountain and their grove of giant trees, ferrying supplies from the Great Temple and building their homes.  It was time to let them watch over the Queen.  That was supposed to be their job, anyway.

Sam twisted her head to the side and screamed into the night.  "Oh, Janet!  Markie!  M'mmmpfh!"

"Quiet, Sam," Janet hissed, her right hand pressed against the writhing blonde's lips.  "Quiet, or I'll bind you so tight you can't even squirm, gag you with every piece of silk we've got, and we'll do this all night."

Markie lifted her head from her Queen's glistening pussy and giggled.  "Aren't those reasons for her not to be quiet, Janet?"

"Shut up and get back to work," Janet laughed.

Markie giggled, again, and followed her fellow fey's order, with renewed enthusiasm.

Janet continued her hand-gag, her eyes locked with Sam's.  "Maybe we ought to tie you up anyway," she whispered.  "Maybe, in the morning, I ought to tell Freya we've changed our minds and want to stay an extra week.  Markie and I can keep you tied up and gagged, and lick your pussy all day and all night, until you lose your ever-loving, astrophysical mind."

Freya smiled her underwater smile, and continued to watch.  She was going to miss Sam and her playmates.  Maybe I ought to kidnap a few fairies of my own, she thought.  I'll have to make a cage, of course.  Otherwise, they'll just fly away.

Back in the cave, Sam screamed through Janet's hand and went completely rigid.  Significantly (in Janet's and Freya's opinion) Sam's free hand dug into the sand, but was not used to dislodge the hand-gag.

She loves them, Freya decided, as she silently slipped under the water, pulled her body away from the shore, turned, and started swimming back to the far shore.  Yes, she loves them both.

There are fairies at the bottom of our astrophysics lab
Chapter 15


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