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Chapter 4

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Our Story Continues

I stared at Lucia in what must have been wide-eyed terror (or a reasonable facsimile thereof).  In fact, I was frozen in place and actually shivering with dread.  I heard a somewhat musical tinkling noise, and realized it was the silver links of my chains rattling.  I swallowed nervously around my ball-gag, and willed myself to stand still.

"Well, well, well," Lucia purred, looking my expensively chained and clothed self up and down.  "If it isn't our red-haired impostor.  Has she revealed her true identity yet?"

Rosa put a comforting hand on my shoulder, then shook a warning finger at her uniformed guest.  "Lucia, you behave," she scolded.

I could tell Rosa was anything but angry.  In fact, she was trying very hard not to laugh.  I felt my cheeks burning, and realized I was now more embarrassed than scared.  I moaned through my gag, and Rosa went up on her toes and kissed my cheek.

"Lucia is my friend," she whispered in my ear.  "Remember that.  You don't have to be afraid."  She then turned to the friend in question (the questionable friend in question).  "Drinks," she ordered.  "I finish dinner."  She tossed a small, silver key to Lucia, and walked away.

"Oh-ah!" I complained (Gaglish to English: "Rosa!"), but she was gone.  I turned back to face Lucia, and swallowed again.

Lucia unbuttoned her uniform jacket and shrugged it off.  What I had taken for a blouse and cummerbund underneath was revealed to be a halter-top with a full front.  It had a cute little winged collar and tie, but only her breasts and tummy were covered.  Her arms, shoulders, and sides (including a tantalizing glimpse of the outside slopes of her breasts) were completely exposed to the humid tropical night.  Her skin was brown and smooth, like Rosa's, but her figure was more svelte, her muscles more defined.

She draped her jacket across an easy chair, then held up Rosa's key.  With a gloating smile, she turned and went to the mahogany bar cabinet against the far wall.  I tugged on my chains and watched as she opened a built-in refrigerator and pulled out a pitcher of margaritas.  She poured a dollop into two salt-rimmed glasses, and strolled back.  She set the glasses down, stepped behind me, and unlocked my gag.  The buckle was loosened to its first hole and relocked, letting the gag dangle around my throat.  I felt it bounce once against the chain connecting my diamond and silver-steel choker with the rest of my bonds.

A frosted glass of tequila and lime yumminess appeared in my gloved and fettered hand, and I took a sip.  "Thanks," I whispered.

"You're welcome," Lucia answered, and took a sip of her own drink.  I blushed again as she continued looking me up and down with her beautiful, brown, gloating eyes.  She took a step to the side and openly stared at my naked rear.  "I see Rosa has you well in hand.  A wise precaution, until we establish your actual identity."

Enough is enough!  I took another sip, then glared at Lucia.  "Stop it!  I'm Lorelai Meriwether.  You have my passport, and you can send my fingerprints to the States if you really want confirmation.  Enough of this false-identity nonsense!"

Lucia laughed, sat in the easy chair supporting her jacket, and motioned towards an adjoining, matching chair.  I clinked over and sat, flinching a little as my bare bottom came in contact with the cool leather.

"I may do that very thing," Lucia said, smiling brightly.  "Send your fingerprints, I mean.  After all, you may have kidnapped the real Lorelai Meriwether, and have her hidden away someplace."  She took a drink, her eyes locked with mine over the salt-encrusted rim of her glass.  She set the glass down on a side table and continued.  "Imagine... the poor, brown-haired maiden, perhaps tied up, or in chains... a prisoner in a place from which she cannot escape... at the mercy of strangers.  Imagine."

I stared at the Comandante for several seconds, her words were striking a little too close to home!  I downed the rest of my margarita in one rapid gulp—then gasped, squeezed my eyes shut, and shuddered in pain.  Brain freeze!

"Careful, Red-hair," Lucia purred.

Just then Rosa returned, pushing a serving cart laden with covered platters.  "What have you done?" she demanded, glaring at Lucia.

"I—I'm okay," I gasped.  "I drank too fast.  My fault."

Rosa continued glaring at Lucia as she loaded the platters onto the table.  Lucia gazed back in amused innocence.

"Dinner is served," Rosa announced, finally.

I climbed to my feet—almost.  I misjudged the confinement of my chains and fell back into the chair.  Lucia took my arm and helped me up.  "Thank you," I muttered.

"De nada," Lucia said, then let her hand brush against my left butt cheek.  I yelped in alarm, and her head swiveled in my direction.  "Excúseme," she purred, with a wry smile.

Rosa had noticed none of this.  "Lobster casserole," she announced, smiling proudly as she removed the cover from the largest dish.

My diamond-encrusted manacles made dining possible.  I managed to enjoy the delicious meal, thankful that the lobster meat was out of the shell.  Otherwise, in my chains, I probably would have made a mess of myself and my beautiful, scandalous gown.

The dinner continued with companionable conversation, almost exclusively between Rosa and Lucia.  They spoke English, obviously for my sake, and I was grateful.  (I wish I had your talent for languages, Chrissy, but my español is hopeless.)  As the evening progressed, I learned a great deal about the recent catch of the village fishermen, the progress of the local crops, and who was going to have a baby when.  More importantly, I learned that Rosa and Lucia really were good friends, and Lucia was not the gloating monster I had feared.  I began to relax in her presence.

The subject of my unconventional attire and expensive restraints was never raised (and I wasn't about to bring it up myself).  Dessert was delicious—some sort of cake with papaya, mango, and rum sauce—and we finished with brandy on the balcony.

There were countless stars in the tropical sky, and the half-moon had already risen.  We enjoyed the cool air for several minutes, then Lucia rose, walked over to Rosa and gave her a warm kiss (a very friendly, warm kiss).  "I must work tomorrow, so I swim, then head back, okay?"

"I'm glad you came," Rosa purred, then returned the kiss.  I watched from the next chair as Lucia and my beautiful Rosa's lips smacked and their tongues slid into each other's mouths.  I squirmed and tugged on my sparkling chains, my feelings equal parts jealousy, envy (Lucia's beautiful too, ya know), and arousal.

The kiss ended, and Lucia came over to me. She leaned close and kissed my lips, then stood and smiled down at my mildly-flustered self.  "Never fear, Red-hair," she said, "eventually I shall learn who you are, and what you have done with the real Lorelai Meriwether."

It was probably all the alcohol, but (much to my eventual regret) I decided to play her silly game.  I smiled coyly, batting my eyes.  "I'll never tell," I purred back.

Lucia's eyes flashed, and her smile widened.  "Oh, but you will!"  She nodded towards our grinning hostess.  "I now... how you say? ...deputize Rosa, to act on my behalf."  She turned her back on me and addressed Rosa.  "Diputado Navarro!"

Rosa scrambled to her feet and snapped a formal salute, which Lucia returned.

Lucia nodded over her shoulder at me.  "Take charge of the prisoner.  You are authorized to use any and all measures necessary to ensure she does not escape.  Are your orders clear?"

A smile on her gorgeous lips, Rosa winked in my direction, then snapped another salute.  "Sí, mi comandante!"

Lucia turned again to face me.  "You should work her, of course," she said, still addressing Rosa.  "She must complete her labor for La Marquesa, and any other tasks you wish to assign her are acceptable."

"Sí, mi comandante!" Rosa repeated, giving me another wink.

My eyes darted back to Lucia.  She leaned close again, this time hooking the ring in the front of my choker with the index finger of her right hand.  She pulled me into another kiss, but this one was deep, and long.  Her tongue invaded my mouth, sliding and exploring.  I managed a startled yelp (well-muffled, of course), then returned the kiss.  When she finally pulled back and released my collar, my heart was hammering and my cheeks burning.

"Until we meet again, Red-hair," Lucia purred, spun on her heel, and reentered the dining room.  She grabbed her jacket and folded it over one arm, blew Rosa a kiss, then turned and sauntered away.  The long, silky, indigo skirt of her uniform swished and swirled as she departed.

I watched Lucia's bare, brown back and the skirt-covered form of her firm, round buttocks until she was gone, then flinched when Rosa leaned close from behind and kissed my cheek.  Distracted by Lucia's departure, I hadn't been aware she'd even moved.  "Don't sneak up on me like that!" I complained.

"I wasn't sneaking, silly," Rosa whispered.  "You were preoccupied, leering at Lucia."

I blushed, and opened my mouth to protest, but Rosa cut me short by thrusting my ball-gag back in my mouth, tightening the strap, and locking the buckle.  She then took hold of my leash and led me close to the balcony's balustrade.  She pushed me against a stone column supporting one end of a vine-draped pergola, passed the leash around its circumference, and secured the loop back to the collar.  Standing in my collar, manacles, and fetters, I was totally helpless.

One cheek and my silk-covered breasts against the cool stone of the column, I locked eyes with Rosa, forced a piteous whine past my gag, and affected my most heartrending pout.  (It was the pout I used on you, Chrissy, to get you to loan me your cashmere sweater.  Remember?)  I batted my eyes, for added effect.

Rosa's reaction was totally unexpected... and mildly painful.  Smiling sweetly, she gave my right butt cheek a resounding slap!

I yelped through my gag, and my pout became a resentful glare... which became a forgiving smile when Rosa went up on her toes, leaned close, nuzzled my neck, and gently caressed my naked behind.  This served to soothe my wounded pride (and send a thrill through my strap-cleaved hoo-haw).

"You wait here while I clear the table," Rosa whispered, "you little flirt."

I sighed, and she was gone.  Back in the dining room, I heard tableware, plates, bowls, and glassware clattering and clinking, and the serving cart rolling away.  And then I was truly alone.  I sighed again.  I would have helped!

I heard a loud splash below, shuffled a few degrees to the side, and found I could see blue-green light rippling against the vine-covered walls of one of the castle's many interior courts.  I could also see several yards of rippling water and wavering mosaic tiles.  It was a part of one of the castle pools, of course, one of the half-dozen or so of various sizes designed for human use... as opposed to the dozens that were simply watergardens, full of lilypads, reeds, and other aquatic plants, mosquito-gobbling fish, waterfalls, dripping fountains, etc.

Okay, I admit it, Chrissy.  I'm rambling.  I'd had a busy, interesting day, Lucia had spooked me, and I'd drunk too much (although I wasn't drunk), I was tired, and—Whoa-doggies!

Down below, Lucia had swum into view.  She was naked, and her strong, slim, brown body cut through the water like the proverbial knife.  She was only in sight for a few seconds... then was gone.  Seconds passed, and she came back into view... and was gone again.  I watched her periodic appearances for several cycles, enjoying the play of the light on the castle wall, the sound of the crickets and the distant splashing, looking up now and then to take in the billions of stars wheeling overhead.

I heard Rosa returning, and smiled around my gag as she embraced me from behind, pressed my helpless body against the stone pillar, and nuzzled my left ear.  "She is beautiful, no?" Rosa whispered.  "Her home is the water, like the fish.  She is an expert diver.  Did you know?"

I shook my head.  We both watched as Lucia swam into view below, drifted to a halt in the rippling water, treaded water for several seconds, then surged forward and out of our view.

"Are you a scuba diver, my Lorelai?"  I shook my head and forced a negative sound past my gag.  "I teach you," Rosa purred.  "I can't give you a certificate, but I can teach you how to be safe.  The castle has all the latest equipment, including wetsuits."

Rosa's hands wandered over my silk-covered breasts and naked bottom.  I squirmed and shivered under her smooth, gentle hands, and forced a quiet purr-like murmur past my gag.

Rosa thrust her tongue into my ear, gave it a wet swirl, then gently nibbled my earlobe.  "I give you a scuba book to study," she whispered, "tomorrow."

Down below, the splashing noises had stopped, and the rippling of the water was subsiding.  I surmised Lucia had finished her swim.  Seconds later, the pool lights winked out.

"The Marquesa has a closet of uniforms for La Comandante in one of the guest rooms," Rosa said.  "That way Lucia can visit without having to worry about traveling the jungle roads in formal attire.  Some of Lucia's castle uniforms are very... shall we say... interesting."  

Interesting? I wondered.  Visions of Lucia in boots and jodhpurs, with whips and riding crops, flashed through my increasingly fevered, aroused brain.  (Rosa's hands hadn't stopped their wanton, wandering ways, you see.)  There was also a delicious vision of Lucia in a thin, tight wetsuit, covered head-to-toe in gleaming black rubber, with only her face exposed.  Then I realized Rosa was releasing me from the column.

She stepped back, twirled me around, and looked me up and down with a critical, leering eye.  I was still more-or-less helpless in my diamond encrusted, silver chains and locked ball-gag.  The end of my leash was in Rosa's hand.  "I think you share Rosa's bed tonight," she said.  It was an announcement, not an offer.  (Not that I would have refused, of course.)

Rosa pulled me close and kissed my gagged lips; then smiled, turned, and led me from the balcony.
Chapter 4
I was dragged (not exactly kicking and screaming) into Rosa's bedroom.  Her suite is nearly as opulent as mine, and the bed is another gigantic, dark-stained, "Tropical Gothic" four-poster, with canopy and mosquito netting.  Next to the bed, however, is a unique feature: a very long, very stout steel chain attached to a ring dangling in the stone mouth of a crouching lion.  The sculpture is asian in style, probably Chinese, and it must weigh a quite literal ton.

I'd never noticed the chain before, because Rosa kept it coiled in a reed basket and covered it with a circular pillow, so it looked like a hassock.  Anyhow, I sure noticed it now, because she tossed the pillow in the corner, pulled out the entire twenty feet or so of clinking, clattering links, and let it all pool on the carpet.  Attached to the end was a steel collar!

I watched with wide eyes as Rose unlocked my diamond-encrusted "princess collar", and replaced it with the heavy, utilitarian "slave collar".  Its edges were well-rounded, and polished smooth.  It had a cleverly hidden spring-loaded catch with a flush-mounted lock.  As Rosa closed and locked the heavy steel ring around my neck, the ratcheting clicks and clacks sent a shuddering thrill through my body.

I mewed a piteous, heart-rending "complaint" past my gag, but offered no resistance as Rosa used a silk band to bind my elbows together behind my back.  It was what you'd call either a very wide ribbon or a very narrow scarf, and the smooth texture and the dry, slithering sound of the silk sliding across itself as she wrapped, cinched, and knotted the bondage sent another thrill rippling through my sex.

Rosa next removed the remainder of my "princess chains", sent me sprawling on the bed with a gentle push, and used additional silk to bind my wrists behind my back and my ankles together.  I continued offering no resistance, but half the excitement was knowing that the way Rosa was handling me, the obvious skill with which she removed and applied my bonds, never gave me a chance to resist!  My cooperation was not an issue!  I was Rosa's prisoner, in every way—and I gotta tell you, Chrissy—I was lovin' it! J

Next came my gown and corset.  The silk and velvet sheath slithered down the underlying leather and my bound legs, then Rosa set to work on the laces and buckles of the corset.  In short order I was nude, not counting my steel collar, silk bonds, and the ball-gag still strapped in my mouth and padlocked at the nape of my neck.  The corset hadn't been that much of an ordeal, but it felt good to be out of the thing (especially that pesky crotch strap).

I watched as Rosa gathered my former costume and accessories and took them to her walk-in closet.  I tested my bonds, and found the silk and collar to be inescapable, as expected.  In about a minute she was back, without the corset, gown, and chains; and, without her gown.  Yum!

A gloating smile on her lips, Rosa unlocked my gag, released the buckle, and pulled the ball from my mouth.  I licked my lips and worked my jaw as Rosa walked the gag to the closet, and returned.  She climbed onto the bed, pulled my bound and chain-tethered self into a tight embrace, and planted a deep, wet, looong kiss on my lips.   Double-yum!

She broke the kiss, and crawled up the bed until she was comfortably reclined on her back on the scatter of pillows piled against the headboard.  This left my head more or less even with her crotch.  "Rosa entertain you this afternoon," she reminded me (like I needed reminding), "so now, you entertain Rosa."  She shook a warning finger in my face.  "If you refuse, Rosa strap a ring-gag in your mouth, and spank your nalgas until you do as you are told."  Her tone was threatening, but I could tell it was all in fun.  "And if you don't do a good job, you sleep on the cold floor," she added.   "Entiende?"

I nodded, gravely (doing my best not to seem actually eager, and thus spoil the game).  "I'll see what I can do," I whispered.

"Don't disappoint Rosa," my captor purred.  "Begin."

I licked my lips, slithered and rolled until I was between Rosa's splayed legs, sighed a brave, long-suffering, reluctant sigh (not that Rosa was fooled, of course), and set to work.
Chapter 4
I don't want to bore you with the details, Chrissy... J I'll just say: I did Rosa—Rosa did me—I did Rosa—Rosa did me—(lather, rinse, repeat)—and eventually... sometime well after midnight, we were both exhausted and ready for bed... that is to say (yawn)... for slumber.

Already half-asleep, I was mildly surprised to feel Rosa releasing me from my silk bonds.  "What's up?" I mumbled.

"You are not yet used to sleeping with your hands tied," Rosa purred.

'Yet'??  Like I said, I was half-asleep.  Anyway, she was joking.  She had to be joking, right?  "What if I pull a Princess Leia on you in your sleep?" I asked with a smile.

Rosa paused in the process of releasing my wrists.  "Princess Leia?"

"What if I strangle you with my chain?"

Rosa yawned, and continued untying my wrists.  "The key to your collar is not in this room," she explained.  "In fact, it is well-hidden at a distance many, many times the length of your chain.  If you strangle Rosa, you will starve to death... unless Lucia finds you first; in which case you will wish you had starved to death."

Again, she was obviously joking.  Like I said, I was pooped, and the fact that Rosa was handling me like a well-experienced, professional jailer went right over my sleepy little head.  Finally free, but for my collar and chain, I snuggled close to Rosa and kissed her lips.  "G'night, my Rosa," I murmured.

"Good night, my Lorelai," Rosa responded, and yawned again (causing me to yawn).  "We sleep late tomorrow... or should I say, today.  We will still run, of course... but later."

"Okay," I whispered, and snuggled against my mistress.

Yes, that's right, Chrissy.  I'd begun thinking of my Rosa as my mistress... or should I say Mistress?  Anyhow, the next day, things got really interesting.
Chapter 4

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