Patriotic Pulcritude on Parade!  SAM's WAR-II
  Web of the Spider Lady  by Van ©2013


 Chapter 3


The Spider Lady gestured to the pair of minions holding Sam's arms.  "Closer," she ordered.  "I want her to see every detail of the preparations."

Sam's minders stepped closer to the table, bringing her with them.  Naked but for her bra and knickers, rope binding her arms to her sides and her crossed wrists high behind her back, a rag crammed in her mouth with a second, narrowly folded cloth cleaving her mouth, Sam gazed down at the unconscious and completely naked Diana.  The acrobats handling her American friend rolled her onto her stomach, lifted her arms and folded them back, then crossed Diana's limp hands behind her head.  They then released the hitch in a coil of rope and began binding her wrists.

"I have something very special in store for your friend," the Spider Lady purred, "something to place her in a... shall we say... receptive mood for her training, while at the same time providing entertainment."  She lifted Sam's chin and peered into her eyes.  "That would be entertainment for myself, of course.  Your friend will find her coming ordeal to be anything but entertaining."

Sam jerked her chin from the Spider Lady's hand and stared sadly at Diana.  The acrobats were looping neat, flat bands around Diana's upraised forearms, linking them to her wrist bonds.  Next, a complex network of rope strands cinched the bands of rope.  The final flourish was an elaborate, symmetrical snarl, more a decorate rosette than a knot.  Sam wasn't sure she could tease the thing apart even if she was untied and her captors allowed the attempt.  For Diana, when she regained consciousness the knot would be impossible for her fingers to reach, much less untie.  She was helpless and would remain that way until released, but the acrobats weren't finished.

Rolling Diana as required, they tied a neat upper body harness.  Rope strands passed around her upper torso, above and below her breasts, then yoked her shoulders and were incorporated in her wrist and forearm bondage.  Next, one of the magician's assistants stepped forward with a comb and they began dressing Diana's hair, parting and plaiting her long, dark brown mane.  Soon, they had a single tight braid draping from the very crown of her head.  They tied off the end of the braid with a piece of hemp cord, then passed the braid through a three-inch steel ring, folded it back on itself, and used a hank of rope to neatly and tightly wrap the doubled braid.  At the same time they hitched the ring through the wrist, forearm, and harness bonds.  When they finally took a step back, Diana's club-like topknot of hair and rope, the steel ring, and her other bonds were one tight, neat, symmetrical web.

The acrobats rolled Diana onto her back and bound arms, then stepped to the foot of the table and pulled her legs together.  Rope was looped, cinched, and knotted, and soon Diana's ankles, the insteps of her feet, and her big toes were bound together.  A coiled and tightly wound run of rope travelled between her ankles and feet and ended at her toes, where a second three-inch ring dangled.  Ropes slithered through the hair and toe rings, the slack was removed, and knots tied somewhere below the top and bottom edges of the table.  Diana was now stretched full-length and lashed to the plane of wood, her nude body shining under the bright lights.

The Spider Lady gave a command in Chinese and one of the magician's assistants went to a cabinet and returned with a coil of hemp cord.  She looped the centre of the cord under the rope bands above and below Diana's breasts, then cinched it tight, pinching the ropes into an "X" centred between her breasts.  Then, with the acrobats' assistance, she proceeded to loop the cord around each breast, imparting a slight bulge to the firm globes in the process.

"She is expert in the binding of breasts," the Spider Lady explained for Sam's benefit.  "The slight compression increases their sensitivity, enhancing both pleasure and pain."

Sam whined through her gag.  She couldn't help herself.  Poor Diana!

"Don't worry, Miss Stewart," the Spider Lady purred, "my plans for you will be equally delightful."

Sam's eyes popped wide and she stared at the Spider Lady.  A shiver travelled up her spine.  She knows my name, Sam thought.  This is more than a random kidnapping!

The breast bonds were tied off and the Spider Lady barked another command in Chinese.  A maiden stepped forward, snapped a small ampoule, and waved it under Diana's nose.

Smelling salts! Sam realized.

Diana's relaxed, unconscious face formed into a frown.  Eyes still closed, she tried to turn her head, but her bondage allowed only limited motion.  Her body began to move, but was checked by her bonds.  Then, her blue eyes opened and blinked.  Diana was awake!

Initially confused, Diana focused on Sam and her captors—then on the Spider Lady.  Her expression hardened.  "Madam Fah lo Shuee.  Why am I a prisoner of the Si-Fann?"

The Spider Lady answered with a question of her own.  "You are military intelligence?"  She waited a few heartbeats for Diana to answer, then continued.  "Unexpected, but inconsequential.  If anything, an unexpected bonus.  Whatever information resides in your pretty head will probably prove profitable.  We shall see."  The Spider Lady turned and smiled at Sam before continuing.  "Gag her."

One of the acrobats thrust a translucent ball of natural rubber into Diana's unresisting mouth.  It was perhaps two inches in diameter, easily large enough to act as an effective, jaw-stretching plug.  A steel ring embedded in the sphere was positioned between Diana's lips.  A length of rope was passed through the ring and hitched through her forearm bonds on either side, the ends passed back through the ring, once again, then all slack was removed and knots tied.  Now, Diana was not only tightly gagged but her head was completely immobilized.

"The machine is in full readiness?" the Spider Lady inquired, smiling down at Diana.

"Yes, Madam," one of the minions answered.  "Ready and tested."

"Bring her," the Spider Lady commanded, then made a gesture to include Sam.  "Bring them both."

The ropes binding Diana to the table were released and several minions lifted her onto their shoulders.  They left the chamber with the Spider Lady in the lead, Diana and her "pallbearers" coming next, and Sam and her handlers bringing up the rear.
Web of the Spider Lady—3
The journey was brief and ended in yet another stone-walled chamber, this one with a high arched ceiling.  Centred in the chamber was a massive machine festooned with massive gears, some nested and some in trains.  Dangling chains travelled through pulleys and along guides, sometimes meshing with one or more gears.  The device, whatever its purpose, was the size of a large lorry.  It was incredibly complex, quite intimidating, and unmistakably sinister.

The Spider Lady made a grand gesture.  "Behold... The Regulated Tornado of Escalating Discomfort!"  She turned to Sam and gave an apologetic shrug.  "The name loses a great deal in the translation."  She turned back to face the machine.  "Install the American."

Diana was carried forward, lowered from her handlers' shoulders, and her bound feet planted on a raised, circular platform.  The ring dangling between her toes was secured in the jaws of a steel clamp centred in the platform.  Then, her handlers lifted Diana's body and clicked the ring dangling from her upper-body bonds in a second clamp directly overhead. 

Sam moaned through her gag.  Diana hung between the two rings like a side of beef or a slaughtered pig... a helpless, beautiful, living slab of meat.

"Proceed," the Spider Lady ordered.

A magician's assistant strolled to the side of the machine, turned a key, and opened a steel panel, revealing a series of switches and small, circular indicator lights.  She threw the topmost switch on the right and somewhere in the heart of the machine an electric motor began to hum.  At the same time, the indicator above the switch illuminated, revealing a Chinese character.  The assistant threw a second switch, a winch turned, and Diana's body was stretched even further.  Before, only gravity had held her in place.  Now, the two clamps had pulled apart, just a little, but enough to visibly increase the tension on Diana's body.  The naked captive winced and her body quivered in distress.  Sam suspected it was the only reactions Diana found to be possible.  A third switch was thrown, gears began to turn, and slowly... very slowly... Diana's stretched, helpless body began to rotate.

"It is like a vertical spit," the Spider Lady mused, gazing at Diana's spinning form.  "The Turks, Arabs, and Greeks use such things to roast meat."  She turned to Sam.  "Have you ever had such meat?"  She turned back, not waiting for a nod or head-shake from Sam, the only answers that were possible given her gagged condition.  "Delicious.  Savoury."

The assistant threw switch after switch.  Each time, a panel window illuminated with another Chinese character and one-by-one vertical steel posts festooned with feathers and dangling rods moved along a spiral track and snapped into place around the periphery of Diana and the slowly spinning platform.  Sam now realized there were actually two platforms sharing a common centre with Diana's stretched body.  The taller inner platform rotated in a clockwise direction, taking Diana with it, and the second, lower platform rotated counter-clockwise.  Like the platforms, the posts were slowly spinning, and they were evenly spaced around Diana's helpless form.

"Are you familiar with the bastinado?" the Spider Lady inquired, addressing Sam.  "It was one of the tortures of the Catholic Inquisition," she explained.  "It is also a favourite of the Turks, to this very day.  The victim's bare feet are confined in stocks and punished with various wooden implements.  At first, light, rapid taps from mere wands are employed.  Hardly painful at all.  However, as the torment continues, the feet become increasingly sensitive.  The force escalates.  Wands are replaced by thin rods... then by thick rods... then by canes... and finally, by cudgels.  The pain is said to be agony beyond bearing.  The slow escalation is the key, causing the suffering to greatly transcend that of a mere beating."

Sam's heart was hammering and she shivered in distress.

"The 'Tornado' uses the same principal," the Spider Lady continued.  "Your friend will spin.  The feathers and rods surrounding her body will spin.  Slowly... ever so slowly... as the speed of rotation increases, the dangling feathers and rods will rise and begin to caress her skin.  At first it shall be a tickling sensation.  Gradually, the tickling becomes quite unpleasant, then actual torment.  Similarly, the rods gain speed and a teasing caress becomes a mild whipping, then a serious whipping.  And it will go on and on, over the course of many hours, and as with the bastinado, the sensitivity of her skin will outpace the intensity of the actual punishment."

Sam tugged on her bonds and tried to lunge forward.  "Nrrrrrrf!"  It was a gagged moan of despair, and her eyes begged for mercy on behalf of her friend.  Her handlers easily controlled her struggling body and the Spider Lady ignored her plea.

"The machine has been carefully crafted," the Spider Lady explained, "and the design refined over many years.  The punishment escalates, but is neither uniform nor predictable.  At times, the whipping rods will be the dominant.  At times, the feathers.  At other times, both together.  It will be a symphony of torture as the various columns increase and decrease their rate of spin, move closer to the centre, then creep back.  And all the while... over hours... everything builds in a crescendo of pain."  She turned her gaze to Sam, an evil smile curling her lips.  "Don't worry about your friend's exquisite body," she said, nodding at Diana.  "When she is removed from the machine, her skin will be flushed and striped, but will heal in a few days.  As for her mind... that depends on the strength of her will.  Time will tell."

"M'mmpfh."  Her eyes wet, Sam gazed at Diana's slowly rotating body.  The first of the feathered rods had lifted from the posts and were almost touching Diana's skin.  As tears dripped down Sam's cheeks and into her gag, the first of the the feathers brushed Diana's erect nipples.  Somehow, Diana controlled her reaction.  Either that, or she was saving her response, rationing her severely limited range of motion for the serious distress that was to come.

"Let's leave your friend to her ordeal," the Spider Lady purred, "shall we?"  As she turned towards the door, the assistant closed and locked the steel panel over the machine's controls.

Sam's handlers began dragging her towards the door.  She fought and struggled for all she was worth.  "M'mmpfh!"  It was hopeless.  Her bonds were inescapable and her handlers strong and many.  Sam looked back over her shoulder, watching, as long as she could, Diana's naked, slowly turning, bound and gagged body and the slowly tuning posts.  Then, the door closed and Sam was dragged down the corridor.
Web of the Spider Lady—3
The Spider Lady, Sam, and her handlers entered a chamber similar to the room in which Sam had been partially stripped, bound, and gagged, and Diana had been completely stripped, bound, and gagged.  Cabinets lined one wall, and there was another table under another bank of bright lights with stainless steel reflectors; however, this table was narrower and a series of long, wide, thick leather straps with steel roller-buckles dangled from its sides

Kicking and mewling through her gag, Sam was dragged to the table, lifted off her feet, plunked down on the hard surface on her back and bound arms, and strapped down.  Taut belts stretched across her ankles, just above her knees, her waist, and her chest, just above her bra-covered breasts.  Sam squirmed and continued struggling, although now it was against leather restraints rather than human hands.  Her handlers had all stepped back, and were watching her writhe in her rope and leather bonds.

Sam's efforts proved just as futile.  Finally, her eyes still wet with bitter tears, Sam relaxed in her bonds, old and new.

A sinister smile curling her lips, the Spider Lady stepped to the table and leaned close to Sam's face.  "You are about to take a little trip, Miss Stewart," she purred, "and I'm afraid the preparations will be a little... involved."  She combed loose, auburn wisps that had escaped Sam's now decidedly dishevelled coif from her gagged face.  "First, we must address the shameful state of your feet," the Spider Lady purred.  "I'm afraid they're quite dirty, Miss Stewart."  With that, The Spider Lady stepped back.

"Mrrf?"  Journey?  Journey to where?  Why?  "M'mpfh!"  Sam's eyes popped wide and she went rigid in her bonds.  While Sam had been distracted by the Spider Lady, her minions had carried a basin of soapy water to the table and were now using wet cloths and scrub brushes to bathe her feet!  "Nrrrf!"  The water was cold and the bristles tickled as they rasped across the soles of her bare feet.

Sam resumed struggling and directed her desperate stare towards the Spider Lady.  Her captor's smile was unchanged.  The master criminal's dark, almond-shaped eyes danced with sadistic pleasure.  Clearly, she was enjoying Sam's plight.

Her feet now clean, Sam's handlers dried them with fluffy towels.  Mission accomplished, the minions returned to the open cabinet.

Sam turned her gagged head and resumed staring at the Spider Lady.  Her fear and dismay at what was happening to Diana and the way she was being handled was giving way to anger.

"A strong will," the Spider Lady chuckled.  "Good.  You will need all your strength, Miss Stewart."

The minions returned to the table, and now—"Mrrrfh?"—they released the ankle strap and were wrapping her left foot in bandages!  "Nrrr!"  Sam tried to kick and squirm, but they buckled the strap back over her right ankle and one of the acrobats had a firm grip on her left ankle.  The bandages were cotton, very long, about three inches in width.  They were thicker than gauze, but thin enough to have some degree of stretch.  "Mprrrf!"  The wrapping continued.  Sam's toes, instep, heel, and ankle disappeared under strip after tight strip of overlapping bandage.  They used some sort of interweaving technique to finish one bandage and start another.  It took several minutes and the release of the thigh strap to wrap Sam's entire leg, but eventually said leg was covered all the way up to her crotch.  Then, without pause, Sam's left leg was strapped down, her right leg freed, and the process was repeated.

One of the magician's assistants produced a sharp knife with a recurved blade.  Then, much to Sam's dismay, her knickers were sliced and pulled from her body!  "Mrrrpfh!"  She blushed bright red in embarrassment, squirming and mewling in distress as her handlers first loosened the waist and knee straps, then rolled and lifted her hips, waist, and thighs as much as the straps would allow and as required to wrap her crotch, buttocks, and tummy, all the way to her waist.  Again, and probably using the same weaving technique, the leg and waist wrappings were interlaced into one smooth, tight layer.

From her perspective on the table, Sam couldn't follow the full details of what her handlers were doing to her, especially as much of the time their bodies were in her way.  In any case, Sam wasn't interested in a mummification tutorial—she wanted her freedom!  And she wanted to be able to help poor Diana!

The ankle, knee, and waist straps were tightened, then the chest strap was released.  Sam's handlers lifted her upper body and began untying her rope bonds.  Sam turned her head and discovered the Spider Lady sipping tea, seated on a straight-back chair before a small table.  Sam wanted to glare at her with brave defiance, but she suspected her expression was telegraphing her fear.  The ropes removed, Sam was forced back down on the table and her upper body and right arm secured under the chest and waist straps.  Then, her left hand and arm was mummified.  Each individual finger was wrapped, followed by all of her fingers together, followed by her hand, wrist, forearm, and upper arm, all the way to her armpit and left shoulder.  Her left arm was secured under the straps, her right arm freed, and again, the process was repeated.  Next, her upper body was completely released from the straps and her handlers lifted her into a seated position.  Sam's bra straps were cut and the bra snatched away.  Then, bandages began swaddling her torso.

Sam continued struggling, but she was nearing exhaustion and her many handlers seemed to have limitless strength.  She focused on the Spider Lady, again, and watched the sinister beauty drink tea and watch her as the bandages compressed her ribs, criss-crossed between her breasts, covered the modest globes and pointing nipples completely, then yoked her shoulders.  Stringently swaddled from the neck down, Sam was pushed back down and all the straps were once again buckled tight, pinning her bandaged-wrapped body to the table.

The mummification of Sam's limbs and body had taken more than an hour—but her handlers weren't finished.  Sam lifted her head and gazed down her tightly wrapped body as they released the ankle strap and began wrapping her feet in more bandages, this time bundling them together.  They were using four separate bandages at once and some sort of basket-weave technique, interlacing the bandages and pulling out the slack as they worked.

Another hour passed as the bandages climbed up Sam's already tightly wrapped legs, thighs, hips, and waist.  Again, the straps were released and buckled tight as needed.  When they reached her arms, they were crossed across her chest, a tight, neat harness of bandages applied to keep them there, then the basket-weave continued, over her arms and all the way up to her neck.  The straps were tightened, once again.  Sam had never been more helpless, more completely at the highly questionable mercy of her captors. 

Sam sighed through her gag and closed her eyes.  The bright lights directly overhead were punishing, as were the tight straps.  The cushioning of the cotton bandages helped a little, but the elaborate, overlapping cotton strips were an ordeal of their own.  There was no skin-on-skin contact anywhere on her body, something Sam had never before experienced—something she'd never even considered to be a thing.

The chest strap was released, again, and one of the acrobats lifted Sam by the shoulders, a few inches, while a magician's assistant supported the back of her head.  A second acrobat untied the cleaving cloth of Sam's gag and pulled the stuffed rag from her mouth.  Sam worked her aching jaw and licked her dry lips with her equally dry tongue.

The Spider Lady herself leaned close and held a teacup to her lips.  Sam sipped the dark tea within.  It was strong and tarry with a bitter after-taste, but any liquid was welcome and refreshing.  Sam drained the cup, then focused on the Spider Lady.  "Why are you doing this to me?" Sam demanded.

The Spider Lady smiled as one of her minions took the empty cup from her hand.  "I'm afraid I'm not at liberty to disclose the reason for your abduction, Miss Stewart.  My client, your enemy, has forbidden such candour.  I suspect she is looking forward to discussing the matter with you once my role in this little melodrama is completed."

"Please," Sam begged.  "Stop torturing Diana.  Set her free."

"Very touching," the Spider Lady chuckled, then her expression grew more serious.  "I mean it, Miss Stewart.  Your concern for an American you have only just met is, indeed, touching.  But that's unimportant.  Your abduction is business.  My acquisition of the American is an unexpected windfall."

Sam's eyes were wet, again.  "Please."  The Spider Lady's face began to swim in Sam's vision.  She blinked and tried to focus... but it didn't help.  Sam felt... strange.  "Y-you've drugged me," she accused.

The Spider Lady addressed her minions.  "Wait until the lotus elixir takes effect, then complete her mummification and prepare her for shipment."

"No!" Sam gasped.  Her voice sounded strange, hollow, almost as if someone else was speaking, somewhere in the distance.

"I have other matters requiring my attention," the Spider Lady announced.  "Make sure she is alive when she reaches her destination."  She smiled down at Sam.  "This is goodbye, Miss Stewart."

Suddenly, a muffled bang sounded from somewhere outside the chamber.  It was more a thunderclap than an explosion.

The Spider Lady barked a command in Chinese and one of the acrobats rushed from the room.  The Spider Lady continued chattering in Chinese, and the remaining minions produced weapons, all of them blades and short wooden clubs, as far as Sam could see.

The door flew open, the acrobat reappeared, and she shouted a phrase in Chinese.  To Sam, it sounded something like "QUEEQUAY-DEE-NOOREN!"

The Spider Lady gasped, her eyes wide in surprise and alarm.  "The Wonder Woman?" she exclaimed.  "Here?"
Web of the Spider Lady—Chapter 3

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