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  Web of the Spider Lady  by Van ©2013


 Chapter 5


Sam tossed and turned in fitful slumber.  Vague nightmares came and went.  She was tied down and the Spider Lady was laughing and taunting her as dozens of tarantulas crawled over her naked, writhing body!  Sam mewled through a tight gag and struggled against tight, inescapable rope bondage, standing upright in a narrow, coffin-sized alcove as Chinese women bricked up the front!  DCS Foyle favoured her with an almost imperceptible frown as he expressed his disappointment at her unladylike attitude and deportment!  The nightmares were horrible!

Now and then she opened her eyes to find herself in Diana's bed, completely naked but under the top sheet and coverlet.

One time, Mrs. McGonagall and a woman about Sam's age in the uniform of an army nurse were present.  Sam remembered being introduced when she arrived at the house as Diana's guest.  The nurse's name was Poppy Pomfrey, if memory served, and she was another resident of the boarding house.   Inexplicably, Poppy was slowly waving a wooden wand back and forth a few inches above Sam's sweat-beaded face.

"She has received a considerable dose," Poppy said, "enough to keep her in limbo sleep for about two days."

Mrs. McGonagall's brow was knit with concern.  "Can anything be done?"

Poppy shook her head.  "The effects of the known antagonists of twice-distilled lotus infusion are nearly as debilitating as the elixir itself, especially in muggles.  Best to let nature take its course."

"The poor wee lass," Mrs. McGonagall sighed.

What's a muggle? Sam wondered, then sleep returned.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~<<>>~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Another time, she woke to find Mrs. McGonagall giving her a sponge bath, using a wet cloth to gently scrub her bare skin.  Sam was still naked and the covers had been pulled back. The water was cool and refreshing and smelled like lavender and newly-mown grass.

"Diana is safe?" Sam whispered.  She tried to lift her head, but found it was taking considerable effort.

"Safe as houses, my dear," Mrs. McGonagall reassured her.  "Save your strength.  You're not yet well."

"The Spider Lady," Sam gasped, then her face relaxed in slumber as Mrs. McGonagall continued bathing her limp, unconscious body.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~<<>>~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sam was awake, again.

Her head was clear and she felt rested but very weak.  Sam opened her eyes... and smiled.  "Diana!" she gasped.

Diana was sitting on the bed and smiling back.  "How are you feeling?" she inquired.  She was back in her naval uniform with her hair up, regulation style, and her glasses perched on her nose—and was as beautiful as ever.

Sam blinked uncertainly.  "I...  They...  Are you okay?"  Her voice was a near whisper.

"I'm fine," Diana said, giving Sam's hand a reassuring squeeze.  She then left the bed, went to the table with the hotplate that served as her kitchen, and poured steaming water from a kettle into a plain brown teapot.  She then carried a tray with the pot and a simple tea service to the bed, placed it on the night stand, and sat back down.

"They tortured you," Sam continued.

Still smiling, Diana winked.  "Can you keep a secret?"

"Of course," Sam croaked.  She realized her mouth was very dry.  She sat up, arranged the pillows against the headboard, and leaned back—noticing in the process that at some point someone had dressed her in a simple nightgown.

Diana confides in Sam.Diana poured tea into a mug and handed it to Sam, then filled a second mug for herself.  Milk was dispensed from a small pitcher, sugar added, and they both took sips.  "I sometimes work with Wonder Woman," Diana confided.  "I'm something of her informal liaison with Army Intelligence."

"Is that why we were kidnapped?"  Sam sipped her tea, again.  It was delicious, just what she needed.  "The Spider Lady was trying to get to Wonder Woman?"

Diana shrugged.  "I'm not sure.  Working at Army Intelligence can be quite frustrating.  Between need to know and compartmentalized operations, I usually don't know much of anything."

Sam managed a weak smile.  "Still, it must be terribly exciting."  Sam sipped from her mug, again, and her stomach growled.

Diana chuckled.  "Yes, exciting.  You must be famished."

"I'm starving," Sam confirmed.  "How long have I been out?"

"Two nights and a day," Diana answered.  "Mrs. McGonagall is preparing some breakfast.  I hope you like spam."

Sam's smile widened.  "At this point, I could eat it tin and all."  Her smile faded.  "I hope DCS Foyle hasn't called.  I should get dressed."  She then sighed in exasperation.  "Oh bother!  I don't have anything to wear.  That dreadful woman stole my uniform."

"Not to worry," Diana chuckled, then pointed to a large paper parcel sitting on the couch.  "That's addressed to you," she explained.  "I received a similar delivery from a Chinese laundry in Limehouse, together with a vaguely worded letter of apology signed by The Spider Lady herself.  I believe you'll find it contains your complete uniform, freshly laundered and pressed, a second complete uniform, three sets of silk underwear, and six pair of silk stockings.  And your shoes, of course, polished and with the soles and heels replaced."

Sam was amazed.  "What?"

"You heard me," Diana laughed.  "Also, the conference still has one more day to run.  You're still on holiday."

"Lucky me," Sam muttered with a wry grin.

Just then the door opened and Mrs. McGonagall appeared with a covered tray.  "Good morning Samantha, Diana." she said with a friendly smile.  "A nice Chinese gentleman delivered a smoked ham, a large rasher of Irish bacon, and two dozen fresh eggs to the back door, so I didn't need to open any spam."  Diana unfolded a set of folding legs from the base and together they placed the tray over Sam's lap.  Mrs. McGonagall removed the cover, and a full fry-up breakfast was revealed, including scrambled eggs, bacon, ham, sausages, beans, buttered toast, and a pair of smoked kippers!

"This is wonderful!" Sam beamed.  "Thank you so much."

"It's my pleasure, dear," Mrs. McGonagall replied.  "Enjoy."  She turned and made her exit.

Sam was already eating.  She was indeed starving, and chewed and swallowed a mouthful of eggs and bacon before remembering her manners.  "Oh, I'm sorry," she said to Diana, indicating the plate with her fork.  "You have eaten, haven't you?"

Diana nodded.  "Yes, but thanks for asking."

Sam's smile faded.  "You're really okay?" she said in a near whisper.  Her eyes were wet.  "They tortured you."

Diana smiled and sipped her tea.  "I'm fine.  It wasn't the first time.  Like I said, working with Wonder Woman can be exciting."

Sam shook her head and resumed eating.  "Exciting isn't the way I'd put it," she said between bites.
Web of the Spider Lady—5
Lady Jane lay perfectly still and stared up at the stone ceiling overhead.

She had not been blown to tiny pieces in the cellar of her St. Johns Wood mansion; however, she had spent hours—most of the very long day, in fact—waiting in suspenseful dread for that to happen.  The clock inside the bomb-controlling box ticked away as she weakly, hopelessly, squirmed and fought her rope bonds.  Her mouth first stuffed and cleaved with cloth and then mummified with tape, her hands and fingers similarly tape-wrapped, and her entire body cinched in countless yards of expertly applied rope from neck to ankles, she'd wiggled and writhed and tried every trick she could think of, all to no avail.

Numb with despair and her body increasingly numb from her tight bonds, she finally surrendered to her fate... her horrible, horrible fate.

Suddenly, the iron gate of her subterranean prison was unlocked and opened and four Chinese women entered.  By their dress they were the very same minions of the Spider Lady who had rendered her helpless in the sitting room of her bedchamber, carried her to this very location, and lashed her to this very chair.  Two were carrying a large wicker hamper.  The other two began freeing her from the chair.

They're letting me go? Lady Jane wondered.  This has all been a cruel joke?

The women released her from the chair but did not untie her other bonds.  The lid of the hamper was opened and she was placed inside, atop a mass of rumpled silk underwear, some of which Lady Jane recognized as her own panties, camisoles, slips, and nightgowns.  Then, the lid closed.  Some light filtered through the wicker lid as she was lifted and carried away, but mostly all was darkness.  Her bound and gagged body jostled inside the wicker-walled prison as they carried her up the stairs.

The hamper was deposited in what Lady Jane suspected was the back of a lorry, its motor growled to life, and the journey continued.  She could hear honking horns and other sounds of traffic and tried screaming for help.  The resulting gag-muffled pleas were pathetically inadequate, even to her own ears.

The lorry stopped, the hamper lifted, and she was carried off again.  At least three flights of stairs were negotiated, all leading down.  Finally, the hamper was plunked down, its lid opened, and Lady Jane found herself in yet another stone-walled chamber.  A deep sink fed by dripping plumbing was against one wall and a large drain covered by an iron grille was in the centre of the concrete floor.

Lady Jane was lifted from the hamper, her handlers began untying her rope bonds, and in a surprisingly short time Lady Jane was free.  Her fingers and hands were still buried under tight, overlapping bands of tape and she was still gagged, but her rope bonds had melted away.  However, she had little chance to savour her new situation as her handlers ripped her nightgown and panties from her body!  Then, nude and her arms in the firm grip of two of the Spider Lady's minions, Lady Jane was doused with a bucket of cold water!


The first bucket was followed by a second, then, her hair a sodden mass of wet strands and her nude, pale, water-beaded body shivering and quaking, she was dragged from the chamber, down a corridor, and into a second chamber, this one with a wooden table under a bank of electric lights.  Four more female minions were waiting, and together they lifted Lady Jane onto the the table and rolled her on her back.  Her Ladyship would have struggled, but she was weak from hours of struggling against her bonds and her handlers were strong and skilled in the art of controlling squirming prisoners.

Much to her alarm, with four or more of the minions continuing to hold her down, the others began wrapping her feet and legs in cloth bandages!


Lady Jane's toes, feet, and ankles disappeared under overlapping layers of cloth and slowly, inexorably, the cloth tide crept up her legs.  Her shins and calves, her knees, and then her thighs were covered, her handlers interlacing the end of one bandage with the start of the next and maintaining firm, uniform pressure.  Lifting her squirming body while maintaining their firm hold on her limbs, the minions swaddled her crotch and then began wrapping her torso.  Soon, her waist, breasts, and shoulders were shrouded, with diagonal bandages yoking her shoulders and criss-crossing between her already covered breasts.  Her arms and tape-shrouded hands were next.  Lady Jane was now mummified from the neck down, but her handlers were far from finished.

Lady Jane's bandage-covered legs were placed together and a second layer of cloth strips applied.  The minions used a basket-weave pattern, interlacing several strips of bandage at once to make a tight bundle of Her Ladyship's legs.  They continued up and over her hips and tummy.  There was a pause while they crossed her bandage-wrapped arms across her upper body, just below her breasts, then used a harness of bandages to keep them there.  Then, the basket-weaving continued until her arms disappeared under the tight, uniform sheath and the second layer reached her neck.

Her now partly dried hair was brushed and combed, then coiled atop her head.  Bandages had been interlaced with the auburn strands and were tightened and tucked around her head with her hair, maintaining the arrangement in lieu of hairpins.

A blade flashed and the layers of medical plaster covering Her Ladyship's gag were carefully sliced and the tape peeled away.  The cleaving cloth of the underlying gag was untied and the stuffing plucked from her mouth.

Lady Jane licked her lips and worked her jaw before trying to speak.  "Please," she gasped.  Her upper body was lifted, a stoneware cup held to her lips, and she drank without urging.  She was quite thirsty from her hours of being gagged.  It was lukewarm tea, strong and bitter but welcome, nonetheless.  She drained the cup and it was taken away.  "Please," she begged, "I'm sorry I—Mrrrf!"

A fresh wad of silk was stuffed in her mouth and tight, multiple layers of bandage applied to keep it there.  Next, the minions proceeded to mummify her entire head, winding layer after layer of cloth bandages completely around her cranium, under her chin and over her crown, and across her face and forehead.  Only a tent-like opening over her nostrils and a slit across her desperate green eyes left anything exposed.

And then, they left.  The women stepped away from the table, the bright lights directly overhead clicked off, and Lady Jane was alone.  A second light source to her left and below the level of the table provided some light, but it took a while for her eyes to adjust to the near darkness.

Lady Jane lay perfectly still and stared up at the stone ceiling overhead.

Time passed... perhaps an hour.

Then, The Spider Lady appeared, silent as a ghost.  Dressed in street clothes, she smiled down at her victim.

Lady Jane stared back.  She tried squirming in her cloth cocoon and mewling through her gag—but much to her distress she found she could barely move!  It wasn't just the tightness of the bandages, her body wouldn't respond to her mental commands!  Her vocal cords wouldn't respond either!

"Have you guessed your fate?" the Spider Lady inquired.  "Have you noticed that you have been prepared exactly in the manner you ordered your erstwhile victim, Samantha Stewart, to be prepared?"  She reached out and rested her hand on Lady Jane's doubly-wrapped tummy.  "There is one difference," the Spider Lady continued.  "I ordered the English youngster dosed with twice-distilled lotus elixir, so she would sleep through her journey.  You, on the other hand, have been given Tantalus potion.  Your body is virtually paralysed and will remain so until you arrive at your destination.  Your mind, however, is fully awake and will remain fully awake.  In fact, you will find it impossible to sleep."

Lady Jane blinked in distress.  It was the only voluntary motion she found possible.

"Cruel?" the Spider Lady sighed.  "Yes, but I must make you an example, an example for my soldiers and especially for rivals of the Si-Fann."

Her captor made a gesture and Lady Jane heard the thud of something heavy being deposited on the stone floor.  Then, four of the Spider Lady's female minions appeared and lifted her from the table.  They carried her towards a long, narrow wooden crate.  Another minion removed the crate's lid, and inside Lady Jane beheld a metal coffin!  It was the rounded, form-fitting variety often used during Victoria's reign, and its lid was secured by six hinged brackets with screw-fittings, three on either side.

Lady Jane screamed through her gag and struggled and squirmed for all she was worth inside her tight, inescapable mummy wrappings—but only in her mind.  To the outside  world she was a mute, unmoving bundle.  The minions placed her on her back in the coffin.  It was a tight fit; however, it was not airtight.  As the lid was lowered into place, Lady Jane could see light through tiny, unobtrusive holes drilled in its sides.  Then, the lid clanged into place, its lip fitting into a slot in the main coffin.  She heard the lid's brackets click into place and assumed their screws were being tightened.  There was a pause... and Lady Jane heard the crate's lid slide in place, followed by the dreadful hammering of nails being pounded into place!  Even from inside the sealed coffin she could hear the nails!

Lady Jane continued her silent scream—and very much feared it would never stop!
Web of the Spider Lady—5
"Diana, you didn't have to do this," Sam sighed.  "I could have managed."  Sam was carrying her valise and Diana had a khaki canvas bag she had scrounged from one of her house-mates slung over one shoulder.  It contained Sam's new uniform, knickers, and stockings, her gifts from the Spider Lady, since there had been no room in Sam's valise.  Both were in uniform and both were turning heads as they passed soldiers in the street, although they were too deep in conversation to notice.

"I'm not due back at Bushy Park 'til tomorrow morning," Diana chuckled, "so of course I'm coming to help.  You're a recovering invalid, remember?"

"Very funny," Sam huffed.  They'd agreed not to discuss the events of Sam's "London vacation" with DCS Foyle, meaning their abduction by the Spider Lady and rescue by you-know-who.  Diana's connection with Wonder Woman was hush hush—whatever the details of her connection might actually be—so they'd agreed that mum was the word..  That said, Foyle had called the boarding house and the young woman who answered, a Canadian Army clerk from Ontario, had let slip that Sam was sick.

"Bad fish and chips," Diana reminded Sam.  "When he asks, you ate some bad fish and chips."

"Yes, yes," Sam sighed, "an absolutely evil piece of fish and some dastardly chips.  I'm lucky I'm not in hospital.  He's a detective, you know.  It's probably best if I don't say anything, or as little as possible."

"Whatever you think best," Diana chuckled.  They reached the building hosting the conference and went around to the garage entrance.  Sam signed for the Wolseley's keys and they loaded her luggage in the boot.  She noted that Foyle's bag was already there.  He must have cleared out of his hotel this morning so they could make a fast getaway.

"Don't misplace the address and phone number I gave you," Diana continued in a whisper.  "If anything happens in Hastings, let me know immediately and—"  She paused while a British Sergeant climbed behind the wheel of a staff car and drove it away.  "I'll come down as soon as I can."  She winked.  "And I'll bring help."

"We agreed that I'm in no danger," Sam responded.  "The Spider Lady won't dare go back on her word to... your friend."

Diana shrugged.  "That's Wonder Woman's opinion, but if I didn't agree with her I'd insist on you spilling the beans to your boss."  Diana's smile widened at Sam's horrified expression.  "If you want," she teased, "I can ask Wonder Woman to explain the situation in person."

"Don't you dare!" Sam gasped.  "He'd never let me leave the Hastings station again.  He'd probably lock me in one of the cells."

Diana smiled.  "Safe journey, Samantha."  She leaned close and planted a chaste kiss on Sam's cheek and it was returned.  "You're in no danger, not from the Spider Lady, anyway.  Wonder Woman is never wrong about such things."

Sam's smile returned.  "Thank you so very much for your hospitality."

"It was nothing," Diana said, smiling back.  "If I'm ever in Hastings—"

"You'll have a place to stay," Sam said instantly.  Several Army and Navy Officers were entering the garage area, as well as a pair of senior police officials in uniform.  It looked like the conference had finally broken up.  "I should go to the front," Sam said.

They made their way to the front steps of the building.  "Until we meet again, Samantha," Diana said.  They embraced, exchanged their final goodbyes, and the American walked away.

Sam watched Diana fade into the bustling pedestrian traffic, then turned to find DCS Foyle descending the steps.

"Sam," Foyle said, "I heard you were feeling under the weather."  Fatherly concern was evident on his maturely handsome face.

"A piece of bad fish," Sam explained (desperately hoping she was fooling her boss), "but I'm fine now.  The Wolseley is in the back."

"Are you sure you're recovered?" Foyle insisted.  "Do you want me to drive?"

Sam smiled and snapped a jaunty salute.  "Right as rain, sir.  Everything is tickety-boo."

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Web of the Spider Lady—Chapter 5

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