CROWN Affair

by Van © 2003
Chapter 8
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The next morning started innocently enough.  Katherine and Sally were escorted from their sleeping cell, their wrists flexi-cuffed to the small of their backs (as usual), naked (as usual), and with clear rubber ball-gags plugging their mouths (as usual).  Kimber was dressed in one of her leotard and tights combos and Helena was in black boots and a form-fitting catsuit of black spandex.  They entered the washroom—and the routine was shattered.

Kimber marched Sally to a wall, gently settled her to the tiled floor, and cable-tied her ankles together.  Lying on her side, Sally watched as Kimber rejoined Helena and Katherine in the middle of the room.  By this time Helena had snapped padded shackles around Katherine's ankles and the captive was standing over a floor drain, her ankles secured to rings in the floor nearly three feet apart.  Kimber watched as Helena snapped a wire cable to the prisoner's flexi-cuffs and cut the tie encircling her waist.  The grinning, black-haired beauty stepped to the side and thumbed a wall switch.  A motor hummed overhead and Katherine's wrists were slowly hauled upwards until she had no choice but to bend forward at the waist and was forced up onto her toes.  Throughout this process Katherine simply stood in her bonds and glared at her tormentor.

"There's no need to be so mean," Kimber muttered, cupping Katherine's chin with her left hand and straightening the captive's tousled locks with her right.

Helena turned a key, locking off the winch controls.  "Thomasina has put me in charge of our guests' travel arrangements.  Perhaps you'd like me to give her a call?  ...interrupt her business meetings?  ...ask her if perhaps her personal trainer needs a refresher course in the house rules?  Hmmm?"

"I'm aware of your authority," Kimber growled.  "I'm merely suggesting—"

"When I want advice on how to coddle the mistress' slaves," Helena interrupted, "I'll ask.  Now go get the first travel module."

Katherine glanced from Kimber to Helena, then locked eyes with Sally.   'Travel module?'

Kimber frowned, but didn't respond.  She leaned forward and whispered to Katherine, "sorry," then spun on her heel and left the washroom.

Helena picked up a coil of rope and sauntered towards Sally.  The helpless little blonde stared up at her with wide, blue eyes.  Helena tied one end of the rope to a ring set in the wall, then looped the free end through the captive's ankle and wrist bonds and pulled her into a loose hog-tie.  The final knot was tied behind Sally's neck, a complex hitch tied in a loop encircling her throat.  "There," Helena said pleasantly.  "Now I can work on your partner without worrying about you wiggling or hopping away."

Helena stepped to the side and wheeled an equipment cabinet to the center of the room.  She shifted her gaze from captive to captive, a gloating, infuriatingly coy smile on her face.  "Hmmm..." she purred, smiling at Katherine.  "I wonder which is worse: going first, and thus suffering the longer whatever cruel fate your friend Helena is going to inflict upon you?"  She shifted her attention to Sally.  "...or going second, enjoying a relaxing respite while your partner suffers, but learning the exact nature of your future?"  She returned her gaze to Katherine, who was dancing on her toes and glaring at her tormentor.  "No breakfast this morning, I'm afraid," Helena informed the brunette captive.  "Instead, you get a nice enema flush; I fit you with a butt plug, catheter, and rubber panties; then I turn you into a work of art."
Chapter 8
Katherine did indeed receive an enema (two, in fact), and she was indeed fitted with a small anal plug, a catheter (with a vagina sealing flanged plug), and a skin-tight pair of yellowish, milky-clear, latex panties to keep everything in place.  The plugs came equipped with rather ominous electrical connections, small rectangular clips on short dangling ribbon cables, and all (including the catheter connections) were pushed through watertight openings in the panties.

Next, the cups of a latex, bandeau-style bra captured Katherine's breasts.  Similar to the panties in material, it closed behind Katherine's back with the click of a tiny plastic buckle.  Inside the cups, a dozen or more rather ominous tiny gold rectangles surrounded each of Katherine's nipples, arranged like the petals of a small daisy, and all were wired to yet another pair of ribbon connections.  The panties were tight, but the bandeau (especially the cups) was tighter.  Katherine's breasts bulged against the clinging, semi-transparent latex, and her flesh dimpled at the garment's margins.

Helena returned to the equipment cart, pulled out a tangled mass of black rubber and nylon, and dropped a very complex harness over Katherine's shoulders.  It was made from neoprene rubber lined with nylon cloth, and consisted of three dozen or more narrow dangling straps, all of which terminated in small plastic snap buckles.  Helena snicked several of the buckles together around Katherine's upper body, but left the majority dangling loose.  She then knelt and unsnapped Katherine's shackle-cuffs from the floor rings, guided her ankles together, and joined them cuff-to-cuff.  She then slackened the cable enforcing Katherine's strappado position, unclipped it from her wrists, clipped it to itself, noosed Katherine's throat, and winched in most of the slack.

"You've been a very good girl, so far," Helena said.  "If you continue to be good, I'll let you rest your toes... but give me any trouble and I'll tighten that cable 'til breathing will be your only concern.  Understand?"

Katherine shuffled her weight on her bare feet and glared at Helena for several seconds... then nodded.

"Such a sensible slave," Helena purred, reaching out to caress the latex around the metal flower encircling Katherine's left nipple.  She leaned close and whispered in the captive's left ear.  "Don't take offense when I call you 'slave,' Precious.  I know you have a Warrior Spirit, that you're anything but a slave.  That's why I have so much fun when we play.  Controlling and humiliating a warrior is much more pleasurable than manipulating a mere slave.  You'd love for our roles to be reversed, wouldn't you, Katherine?"

Katherine glared, but stood perfectly still as Helena snapped more of the harness' straps together.  She watched as her captor worked her way down her torso, waist, hips, thighs, and legs, properly pairing and clicking the narrow bands together with unerring precision.  The bands were tight, like broad rubber bands, but had a reasonable amount of play.  Katherine imagined Helena in her place, her pale, nude body being secured at the shoulders, above and below her breasts, around her waist, hips, thighs, knees, shins, and ankles.  Helena returned to the equipment cart and a frisson of pleasure shuddered through Katherine's sealed, catheterized, and latex encased sex as she relished the fantasy of herself free and wearing the spandex catsuit, and Helena nude and wearing the rubber and nylon harness.

Helena returned with a bundle of long, broad, off-white, plastic cable ties in one hand and some sort of specialized hand tool in the other.  She began threading one of the ties through the strap encircling Katherine's chest above her breasts and Katherine realized the neoprene band had a tunnel through its entire length, specifically designed to accept the tie.  The tool clicked over the strap's buckle, the clasp end of the cable tie snapped into a channel in the tool, and the free end of the tie was threaded through.  Helena then gave the tool's hand grips a tight squeeze, a hollow series of ratcheting clicks sounded, and the cable tie tightened.  She squeezed the grips again, and yet again.  On the fourth squeeze the end of the tie snipped off and the tool released.

"A clever design, no?" Helena purred.  "The clip of the tie snaps into a trough in the buckle and the excess is automatically trimmed when a preset tension is reached.  That strap isn't so loose anymore... is it?"

Katherine squirmed in her bonds.  The top strap was indeed anything but loose.  It now made its presence known with every breath.

Helena worked her way down Katherine's body, using the tool to reinforce every strap with a tight cable tie.  She then walked to the cabinet and returned with a single-sleeve of nylon lined neoprene.  She slid it up Katherine's arms (covering the padded flexi-cuffs already binding her wrists), pulled the remaining unsecured straps of the harness through Katherine's arms and over the sleeve, then pulled the sleeve taut, zipped it closed, and snapped it into the upper harness.  She then closed and cable-tied the remaining straps.  Now the straps over Katherine's torso were doubled, half under her arms, and half over, pinning the single-sleeve to her body.

Helena removed the cable noose from Katherine's throat and took a step back.  "Aren't you a pretty package?" she said, walking a slow circle around the glowering captive.  "Such a package deserves an elegant packing case... and here it comes."

Kimber had appeared, wheeling a wooden shipping crate on a powered hand truck.  The crate was about seven feet tall, three feet deep and three feet wide.  It was secured in the front with two strap hinges and a flush-mounted lock.  Kimber unlocked the front panel and swung it open.  She then unsnapped and folded back the crate's top and sides.

Inside was an elegant but rather bizarre sculpture, sort of a cross between a suit of plate armor and a bipedal robot.  Parts of the humanoid object were chromed steel, and others were gleaming bronze and burnished copper.  Katherine blinked in surprise.  It was... beautiful, Art Deco and... female.  It reminded her of something, of someone... someone's work.  Then she remembered: Hajime... Sorayama Hajime.  It's like one of his female robots, or... What does he call them?  'Gynoids?'

Kimber lifted a small panel on the sculpture's side and inserted a barrel key.  She gave it a turn, and several small panels up and down the figure's length snapped open, from its ankles to the side of its head.  Each revealed a locking clamp.  Kimber used the same key to unlock each clamp, then snapped them open, one-by-one.  Then, acting in concert, Kimber and Helena tugged on opposite sides of the statue.  It opened like a clamshell... or more precisely a complex series of clamshell-like overlapping plates.  Inside was a padded cavity, and Katherine could easily discern its purpose: to conceal an object... an object of Katherine's approximate size and shape.

"Smuggling you through customs will not be an issue," Helena explained.  "We already have perfect forgeries of the required US and EU forms and packing seals, with the correct holographic cachets, of course.  Once you're safely inside your new home, the seals go on the crate, and you're pre-inspected and cleared all the way to your final destination."

Katherine glared at her captors.  She stood perfectly still, not wanting to give Helena the enjoyment of watching her struggle against what were obviously inescapable bonds.  She turned and looked at Sally, and noted the obvious fear in the gagged blonde's blue eyes.  She couldn't really reassure her protégé, being gagged herself, but she did manage to smile with her eyes and send a brave wink in her direction.

Helena noticed the exchange.  "Oh, isn't that sweet," she purred, then motioned to Kimber.  "Help me."  Together, they lifted Katherine into the sculpture and, starting at the bottom, closed the panels, clamping and locking them one-by-one.  As they came to her hips, Helena carefully snapped the electrical connections from the front and back of Katherine's panties into matching connections in two of the panels.  When the upper torso was reached, the "metal flowers" were connected as well.  Finally, only Katherine's shoulders and head were exposed.

"You can leave now," Helena told Kimber.

"Y-you don't need help with the gag?" the blonde asked.

Helena smiled, sending a thrill of dread down Katherine's spine.  "Oh... I quite enjoy the challenge of applying one of these gag sets unaided," she purred, nodding towards the equipment cart.

Kimber glanced from Helena to Katherine.  "Sorry," she whispered, and left.

Helena watched her depart, then turned back to Katherine.  "Before we proceed I'm going to explain a few things.  The plugs in your, uh, backdoor, your pussy, and the pads on your nipples incorporate more than two hundred electrical contacts.  As I'm sure you're well aware, it's very dangerous to simply shock a person, especially above the waist, so the array is made up of closely grouped pairs of contacts, all of which can be separately addressed by the module's computer."  She reached out and caressed Katherine's smooth, tan shoulders.  "So... each time a shock is applied, it will travel only a very short distance, and not through your heart.  Understand?  Zap—and a tiny shock crosses from one side of your left nipple, across the nipple, and to the other side.  Zap—and a tiny shock travels from... say... the middle of your vagina on the right side, and to your labia on the right side.  Zap... zap... zap... all carefully modulated by frightfully expensive electronics.  A great deal of R-and-D has gone into getting the voltage, amperage, and timing of the individual shocks just right."

Helena's caress continued up and across Katherine's throat, and her strong, pale fingers lingered over the region of the captive's carotid arteries.  "Yes... your eyes are very brave, but your heart is tripping like a hammer," she gloated.  "To continue... the sensation is... indescribable.  Imagine the worst, most painful-creepy-crawly itch of your life, punctuated by white-hot pins jabbing your skin.  The modulation is so rapid it feels like one continuous assault, of course, so... what's the plan?  Am I simply going to seal you inside the module and torture you?"

Helena took Katherine's head in her hands and she kissed the prisoner's ball-gagged lips.  "In a word—'yes.'  I'm going to put plugs in your ears and seal them with foam adhesive pads.  Similar pads will go over your eyes.  Tubes inserted in your nostrils will be connected to the module's air filtration system.  A feeding tube will be snaked down your throat and into your stomach.  Rubber bits will be clamped over your upper and lower teeth and your mouth stuffed with soft rubber foam.  Your lips will be taped and your head encased in a latex hood.  Finally... the posture collar and helmet sections of the encasement will be clamped and locked, and you'll be sealed in your crate."

Helena took a step back and smiled.  "Microphones and vibration detectors are built into the module's collar.  If they detect any attempt on your part to speak... or scream... a program of shocks will be administered.  They will be very painful, quite prolonged, and will not only paralyze your vocal cords, but will punish your nipples, sex, and nether-hole in a most unpleasant manner."  The gloating villainess stepped to her equipment cart and opened a drawer.  "The module also comes with a remote control which triggers a variety of programmed routines, from what Andrea describes as 'fire ants attacking your tits', to what Kimber describes as 'a pulsating itch you can't scratch in all the wrong places.'  It's a long flight to Greece," she explained, "and entertainment will be required."  She locked eyes with Katherine and her smile became even more evil.  "I'm speaking of entertainment for myself, of course."  She picked up a package of foam ear plugs and began opening the wrapper.  "For you and the Little One it will be anything but entertaining, I'm afraid."
Chapter 8
Sally lay on the cold floor.  With the exception of sealing the outer shipping crate, Helena had done all the things she said she was going to do to Katherine.  Sally's partner was rendered deaf, dumb, and blind, then the remaining panels of the gynoid encasement were closed and locked.  Sally idly twisted in her bonds, swallowed behind the rope loosely encircling her throat, and tried not to surrender to despair.

Helena sauntered over to Sally and smiled down at her.  "For now, I'll leave the packing case open so you can admire your partner."  She knelt and cupped Sally's chin with her right hand, staring into the petite blonde's blue eyes.  "Your encasement will be far simpler, I'm afraid.  It's simply a very large egg.  It has all the same features as the Hajime model, of course, but you'll be riding the egg harnessed in a very tight fetal tuck, with your chin resting on your knees and your ankles strapped to your wrists.  Earplugs, blindfold, a gag essentially identical to your partner's... but then you get sealed into a double sack of latex.  Once inside your egg, a rather gooey gel is pumped between the layers of latex.  Half the gel is just above your specific gravity, and half is just below... so you'll float to Greece like an incubating chick, waiting to be born."

Sally blinked back tears and stared into her captor's cold, dark eyes.  "Your tits and private parts will be wired like Katherine's, of course," Helena continued.  "I wouldn't want you to get too bored during the flight."  She then leaned close and gave each of Sally's eyes a slow, languid lick.  "Such salty, delicious tears," she purred, then stood and stretched.  "Well... I'm off to breakfast.  Rendering helpless, terrified damsels totally helpless is hungry work."  She gave Sally a quick kiss on the forehead and stood.  "I'll see you in about an hour, Sweet Cakes," she purred, then turned and left the room, her boot heels clicking on the concrete.  The door slid closed behind her and locked with a resounding click.

Sally stared at the door... then turned her head and stared at her encased partner.  Oh Katherine!  I'm sorry I failed you!  She lay her head on the concrete floor... and sobbed through her gag, crying softly and quietly.
Chapter 8
Several minutes later the door unlocked and slid open.  Sally lifted her head and squinted through teary eyes.  Instead of Helena, Andrea appeared.  The petite redhead was dressed in black toreador pants and a white cotton sleeveless blouse that showcased her toned, freckled arms and pale, sculpted midriff.  She stopped when she saw Sally's hog-tied condition (and tearstained face) and frowned.  "That bitch!" she muttered as she knelt and began untying the rope encircling the weeping blonde's throat.  The rope slithered free and Andrea pulled the ball-gag from Sally's mouth.

"It-it's not fair!" Sally sobbed.  "Katherine didn't do anything!  It's not fair!"

Andrea pulled Sally onto her lap and smoothed her tousled bangs.  "Hush... don't cry," she cooed.  "Did Helena tell you you were going to be tortured during the trip?"

Sally nodded.  "She wired Katherine up and she's gonna do me too and—"

Andrea interrupted Sally with a gentle kiss.  "The bitch lied.  Don't tell her I told you, but one of Helena's favorite tricks is to spin a big yarn about all the horrible-horrible things she's going to do to you... and then only doing a little of it."

"She's b-bluffing?"

Andrea nodded.

Sally blinked and stared at Katherine's encased form.  "That absolute bitch!"

Andrea nodded again and held Sally close.  They kissed... but then Sally squirmed her lips free.  "Wait!  You mean Katherine's just gonna be left like that during the flight?  ...or is there even gonna be a flight?"

Andrea nodded.  "Yes, there is going to be a flight, and yes Katherine will be making it from inside the travel module... but Helena, uh, exaggerated the nature of the accommodations.  Within a minute of the final panel of the helmet being closed, a series of drugs began being introduced to the module's air supply.  Your Katherine's fast asleep, and will remain that way through the entire flight."

Sally sniffed and blinked her eyes, still staring at the gynoid sculpture.  "No shocks?  No torture?"

"No torture," Andrea confirmed.

"That absolute bitch," Sally repeated, squirming in her bonds.  "I suppose I get to sleep inside my egg as well?"

"That depends," Andrea whispered.

"On what?"

Andrea straightened Sally's bangs and smiled shyly.  "Uh... Thomasina left your arrangements in my hands.  If you give me your parole, you can fly with me in the main cabin."

"Parole?  You expect me to participate in my own kidnapping? waltz through the airport and climb the steps of Thomasina Crown's private jet of my own free will?"

Andrea smiled.  "Not exactly.  Thomasina insists you join Katherine and the rest of us for an... uh... extended vacation on Theraxos, and you will be coming, and you will not escape..." She kissed Sally's lips.  "But if you cooperate... we can have fun."

Sally frowned.  No!"


"I'm not a damn traitor," the helpless blonde muttered.  "If Katherine has to make the trip inside a statue... I can make it inside an egg."

Andrea's smile broadened.  "My brave, loyal, heroic little Sally," she whispered, and kissed the still sniffling prisoner again.  "Katherine's disposition has been set by Thomasina.  It's between the two of them... or will be once they sort things out."


"Helena's following orders.  Thomasina has plans for your Katherine, and I won't even try to figure them out.  I can promise you, she's in no danger."

Sally snorted skeptically.  "No danger... She just gets a couple of enemas, has her tits and hoohaw wired, and is sealed inside a metal statue... but she's in no danger."

"None whatsoever," Andrea said, smiling brightly.  "And neither are you.  And you're not being disloyal by choosing not to be ball-tied and encased in a giant egg.  Besides... if you're asleep, you can't escape and rescue Katherine when we let our guard down... now can you?"

Sally was still gazing at Katherine.  "Well... when you put it that way..."

"I have your parole?"

Sally shifted her gaze to Andrea.  "If I get a chance to escape, I'll take it... especially if I can rescue Katherine."

Andrea smiled and kissed Sally again.  "I wouldn't have it any other way."  She untied the rest of the rope, releasing Sally from the hog-tie, then picked the naked, petite, helpless blonde up in her arms.

"Wow," Sally whispered.  "You're a strong little freckled munchkin, ain't ya?"

Andrea laughed (while blushing prettily) then carried Sally towards the door.  "There's a guest suite upstairs with a nice solid door that locks from the outside.  They'll lock us in, I'll snip your bonds, and you can get cleaned up.  Then we'll have breakfast, get dressed, and head for the airport."

"Get dressed?" Sally asked.  "You mean clothes?"

"It's been a while, I know," Andrea said with a chuckle, "but you'll get used to it again.  It's like riding a bicycle."
Chapter 8
Inside the gynoid encasement, dumb and blind, but not deaf, Katherine was wide awake!  Helena had inserted tiny speakers in her ears before the foam pugs and pads, and she had heard every detail of Andrea's exchange with Sally.  She had tried to warn the naive little blonde that she was being lied to—but the wiring of the encasement had functioned as advertised!  The instant she started to force noise past her gag—she convulsed in a wave of electrical torment!  One lesson was more than enough.  She would remain silent.

She heard the door close and lock... and then silence... total and complete silence... and darkness.

Minutes passed.

Finally, Katherine heard the sound of the door unlocking and boot heels approaching, followed by Helena's gloating voice.  "How're you doing in there?  Have you enjoyed your first hour?  Many, many more lie ahead."  

Apparently the microphones were stereophonic (or it was Katherine's imagination), but she could tell the pale-skinned bitch was pacing a slow circle around her metal prison as she spoke.

"I assume you heard Andrea's little fib about you being asleep.  Actually, Little Red was speaking the truth as she knew it.  I told her I'd programmed the drugs to release immediately."  Helena laughed.  "I guess that makes me the fibber.  Anyway... you will be sleeping through most of the journey.  It's far too dangerous to transport you awake in your current condition... as enjoyable as the fantasy might be.  Too much chance of medical mishap, you see... gagging on your gag... hyperventilating and going into shock, etc., etc.  Best you go to sleep in New York... and wake up in Greece.  Don't you agree?"

Suddenly the plug in Katherine vagina began to pulse.  It was like a terrible, unreachable itch!  The captive shivered in the close darkness of her encasement.

"Interesting sensation, isn't it?" Helena's voice inquired, "...assuming I didn't key in the wrong setting and you aren't thrashing in mindless agony, of course."

As quickly as it came the dreadful itch stopped; but seconds later it began again, this time dancing across Katherine's breasts.

"The drugs will kick in slowly, over the next hour; but to keep you entertained, I've triggered a program of random, low-level stimulation.  I've found that the combination of tickling and teasing and the slow loss of consciousness makes for the most wildly entertaining dreams.  I still have a few things to pack.  Have a pleasant flight, Ms. Banning."

There was a click, and all sound ceased.  The stimulation of her nipples stopped... several very long seconds passed... then both her vagina and anus pulsed with a single short, dull stab of pain; no worst than a business-like slap on the face, but disturbing in its intimacy and surprise... and the waiting began again.

Andrea said my 'disposition' was 'set' by Thomasina Crown.  God I hate her!  Just at the limit of perception, Katherine's nipples began to tingle... and the sensation was slowly building.   And I hate being tied up!
Chapter 8

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