The Wager
The Wager

by Van ©2015

Chapter 9

Dramatis Personæ


The remaining days of Alicia's "free spa vacation" unfolded exactly as Mistress Lynda had decreed—which came as no surprise to anyone involved.  Alicia's and Gabby's daylight spa routines were quite conventional, similar to the activities of the other spa guests: running, swimming, full-body massages, basking in the sauna, etc.

There was also another full-body wrap and soak, and this time the total helplessness of the bandage mummification and sheath encasement was enhanced by large foam balls stuffed in their mouths and their lips being sealed with Elastoplast tape and additional bandages.  Also, masks of blue-green gel were strapped over their faces.  Supposedly, they were temperature-controlled cosmetic therapy masks, but their true function was to hide the gags.  The masks' generous and elegantly slanted eye-holes allowed Alicia to glare and Gabby to stare at their smiling spa handler, Kimberly, as she sat in a comfortable chair between the mud-bath tanks holding their mummified, sheathed, strapped-down, and well-gagged bodies.

Oh-by-the-way, there was a second enhancement to the mud-bath experience.  Once they were far enough into the restraint process that they couldn't resist, Kimberly had inserted waterproof, wireless, remote-controlled, torpedo-style vibrators into their pussies.  Passersby, meaning Alicia and Gabby's fellow spa guests, strolled by the mud-bath pavilion and smiled at Kimberly as she read from an iPad, never suspecting that the tablet was running an app that controlled the vibrators.

Needless to say, orgasms happened, and Kimberly demonstrated a talent for balancing extended frustration and slow-building stimulation that ended in crashing ecstasy.  This was accomplished through modulation of the vibrators, and considering how little feedback Kimberly had to guide her efforts—the occasional weak toss of her clients nearly immobilized heads, the quiver of the surface as their mummified, encased, and strapped down bodies squirmed weakly under the mud, the rolling of desperate eyes seen through the openings in the masks, and the pathetically quiet moans and "screams"—it was quite remarkable.

At night, Alicia's bondage education continued, and as promised, only restraints that couldn't possibly leave ligature marks were employed.  Alicia had always considered "bondage tape," rolls of plastic or latex bandages sold as entry-level bondage toys, to be wimpy and ineffective, but quickly discovered she couldn't be more wrong, especially when that "toy" was in the hands of an expert like Mistress Lynda.  And the same went for Velcro "love cuffs," padded nylon cuffs that sealed with broad bands of Velcro and had attached straps of nylon webbing.   

Alicia spent one night box-tied and frog-tied with bondage tape.  Not only was she helpless, but when Kimberly reinforced the closures of her bonds with tight layers of duct-tape, her bonds were as inescapable as the most elaborate Kinbaku rope bondage or the finest custom-fitted steel cuffs on the market.  Her bonds also left her unable to resist an hour or two of face-sucking and pussy-sucking with Kimberly—not that her "resistance" had been anything other than theatrical, of course.  Meanwhile, Lynda was having her way with a similarly physically restrained but spiritually unrestrained Gabby.  At some point Lynda and Kim changed partners and it was a very memorable night.

Another night, Alicia was spreadeagled on Lynda's bed with her fingers and hands wrapped in bondage tape, her wrists and ankles in love-cuffs, the cuffs' straps secured to the four bedposts, and the Velcro closures reinforced with duct tape.  Lynda, Kimberly, and Gabby took turns entertaining her mouth, boobs, and pussy.  When dawn arrived, Alicia awoke to find herself at the center of a jumbled pile of naked, slumbering bodies, the same bodies that had boinked her senseless 'til the wee hours of the previous night.

When Alicia and Gabby finally left the spa and returned to the city, both were in tip-top physical shape, with healthy tans, toned muscles, and contented, relaxed expressions.  Alicia's female coworkers all gushed about her appearance and she wholeheartedly recommended The Willows for weekend getaways, exclaiming that she fully intended to make regular visits herself in the future.

Alicia also joined Gabby's yoga class and purchased a supply of cotton clothesline, as well as several books on knot-tying and Japanese bondage techniques.

Chapter 9

Alicia knew great things were possible with rope, both because she'd watched Lynda bind Kimberly and because she'd been bound by Mistress herself.  That said, there's a difference between knowing and doing.  Through "study dates" and regular practice, with Gabby and her own body as her training aids, Alicia's skill set improved.  In fact, in a surprisingly short time she reached the point that Gabby was unable to escape her rope-work, but realized she still had a lot to learn.

The study dates in question happened mostly at Alicia's apartment and in Gabby's rooms above her tavern, Gabby's Place, but on one memorable occasion they utilized the tavern's basement.

The area closest to the stairs up to the tavern was used to store crates of bottled microbrews and other bulky stock.  Next came the usual clutter of cardboard boxes of holiday decorations, broken furniture awaiting repair that would probably never come, and miscellaneous clutter.  Periodic steel support columns were regularly spaced around the basement, and Alicia had used a column furthest from the stairs to try her first ever post-tie.  Gabby was bound to the column at the ankles, above and below the knees, the waist, and above and below her breasts, with her wrists lashed together behind the column.  Finally, the prisoner-of-the-post was cleave-gagged with a bar towel.  Alicia had done an outstanding job, if she did say so herself.

And then it happened.

Alicia and her helpless captive heard the door at the top of the stairs open, accompanied by a soprano, female voice.  Thinking quick, Alicia grabbed another bar towel, reached up, and unscrewed the incandescent bulb of the fixture almost directly over Gabby's wide-eyed, gagged head.  She nearly burned her fingers, but managed to plunge their immediate area into relative darkness.  As feet clattered on the stairs, Alicia was very glad that today she'd decided to wear a dark gray suit to work and hadn't changed before visiting her now helpless slave.

The feet on the stairs belonged to Carrie and Eva, two of Gabby's employees.  Both were dressed in sensible shoes, jeans, and Gabby's Place t-shirts, their work uniforms.  Alicia and Gabby watched nervously as the redhead and brunette searched through the crates of bottled beer until they found the brand they were looking for, then each carried a case of clinking bottles up the stairs to the tavern.  There was a brief pause, then the lights clicked off and the door closed.  As far as Mistress Alicia and Slave Gabby could tell, Carrie and Eva had never even glanced in their direction.

Alone in the dark basement, Alicia confirmed that Gabby's heart rate was elevated by placing a finger against the side of the helpless blonde's neck.  That would have sufficed, but Alicia made extra sure by unbuttoning Gabby's blouse, as far as the ropes lashing her to the post would allow, then slid her entire hand under Gabby's blouse and bra to cup her left breast.

"Did you hear what they were giggling about?" Alicia purred.

Gabby blinked in the near darkness.  There was just enough light filtering through the tiny, frosted glass of the scattered basement windows for her to see Alicia's beautiful, smiling face.  She shook her gagged head.

"They think you and that 'pretty lawyer' are an item," Alicia purred.  With her other hand, she was caressing the crotch of Gabby's jeans.

This wasn't exactly a revelation.  Mistress Alicia and Slave Gabby were trying to be discrete, but Gabby knew her guys and gals weren't stupid.  That Alicia was Gabby's legal-eagle girlfriend might be an open secret, but the true nature of their relationship was still hidden... probably... maybe.

There were also the promised monthly weekend visits to The Willows.  They happened.  Sometimes she was accompanied by Gabby, and sometimes she was alone, but she always had a good time (in an "Oh my God!  Not there!  Not like that!  Stop!  Stop!" sort of way).  She also learned a lot.  Slowly but surely, Alicia was gaining experience.

Chapter 9

Nine Months after Alicia's "Free Spa Vacation."
The start of Alicia's seventh weekend spa visit.
Lynda's Home Office, Late on a Friday afternoon.

Lynda was wearing one of her expensive business suits—skirt, blouse, matching jacket—and sitting behind her desk.  Her feet were bare and her high-heeled pumps were neatly arranged on the carpet next to her clothes-tree.  Alicia was similarly dressed, although her pumps were on her feet.  She was sitting in one of Lynda's visitor chairs, her eyes locked with Mistress Lynda.  Both women were smiling.

Silence stretched for several seconds.

Alicia finally spoke.  "Something has changed, Mistress," she purred.

Lynda lifted an eyebrow.  "Really?"

"I've been in enough negotiating situations to recognize when the other side knows they don't hold the winning hand," Alicia purred.

"Have you now?" Lynda chuckled.

"Also, I play poker," Alicia added.

Lynda let several more seconds pass before heaving a sigh and rolling her eyes.  "Okay.  Truth be told, I'm sick and tired of the looks I'm getting from Kimberly on a daily basis and your Gabby, when she visits."

Alicia's smile widened.  "My Gabby?"

Lynda affected a theatrical pout.  "She used to be my Gabby, but now she's your Gabby.  Anyway... I've decided you're a mistress, not a slave.  It's still up in the air as to whether or not you're a switch, but you're not a slave."


"You're a mistress," Lynda huffed.  "I admit it.  Congratulations."


Lynda rolled her eyes.  "And you get to collect your prize.  You get to try and tie me up."

Alicia nodded.  "I see."  She pointed at the iPhone on Lynda's desk.  "Call Kimberly for me."

Lynda picked up the phone and placed the call, then set the iPhone back on the desk.  "It's on speaker," she muttered.

"Yes, Mistress?" Kimberly's disembodied voice answered.

"Mistress Alicia here, Dimple-Cheeks," Alicia said.  "I assume you're busy welcoming Gabby back to the spa?"

"Uh... yes, Mistress," Kimberly's voice responded.

"Bring her, and yourself, to Mistress Lynda's bedroom," Alicia purred, her eyes locked with Lynda's.

"It will take me a few minutes to get her ready to travel," Kimberly said.

"Take your time and do your usual competent job," Alicia chuckled.  "That's all."

"Yes, Mistress," Kimberly said.

Lynda reached out and terminated the call.  Her eyes were still on Alicia.

"To the bedroom," Alicia ordered.

Lynda heaved another sigh, stood, then stepped into her pumps and led the way from the office.

Chapter 9

Slave Kimberly entered Mistress Lynda's bedroom with Slave Gabby on a simple rope leash with her wrists crossed and bound behind her back.  Kimberly was wearing her sneakers, shorts, and polo-shirt Willows uniform, and Gabby was rocking her birthday suit.  Both blondes froze in the doorway and stared in open-mouthed wonder.

Alicia was sitting on Mistress Lynda's bed and smiling at the new arrivals.  Mistress Lynda, however, was kneeling in the center of the bedroom with arms raised and her hands resting on top of her head.  Both brunettes were dressed for business, but Lynda's downcast eyes and embarrassed blush were new, to say the least.

"Wow," Gabby gasped.

"It's about time," Kimberly whispered under her breath.

Gabby turned to her fellow-slave and handler.  "You mean?"

"Uh huh," Kimberly whispered.  Her eyes were still on her beloved Mistress.

Gabby turned back to stare at the wonder in the middle of the bedroom.  "About time," she agreed.

"Ahem."  That was Alicia, of course, and the blond slaves suppressed their reactions and stepped forward.  Alicia gestured for them to approach the bed.

Gabby watched as Alicia stood and whispered in Kimberly's ear, apparently issuing instructions.

"Do you understand?" Alicia said, finally.

Kimberly nodded.  "Yes, Mistress."  She bowed, dropped the end of Gabby's leash, then scampered from the bedroom.

Gabby watched her handler depart, then focused on Mistress Alicia.  "Uh, you want me to help you bind and gag Her Majesty?"  She nodded towards Lynda for emphasis.

Alicia smiled.  From the corner of one eye she could see that Lynda was also smiling.  "No, slave," she chuckled, untied Gabby's leash rope, then spun her around and untied her wrists.  "Left bedpost," she ordered.

Gabby heaved a truly tragic (and somewhat theatrical) sigh, padded to the bedpost in question, put her back against the post, then crossed her wrists behind the post, facing Mistress (Slave?) Lynda and the middle of the room.

Alicia used the rope to bind Gabby's wrists.  She then went to the bedside table, opened a drawer, and returned to the foot of the bed with a roll of duct-tape and a pair of bandage-scissors.

Gabby heaved another heartbreaking sigh as her fingers and thumbs disappeared under tight, overlapping bands of silver tape.  Alicia had done an expert job with the wrist bondage, but with the tape, she might as well have finished the rope bondage with a pretty bow instead of a redundant, unreachable square-knot.  Gabby would not be untying herself.

"Face the bed," Alicia ordered.

Gabby frowned and turned her head to the neatly made bed.  "How am I supposed to—?"

"Lift a leg and straddle the end of the mattress, silly," Alicia interrupted.  "Rest your right leg on the bed if that's easier.

Gabby stared at the bed with a dubious eye, then carried out Alicia's order.  The bed had a foot-board, a single wide plank at the level of the mattress, so Gabby's new position was only a little awkward.  Her left leg was more or less vertical and against the post with her right leg and heel resting on the mattress and nearly touching the top of the foot-board.

Alicia knelt and used the former leash-rope to lash Gabby's left ankle to the base of the bedpost.  "Wait here," she ordered as she stood and strolled to the walk-in closet.  A veteran of her "free week's vacation" and an additional six weekend visits, by this time Alicia had an excellent idea of where Lynda kept many of her "hobby supplies."  She returned to the bedroom with several coils of rope, two ball-gags, and a roll of Elastoplast medical tape.  They joined the roll of duct-tape and scissors already on the bed.  Then, the grinning brunette selected a large coil of rope and set to work.

Lynda watched and Gabby pouted as strand after tight strand tightened around Gabby and the bedpost.  In a depressingly short time, rope yoked Gabby's shoulders and the post, passed above and below her breasts, snaked around her waist, the post, and her forearms, her left leg and the post, and above and below the knee.  All of the ropes were cinched and hitched between her limbs and/or torso and the post, and were snug enough to dimple her tan, smooth flesh.

Alicia picked up one of the ball-gags and smiled at Gabby, who was still affecting her raincloud imitation.  "Oh, I forgot to ask," Alicia purred.  "Did Kimberly take you to visit the 'little slave's room' before bringing you here?"

"Yes, she did, Mistress," Gabby admitted, "and she also took a tinkle."

"Oh, thanks a whole lot," Kimberly said as she entered the bedroom.  In her right hand was a duffel-bag of dark blue canvas, and on her face was a dimpled smile.  "Mistress," she said to Alicia as she dropped the duffel near the bed.  The blonde then turned to her naked and post-tied fellow blonde.  "Thanks for saving me from a couple of more minute's freedom, idiot."

"My pleasure," Gabby huffed, sticking out her tongue at Kimberly.  "You know she already knew we were ready for bed.  It's S.O.P."

"Go to the walk-in closet," Alicia said to Kimberly, "strip, put your clothes in the hamper, and come right back."

"In Mistress Lynda's hamper, Mistress?" Kimberly objected, batting her blue eyes.  "My clothes?  The clothes of a mere slave?"

"Go," Alicia ordered, giving her a swat on the butt as she turned and scampered for the closet.  As Alicia watched her go she leaned close to Gabby.  "Sometimes I can't tell if she'd kidding with her 'devoted slave-girl' act," she said quietly.

"Same here," Gabby admitted in a near whisper, "but she loves Lynda.  Believe it."

"I do," Alicia said with a smile, then eased the ball-gag into Gabby's grumpy but unresisting mouth.  She buckled it at the nape of her neck, under her hair and tight enough to dimple her cheeks, then snipped free a seven-inch strip of Elastoplast and used it to tightly seal Gabby's lower face.  By the time she had finished gagging the helpless, naked blonde, Kimberly had returned.  As per orders, the junior blonde was now naked.  "Right bedpost," Alicia ordered.

Soon, rope for rope, duct-tape band for duct-tape band, ball-gag for ball-gag, and Elastoplast strip for Elastoplast strip, Kimberly was the bound and gagged mirror image of Gabby.  Both blondes were facing the bed, but they could turn their doubly-gagged heads and see Lynda, Alicia, and the rest of the room without much of a strain.  As a final refinement to their helpless condition, Alicia planted Gabby's right foot and Kimberly's left foot side-by-side with their heels and soles flat on the bed, then lashed their ankles together and to the center of the foot-board.

Satisfied with her work so far, Alicia turned her smiling face to Lynda.  "As for you, slave," she purred.  "Strip, then neatly fold your clothes, carry them to the closet, and return."

Alicia, Gabby, and Kimberly watched as Lynda carried out her orders with meticulous—not to mention graceful and sensuous—attention to detail.  It wasn't exactly a striptease, but it was very entertaining, even though Lynda's audience-of-three already knew every strong, sinuous curve and tan, smooth square inch of her skin in intimate detail.

Finally, the disrobing complete, Lynda folded and carried her clothes to the closet, then returned.  Now gloriously nude, she stood at her former place with her hands once again atop her head and her eyes on the carpet.

"Go to the bath, relieve yourself, and brush your teeth," Alicia ordered.

"Yes, Mistress," Lynda sighed, spun on her heels, and padded to the bathroom.

While Lynda was gone, Alicia cleared the remaining rope from the bed, leaving only the roll of duct-tape and the pair of scissors.  She also kicked off her heels, then removed her jacket and draped it over the back of a chair.

The toilet flushed... followed by the splashing of water in the sink... and then, Lynda returned.

"Come," Alicia said, motioning for Lynda to join her at the bed.  The naked mistress, soon to be a bound, naked mistress, padded forward, her hands atop her head and eyes downcast.  Alicia placed a hand on her chin, leaned close, and kissed her lips.  Alicia broke the kiss and smiled.  "Wintergreen toothpaste," she purred.

Lynda didn't answer, but a ghost of a smile curled her lips and a hint of a blush colored her cheeks.

"Sit," Alicia ordered, and Lynda complied.  She watched, silently, as did Gabby and Kimberly, as Alicia picked up the duct-tape, stripped a few inches free of the roll, then lifted Lynda's right hand and proceeded to mummify her hand, fingers, and thumb under tight, overlapping layers of silver tape.  Lynda's left hand was next, and soon both were reduced to silver-gray flippers, utterly useless for any sort dexterous task, such as the untying of knots.

"Stand," Alicia ordered and again, Lynda complied.  Alicia reached into the blue duffel beside the bed and produced a coil of thin, white 550 paracord.  She proceeded to use the cord to bind Lynda's wrists together, tape-enshrouded palm to tape-enshrouded palm.  It was a generous coil, and Alicia made full use of it.  At least two dozen strands encircled Lynda's wrists, with about a dozen strands cinching and tightening the bondage, passing between her wrists.  Alicia then retrieved the duct-tape and proceeded to wrap more neat, overlapping bands, converting Lynda's hands into a single flipper, covering her cord wrist-bonds, and continuing half-way up her forearms.

"On the bed," was Alicia's next order, and Lynda flopped down onto the mattress.  Alicia pulled another coil of paracord from the duffel and set to work.

About a half-hour and many, many coils of paracord later, Alicia stepped back from the bed, smiled, and admired her handiwork.

Lynda was bound in much the same way as she, herself, had bound Kimberly the first night of Alicia's "free vacation."  Her hands were behind her back, her legs together, and she was bound, "Western style," from shoulders to toes.  Bands of cord pinned her upper arms to her torso, passing above and below her breasts and yoking her shoulders.  Another band encircled her waist and pinned her forearms to her body.  More bands bound her legs together across her thighs, above and below her knees, across her shins and calves, and around her ankles, and the ankle bondage continued down to include her feet and big toes.  All of the bands were cinched between her limbs.

Yes, all of this was similar to what Lynda had done to poor Kimberly, but there were significant differences.

The first difference was, of course, material.  Lynda had used rope and Alicia paracord.

The second was quantity.  Lynda had used an adequate amount of rope, whereas Alicia used a superabundance of cord.  Each of the bands were comprised of between twenty and thirty individual strands.  They were less bands than bundles.  Alicia had been less enthusiastic with the cinching cords, but they were still abundant and tight.

The third difference involved the last several inches of the free ends of each band/bundle.  In every case, the free ends of one band were threaded under the cords of the next band, the slack removed, and then terminal knots tied and tucked.  The result was a ladder-like arrangement that linked all of Lynda's bonds, running from between her breasts and continuing down to her ankles, down to her big toes if you counted her ankle bonds.  Alicia had then rolled Lynda onto her stomach and used a fresh coil of paracord to link all of Lynda's bonds in similar fashion from the nexus of cords between her shoulder blades to the back of her ankle bonds.  She finished with sufficient cord to cinch the cords through the cords binding Lynda's insteps and bind all of her toes together in a neat row.

And then there were the other refinements Alicia made to Lynda's bondage.

Alicia looped cords around the base of each of Lynda's breasts, pulled them tight until the fleshy globes bulged and turned just a little pink, then stretched pairs of cords across each breast in a cross-like manner, neatly framing and ever-so-slightly pinching her erect nipples.

Finally, a single pair of cords bisected Lynda's labia and butt-crack in a tight crotch-cord, and the end of the cord was looped around her tape-mummified hands and wrists before being tied off to the back of the chest-harness cords.

Lynda squirmed and wiggled, testing her bonds as best she could, then rolled on her left side and smiled at Alicia.  "Very impressive," she purred.

Alicia leaned close and kissed Lynda's lips before answering.  "Thank you, Mistress."  She sat on the bed and rested her right hand on Lynda's cord-bound right breast.  "I've only just started experimenting with Kinbaku techniques, and I wouldn't presume to use my novice skills to bind a Kinbaku Mistress."

Lynda gazed into Alicia's smiling face for a few seconds before continuing.  "I have never attempted to teach what I learned in Japan to a student, but I'm willing to try if you're willing to learn."

Alicia kissed Lynda's lips, again.  "I'm honored, Mistress.  We can discuss the matter at a later date.  My legal responsibilities limit my free time."

"I understand," Lynda responded.  "I'm sure we'll be able to work something out."  She watched as Alicia went to the nightstand, opened a drawer, and produced the ball-gag she usually used to silence Kimberly or one of her other playmate/slaves on the spa staff.  She opened her mouth and accepted the rubber sphere in her mouth, held her head steady as Alicia tightened and secured the buckle at the nape of her neck and under her hair, and continued cooperating as Alicia stretched and smoothed a strip of Elastoplast across her lower face.  She was now gagged as effectively as Gabby and Kimberly—who had watched the spectacle of Mistress Lynda being rendered so very helpless with wide, amazed, adoring blue eyes.

Alicia wasn't quite through with her former and future teacher.  She pulled a wand-style vibrator from its charging station in the nightstand's lowest drawer and proceeded to lash it between Lynda's thighs with its knob-like head nestled against the crotch-cords and pressing against her labia.  Neat, tightly cinched cords made sure the vibrator would remain in place, no matter how Lynda squirmed and kicked.

Finally, Alicia added two more cords, one to loosely link Lynda's tied toes to the foot-board, and the other to link the cords yoking her shoulders to the headboard.  She left Lynda a lot of wiggle room, but she wouldn't be rolling off the bed.

Lynda, Gabby, and Kimberly watched as Alicia stepped into her shoes... then shrugged on her jacket.  She then pulled her phone from her pocket and placed a call.

"Hi, Maggie," Alicia said into the phone.  Apparently, her call had been answered.  "This is Alicia Riolobos.  Yes, Lynda's weekend guest.  How are things in the dining room?  Good.  I need a table for one in, say, five minutes?  Will that be possible?"  Her smile broadened.  "Excellent.  Yes, I did say for one.  I'm afraid Lynda is tied up at the moment and won't be joining me.  Thank you.  'Bye."

Gabby and Kimberly broke into gagged, giggling fits, but Lynda managed to contain her reaction to a roll of her smiling blue eyes.  Alicia pocketed her phone, then strolled back to the bed.

Alicia kissed Gabby's cheek, Kimberly's forehead, then sat on the bed next to Lynda.  "If you girls are good, I'll order us a midnight snack."  With that, she kissed Lynda's gagged lips—or rather, kissed the square-inch of Elastoplast over the rubber ball plugging Lynda's mouth—then reached down and clicked the vibrator's switch to its lowest setting, "L," and stood.

Lynda stoically ignored the gentle buzz stimulating her pussy and stared up at her Mistress-for-the-evening.

Alicia smiled down at Lynda, then mockingly shook her right index finger.  "Don't you dare cum until I return and give you permission," she purred, then turned and left the bedroom, closing the door behind her.

By this time sunset was either imminent or had just passed.  In any case, the light from the garden was orange-tinted and dim, but it was still more than enough to let Gabby and Kimberly enjoy the erotic spectacle of Mistress Lynda, naked and stringently bound on her own bed, and trying her best to ignore the vibrator buzzing between her legs.

Chapter 9

Alicia returned to the bedroom in a little less than two hours, but by that time night had fallen.  She strolled to the bed and clicked on the reading light on the bedside table.

The bondage was unchanged.  No surprise there, as there probably wasn't an escape artist on the planet who could have freed herself from Alicia's cords and tape.  It might not have been the absolute neatest of rigging jobs, but in terms of inescapably it was a ten out of ten.

Gabby and Kimberly were still at their posts.  Apparently, like Mistress Lynda, neither blonde was a super-Houdini.  Their eyes were on Lynda, which was entirely understandable.

Lynda's skin glistened with sweat, and a few strands of her long, dark hair were plastered to her ball- and tape-gagged face, and Alicia detected a hint of delicious desperation in her blue eyes... maybe.  It might have been wishful thinking on Alicia's part.  In any case, the vibrator was still buzzing between her thighs and against her cord-cleaved pussy.  It was amazing.

"Did you cum, slave?" Alicia asked.

Lynda glared in response, which was also understandable, then shook her head.

"Such a good slave," Alicia chuckled, then leaned close and kissed Lynda's shining forehead.  She then strolled to the closest easy chair and began unbuttoning her jacket.

Lynda, Gabby, and Kimberly watched as Alicia continued undressing.  She stepped out of her heels, shrugged out of her jacket, unzipped and pulled down her skirt, then unbuttoned and removed her blouse.  That left a pair of nude stockings, white bikini-panties, a frilly white garter belt, and a white bra.  Granted, Alicia's lingerie were old-fashioned, but Lynda had once remarked that she liked garter belts, even though she seldom wore them herself.  Alicia removed her panties and bra, but left her stockings and garter belt.  She reached for the ceiling and executed a back-arching, fully-body stretch... then strolled into the bathroom.

There was a pause... the captives-of-the-bed heard the toilet flush, there was another pause... then they heard water splash in the sink.  Shortly thereafter, Alicia returned.  She untied the cords tethering Lynda's toe and shoulder bonds to the bed, then climbed onto the bed and cuddled with her fellow brunette.

After hugging Lynda close for several seconds, Alicia peeled the Elastoplast from her lower face, unbuckled the ball-gag and re-buckled it on the strap's first hole, then plucked the rubber sphere from Lynda's mouth and let it dangle from its now loose strap around her neck.  A kiss followed, a long, wet, deep kiss.  The vibrator continued buzzing on low and Gabby and Kimberly continued watching The Greatest Show on Earth (or in the bedroom, anyway).

Finally, Alicia broke the kiss, propped herself up on one elbow, and began combing Lynda's tousled hair from her face.  Their breasts were in partial contact, as were their stomachs and thighs, and Alicia could feel a little of the weak vibrational energy continuously teasing Lynda's pussy.  "Guess what comes next?" she purred.

Lynda managed a weak smile.  "I squirm between your legs and lick your pussy."

Alicia's smile broadened.  "Bingo.  Such a clever slave."

Lynda managed to suppress a smile, then pursed her lips in a disapproving pout.  "I could do a better job if you turned off the wand," she suggested.

Alicia kissed Lynda's lips before answering.  "I have every confidence in your ability to ignore our little friend while you service your mistress.  And once I'm satisfied with your efforts, you can reverse course, wiggle to the foot of the bed, and do the same for Gabby and Kim.  And then... we'll see about turning the wand up to 'M' so you can join the party."

Lynda transfixed Alicia with her fiercest stare, then turned her head and gazed back at the bound blondes.  Bound as they were, Gabby and Kimberly's pussies were easily within the range of someone bound head to toe and lying on the bed, like Mistress Lynda.

"Poor, helpless slaves," Alicia cooed.  "Tied up and helpless and unable to prevent someone from wiggling close and licking their pussies."

Lynda gazed at Kimberly... and then Gabby.  Both were staring back.  Their gags made their expressions slightly difficult to read, but in Lynda's experienced opinion, they both were more than a little aroused.  Lynda's tongue and lips were no strangers to either slave's pussy.  A good mistress is always generous, especially with trained, obedient, devoted slaves.  That said, the current situation was... novel.

Lynda shivered in her incredible, inescapable bonds.  The vibrator teasing her crotch was a bit of a distraction, but she knew she could handle the wand, and in any case, she wasn't going to feel any relief until she'd followed Mistress Alicia's orders.  She managed to squirm, roll, and wiggle her way down the bed.  Alicia was helpful, in that she piled pillows against the headboard, scooted up until she could rest her head, shoulders, and back against the pillows, then lifted a leg over Lynda's head and shoulders.

Lynda stole one last glance over her shoulder at Gabby, and the blond trickster froze in her bonds, her eyes wide.  The message in Lynda's eyes was inescapable, like their bonds. 

"This is all your fault," Lynda huffed, her fierce gaze still transfixing Gabby.  "I just have to decide if you deserve epic punishment, lavish reward, or both."

"She's my slave now, Lynda," Alicia purred.

Lynda turned back to Alicia and managed a slightly chagrined smile.  "She is."

"She'll always love you," Alicia continued, "but she's mine, Mistress Lynda."

"Agreed, Mistress Alicia."  Lynda licked her lips, eyed Alicia's tan thighs, black pubic bush, and glistening, flushed pussy, then set to work.

Alicia gasped and a wave of pleasure shuddered through her body in response to Lynda's first wet lick.  It was good to be a mistress, or rather, it was good to be acknowledged as a mistress by Lynda.  As for what would happen tomorrow, immediately after she untied Lynda and the watching (meaning leering) blondes lashed to the bedposts?

Tomorrow was another day.

Chapter 9

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The End

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