Janet (le Fey)
Sam has a new

There are fairies at the bottom of our
              astrophysics lab!


Chapter 6



Zilly Zam, our Fairy Queen;
We love you Zam, our Fairy Queen!

Zilly Zam, our Fairy Queen;
We love you Zam, our Fairy Queen!

The stupid sing-song chant kept repeating in Sam's mind, over and over, like a broken iPod she couldn't turn off.  She was tied up—and the Janet-fairies were licking her all over—and poking their wet tongues in her ears and nose and everything—and licking the soles of her feet and sucking on her toes, and—"M'rmmpfh!"

Sam sat up and opened her eyes—and immediately flopped back down.  She was still naked and bound and gagged, and with the same blue thread—the same blue rope she's been bound with before, and with the same silk rag crammed in her mouth and silk bandage cleaving her lips and mummifying her entire lower face.  The ropes were tight and elaborately intertwined and inescapable.  Still tiny, and still a prisoner, she realized, blinking her eyes and willing herself to come fully awake.

Sam had come to accept that she was not hallucinating, that somehow she had been reduced in size, taken out of phase with the rest of space-time, and was the prisoner of... Janet-fairies?  Okay, she admitted, maybe I am hallucinating, but if I am, I'm probably already in a deep coma and this is all some sort of profound fugue state.  All I can do is try and escape, whether the fairies are real or not.

She was lying on a soft surface, a pallet of sage-green, polyester-blend fabric.  Somebody's giant undies, she realized, the top layer, at least.  Immediately before her was a metal grill the size of a garage door, and walls, ceiling, and floors of polished aluminum stretched into the distance to either side.  An air duct.  I'm in an air duct.  That's how they're moving around the SGC.  Clever.

"Queen Zam is awake."

"Queen Zam is strong."

Sam rolled onto her side and looked back over her shoulder.  A pair of Janet-fairies, one raven-haired and pale and other auburn-haired and tan, were sitting cross-legged against the back wall.  Both were as naked as Sam (not counting her rope-bonds and silk gag).

Both fairies stood and stretched full-length, arms overhead and dragonfly wings quivering, then strolled to Sam's improvised bed.  The pale Janet-fairy straddled Sam's waist and settled her minuscule weight on the captive's tummy, pinning her on her back.  At the same time, the tan fairy settled into her former cross-legged position, scooted forward, and pulled Sam's head and shoulders onto her lap.

Sam mewled through her gag, squirmed, and kicked her bound legs, but was unable to roll away from her smiling captors.

"Are you thirsty, Zam?" the auburn fairy inquired, and began untying her gag.

"Are you horny, Zam?" the black-haired fairy purred, and began kneading Sam's rope-framed breasts.

Sam continued to struggle.  "Mrmm—Leave me alone—Mpfh!"  The rag had been pulled from her mouth, but her protest was immediately cut short by a tight hand-gag from the tan fairy.

"Quiet, Zam," the tan fairy chided, a teasing pout pursing her bow lips.  "Do you want a drink, or not?"

Sam glared at the grinning fairy, then sighed through the irritatingly smug creature's hand... and nodded, as best she could.

The Janet-fairy took her hand away, then held a cup to Sam's lips, lifting the back of her head so she could drink.

Sam sampled the liquid, then drank with enthusiasm.  The "cup" was the lid of a sample vial, and the liquid... she didn't know what it was, but it was sweet and refreshing and very good.  She drained the cup, then focused on the pale-skinned fey still massaging her boobs.  "Stop that!" she growled.

"Now, Zam," the raven-haired fairy purred, "don't be that way."  She captured Sam's nipples between her forefingers and thumbs and gave them a teasing pinch.

"Play nice," the auburn fairy giggled.

The pale fairy's smile turned chilling evil, and her violet eyes flashed.  "And what would be the fun in that?"

"Who are you?" Sam demanded.

"We told you, Zam," the auburn fairy laughed.  "We're fairies."

"No, I mean how... what..?"  Sam was at a loss for words.

"The machine you made with Hailey and the Snake-Lady and the Felger-troll called us through the star-portal," the pale fairy explained.

"And the Snake-Lady's knowledge-crystals shaped us," the tan fairy added.

"And the machines of the Fey World worked their magic and—"  The pale fairy gave Sam's nipples a playful tug. "—here we are."

"I-I don't understand," Sam said.  "Ahh!  Stop!"  The pale fairy had pinched her nipples, again, then released them.

"It isn't important, Zam," the tan fairy chuckled.  "Only the Hunt is important.  You are our Queen, and we love you."

"But, why are you different?" Sam demanded.  She looked up at the tan fairy cradling her head.  "Why are you like Janet?"  She dropped her gaze to the pale fairy still massaging her breasts.  "And why are you like Janet, only different?"

"The crystals made us as we are," The pale, violet-eyed Janet answered.

"The life-crystal made us Janet," the brown-eyed fairy explained, "and the prime knowledge-crystal divided us into the Dark and the Light."

"The Lightlings are weak and silly," the black-haired fairy said.

"And the Darklings are cruel and selfish," the auburn-haired fairy countered.

Sam looked from face to face.  Both fairies were smiling.  Apparently, the two varieties of Janet-fairies were rivals, but they were able to cooperate.  "Why are you doing this to me?" she demanded.

Both Janet-fairies laughed.  "You are our Queen," they said, in unison.

"Your... Queen?"

"Janet loved you," the Light fairy whispered.

"Janet wanted you," the Dark fairy added.

"So you are our Queen," they said in unison, again.

"Janet... loved me?" Sam whispered.

"She loved you," the Light fairy whispered back, and kissed Sam's lips.

"But she knew she could never have you," the Dark fairy huffed, released Sam's breasts, then smiled and lightly tickled the captive's ribs.  "But we have you!"

Sam gasped, giggled, and writhed, thrashing and struggling to dislodge the weight of her pale tormentor.  "Please!  Stop!"

The Dark fairy relented, and shifted her gaze to her Light companion.  "Now, tell me it is not fun to have your way with one so beautiful and helpless."

The Light fairy smiled and kissed Sam's lips, again.  "Tell me it is not better to taste pleasure that is freely given."

"Freely given," the Dark Fairy scoffed.

The Light fairy smiled, then stuffed the silk rag back in Sam's startled mouth.  "She loves us," the grinning fey purred, her brown eyes flashing.  "She just doesn't know it, yet."

"M'rrmpfh!"  Sam struggled and squirmed, but couldn't prevent the rest of her gag from being reapplied.

Suddenly, the hum of fairy wings sounded from the other side of the giant grill.  "Pssst!  Are you ready, my Sisters?"  The voice was Janet's, another Janet, speaking in an urgent, soprano whisper.

"The Queen is ready!" Sam's handlers answered in unison.

"Alrightiethen!" the voice giggled.  The wing buzz rose in crescendo and the grill opened, folding down on its hinge.

"Marshals of the Light and Dark," another Janet-voice intoned, "bring forth the Queen!"

"Bring forth the Queen!" a chorus of many Janet-voices chanted.

Sam's pale and tan handlers pulled her to her feet and clutched the ropes binding her upper body.  Their wings fluttered... and they lifted into the air and flew through the open grill, easily supporting Sam's captive weight.

Sam looked down.  They were in one of the SGC's storerooms, surrounded by steel racks of cardboard boxes and shrink-wrapped bundles, but she couldn't tell which storeroom.  Centered on the concrete floor below was a rectangular steel pan, one of the large cooking and serving pans used in the mess hall.  From Sam's tiny perspective, it was the size of a small swimming pool—and it was surrounded by a host of naked pale and tan Janet-fairies, all bouncing, dancing, and cheering with enthusiasm.

"Zam, Zam, Zam..." they chanted.

Sam's eyes widened in surprise.  Inside the pan—

There are fairies at the bottom of our astrophysics lab
Chapter 6

"Blue Jell-O?" Jack demanded.  He was in the astrophysics lab (Sam's lab), with the rest of SG-1 (minus Sam and plus Hailey) and was addressing Daniel, who had just hung up the telephone on Sam's desk.

"That's what they said," Daniel answered.  "An entire pan of blue Jell-O has disappeared from the mess hall.  One of the cooks took it out of the refrigerated cabinet to spoon it into serving dishes, something zapped him—"

"Zapped him?" Jack demanded.

"His words," Daniel confirmed.  "And when he came to, the pan was gone."

"Blue Jell-O," Teal'c said, quietly.

"That's Major Carter's favorite dessert!" Hailey gasped.

Jack and Daniel exchanged an amused glance.  Sam's love of blue Jell-O was common knowledge, and the cooks always made sure it was on the serving line at every meal (and in between).

Jack favored Hailey with an even stare.  "Thank you, Lieutenant.  I'll add that information to the Major's personnel file."

Hailey grinned up at the Colonel.  She knew she was being teased.  "Ready to begin scanning," she said.  Hailey was at the lab's main computer station, her fingers on the keyboard.  She indicated the three large, flat-screen monitors arrayed in an arc before her.  "I've written a routine that lets me scroll through all the SGC security cameras at will, and I'm passing it all through a facial recognition program set to the Major's coefficients, in case we miss something."

"Okay," Jack nodded.  "We'll take turns, and you can go first, Lieutenant.  Look for anything... unusual."

"Like fairies," Daniel added.

"Indeed," Teal'c agreed.

"Yes, sir," Hailey acknowledged.

"How much of the security system has been upgraded?" Jack asked.  He knew the SGC was in the process of replacing all of its black and white, low-resolution security cameras with new, full-color, high-resolution models.

"Most, if not all of it," Hailey answered.

"Can you set your programs to scan for colors?" the Colonel asked.

Hailey nodded, the her grin turned into a broad smile.  "Like blue?"

"Very good, Jack," Daniel said.

"Indeed," Teal'c intoned.

"Yeah, I'm brilliant," Jack chuckled.  "And I'm sure scanning for the color blue at an active Air Force facility won't trigger massive numbers of false positives."

Hailey's fingers were tapping the keys.  "I'm adding a heuristic routine that will learn from the false-positives and fine-tune the color discrimination as we scan, and to help it along..."  One of the monitors flashed and showed the mess hall serving line.  Hailey tapped more keys and the camera swiveled and zoomed in on a row of stemmed goblets full of various flavors of Jell-O.  The tapping continued until the blurry image of the contents of a single serving of blue Jell-O filled the screen.  "There," Hailey said, with a final tap of the keys.  "That'll be the starting point for the filter."

"Very good, Lieutenant," Jack nodded, and Hailey beamed.

"Indeed," Teal'c agreed.

Daniel pulled up a stool and sat next to Hailey.  "I'll help with the first shift," he offered.  "That way you can feel free to fiddle with the software."

"Thanks," Hailey said, then focused on O'Neill.  "Okay, Colonel?"

Jack nodded.  "Let's just hope this isn't a colossal waste of time," he sighed.

"Increased patrols continue," Teal'c said. "and all warriors are alert and vigilant.  It is futile for us to exhaust ourselves by duplicating their efforts."

"I know," O'Neill muttered.  "I'm going for a jug of coffee."  He headed for the door, then paused to stare at an olive-drab fleece jacket hanging on the clothes tree next to the open portal.  Sam wore it when she decided the A/C in the lab was running a little chilly.  Thus far, the only thing the extensive search for Sam had discovered was her uniform, all of her uniform, including her boots, socks, and underwear, all scattered at widely separated locations throughout the SGC.  So, assuming she hadn't been zapped into nothingness... Sam was naked, vulnerable, apparently invisible... and alone.  "We'll find you, Sam," Jack muttered, "I swear."

"What did you say?" Daniel called from across the lab.

"Nothing!" Jack huffed, and strode through the door.

There are fairies at the bottom of our astrophysics lab
Chapter 6

Sam's bonds were changed, in midair.

Hovering in a coordinated, cooperative cloud, a dozen Janet-fairies—six Dark and six Light—untied the spiderweb of blue ropes binding her limbs together and replaced them with four, very long, blue strands.  Each was doubled and multiple turns taken around each of her wrists and ankle, then elaborately hitched and knotted.  The result was a naked, gagged, and angry Sam thrashing in a loose spread-eagle above the serving pan/swimming pool of blue Jell-O.  A mix of fairies handled each of the lines, giggling and tugging on the ropes as their "Queen" bucked, struggled, and mewled through her gag.

She'd had absolutely no chance of escaping while the ropes were untied and replaced, of course.  There were simply too many Janets.  The pair of "Marshals", as they'd been called, hovered above the fray, smiling and watching the giggling swarm accomplish their task.  Sam focused on the duo and glared.

"Don't be mad, Zam," the Light Marshal cooed.

"Yeah," the Dark Marshal, giggled.  "Drowning in blue Jell-O will be fun!"

Sam's eyes popped wide.  Drowning??

Just then, another Dark and Light pair joined the Marshals.  They were the ones with the gold and silver collars, the ones that seemed to be in charge.

"I am the First Hatched of the Light," the tan, auburn-haired, brown-eyed fairy with the gold collar announced, addressing Sam.

"And I am the First Hatched of the Dark," the pale, black-haired, violet-eyed fairy with the silver collar added.

"Let the game begin!" the collared fairies said, in unison.

Sam screamed through her gag as she was dropped into the Jell-O.  She sank beneath the surface—then her bonds snapped taut and she was pulled back to the surface.  She screamed again, and shook her head, trying to clear the cold, clinging Jell-O from her face.  She was now covered from head to toe in the blue mess and was spreadeagled—half-floating, half-suspended—on the wiggling, jiggling blue expanse—and the stuff was cold!

The Janet-fairies giggled and jumped with glee.  Even the fairies holding the ropes were quivering with delight.

"For this game, the First Hatched shall go first!" the First Darkling announced.

"Then all will play!" the First Lightling added, and the Janet-fairy host cheered and clapped.

Sam shivered and tugged on her bonds, but was completely helpless, as always.

The collared pair smiled, then dove into the Jell-O, to more applause.

There was a hush—Sam continued to shiver... and she could feel the Jell-O churning beneath her—then the First Hatched pair erupted to the surface, on either side of her body.  Their hair was slicked back and the blue slime covered them completely.

They began sliding their hands over Sam's body, clutching her breasts and pinching her nipples, caressing her thighs and buttocks, and stroking her labia!

"M'mmpfh!"  Sam squirmed and struggled.

The watching fairy crowd hooted and cheered.

Sam realized that she was at the center of what was as much a wrestling match as an orgy.  Both fairies were trying to stimulate her bound body, but were simultaneously doing their best to prevent the other from doing the same.  Sam squirmed and sobbed through her gag.

"We love you Zam," one of her tormentors giggled.  Covered in blue slime, it wasn't as easy to tell the grinning, elf-eared Janets apart as it had been before.

"We love you enough to eat you up!" the other added, and playfully nipped her left breast.

The other fairy lunged across Sam's body.  "Stop that!" she ordered, and pushed her opponent's head under the Jell-O. 

Seconds passed, then the remaining fairy squealed and quivered with distress.  "Ah-no tickling!"  Glub!"  The submerged fairy had swum under Sam's body and pulled the other under.

Sam shivered while the watching crowd cheered—then both fairies erupted to the surface and resumed their efforts to be the first to stimulate her to orgasm.

"M'rrrrfhhh!"  Sam pulled on her bonds with all her strength and shivered against the cold (and in arousal).

There are fairies at the bottom of our astrophysics lab
Chapter 6

"What's that?" Daniel demanded, pointing at the image on the middle screen.

"The missing pan of Jell-O," Hailey answered, and began tapping the keys.  The location—a storeroom on sub-level twelve, by the label in the corner—was now replicated on all three screens.  She zoomed in on the pan.  A pair of brackets began flashing on either side of the pan, signaling that the color-matching software filter had been triggered.  "It's... boiling?" Hailey added.

O'Neill and Teal'c hurried over to stare at the screens.

The contents at the center of the pan were churning and large bubbles were quivering on its surface.  Hailey zoomed in the image, and the bubbles came into better focus.  "What the hell?" she muttered.  The "bubbles" were people, tiny people, invisible tiny people, made visible only by the coating of blue slime glistening on their transparent forms.

"Fairies!" Daniel gasped.  "Wings and pointy ears and... fairies!"

"One of them is a captive," Teal'c noted pointing at the spreadeagled form between the other two.

Suddenly, an electronic beep sounded, and a pair of white brackets framed the head region of the slime-covered but otherwise invisible captive on the rightmost screen.  A wire-form mask was superimposed, then a photograph of Samantha Carter appeared to one side.

"Sam!" O'Neill gasped.

"Storeroom 12-4B," Hailey noted.

"Zat'ni'katels!" Teal'c said, pulling the Goa'uld pistol from the holster on his right hip.  Jack and Daniel drew their zats, as well.

"Bring the T.E.R.!" Jack ordered Hailey, and SG-1 was out the door.

There are fairies at the bottom of our astrophysics lab
Chapter 6

"First Hatched, the door!" one of the Janet-fairies yelled.  The fairies had locked the storeroom's Bigling-size door and wedged a scrap of wood in the jam; but it was now shaking—Boom!—as something repeatedly slammed into it—Boom!—from the far side.

"Fly, my Sisters!" the First Lightling ordered.

"Save the Queen!" the First Darkling added.

The fairy host lifted into the air, taking Sam with them.  She dangled at the end of the four pairs of ropes, mewling through her gag, writhing, and struggling.  The First Hatched followed, but they were still covered in Jell-O and it was dramatically hampering their efforts.

Boom!  The door flew open and back on its hinges, sending the wooden wedge flying across the room.  Teal'c charged across the threshold, closely followed by Hailey.  She triggered the amplified T.E.R., and the formerly invisible fairies fluoresced a bright, glowing pink!  Most of the crowd and the still struggling Sam were just disappearing into the open air duct; however, the two First Hatched were only halfway there, and were still struggling to remain in the air.

Teal'c aimed his zat and fired.  Blue tendrils of energy enveloped the two convulsing, collared fairies, and multicolored sparks flew from their metal collars.  Then, they plummeted into the pan of Jell-O with a wet plop.

Jack rushed to the air duct—but the rest of the fairies were gone.  "Hey!" he yelled down the duct.  "Come back!"  He turned back to face the others.

Teal'c holstered his zat, reached into the Jell-O, and lifted the two Janet-fairies from the blue depths.  One was curled up in each of his hands, lying on their sides in the fetal position.  "I believe they are alive," he said.

Hailey leaned close and stared at the tiny feys.  "They're... beautiful," she whispered.

Both were now fully visible, glistening with Jell-O, but very much not transparent.  Through the coating of blue slime they could see that one was pale, with black hair, and the other was tan, with somewhat lighter hair.

"Fairies!" Daniel whispered, in open wonder.

"They resemble Doctor Fraiser," Teal'c noted.

"And the rest of them have Sam," O'Neill growled.  He turned to Hailey.  "Any ideas?"

Hailey frowned, but her eyes were still on the tiny, unconscious pair.  "Uh... they were invisible," she said, thinking aloud, "then became visible.  They can shift in and out of phase, like the Reetou."  The Reetou were an insect-like alien race that had the natural ability to cloak themselves.  "T.E.R.s can reveal them, and they can be stunned by a zat."  She focused on O'Neill.  "Maybe we can contain them in a harmonically tuned energy field."

"Are you sure it'll work?" O'Neill asked.

Hailey's shook her head.  "Uh... it's all I can think of, sir, and no, I'm not sure of anything."

O'Neill nodded.  "Take the, uh, prisoners to Sam's lab—to the astrophysics lab—and rig up a, uh, fairy jail."

"Yes, sir," Hailey responded.

Teal'c nodded and followed Hailey out the door, the still unconscious fairies cupped in his hands.

Daniel was up on his toes, trying to look down the open air duct.  "I couldn't even tell which way they went," he said.  "They could be anywhere by now... with Sam."  He turned to stare at O'Neill.  "Phase-shifting fairies that can make people tiny, can make themselves invisible, and they all look like Janet.  Wow!"

Jack nodded.  "Let's go," he said.  "I've gotta brief the General.  You go help in the lab."

There are fairies at the bottom of our astrophysics lab
Chapter 6

Hailey led the way with Teal'c right behind.  Daniel caught them up and followed.  They entered the astrophysics lab and Hailey hurried to the shelves and began carrying various electronic components to the least cluttered of the lab tables.

"I'll be right back," Daniel said, grabbed the thermos-jug of coffee, and hurried out the door.

"Where's he going?" Hailey asked, but her only answer was a shrug from Teal'c.  She began assembling a device, snapping circuit boards into a breadboard panel and using small cables to link various circuits.

"You must work quickly," Teal'c said.  "We do not know how long they will remain unconscious."

"I know, I know," Hailey snapped, then forced a nervous smile.  "Sorry."

"I have full confidence in your technical abilities," Teal'c intoned.

"I'm glad one of us does," Hailey muttered, and began tracing the wiring of her improvised device with her right index finger.  She nodded, then went to the shelves and returned with a Faraday cage, a two-foot cube of copper rods clad on all six sides with fine copper mesh.  It rested on four glass insulating pads, and one side was hinged to serve as a door.  The cage isolated its contents from the lab's electromagnetic environment, and she knew Sam used it to test some of the electronic components she cobbled together.  Hailey attached a pair of cables to the base of the cage, then carried the end of another cable to a laptop and plugged it into a USB port.

Just then, Daniel returned to the lab, the jug in one hand and a bundle of paper towels in the other.  "Warm water," he explained, and hurried to a clear space at another table.  "Bring them over," he told Teal'c.

Teal'c complied, and for the next minute they carefully gave the Janet-fairies a gentle sponge bath, dampening the towels and removing all they could of the remaining Jell-O, then dribbling more of the blood-warm water over their tiny, naked bodies and hair.

"They're beautiful," Daniel whispered.

"They are truly wonders," Teal'c agreed, and they began patting the fairies dry.

"Ready," Hailey said.  She'd placed a thick, rectangular slab of milky, insulating plastic on the floor of the cage, as well as a folded lab towel for padding, and was now sitting before the laptop, tapping the keys and staring intently at the screen.  "I hope this works," she sighed, and tapped a final key.  A couple of LEDs on her improvised device began to glow, but that was the only sign of anything happening.  She continued to stare at the screen... tapped a few keys... then tapped a few more.

"Well?" Daniel asked.

"It works," Hailey responded, reached over, and opened the cage door.  "In they go."

Teal'c and Daniel carried their tiny prisoners to the cage, gently deposited them on the folded towel, and Hailey closed the door.

Daniel frowned, pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and began cleaning his glasses.  "Uh... and this will hold them?"

Hailey's answer was to retrieve the amplified T.E.R., point it at the cage, and pull the trigger.  The entire cage now sparkled with pink and lavender energy; however, the interior, including the unconscious Janet-fairies, was perfectly normal.  "Either the subspace harmonics will keep them from being able to phase-shift... or it won't."  She returned to the equipment shelves and began gathering more components.

"What now?" Daniel asked, restoring his glasses and pocketing the handkerchief.

"I'm making another field generator," she explained.

"In case we capture more fairies?" Daniel asked.

Hailey pointed at the air duct grill across the lab.  "For protection.  We need to make enough of these things to shield every critical space in the SGC."

"Quick thinking," Daniel said.

"Indeed," Teal'c agreed.

"Once we know I've got the frequency tuning and field strength correct, the other labs can start turning them out," Hailey added.

"Sam will be very proud of you," Daniel said.

Hailey turned to Daniel and glared, then, her chin began trembling and her eyes welled.  "You would say that," she mumbled.

Teal'c walked to the Lieutenant, opened his arms, and pulled her into a brotherly embrace.  "Major Carter will be rescued," he intoned, "and she will be proud."

"I'm sorry," Hailey sobbed, returning the huge Jaffa's embrace.  Her face was buried in his chest—his lower chest, actually.  There was more than a two-foot difference in their heights.

"Don't apologize," Daniel responded.  "We love Sam too, and we will get her back.  Uh, I'm going for more coffee."  He grabbed the jug and headed out the door.

Hailey looked up at Teal'c's gentle face, and forced a smile.  "Thanks," she whispered.

"You are a trained warrior with formidable gifts," Teal'c said, with a calm expression, "needing only experience and tempering in combat.  You honor your family, your nation, and your companions with your service, and I am proud to be your friend."

Hailey blushed and wiped the tears from her eyes.  A shy smile curled her lips.  "Lay it on thick, why don't you?" she muttered, and took a step back.  "I'm gonna finish this thing," she added, and returned to work.

Teal'c bowed, then focused on the cage.  The Janet fairies were still asleep, but he thought they may have moved since being placed in their improvised prison.  As he watched, this was confirmed as the pale, black-haired fairy stretched her legs and turned her tiny head.  The tan, auburn fairy stretched as well, and her mouth opened in a tiny yawn.

Teal'c pulled up a stool and sat.  He placed his hand on his holstered zat and continued watching the minuscule captives.

There are fairies at the bottom of our astrophysics lab
Chapter 6


Chapter 5

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