Janet (le Fey)
Sam has a new

There are fairies at the bottom of our
              astrophysics lab!


Chapter 7



Sam was still naked, gagged, and tied in a loose spread-eagle on her back, and her hair and skin were still covered in blue Jell-O.  The sticky slime was beginning to dry, but at least she was no longer cold.  The fairy host had spirited her down the labyrinth that was the SGC ventilation system's duct work, making countless turns and dropping several levels, and now they were in another of the SGC's many storerooms, on the top shelf of one of the storage racks.  Her captors, the tan, auburn-haired Light and the pale, black-haired Dark Janet-fairies, were nervously milling around and whispering among themselves.  All were as naked as Sam, but, for the moment, they were ignoring their helpless "Queen".

"There is nothing we can do for our captured Sisters," one of the pale fairies announced in a loud voice.  "As Second Hatched of the Dark and as Dark Marshal of the Hunt, I take command of all Darklings and order the Great Hunt to continue."

One of the tan fairies confronted the pale speaker.  "As Second Hatched of the Light and as Light Marshal of the Hunt, I order the immediate rescue of our First Hatched Sisters."

"And allow all of us to be taken by the Biglings' snake-magic?" the Darkling scoffed.  "The Hunt is paramount.  We must flee through the portal and continue the Hunt in the safety of the Fey World."

"Agreed," the Lightling said, "but only after we have rescued our Sisters."

The Light and Dark fairies began pulling apart and gathering by kind behind their arguing Sisters.

Sam watched the confrontation with interest.  Whichever side triumphed in an open battle, she doubted if she'd be set free; but it would have to mean something with respect to her fate.

Just then, another tan Janet-fairy emerged from the open air duct, zoomed across the storeroom, and joined the group.  "The Biglings have taken our First Hatched to the Queen's Tinkering Chamber and have placed them in an inescapable dungeon!"

"Snake magic?" the Dark Marshal asked.

"Of great power," the scout-fairy confirmed.  "It is The Hailey's magic."

"If we attack in force," the Light Marshal suggested, "we can overwhelm them with the fey touch before they use their snake-magic pistols."

"Sadly, no, my Sister," the scout sighed.  "As I left, The Hailey was erecting a snake-magic barrier to protect the entire chamber, and there was talk of using more barriers to trap us all!"

"We must flee," the Dark Marshall growled.  "The former Firsts are on their own.  We must flee."

"I fear we must," the Light Marshall muttered, "but not without our treasure—"  Her gaze shifted to Sam.  "And certainly not without our Queen."

The Dark Marshal's smile turned chillingly evil.  "Oh, certainly not, and if we act quickly, we can extract more treasure as we depart."

"Let the truce continue," The Light Marshal said.  "Let Dark and Light work as one."

"Let the truce continue!" all the Janet-fairies chanted.

Sam tugged on her bonds and watched the Marshals confer in whispers.  Orders were given, mixed squads of fairies departed, then the two leaders stepped close to Sam and smiled down at her.  A dozen or more of their subordinates still remained, and they formed a crowd behind the Marshals.  All fairy eyes were on Sam.

"She is beautiful," the Light Marshal sighed.

"Naked, helpless, covered with glistening slime," the Dark Marshal purred, "she is beautiful."

"The drying ambrosia is probably uncomfortable on her body," the Light Marshal noted.

"Yes," the Dark Marshal agreed, "it is probably a torment... a sweet, delicious torment.  See how she squirms."

"We should do something to help our Queen," the Light Marshal suggested.

"Agreed," the Dark Marshal said, and motioned to the other fairies.  "Lick her clean, my Sisters!" she ordered.

The fairies giggled and slowly advanced on Sam, wetting their lips with their pink tongues and swinging their hips, seductively.

"Nrrrf!" Sam screamed through her gag, shaking her head and pulling on her bonds.

"Make the Queen cum as you cleanse her skin," the Light Marshal decreed.

"Probe every cavity and crease," the Dark Marshal added, "and above all, make her cum.  Make her cum over and over, until she sleeps."

The fairies were on their knees, and growing ever-closer to Sam's struggling form.


There are fairies at the bottom of our astrophysics lab
Chapter 7

Hammond and O'Neill entered the astrophysics lab to find Daniel, Teal'c, and Hailey standing around the makeshift "fairy jail".  Inside the copper mesh cage, the captive fairies were fully awake and sitting together with their arms around each other in a tight embrace.  The tiny pair were trembling, causing their folded wings to quiver.  Their eyes were wide with apparent fear as they stared at their "giant" captors.

"Jack, George, don't let them hurt us!" the pale fairy with the silver collar sobbed.

"Please, we're so scared!" the tan fairy with the gold collar cried.

"We're just innocent little fairies!" they said in perfect unison, sobbing and batting their eyes.

"Oh pleeease," Hailey huffed, then blushed when the others turned to stare at her.  "You weren't so 'innocent' the other night."

"It was the Darklings," the tan fairy whispered.

The pale fairy pulled away and favored her tan companion with an expression of scathing disdain.

"Sorry," the tan fairy giggled, then both reasserted their terrified demeanor.

"Is anybody buying this?" Jack asked.

"I'm not," Daniel answered.

"Nor I," Teal'c agreed.

General Hammond leaned close to the cage and stared at the cowering fairies.  "Amazing," he whispered.  He turned to Hailey.  "Have you taken photos, yet?"

"Yes, General," Hailey answered.

"E-mail me copies and I'll forward some to the Pentagon," the General ordered.  "I'm not sure the Chief of Staff really believed me when I told him the SGC was infested with fairies.  I'm not sure I'd have believed me, in his place."

"You'd think they would have learned, by now," Daniel muttered.

"After this," Jack said, "you'll be able to tell the Joint Chiefs that Lord Valdemort is hiding in your sock drawer and they'll buy it."

Hailey turned away and coughed, furiously, struggling not to laugh.

"Who is Lord Valdemort?" Teal'c inquired, perfectly deadpan.  "I know of no such System Lord."

"I'll tell you later," Daniel responded.

Hammond was still gazing at the fairies.  "Amazing.  They look exactly like Doctor Fraiser.  They even sound like her.  Amazing."

The pale fairy dropped all pretense of cowering and climbed to her feet.  Smiling at the General, she cupped her breasts and gave them a shake.  "Oh, you recognize us, George?" she cooed.  "When did you ever see Doc Fraiser's tits, huh?"

The tan fairy shook her head in disgust and wrapped her arms around the pale fairy's legs.  "Behave yourself!" she hissed.  "Don't tease George.  George is nice."

General Hammond stepped away from the table and headed for the door, beckoning for the others to follow.

O'Neill pulled his zat from its holster and handed it to Hailey, then nodded towards the cage.

Hailey nodded, sat on a stool, and smiled sweetly at the fairies.

Out in the hall, a whispered conference was held.

"They seem to have Doctor Fraiser's memories," Hammond observed.

"At least some of them," Daniel agreed.  "They seem to have her personality, as well, after a fashion.  They'd only just woken up when you arrived, General.  Obviously, we need to interrogate them."

"Indeed," Teal'c agreed.

Jack shrugged.  "They do seem to be a tad less inhibited than ol' Doc Fraiser.  At least like I remember her."

Hammond smiled.  "A tad?"

"Okay, General," Jack conceded.  "A lot."

"Find out what you can about where they came from and their capabilities," Hammond ordered, "but our first priority is finding out where the others have taken Major Carter."

Suddenly, they heard a muffled, high-pitched screaming coming from down the hallway.

"What the hell is that?" Hammond demanded, and the group moved to investigate.

"Back up Hailey," Jack whispered to Daniel, and the scholar nodded and returned to the lab.

The noise was coming from the closed elevator, one turn of the corridor away.  A pair of SFs was already on the scene, facing the doors with drawn handguns.

Jack and Teal'c stood to either side of the doors and grabbed the seam between the panels with their fingers.  "Now," Jack whispered, and they pulled.

The doors opened, and inside—

"Felger?" O'Neill muttered.

Jay Felger was sitting on the floor with his back against a corner of the elevator car.  He was in a fetal tuck with his arms around his folded legs, and he was naked!  His clothes were scattered underneath him, and he was rocking back and forth.  What could only be called a goofy smile was on his dazed face.  "Fairies, fairies, fairies..." he chanted, over and over.

"Felger," O'Neill said.  There was no response.  The emergency hatch in the elevator's ceiling was hanging open, as was the access panel of the elevator's controls.  A tangle of loose wires dangled from the opening.  "Felger!" O'Neill barked.

Felger flinched, then focused on the Colonel.  "Fairies," he said, again, and glanced up, towards the open hatch.

Hammond turned to the senior SF.  "Get a medical team down here," he ordered, "and tell them to use the service elevator."

"What happened?" Jack demanded.  "Felger, snap out of it!  What happened?"

"Fairies," Felger said, again.  "Lots of fairies... a-and they stole my precious bodily fluids!"

There are fairies at the bottom of our astrophysics lab
Chapter 7

Sam was awake, again—and she was bound and gagged and naked, again—and sequestered somewhere in the SGC's miles of aluminum air ducts, again.

This is getting really old, she thought.

The Janet-fairies had, indeed, licked Sam clean, including her hair.  And they had also made her cum—a lot!

She noted her bonds had been retied, returning her to the arms-folded-behind-her-back-and-legs-together configuration her fey captors had used, earlier.  A web of blue strands cross-crossed and were hitched around her body from throat to toes.  Her gag had also been changed, at least the outer layer.  She was also wrapped in the tan and black rope net that had been used to transport her, before.  Sam squirmed and struggled, but it was hopeless... as always.

There were a dozen Janet-fairies in the immediate area.  Most were lashing together bundles of some sort; but two, one Light and one Dark, were smiling at Sam.

"The Queen is awake," the tan Janet-fairy noted.

"The Queen is strong," the pale Janet-fairy purred.  "We made her cum... and cum... and yet, she is awake."

"We should feed her," the Light fairy suggested.

The Dark fairy shook her head.  "We should wait until we are safe on the Fey World."

The tan Janet-fairy knelt and smiled at Sam.  "Don't worry, Zam," she said.  "It will be very soon.  We'll have you safe and secure in your new realm very soon."

The pale Janet-fairy was eying Sam in a evil manner.  "Once we are through the portal, we shall have a feast."

"With all sorts of delicious food," the Lightling nodded.

"And you will be the dessert," the Darkling purred.

Sam's eyes widened in alarm.  What?

"Don't frighten the Queen," the tan fairy chided her pale Sister, then shifted her gaze to Sam.  "She means we'll make you cum as the feast is finished, not that we'll eat you."  The tan fairy giggled.  "Well... we will eat you.  We just won't eat you up."

"We'll make you cum after every meal, Zam," the Darkling purred.

Just then, a mixed squad of fairies fluttered down the air duct.  One was holding a silk bundle.  She folded back the wrappings and held a sample vial filled with milky fluid above her head.  "The final treasure!" she announced, and the assembled feys cheered.

"Make ready, my Sisters!" one of the Darklings shouted.

"We are taking the Queen home!" a Lightling cried, and the fairies cheered, again.

There are fairies at the bottom of our astrophysics lab
Chapter 7

"I'm fine, I tell you!" Felger protested, as he was wheeled into the SGC clinic.  "Gimme my clothes!"  He was lying on his side, clutching the sheet covering his naked body with white knuckles.

"Station one," Doctor Keller ordered, and the medical team wheeled the gurney next to one of the beds.

"My clothes!" Felger whined.

"Zip it!" O'Neill growled, entering the clinic one step behind General Hammond.  Teal'c was a step behind O'Neill.

"Hines," Keller said, addressing a male orderly.  "Get him settled."

The orderly took a set of folded patient pajamas from a cabinet, then pulled a privacy screen around the bed and Felger.

"Another fairy attack?" Keller asked the General.

"Apparently," Hammond confirmed.

"It was in the elevator," O'Neill explained.  "He says they came out of the emergency hatch and zapped him, made him tiny, and, uh, had their way with him."

"Which kind?" Freya asked.  The Tok'ra scientist was in the bed she'd occupied before.  She was covered by a sheet and was still in four-point restraints.  "The fair-skinned or the dark-skinned?"

O'Neill walked over to Freya's bed.  "Both," he answered.  "It was a mixed, uh, flock?  Do fairies flock?"

"She's still violent?" Hammond asked Keller in a whisper, nodding towards the Tok'ra.

"Episodic," Keller whispered back, "especially the symbiont.  That's why she isn't dressed.  The symbiont takes control and struggles whenever we try and dress her.  Excuse me, General," she sighed.  "I have a patient to examine."  She pulled her stethoscope from her lab coat pocket and stepped behind the privacy screen.

"It was only the dark-skinned, brown-haired, brown-eyed ones that played with me," Freya told O'Neill.  She tugged on her wrist restraints, sighed, and smiled up at O'Neill.  "I wish I could help you rescue Major Carter."

"Uh, thanks," O'Neill said.  "Just relax and get better."  He nodded towards the closed screen.  "The doc'll let you go, eventually.  They always do."

Freya smiled, and batted her eyes.  "Jack?" she whispered.


"I love you, Jack," Freya sighed. 

"Uh... right."  O'Neill glared at Teal'c, who was watching the exchange with a ghost of a smile curling his lips.  Jack took a step back and turned to scowl at the towering Jaffa.

"She is very attractive for a Tok'ra, don't you agree?" Teal'c asked, quietly.

"If you weren't so big—" O'Neill warned.

Just then, the blare of the SGC general alarm sounded, echoing into the clinic from out in the hallway.  Hammond reached for the nearest telephone, but it buzzed before he could lift the handset.  "General Hammond," he answered, then listened for several seconds.  "Regain control of the stargate," he ordered.  "Pull main power if you have to."  He hung up the phone and turned to the others.  "Trouble in the gate room," he explained, and hurried out the door with O'Neill and Teal'c close on his heels.

There are fairies at the bottom of our astrophysics lab
Chapter 7

Sam mewled through her gag and kicked and squirmed in her bonds.  She was still bundled in the net and was being carried by twelve Janet-fairies.  The entire fairy host was on the move, burdened by various bundles.  They were zooming down the air duct, the light from the passing registers flashing every few seconds.  A corner was turned, and they emerged from an open register and into—the gate room!

Sam struggled for all she was worth.  The gate activity warning alarm was hooting and the stargate's outer ring was turning.  As Sam watched through the mesh of the net, one of the stargate's chevrons locked, then the ring reversed direction and continued to spin.  She managed a half turn inside the net and looked towards the control room.  Through the armored glass window she could see MSgt Harriman slumped forward across the control console.  A civilian technician was sprawled on the floor, apparently unconscious, and a half-dozen fairies were whizzing around the room.  As Sam watched, the fairies gathered into a group and zoomed out of sight.  Seconds later, the air duct register above the control room window banged open and the fairies emerged and joined the others.

"All is well!" one of the newcomers shouted, and the fairies cheered.

The final chevron locked and the stargate SWOOSHED as a wormhole formed.

"To the Fey World!" the fairies chanted in unison, and the host fluttered towards the event horizon.

Sam looked back towards the control room, again, and saw General Hammond, Jack, and Teal'c rushing forward and staring through the window.  "Mrrrrmpfh!!" she screamed—and then she was across the event horizon and in transit to... "the Fey World"!

There are fairies at the bottom of our astrophysics lab
Chapter 7

Sam squinted in the bright sunlight when they emerged from the wormhole.  There were the usual conifers and snow-capped mountains on the horizon, but the trees were all bent and twisted; not in a sinister way, but like full-sized bonsai.

"It is beautiful!" one of the tan fairies gushed, gesturing at the forest before them.

"Just as we were promised!" another Lightling agreed.

The wormhole collapsed with the characteristic snap, and all was still.  The fairies fluttered a short distance and deposited their burdens, including Sam, on the ground.

Sam continued examining her surroundings, and was rapidly coming to the conclusion that either the Janet-fairies and herself had returned to "normal" size, or this planet's flora were all "miniaturized".  She could see some plants that had huge leaves, like an elephant-ear or banana tree back on earth, but most were what she would have expected.  Fractals, she mused, then shook her gagged head.  She could try sorting out biometric theories after she wasn't the naked, bound, and gagged captive of a host of amorous Janet-fairies.

"We were promised dark caverns!" one of the Darklings objected, then turned to face the area behind the stargate.  "Oh, never mind."

Sam followed her gaze and noticed two things.

(1.) The stargate, itself, was huge, towering above them like the arch of a bridge.  So, we are still action-figures, Sam surmised.  The gate's DHD or "Dial Home Device" was off to one side, and from Sam's prospective it was the size of a house.

(2.) The landscape behind the gate was a massive jumble of craggy, moss-covered boulders.  The small mountain was as picturesque as the forest, in its own way, and several cave openings suggested it might very well be riddled with "dark caverns".

Scale and circumstances aside, Sam had to admit this was one of the prettiest planets she'd ever visited, at least in the area immediately around the stargate.

"Let us find the Great Temple," one of the pale fairies said, and lifted high into the air to hover far above the stargate, Sam, and her Sisters.  She spun in a slow circle, then pointed.  "I see it!" she shouted.

The fairies lifted their various burdens and prepared to take flight.  "Wait," one of the tan fairies said, then pointed to the twelve fairies holding the ropes of Sam's transport net.  "Arm yourselves and guard the Queen in a place away from the portal," she ordered.  "When we control the Temple, we shall send for you."

"An excellent suggestion," one of the Darklings nodded.  "Make it so."

Sam in the Fey
          WorldSam watched as several bundles were opened and sticks—quarter-staffs, in fairy hands—were distributed to the net-carriers.  The Darklings' staffs were stained black with decorative wrappings of black thread, and the Lightlings' staffs were natural wood festooned with bands and fluttering streamers of multi-colored silk.  Sam noticed that the two fairies that had given the orders were holding a whispered conference, and she surmised they were the "Marshals" who had taken over from the captured "First-Hatched" fairies.  All of the fairies were still naked, like Sam, but, in some way, the rest of the winged host seemed to be able to recognize their leaders and accept their authority.

Various burdens were redistributed, then Sam was lifted into the air and carried away from the stargate clearing and the other fairies.  Her twelve handlers carried her some distance through the forest, dodging between the tree branches and around moss-covered boulders.  Finally, after perhaps a minute of flight, the group slowed and Sam was gently deposited on a flat rock in the middle of a small clearing.

The fairies slid the carrying ropes through the loops in the tightly wrapped net, then pulled back the folds and unceremoniously lifted and rolled Sam onto the stone.

"Mmpfh!" Sam complained, but she was unhurt, not counting what was left of her already severely damaged pride.  The stone was warm under her body.  She squirmed up into a sitting position and watched her handlers bundle the net and coil its ropes.  Two of them took the mass of woven rope between them and fluttered up into a tree and out of sight.

"Goodbye, Zam," one of the Darklings said, then zoomed up into the branches of a different tree.

"Enjoy the sun, Zam," a Lightling giggled, and zoomed away.

One by one the others departed, bidding their "Queen" farewell, until Sam found herself alone. 

"Mrrmfh!" Sam complained.  Hey, aren't you guys supposed to be guarding me? she thought.

She squinted up at the sun, high overhead.  It was impossible to know for sure, but she suspected it was at or near its zenith.  The yellow-white rays warmed her skin as she twisted and tested her bonds.  They were as tight and expertly tied as ever, and her gag remained equally secure.

So, Sam thought, bound, gagged, naked, kidnapped by fairies, spirited away to an alien world, and abandoned.  She struggled against her captors' ropes, again, then sighed through her gag.  Well, it could be worse.  It could be raining.

Suddenly, a shadow passed across the sun.  Sam looked up and found the edge of a dark, threatening cloud slowly moving across the sky.

Aw-c'mon! she thought, squirming in her bonds, again.  I was kidding!

There are fairies at the bottom of our astrophysics lab
Chapter 7


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